Class 08

D3014 Kingswear 20 June 1992

For a time in the early 1990s, the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway's D3014 Volunteer was painted in this bright red livery, predating DBS's similarly dazzling colour scheme by two decades. The colour used is actually more appropriate to the phone box seen here on the left, which is in uncharacteristic grey! The colourful shunter is pictured at Kingswear on 20 June 1992.

D3014 Goodrington (Waterside) 21 June 1992

A bright red shunter on a two coach train, is definitely something different, even for a diesel gala! D3014 passes Waterside (near Goodrington) on 21 June 1992 with the 17:15 Kingswear to Paignton service, during the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway's Diesel Gala.

13018 & 70 Horsenden Lane 17 October 1999

The unusual combination of 1952 built 13018 (08011) & 1921 built Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0T 70 Phoenix head away from Thame Junction on the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway, and approach Horsenden Lane, as they proceed towards Chinnor during the line's Diesel Gala on 17 October 1999. One of the earliest of the very numerous Class 08s to enter traffic, this loco has carried three different numbers, as during the 'green' era it was numbered D3018. In later years it also carried the name Haversham.

D3018 Chinnor 5 October 2013

D3018 Faversham celebrated its 50th anniversary at the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway on 5 October 2013. It is seen here pulling into Chinnor station from the sidings, prior to working the 2T01 08:27 service to Thame Junction. This view has changed out of all recognition in the last couple of decades. The houses in the background occupy the site of the former cement works.

D3019 Llynclys 4 June 2012

D3019 stands at the Cambrian Heritage Railway's site at Llynclys on 4 June 2012. This is one of the Class 08s that was withdrawn prior to the introduction of TOPS renumbering. It was a close run thing however, as the number 08012 was allocated, but the locomotive was sold to P. D. Fuels Ltd at Gwaun-cae-Gurwen in December 1973, just before the new number could be applied.

08022 Winterbrook 28 August 2017

The Cholsey & Wallingford Railway own a couple of ex Guinness Brewery Class 08s. 08022 Lion is seen here crossing the A4130 near Winterbrook on 28 August 2017 with the 12:05 Wallingford to Cholsey service. Hidden on the rear is the other ex Guinness loco, 08060 Unicorn. Both locos were withdrawn by BR in 1985, and then moved to Guinness at Park Royal.

08022 Winterbrook 28 August 2017 Its been a few years since this gate has been of any practical use! 08022 Lion approaches Winterbrook Lane level crossing on 28 August 2017 with the 13:05 Wallingford to Cholsey service. This train contains the Cholsey & Wallingford's entire operational diesel fleet, as 08060 Unicorn & 08123 are on the rear of the train.
08054 & Cracoe Rylstone (Swinden Quarry) 7 September 1997

Two very different shunters at Rylstone (Swinden Quarry) on 7 September 1997. Former BR 08054 stands in front of the very powerful 6w-6wDH Cracoe. The 08 has now entered preservation, but the 1994 built Cracoe is still in use by Tarmac.

D3059 Bridge of Dun 4 May 2008

D3059 is pictured parked in the engineers siding at Bridge of Dun on 4 May 2008. This loco was delivered new to Wellingborough in 1954 and after a varied BR career (during which it received the TOPS number 08046) it was sold to Associated British Maltsters at Airdrie in 1981. It was acquired by the Caledonian Railway in 1985.

08060 Winterbrook 28 August 2017

08060 Unicorn crosses the A4130 near Winterbrook on 28 August 2017 with the 11:35 Cholsey to Wallingford service, during the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway's Diesel Weekend. The loco is wearing the highly appropriate black livery of its former owner, Guinness. Note the absence of coupling rods!

08060 Winterbrook 28 August 2017

Former Guinness Brewery 08060 Unicorn approaches Winterbrook Lane level crossing on 28 August 2017 with the 12:35 Cholsey to Wallingford service, during the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway's Diesel Weekend. Although extremely backlit, I quite like this picture, as the curve of the line is neatly complimented by the opposite curve in the gravel track. The tree trunk and overhanging branches complete the rural scene.

