Bank Top (Swinefleet Peat Railway) 1 September 2002

Track reclamation underway at Bank Top on the Swinefleet Peat Railway on 1 September 2002. The 3 ft gauge line had closed two years earlier, and although the trackwork was still largely intact when I visited, a start has obviously be made to recover the materials. Bank Top was the main depot, midway between the peat works (which had good road access) and the peat workings out on the moors. The remains of the refueling depot can be seen on the left in this view, amongst which Motor Rail 0-4-0 diesel 40s302 was dumped. The still intact 'main line' is virtually hidden in the gravel, but runs along the right hand side of the roadway here, with the junction for the line leading across Goole Moors by the gap in the machinery.