Class 108

B399 Malago Vale 21 September 1990

B399 (53635 & 53617) passes Malago Vale on 21 September 1990 with the 08:12 Weston-super-Mare to Severn Beach service. Unfortunately I never saw Malago Vale Carriage Sidings when they were actually in use. Although most of the sidings are still intact underneath the encroaching vegetation in this view, they would be lifted the following year. The land would then be commandeered for the inevitable housing estate.

L490 Goring 27 May 1992

During the final days of first generation DMUs in the Thames Valley, various odd formations, and previously unseen classes of DMU were pressed into service with Network SouthEast. One such short lived set was L490 (51572, 59734 & 53599). This Class 108/115/108 set only seems to have been in use for a few months. It is pictured here accelerating away from Goring on 27 May 1992 with the 2C72 19:15 Reading to Didcot Parkway service.

826 Shaldon Brodge 16 September 1990

One third Class 108, two thirds Class 101! Western Region DMUs in the 1990s often ran in mixed formations such as this, especially the Bristol and Plymouth allocated sets. 826 (52053, 59561 & 53223) passes Shaldon Bridge on 16 September 1990 with the 14:10 Exeter St Davids to Paignton service. Although the two rear Class 101 vehicles have been scrapped, 52053 lives on, but pretty much as far away from this scene as it is possible to get, as its new home is on the Keith & Dufftown Railway, in Scotland.

828 Gunstone Mill 7 November 1990

828 (52051, 59386 & 51936) passes Gunstone Mill (near Crediton) on 7 November 1990 with the 09:00 Barnstaple to Exeter Central service. This unit's front end has been livened up with three non-standard features: a red buffer beam, black window surrounds and white numbers on a black rectangle. All the vehicles of this set have since been scrapped, with the 52051 being the first to go. Just three months after this picture was taken it was withdrawn and subsequently cut up by Gwent Demolition at Totnes in August 1991. The other two vehicles lasted until 1992, both being disposed of at Gwent Demolition, Margam.

828 Burngullow 26 January 1991

828 (52051, 59386 & 51936) passes Burngullow on 26 January 1991 with the 07:52 Penzance to Plymouth service. The line on the right is the freight only branch to Drinnick Mill and Parkandillack. Just three weeks after this picture was taken, this unit was destroyed after catching fire while travelling down Rattery Bank. The fire was so severe that the leading vehicle (52051) was completely incinerated above floor level. In view of the fact that most photographers ignored DMUs around this time, this is presumably one of the very last pictures taken of this unit.

870 Newton St Cyres 1 August 1990

A deliberately wide view of Newton St Cyres station to show its rural location and diminished facilities. Hybrid Class 108/101 unit 870 (53638 & 53200) passes through non-stop on 1 August 1990 with the 15:08 Exeter Central to Barnstaple service. Typical Southern Railway concrete huts abound on the disused down platform.

P872 Gunstone Mill 22 April 1988

P872 (53646 & 53247) passes Gunstone Mill (near Crediton) on 22 April 1988 with the 14:55 Exeter Central to Barnstaple service. As can be seen by the different window layout, this is a hybrid unit, the back half of which is a Class 101 vehicle. I also photographed this unit from the other end at Aller later the same year. Despite appearances this unit is not running wrong line, as the apparent double track here is in fact two single lines. The line in the foreground being the freight only route to Meldon Quarry.

C903 Duffryn 15 August 1987

C903 (51416, 59385 & 51565) passes Duffryn on 15 August 1987 with the late running 2B16 09:20 Hereford to Cardiff Central service. The recently applied Red Dragon logo and Valley Trains brandings wasn't going to prolong this unit's life, as it was disbanded soon afterwards, with the leading vehicle (51426) being reformed into set B398. Only the rear vehicle of this set (51565) has survived into preservation.

B398 East Grimstead 27 July 1991

B398 (51416 & 53941) passes East Grimstead on 27 July 1991 with the 09:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Southampton service. 51416 had previously been part of various Cardiff sets, and the remnants of the 'C' prefix can be seen in front of the present set number. 51416 was withdrawn the year after this picture was taken and cut up at MC Metals, Glasgow, whereas 53941 founds its way into departmental service, becoming 977836.