D3167 Ludborough 19 April 2014

D3167 (08102) pictured at Ludborough, on the Lincolnshire Wolds Railway, on 19 April 2014. This loco became something of a celebrity after its withdrawal from traffic in 1988. It was repainted into the green livery seen here, and displayed on a short isolated section of track next to Lincoln High Street signal box.

08123 Cholsey 29 February 1992

One of the numerous Class 08s that have found a new lease of life on preserved railways. 08123 is parked on the Cholsey & Wallingford Railway's line near Cholsey on 29 February 1992. This 1955 built machine now carries GWR brunswick green livery with the GWR monogram adapted to CWR. Originally allocated to Severn Tunnel Junction, this loco then moved to Newport and finally Crewe, from where it was withdrawn in 1984.

13201 Kidderminster 22 July 2021

13201 shunts a rake of the Severn Valley Railway's vintage coaching stock at Kidderminster station on 22 July 2021. Built at Derby Works in 1955, 13201 was renumbered D3201 in 1960, and then acquired the number 08133 under the TOPS renumbering scheme in 1974.

08202 & 37248 Didbrook 9 July 2010

A picture that is not quite was it seems. The highlight of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala on 9 July 2010 was the visit of two Class 08s from the Potter Group's Knowsley Rail Terminal. Unfortunately, 08202 only managed a few hundred yards of haulage before expiring! I thought the train was going slowly even for an 08, as it came into view around the corner. After virtually stopping, and the driver leaning out and signaling to the crew of 37248, there was the unmistakable sound of a 'tractor' powering up. So here, a dead 08202 is pushed past Didbrook by 37248 (suddenly upgraded from brake translator to motive power work!) on the 11:20 Toddington to Winchcombe service.

08202 Toddington 11 July 2010

Back in action after disgracing itself at the very start of the Gloucestershire Railway's Diesel Gala on 9 July 2010, visiting Potter Group 08202 arrives at Toddington with the 16:02 Stanway Viaduct to Toddington brake van shuttle on 11 July 2010. Fellow Potter Group loco, 08598 is on the rear of the train. There is certainly plenty of variety of brake van types in this train!

08202 Bitton 1 May 2023

The Avon Valley Railway's 08202, pictured at Bitton on 1 May 2023. The loco dates from October 1956, and was originally allocated to Hither Green. It was withdrawn from BR service in 1989, by which time it had moved to Wales. It then saw industrial use with the Potter Group.

08238 Lydney Junction 15 September 2018

08238 Charlie parked at the head of a motley collection of stock, including a very sorry looking Class 25 D7633, at Lydney Junction, on the Dean Forest Railway, on 15 September 2018. After 08238 was withdrawn by BR in 1984, it was initially sold to Forest Free Mining Ltd, with the intention of working in the Forest of Dean. However, that venture came to nothing, but it did eventually end up in the forest, when it finally entered preservation.

08436 Swanage 8 July 2023

08436 Beighton stands at the head of a line of coaches in Swanage station on 8 July 2023. The loco, which is painted in BRML Eastleigh Works lined black livery, received its unofficial name Beighton back in 1988, when it was allocated to Tinsley.

08485, 08884 & 08815 Warrington 25 March 1993

A shunter convoy at Warrington on 25 March 1993. 08485, 08884 & 08815 have just passed underneath Warrington Bank Quay station, and are heading for Arpley Junction, while MGR drawback loco 31199 waits in the siding.

08507 Hinksey 29 July 1991

08507 trundles past Hinksey Yard (near Oxford) on 29 July 1991. It has either had the unofficial name Alf very crudely applied to the battery box, or else it has been vandalised by the Animal Liberation Front! As was usual the time, the local shunter was a Reading allocated machine, outbased at Oxford.

08507 Oxford 2 October 1991

08507, pictured at Oxford on 2 October 1991. This view shows the backs of the houses in Mill Street. Subsequently a student accommodation block was built between the houses and the railway, considerably altering this view.

08589 Swindon (Highworth Junction) 26 October 1992

08589 shunts a rake of engineers vehicles into the down PW sidings near Highworth Junction at Swindon on 26 October 1992. This could be one of the last photos taken of this loco in operation, as it was withdrawn less than a month later and cut up Gwent Demolition at Margam in 1994, ironically not that far from its home depot of Cardiff Canton. Quite why it ended up at Swindon for its last weeks in traffic is a mystery.

08589 Swindon 28 October 1992

08589 shunts a lengthy rake of Royal Mail BG and GUV vans at Swindon on 28 October 1992. Note the coupling hook abandoned in the 'four foot', directly in front of the loco. 08589 was withdrawn a few weeks later.

08594 Whitemoor Yard 16 August 1988

08594 shunts a polybulk wagon and 4 wheel tank wagon at Whitemoor Yard, March on 16 August 1988. Although a shadow of its former self, the yard was still active at this date, although cranes can just be seen in the distance, working on the construction of Whitemoor Prison on the north end of the yard. The line to Wisbech is on the right, while locos of classes 31, 37, & 47 wait in the background to work Speedlink trains later in the day. 08594 carries some non-standard embellishments (red solebar and white cab roof), as well as the unofficial name Ely.

08598 & 37248 Hailes 9 July 2010

A familiar location, but exceedingly unusual traction! Visiting Potter Group's 08598 works the 12:20 Toddington to Winchcombe service on 9 July 2010, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala. 37248 is acting purely as a brake translator. Both the Potter Group's locos suffered problems during the event, and this one was making some extremley unusual noises at various times during the day.

08598, 08202 & 37248 Hailes 9 July 2010

08598 drags failed 08202 back to Toddington in the consist of the 12:55 Winchcombe to Toddington service on 9 July 2010, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala. The visiting Potter Group Class 08s were not proving too reliable, as 08202 had disgraced itself by failing on its first trip out on the line. 37248 is acting as a brake translator here.

08604 Didcot Railway Centre 5 May 2013

08604 Phantom stands in the sunshine at the Didcot Railway Centre on 5 May 2013. Phantom became well known in the 1980s when it was based at Tyseley, by virtue of its fully lined green livery. Since arriving at the Great Western Society, it has received a rather plainer green colour scheme, as well as cast '604' GWR style numberplates.

08629 Horsenden Lane 5 October 2013

08629 Wolverton approaches Horsenden Lane, shortly after leaving Thame Junction on 5 October 2013 with the 2C00 08:52 Thames Junction to Chinnor service, during the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway's 'Haversham & Friends' special event. The loco is wearing the colourful Wolverton Railcare livery.

08645 Ernesettle 23 October 1994

The Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 07:50 Bristol Temple Meads to Sandplace 'Pixie Returns' railtour runs alongside the River Tamar at Ernesettle on 23 October 1994. This panoramic view, taken from the A38 Tamar Road Bridge, shows the train returning from Bere Alston, trundling along at 15 mph behind 08645, with 08663 Plymouth bringing up the rear. 37412 Driver John Elliot & 37146 were the main tour locos, but this Class 08 section of the tour was definitely worth photographing, as it was so unusual. The train is passing Ernesettle Royal Naval Armament Depot (or Defence Munitions Plymouth as it is now called).

08649 Woking 15 May 1993

08649 crosses the mainline at Woking on 15 May 1993, en-route from the south to the north yard. A few weeks later this locomotive lost its dull grey departmental livery, and reacquired a coat of BR green paint, along with its pre-TOPS number D3816. It was also named G.H.Stratton. Later in its life it acquired the extremely colourful Rail Services UK blue, white and green colour scheme.

08663 Tamerton Foliot 23 October 1994

Occasionally Class 08s are used for short stretches on railtours, usually through freight yards, or for short distances near stations. However, on 23 October 1994, a pair of 08s were used for some serious railtour mileage, traversing the seven mile long Bere Alston branch. 08663 Plymouth passes the site of Tamerton Foliot station (closed in 1962) with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 07:50 Bristol Temple Meads to Sandplace 'Pixie Returns' railtour. 08645 can just be seen on the rear of the train. The train had been worked down from Bristol by 37412 Driver John Elliott. Tamerton Foliot station was not ideally situated, being down a long no through road, well over a mile from the village, and not far from the estuary of the River Tamar.

08676 Hinksey 24 September 2009

Dave does a spot of shunting! On 24 September 2009, 08676 Dave 2 shunts a short rake MTA wagons in the ballast sidings which now form the bulk of Hinksey Yard, near Oxford. Constructed on the Oxford floodplain during the Second World War, the sidings were originally busy with general freight traffic, before gradually becoming less used during the 1960s and 70s. The conversion to a civil engineers ballast depot naturally caused uproar among local residents who weren't old enough to know what it was like before.