P873 Gunstone MIll 22 April 1988

Hybrid Class 108/101 P873 (53637 &  53248) passes Gunstone Mill (near Crediton) on 22 April 1988 with the 12:05 Barnstaple to Exmouth service. The leading vehicle has clearly sustained some severe damage to the front end.

873 Yeoford 5 May 1990

873 was one of a number of hybrid Class 108/101 sets working on the Western Region in 1990. It is seen here with Class 108 DMCL 53637 leading Class 108 53248 on the approach to Yeoford on 5 May 1990 with the 12:44 Barnstaple to Exeter St Davids service.

C941 Moreton-in-Marsh 27 June 1987

An extremely rare DMU for the Cotswold Line. C941 (51562, 59694 & 51922) leaves Moreton-in-Marsh station on 27 June 1987 with the 2A26 08:08 Hereford to Oxford service. Normally the DMU diagrams on the Cotswold Line at the time were covered by Class 117 or 119s, with occasional appearances by Classes 101 & 121. This use of a Class 108 unit would in itself be very unusual, but this particular set includes a Class 110 'Calder Valley' centre car! Most of these were scrapped when the Class 110s were reduced to two car units in 1983. I took the going away shot, as the red buffer beam and silver painted buffers and multiple working connectors only featured on this end.

C941 Hallen Marsh Junction 15 August 1987

C941 (51922, 59694 & 51562) passes Hallen Marsh Junction on 15 August 1987 with the 16:34 Severn Beach to Bristol Temple Meads service. There was certainly plenty of variety in use on this line at the time, with a Class 121 single unit turning up on the next train, and a Class 117 on the one after that. Note the cloud of pollution drifting off to the right from the various industrial plants.

C941 Oxford 25 September 1987

C941 (51922, 59694 & 51562) arrives at Oxford station's bay platform on 25 September 1987 with the 2A26 08:08 Hereford to Oxford service. Class 108s were not that common in the Oxford area, so this was worth recording, despite being unable to get in a better position for the light. Note the incorrect Great Malvern headcode. Prominent on the right is the tower of St Barnabas church in Jericho, a largely Victorian suburb of Oxford.

S942 Narroways Hill Junction 16 May 1992

S942 (52044 & 51928) passes Narroways Hill Junction on 16 May 1992 with the 2V84 15:20 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central service. 52044 survives in preservation, but 51928 did not see the year out, being cut up at Booth Roe Metals, Rotherham, in November 1992.

944 Knucklas 17 July 1988

944 (52055 & 51931) approach Knucklas on 17 July 1988 with the 13:00 Chester to Llandrindod Wells service. This together with the return working formed the only train service over the Central Wales Line on a Sunday at this time, the southern section of the line therefore having no trains at all. This unit was withdrawn in 1992 and scrapped shortly afterwards.

956 Yeoford 5 May 1990

A single passenger prepares to board the 13:25 Exeter Central to Barnstable DMU, as it arrives at Yeoford on 5 May 1990. 956 (52063 & 51939) is doing the honours. This is not a double track location, but is in fact now two parallel single lines from Crediton, with the Okehampton line passing the disused platform on the right. Yeoford station is unusual in that it was built over a river. The bridge over the River Yeo can clearly be seen in this view.

B960 Wickwar Tunnel 30 May 1989

B960 (53602 & 54197) approaches Wickwar Tunnel on 30 May 1989 with the 16:12 Taunton to Gloucester service. Coincidentally, I photographed this same unit a few months later, on the same train, from the bridge in the background, looking in this direction. In the meantime however, the unit had been turned around.

B960 Rangeworthy 10 August 1989

B960 (54197 & 53602) heads away from the camera art Rangeworthy on 10 August 1989 whilst working the 16:12 Taunton to Gloucester service. This unit was withdrawn in May 1992 and cut up almost immediately at MC Metal Processing at Glasgow. Note the gulls in the field in the background following the plough.

B960 Narroways Hill Junction 16 April 1991

B960 (53602 & 54197) takes the Severn Beach line at Narroways Hill Junction on 16 April 1991 with the 15:04 Bristol Temple Meads to Severn Beach service. This was very near the end of the reign of heritage DMUs on this route, with the replacement Pacer units hardly being an improvement!

B962 Coaley Junction 30 May 1989

B962 (53612 & 54492) approaches Coaley Junction, with the 14:05 Gloucester to Bristol Temple Meads service on 30 May 1989. A number of the Western Region allocated 108 twins had black window surrounds at this time..

B962 Little Haresfield 24 June 1989

B962 (53612 & 54492) passes Little Haresfield on 24 June 1989 with the 2B04 08:32 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa service. Either there was an amended timetable in operation on this day, or the Gloucester destination blind is inaccurate. In view of all the pictures that I have taken over the years of incorrect DMU destination blinds, I vote for the latter!

B962 Blanchworth 28 September 1989

B962 (54492 & 53612) passes Blanchworth (between Bristol and Gloucester) on 28 September 1989 with the 14:15 Bristol Temple Meads to Gloucester service. A number of units acquired this modified livery of black window surrounds and red buffer beams late on in their life, and just before they were replaced by Sprinters.

B962 Malago Vale 5 April 1990

B962 (53612 & 54492) passes Malago Vale on 5 April 1990 with the 14:30 Bristol Temple Meads to Taunton service. This location has changed dramatically since this picture was taken. The large factory building has been demolished, and replaced with houses, and the disused Malago Vale Carriage Sidings on the right have also succumbed to the inevitable housing estate. Change is always taking place, as in the Nineteenth Century the area behind the bushes in the background was occupied by a colliery and a brick works!

B963 Flax Bourton 5 April 1990

B963 (54268 & 53948) passes the site of Flax Bourton station on 5 April 1990 with the 16:20 Gloucester to Weston-super-Mare service. The former goods shed and station building can be seen in the background, and a small brick building that stood at the end of the small goods yard, can be seen on the left.

B963 East Grimstead 10 September 1991

B963 (53948 & 54268) passes East Grimstead on 10 September 1991 with the 12:15 Southampton to Bristol Temple Meads service. Whilst the Reading allocated Class 117 sets were relatively static, with individual vehicles hardly straying from their sets throughout the 1980s, the same could not be said of the Bristol allocated Class 108s, the vehicles in B963 being particularly transitory.

B964 Wickwar Tunnel 30 May 1989

B964 (53614 & 54204) emerges from the darkness of Wickwar Tunnel on 30 May 1989 with the 16:20 Gloucester to Weston-super-Mare service. Like a lot of the Class 108 fleet, these two vehicles spent a lot of their life on the Eastern Region, finally arriving on the Western Region in their last few years of life, in 1987.

B964 Stonehouse (Bristol Road) 25 April 1990

B964 (54204 & 53614) rattles past Stonehouse on 25 April 1990 with the 10:05 Gloucester to Bristol Temple Meads service. Amazingly, two decades later the rusting sidings were still in place, although covered in a jungle of brambles and bushes. Stonehouse (Bristol Road) station closed in 1965, the town now being served by the former GWR station on the line to Swindon.

B965 Flax Bourton 5 April 1990

B965 (54209 & 53616) passes Flax Bourton on 5 April 1990 with the 16:10 Severn Beach to Weston-super-Mare service. Most trains on the Severn Beach line terminated at Bristol, with just a couple carrying on to Weston. This picture gives a clear view of the remains of Flax Bourton station (closed in 1963). Both the goods shed and station building can be seen in the background.

B966 & 55026 Standish Junction 22 August 1987

The products of Derby and Linwood join forces at Standish Junction on 22 August 1987. BR Derby Works built Class 108 set B966 (54202 & 53618) & Pressed Steel Class 121 bubble car 55026 (B126) head south with the 2A66 17:30 Cheltenham Spa to Swindon service. This dramatic lighting persisted for quite some time, with the Gloucester area a little to the north consistently under some really dark clouds.

966 Bathampton 5 April 1990

966 (54494 & 53618) takes the Westbury line at Bathampton on 5 April 1990 as it works the 09:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Yeovil Pen Mill service. This unit had recently been transferred from Chester, where it ran as set CH252. On the Western Region the formation of 966 was fairly fluid, as although the rear vehicle here (53618) was constant, 54494 was replaced at various times with 54202, 54208 and 54191!