08683 & 37248 Didbrook 9 July 2010

08683 passes Toddington's up home signal at Didbrook, as it heads south with the 10:20 Toddington to Winchcombe service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala on 9 July 2010. 37248 is coupled between the locomotive and the train to act as a brake translator (air to vacuum).

08683 & 37248 Hailes 9 July 2010

08683 shows off its faded EWS paintwork, as it passes Hailes along with brake translator 37248, on the 10:50 Winchcombe to Toddington service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala on 9 July 2010. Three slightly different shades of red in one train!

08683 & 37248 Hailes 9 July 2010

08683 ambles slowly past Hailes with the 16:00 Toddington to Winchcombe service on 9 July 2010. The tatty EWS liveried machine was taking part in the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' Diesel Gala. 37248 is acting as a brake translator and is not providing power.

08696 Swindon 25 October 1982

Shunters didn't usually stay this clean for long in BR service! Not long after a repaint, 08696 was pictured parked next to the Great Western Mainline at Swindon on 25 October 1982. As it was allocated to Derby at the time, I assume the loco's ex-works condition is a result of a recent overhaul at the nearby Swindon Works.

08711 Whitemoor Yard 16 August 1988

08711 shunts a single polybulk wagon at Whitemoor Yard on 16 August 1988. Such was the volume of traffic handled at this East Anglian outpost at March in the 1980s, that this wasn't the only Class 08 seen on this particular day.

08742 & 60020 Hinksey 2 January 2016

08742 trundles slowly along No.1 reception siding at Hinksey Yard on 2 January 2016 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z62 14:23 Oxford to Birmingham New Street 'Mini Tug' railtour. The vintage 350hp English Electric shunter has quite a load, made up of 60020, thirteen coaches, and 66001 on the rear. Although a Class 60 over the Cotswold Line, and the visit to the Morris Cowley Branch were obviously selling points for this tour, to some passengers this Class 08 haulage may well have been the highlight. The shunter worked the train for less than a mile, from just beyond the footbridge in the background. Unfortunately by this time it was nearly dark, so it's lucky that the train's slow speed only required the use of a shutter speed of 1/250sec.

08757 Hinksey 29 November 2010

On a bitterly cold 29 November 2010, 08757 gets to grips with a lengthy rake of sand wagons at Hinksey Yard (Oxford). It is seen here propelling them back into the fan of sidings at the south end of the yard. After a lengthy period of idling, the sudden burst of activity is giving rise to a considerable amount of blue smoke. Although very tatty, 08757 still looks quite distinctive in its long obsolete Res livery.

08757 Hinksey 29 November 2010

After moving a rake of sand wagons on 29 November 2010, 08757 sets about re-marshalling a lengthy spoil train in Hinksey Yard. A single wagon has just been removed and can be seen in the background. The loco propels the rest of the rake back into the siding, to allow it to remove the other wagon. Note the extra lights on the front of the loco, a reminder of its former Res duties.

08757 Hinksey 29 November 2010

08757 has removed a single JNA wagon from a lengthy spoil train at Hinksey Yard on 29 November 2010, and is seen here moving it from the south end of the yard to the north end, to reattach it to another rake. The shunter is obviously making use of the break to catch up with his text messages!

08762 Washwood Heath 9 July 2013

08762 does a spot of shunting at Washwood Heath on 9 July 2013. Having just brought this partially loaded train of track panels up the line on the left, it is now propelling back. You would think in the interests of train crew sighting, that they would at least trim those two bushes near the rear of the train!

08765 Washwood Heath 20 November 1999

08765 shunts four wagons at Washwood Heath on 20 November 1999. In the distance, on the right, the Star City entertainment complex is being built. It would open the following year, and is now one of the UK's largest leisure centres.