B966 Sherrington 15 January 1991

A bitterly cold day in the Wylye Valley on 15 January 1991. B966 (53618 & 54191) passes Sherrington with the 12:15 Southampton to Bristol Temple Meads service. By this date most trains on this route were already operated by second generation DMUs, in this case the Leyland Bus built Class 155s.

B967 Claverham 10 August 1989

B967 (54230 & 53619) passes Claverham (between Bristol and Bridgwater) with the 2C26 12:17 Bristol Temple Meads to Weston-super-Mare service on 10 August 1989. This unit was to see mixed fortunes in the following years. The lead vehicle (54230) was withdrawn in November 1992 and cut up almost immediately at Booths at Rotherham, while 53619 has happily been preserved.

B968 Narroways Hill Junction 10 August 1989

B968 (53620 & 54203) approaches Narroways Hill Junction on 10 August 1989 with the 15:00 Newport to Bristol Temple meads service. Several of the Bristol allocated Class 108 sets had been considerably smartened up around this time by the application of red buffer beams, and black cab window surrounds.

B969 Swindon 15 July 1989

B969 (54201 & 53621) rounds the sharp curve into Swindon station on 15 July 1989 with the 09:35 Gloucester to Swindon service. By this date most of the local trains on this route had gone over to Sprinter operation, with just a couple of services still diagrammed for heritage units. This view gives a good view of the former Great Western Railway Swindon Works.

B971 Narroways Hill Junction 10 August 1989

B971 (53941 & 54205) passes the abutments of the former Midland Railway overbridge near Narroways Hill Junction, Bristol on 10 August 1989. It is working the 14:05 Gloucester to Bristol Temple Meads service. The large building on the left is Müller House, originally an orphanage, and latterly a college. Since this picture was taken it has been converted into luxury flats.

C973 Grange Court 18 November 1988

C973 (53629 & 54267) passes Grange Court on 18 November 1988 with the 2B78 09:40 Cheltenham Spa to Cardiff Central service. This is the site of Grange Court Junction, but all evidence of the station has disappeared, apart from the small white building in the centre of the picture, although presumably the white house on the right was built for the station master.

C973 Severn Tunnel Junction 15 April 1991

C973 (53629 & 54267) passes the barren site of Severn Tunnel Junction shed on 14 April 1991, as it slows down on the approach to the nearby station with the 2B75 11:55 Cardiff Central to Chepstow service. C973 was withdrawn the following year, and both vehicles were disposed of at Gwent Demolition, Margam, although 53629 had this fate delayed by a couple of years by becoming departmental 977820.

B974 Cogload Junction 22 April 1988

With the distinctive 1826 built Bridgwater & Taunton Canal engine house dominating the background, B974 (53947 & 54230) approaches Cogload Junction on 22 April 1988 with the 08:40 Taunton to Bristol Temple Meads service.

B978 Severn Tunnel Junction 15 April 1991

B978 (53927 & 54214) passes Severn Tunnel Junction on 15 April 1991 with what is presumably either a crew training run, or an ECS working, as no passenger train matches up with this in the working timetable. The fact that the destination blind says Cardiff, when it has come from that direction is no help, as trains in passenger service where often just as helpful! The unit had recently transferred down from the north, where it was Longsight set LO269. Unusually the LO289 set number was not only applied on the front, but also underneath the vehicle number. Bristol soon applied their set number to the front, but obviously didn't look on the side!

52064_56208 Falling Sands Viaduct 16 October 1999

The Severn Valley Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (52064 & 56208) crosses Falling Sands Viaduct on 16 October 1999 with the 11:50 Kidderminster to Arley service. The viaduct carries the line over both the Staffordshire & Worcestershire Canal seen here, and the River Stour behind the trees on the right.

50933 & 56208 Foley Park Tunnel 2 October 2015

The Severn Valley Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (50933 & 56208) climbs towards Foley Park Tunnel on 2 October 2015 with the 11:53 Bewdley to Kidderminster service, during the line's Diesel Gala. The use of a long lens means that the houses of Bewdley dramatically dominate the background.

56208 & 50933 Foley Park 2 October 2015

The Severn Valley Railway's Class 108 DMU (56208 & 50933) passes Foley Park on 2 October 2015, during the line's Diesel Gala. Despite what the destination blind says, this is not a special, merely the 13:25 Kidderminster to Bewdley shuttle service.