D3937 Norchard 16 July 2017

D3937 Gladys, pictured at the Dean Forest Railway's headquarters at Norchard on 16 July 2017. D3937 was built in 1960, initially being allocated to Royston. With the implementation of TOPS in 1974, it became 08769. It was withdrawn in 1989, and after a period in store at various locations, it ended up at Long Marston in April 1990. From there it moved to the nearby Moreton-in-Marsh Fire Service Collage. It stayed there for nearly a decade, during which time it was sold for scarp, a sale which was thankfully cancelled. It moved to the Forest of Dean in 2000.

08795 Gloucester 1 July 1990

08795 was employed on a series of Gloucester station to Barnwood Junction shuttle services during the Gloucester Rail Day on 1 July 1990. It is pictured here at Horton Road Junction bringing up the rear of the train as GWR 4-6-0 6024 King Edward I takes the train round the curve towards Barnwood. The stock is Class 117 DMU set B430 (51410, 59520 & 51368) with an additional coach in matching Great Western livery. The sun almost came out for a few minutes on an otherwise very overcast day, which has certainly accentuated the dark clouds in the background. Other points of interest in this picture are 37100 & 37074 visible under the bridge in the background on one of the numerous mini railtours run in connection with the event, and the unfinished state of the bridge and embankment on what is now the A4032 Metz Way.

08799 Oxford 19 May 1979

08799 stands in the former parcels bay at Oxford station on 19 May 1979. In the 1970s the coal yard on the site of the former LMS Rewley Road station was still busy, and can be glimpsed in the background. The whole area is now a housing estate.

08801 Penzance 4 May 1991

Penzance's resident shunter, 08801, rests between duties at the Cornish terminus on 4 May 1991. New to St Blazey in 1960, D3969 (as it was then), was reallocated to several depots in northern England, before returning St Blazey in 1984. Its move to Laira a few years later resulted in it being outbased at Penzance. The year before this photo was taken it was damaged in a collision with 47538, whilst en-route from Long Rock to Penzance.

08803 Oxford 29 October 1982 08803 propels a single wagon of anthracite into the Beckett Street scrapyard at Oxford on 29 October 1982. 08803 was scrapped just over a decade later, and presumably vacuum braked 16.5 ton MCV wagon B550258 has also met a similar fate!
08803 Oxford 29 October 1982

08803 is surrounded by scrap in this view of the Beckett Street scrapyard at Oxford on 29 October 1982. A Volkswagen Beetle, a Mini and a 1960s Mercedes are complete enough to be recognisable amid the piles of rusting metal. The building in the background on the extreme right is the Royal Mail sorting office, which has subsequently been demolished and replaced by flats. Royal Mail didn't move very far, just a few yards around the corner in Osney Lane.

08803 Oxford 29 October 1982

On 29 October 1982, long term resident Oxford shunter 08803 (scrapped in 1994) heads towards Oxford station along the bi-directional goods loop with a short rake of vacuum braked wagons, including a number containing domestic coal. The siding on the left, which as can be seen by the shiny rail, was still well used in 1982 leads into the scrapyard on the site of Beckett Street Coal Yard, while the slightly rustier line between it and the goods loop was known locally as 'Mark's Hole'! Note the disused former Great Western Railway goods shed on the extreme left, which was demolished shortly after this picture was taken.

08803 Yarnton Junction (site of) 26 January 1986

Over the years I have tried to photograph as many different classes of locomotive and unit as possible at work on the Cotswold Line, especially my local bit of it between Wolvercote Junction at Moreton-in-Marsh. One of the more unusual classes to be used in recent years is the humble Class 08 0-6-0 shunter. Here, regular Oxford loco 08803 trundles along at its maximum speed of 15 mph with a lengthy engineer's train from a track relaying possession at Hanborough, heading back to Hinksey Yard on Sunday 26 January 1986. Presumably the seven miles of main line running was not seen as a problem, or else there was no more suitable loco available. The location is between the site of Yarnton Junction and Wolvercote Junction.

08803 Hinksey 7 August 1987

At 07:25 on 7 August 1987, the resident Oxford shunter 08803 crosses from the up loop into the yard at Hinksey with a short rake of domestic coal hoppers from the small coal unloading point in the former Oxford South Yard. As can be seen from the rake of wagons already in the yard, there was still a little Speedlink traffic handled at Hinksey in 1987. However, the yard was soon to enter its dormant period, when it was only used for the storage of condemned stock, prior to its reuse as a ballast handling facility in recent years.