56208 & 50933 Bewdley 25 September 2022

The Severn Valley Railway's resident two car Class 108 DMU (56208 & 50933) stands in platform 3 at Bewdley on 25 September 2022. The line's three car classmate (51941, 59250 & 52064) is parked alongside.

53938 & 54411 Hinksey 14 June 1983

Despite what it says, this train is not going anywhere near Wolverhampton! The 5V91 07:55 Tyseley Sidings to Swindon Works ECS passes Hinksey Yard on 14 June 1983, made up of three different classes of DMU, in a pair of two car sets. The first set comprises Class 108 53938 & Class 101 54411. The rear set is unidentified, but appears to be a couple of Class 116 vehicles. At the time Swindon Works refurbished not only DMUs, but also Southern Region EMUs. 31158 can be seen in the background, waiting in the up loop with a short rake of cartics for Morris Cowley.

51418 & 54485 Plumley 12 March 1990

Chester set CH250 (51418 & 54485) arrives at Plumley station on 12 March 1990 with the 08:30 Irlam to Chester service. This was running half an hour late. Whether the fact that 47441 had passed by a little earlier with the 7F49 08:07 Tunstead to Oakleigh stone train had anything to do with this late running, I can't say.

51571 & 50971 Tenterden Town 2 June 2013

Having just arrived at the platform from the sidings, Twin set 51571 & 50971 (built in 1960 & 1959 respectively) waits for passengers at Tenterden Town station, on the Kent & East Sussex Railway, before forming the 11:45 service to Bodiam on 2 June 2013.

51571 & 50971 Northiam 2 June 2013

An impressive pair of lattice post upper quadrant semaphore signals frame 51571 & 50971, as the vintage unit departs Northiam on 2 June 2013 with the 12:45 Bodiam to Tenterden Town service on the Kent & East Sussex Railway. 51571 was withdrawn from BR service in 1992, and 50971 the following year. Both vehicles then moved directly to the K&ESR.

51907, 54490, 50454 & 50528 Carrog 30 June 1996

Token exchange in the rain at Carrog station on 30 June 1996. Class 108 set LO262 (51907 & 54490) and Class 104 50454 & 50528 have just arrived from Llangollen, during the Llangollen Railway's Diesel Gala. The Mildenhall destination blind is a bit misleading, although with the mountains in the background, nobody is going to mistake this for Suffolk!

51910 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

The 12:12 Skegness to Leicester service passes Havenhouse's distinctive Great Northern Railway somersault signal on 14 June 1986. Tyseley's set TS201 (with 51910 leading) heads up the usual multi unit combination.

51912 Souldrop 4 May 1987

A Class 108/104/108 DMU lash up with 51912 leading passes Souldrop on 4 May 1987. Earlier in the day this unit had been working the Wellingborough to Corby shuttles, so it is here presumably working back ECS to either Bedford or Bletchley. Wherever it is going, it is certainly not going to Wigan, which some wag has decided to display in the destination blind!

51912 Husborne Crawley 28 April 1990

51912 leads the 13:50 Bletchley to Bedford Network SouthEast service past Husborne Crowley on 28 April 1990. The class number has been painted on the front, but without any set number being designated. 51912 was withdrawn in May 1993 and cut up at Gwent Demolition, Margam the following year. The M1 motorway can be seen crossing the line in the background, just beyond which is Ridgmont station.

51916 & 54194 Corby 2 June 1990

Corby station has had a checkered history. Opened in 1879 and then closed during the mass cull of minor stations in 1966. It was reopened in 1987, only to close again in 1990, before finally reopening in February 2009. With a tiny 'RIP' headboard, 51916 & 54194 wait to depart with the 09:00 train to Kettering on the (second) final day of services, 2 June 1990. This view has now been completely transformed, with a much grander station occupying the area on the left. The slightly backwards leaning Corby signal box has also been demolished.

51943 & 51568 Firsby 21August 1992

After travelling for over a mile along dead straight track, 51943 & 51568 slow down for the sharp curve at Firsby on 21 August 1992 with the 17:45 Skegness to Nottingham service. After traversing the nearly 120 degree bend, the unit would then be on dead straight track again, this time for 14 miles across the flat land towards Boston.

51948 & 52039 Albrighton 4 September 1991

Tyseley set T062 (51948 & 52039) slows down on the approach to the staggered platform at Albrighton on 4 September 1991, as it works the 14:50 Wolverhampton to Chester service. The guard already has his door open, looking for passengers. 51948 sports a couple of non-standard adornments: a red Welsh Dragon logo and a white cab roof. It also has some odd front end damage, that looks suspiciously like shotgun damage!

51950 & 52062 Hailes 3 October 1992

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) entered service during the Diesel Gala on 3 October 1992, although the unit was still in undercoat. It is pictured here passing Hailes in the rain with the 13:25 Toddington to Gretton service. Without any vehicle numbers and still carrying the centrally mounted headlight from its last days with BR it does look a little strange. However, it would soon emerge in resplendent green livery and become an indispensable part of the GWR's fleet for the next decade.

51950 & 52062 Hailes 20 March 1993

The highlight of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 1993 Spring Diesel Gala was the return to traffic of their Class 108 unit, 51950 & 52062. In immaculate condition fresh from a repaint into original 1960s green livery complete with speed whiskers and white cab roof, it passes Hailes with the 11:45 Toddington to Gretton service on 20 March 1993. Note the traditional techniques employed here for lineside vegetation clearance, with the cutting side showing evidence of recent controlled burning.

51950 & 52062 Hailes 20 March 1993

51950 & 52062 are pictured on the long straight section of track between Hailes and Winchcombe on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway with the 14:00 Toddington to Gretton service, during the line's Diesel Gala on 20 March 1993. The unit, which had arrived on the railway the previous year, had just been returned to traffic after a complete repaint.

51950 & 52062 Hailes 20 March 1993

The sun is setting at Hailes on 20 March 1993 as 51950 & 52062 rattle past with the 16:15 Toddington to Gretton service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Spring Diesel Gala. The shadows in the foreground suggest that the bridge isn't exactly overloaded with photographers. This doesn't really surprise me, as the blinkered attitude of many photographers would result in them ignoring this and not taking pictures of anything that isn't loco hauled. To me this picture of an immaculately restored heritage unit photographed in perfect light is infinitely preferable to yet another shot of a Class 66 hauled freight on the mainline.

51950 & 52062 Didbrook 19 March 1995

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) saw extensive use before the number of ex mainline diesel locomotives on the line enabled it to be retired from service. On 19 March 1995 it is pictured passing Didbrook under a dramatic sky with the 11:30 Toddington to Far Stanley service. Although it often ran with wildly optimistic destinations displayed (e.g. Cardiff Central), this one is a little conservative, presumably because it wasn't considered worthwhile making a Far Stanley destination blind for the temporary terminus of the line!

51950 & 52062 Toddington 5 November 1995

Displaying the extremely unlikely destination of Skegness, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) stands in Toddington yard on 5 November 1995. In the background is visiting Hymek D7017, and on the left, Hunslet 0-6-0ST 1800 Robert Nelson No.4.

52062 & 51950 19 November 1995

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (52062 & 51950) catches a brief burst of weak autumnal sunshine, as it passes Toddington's fixed distant signal at Hailes on 19 November 1995, whilst working the 13:15 Winchcombe to Toddington service. This unit was in use on the line for a decade, before spending another decade dumped out of use. It has since moved to the Telford Steam Railway.

51950 & 52062 Winchcombe 12 January 1997

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) accelerates away from Winchcombe station on 12 January 1997 with the 12:30 Toddington to Far Stanley service. The unit was used every Sunday throughout January for what was presumably a very little used service.

51950 & 52062 Prescott 1 February 1998

During the late 1990s, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway used its Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) on the less well patronised services. The Sunday trains in January and February 1998 would obviously easily be class as less well used services, and here the unit is pictured crossing over the Gretton to Gotherington road at Prescott with the 14:00 Toddington to Gotherington service on 1 February 1998. Although at the time the GWR were planning the extension to Cheltenham, the Cardiff Central destination displayed here is still a little optimistic!