08803 Oxford 28 June 1991

08803 was Oxford's resident shunter for a long time from the 1970s until the early 1990s. In recognition of its long association with the city, it received the name Isis in November 1990. This was long before Isis acquired its modern meaning, and is merely the local name for the stretch of the River Thames that passes through Oxford. It is pictured at Oxford on 28 June 1991, wearing its final livery of departmental grey.

08829 Wetmore 11 August 1990

08829 shunts a rake of HAA coal wagons at Wetmore Sidings, Burton upon Trent on 11 August 1990. The bridge in the background used to carry the North Staffordshire Railway line over the Midland Railway route in order to access their goods depot. 08829 was withdrawn in June 1993 and then spent over a decade in store at various locations before finally being cut up by the Harry Needle Railway Company in 2005.

08850, 08803, 08507 & 47364 Lower Basildon 28 April 1991

A very slow speed convoy at Lower Basildon on 28 April 1991. 08850 trundles along the up relief line at 15mph, towing 08803 Isis, 08507 & 47364, presumably en-route from Didcot to Reading. This was a Sunday, and obviously the less frequent passenger service would make it easier to path this slow moving cavalcade.

08854 Splott Junction 6 July 2002

08854 passes Splott Junction on 6 July 2002 with the Monmouthshire Railway Society 1Z27 10:15 Newport to Margam Moors 'Demon Docker' railtour. The train had just visited the Minimet Terminal at Cardiff Docks, having worked down the branch behind 08951. The line diverging to the right heads for Long Dyke Junction, via the Allied Steel & Wire works.

D4095 & 37324 Hailes 6 April 2008

The highlight of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire's Diesel Gala over the weekend of 4-6 April 2008, was guest appearance of shunter D4095 (08881) prior to its export to Libya later in the year. Here it is pictured passing Hailes with 37324 Clydebridge in use as a brake translator with the 10:50 Toddington to Winchcombe service on Sunday 6 April. Slightly worrying lighting conditions here, as the cloud was building up and the background was already in shadow. Would the 08's 15mph top speed be enough to beat the approaching cloud? Luckily it was!

D4095 & 37324 Hailes 6 April 2008

D4095 (08881) trundles sedately along between Winchcombe and Hailes with the 12:35 Winchcombe to Toddington service on 6 April 2008, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire's Diesel Gala. The 08 was the star attraction at the gala and was due to be exported to Libya later in the year. 37324 Clydebridge is here acting as a air to vacuum brake translator and is not supplying power. Most of the overnight snow had now melted, with just a little left on the cutting side from which the shadows had only just cleared.

D4095 & 37215 Toddington 10 July 2009

D4095 (08881) & 37215 arrive at Toddington with the 17:10 service from Winchcombe during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' event on 10 July 2009. The 37 was being used purely as a brake translator, the coaches being vacuum braked and the 08 air brake only. In the background Class 08 D4157 can be seen, while parked in the bay on the right is Drewry Class 04 look-alike 2574 (painted as BR 11230).

08904 Didcot 4 December 1999

08904 is pictured at Didcot on 4 December 1999, still sporting extremely faded BR corporate blue livery, considerably modified with oil stains, various marks and graffiti. As well as 'Didcot Taxis' this also includes what must be the most unofficial of namings, with 'Harry' just roughly scrawled on the battery box. 08904 was delivered new to Bedford depot (as D4134) in June 1962.

08907 & D3690 Quorn & Woodhouse 19 March 2017

A colourful shunter combination at Quorn & Woodhouse on 19 March 2017, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. DB red 08907 & green D3690 bring up the rear of the 2F08 11:10 Quorn & Woodhouse to Loughborough shuttle, while Railway Support Services black liveried 08480 & EWS 08694 provide the power at the front of the train.

D4157 Didbrook 10 July 2009

Pictured working its first passenger service since the completion of its recent overhaul, D4157 (08927) rounds the curve past Didbrook with the 10:00 Toddington to Winchcombe service during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 'Shunterfest' on Friday 10 July 2009.

D4157 Hailes 10 July 2009

D4157 passes Hailes on 10 July 2009 with the 10:40 Winchcombe to Toddington service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. I seem to have managed to avoid getting any of the Rosebay Willowherb flowers covering the wheels!

D4157 Toddington 10 July 2009

D4157 (08927) arrives at Toddington station with the 15:50 service from Winchcombe, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala on 10 July 2009. D8137 & 20154 are in the opposite platform with the 15:30 train from Winchcombe.

08946 Oxford 1 December 1983

Just as the weak winter sun starts to provide a little illumination, 08946 moves a couple of Deutsche Bahn ferry vans through Oxford station on 1 December 1983. 08946 was a long term resident of the Oxford and Didcot area, and could still be seen working in the area a decade later.

08946 Oxford 11 July 1984

08946, pictured passing the old shunter's cabin, near Oxford station on 11 July 1984. The wasteland behind the loco is the site of Oxford's Great Western Railway goods shed, which was demolished the previous year. It looks like there are some surveying markers in position for the industrial estate that was built on the site the following tear. This is one of the few pictures that I took that clearly shows Oxford South Yard, which was still in use for Speedlink traffic at this time.

08946 Oxford 21 October 1988

08946 was one of Oxford's long term resident shunters during the 1980s. It is seen here on 21 October 1988 passing the cemetery on the approach to Oxford station. Behind the graveyard is Oxford's very own computer factory. Research Machines was at this time a major contender in the burgeoning British PC market.

08946 Didcot Power Station 20 February 1993

08946 is pictured shunting crippled HAA MGR wagons at Didcot Power Station on 20 February 1993. After a complicated manoeuvre involving the flyash loop on the right, it departed for nearby Didcot Yard, with all but one of the hooded wagons, which was left in the siding. Apart from the yellow 'wasp' front and a little bit of grass, everything in this scene is a shade of grey or brown! Even the loco in its uninspiring departmental grey livery blends into the overall drabness, not helped by the dreary weather.

08949 Honeybourne 30 March 1985

When the Army still operated Long Marston depot, occasional use was made of the branch line to Honeybourne to train soldiers in railway working practices. Such was the case on 30 March 1985, when 08949 was being used to shuttle backwards and forwards up the branch with a short rake of empty freight stock and a MoD brake van. It is pictured here during a spell of shunting at Honeybourne, with the Cotswold Line on the extreme left. The trackwork wasn't in too great a condition at the time.

08949 Broad Marston 30 March 1985

08949 trundles past Broad Marston on 30 March 1985 with an MoD training special from Honeybourne to Long Marston. This picture is taken from a public footpath crossing, and while it is still possible to take pictures here today, it is not possible to stand on the stile, and include the road as well. If you stood in exactly this spot today, you would have a close up view of a very large hedge! Therefore this is worth recording, despite the dismally dull weather.

08949 Long Marston 30 March 1985

08949 leaves Long Marston in the rain on 30 March 1985 with another MoD training trip to Honeybourne, one of a series operated on this day to train army personnel in railway operations. The Army's Sentinel shunter 200SA waits for its next turn of duty. Note the neatly mown grass and white painted rail ends.

08951 Splott Junction 6 July 2002

08951 trundles towards Splott Junction on 6 July 2002 with the Monmouthshire Railway Society 1Z27 10:15 Newport to Margam Moors 'Demon Docker' railtour. The train has just passed Cardiff Tidal Yard, and is heading for the Minimet Terminal at Cardiff Docks. 08854 is on the rear of he train. There was obviously a double reason for this popularity of the tour - unusual freight only lines, and some rare Class 08 haulage!

08956 Old Dalby (Asfordby Depot) 28 August 2015

08956 basks in the sunshine at the Asfordby Depot, Old Dalby Test Track, on 28 August 2015. With both 08957 & 08958 having been scrapped, this is the highest TOPS numbered surviving standard cab height Class 08.

08993 Pantyffynnon 15 April 1995

Five Class 08s were modified for use on the Burry Port and Gwendraeth Valley line by having their cabs cut down from 12' 9" to 11 10", in order to fit through the restricted clearance bridges on the line. 08993 Ashburnham is pictured at Pantyffynnon on 15 April 1995. The Central Wales Line is situated to the left of this picture. The track disappearing through the level crossing in the background is the Gwaun-cae-Gurwen branch.