51950 & 52062 Didbrook 1 February 1998

On 1 February 1998, during the period when the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway was making extensive use of its Class 108 DMU, 51950 & 52062 is pictured passing Didbrook with the 15:15 Toddington to Gotherington service. Never believe what it says on a DMU destination blind!

51950 & 52062 Toddington 11 July 1998

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) rests next to the ragwort in Toddington Yard on 11 July 1998. Shirley seems a slightly optimistic destination, certainly with the unit facing in that direction! A large new diesel maintenance shed now fills the gap between the DMU and Toddington's Great Western Railway goods shed.

52062 & 51950 Winchcombe 12 March 2000

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (52062 & 51950) accelerates away from Winchcombe station, towards Greet Tunnel, with the 12:35 Winchcombe to Gotherington service on 12 March 2000. This connected with a steam hauled service from Toddington.

51950 & 52062 Dixton 12 March 2000

During March 2000, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway were using steam traction between Toddington and Winchcombe, with diesel onwards to Gotherington. On 12 March, the line's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) is pictured passing Dixton with the 14:35 service from Winchcombe. The recently cleared cutting sides allowed this excellent viewpoint, with the tree on the right providing an excellent frame.

51950 & 52062 Prescott 2000

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) rattles past Prescott on 12 March 2000 with the 15:45 Toddington to Gotherington service. This train had been steam hauled as far as Winchcombe, from where the 108 took over. The destination blind is a little optimistic, as it would still be a few years before Cheltenham was reached, and then only the Racecourse on the edge of town.

52062 & 51950 Winchcombe 14 January 2001

With Winchcombe signal box clearly switched out, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (52062 & 51950) passes 'Chicken Curve', as it returns from Gotherington to Toddington on 14 January 2001. Winchcombe goods shed can be seen in the background, between the DMU and the signal.

51950 & 52062 Gotherington 14 January 2001

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) arrives at Gotherington on 14 January 2001 with the 14:15 service from Toddington. On the right is the then recently installed path leading from the road to the station. Only one platform is in use, the other, along with the station building, is in private ownership.

51950 & 52062 Gotherington 14 January 2001

Having just arrived at Gotherington with the 14:15 service from Toddington, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) will shortly be heading back from whence it came. The date is 14 January 2001, and despite the destination being displayed, it would be another couple of years before trains would reach Cheltenham, and even then only to Cheltenham Racecourse station.

51950 & 52062 Gotherington 14 January 2001

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (51950 & 52062) catches the last rays of the setting sun, as it approaches the stored concrete sleepers at Gotherington on 14 January 2001, as its nears its destination with a Toddington to Gotherington service.

51941, 59250 & 52064 Northwood Lane 7 May 1993

The Severn Valley Railway's three car Class 108 set (51941, 59250 & 52064) emerges from the woods at Northwood Lane, as it heads towards Kidderminster on 7 May 1993, during the line's Diesel Gala. The unit had entered preservation two years earlier, initially as a two car set.

52064, 59250 & 51941 Bewdley 6 October 2002

The Severn Valley Railway's resident Class 108 DMU (52064, 59250 & 51941) dodges the autumnal shadows as it approaches Bewdley on 6 October 2002 with the 17:05 Kidderminster to Bewdley shuttle service. While the main line diesels worked the full length of the line the DMU was restricted to this fill in turn.

51941, 59250 & 52064 Foley Park Tunnel 4 October 2012

The majority of Class 108 sets consisted of only two vehicles, which makes the Severn Valley Railway's three car set (51941, 59250 & 52064) particularly important. It is seen here emerging from Foley Park Tunnel and passing some golden autumnal bracken on 4 October 2012, as it works the 11:44 Kidderminster to Bewdley shuttle service, during the line's Diesel Gala.

52064, 59250 & 51941 Foley Park Tunnel 4 October 2012

The Severn Valley Railway's three car Class 108 set (52064, 59250 & 51941) was in use during the 2012 Autumn Diesel Gala. It is seen here approaching Foley Park Tunnel on 4 October with the 12:43 Bewdley to Kidderminster local service. After a sunny start, the clouds were rapidly building up from the west.

53626 Hinksey 4 July 1985

A pair of ex-works Class 108 twin sets, with 53626 bringing up the rear, pass Hinksey Yard on 4 July 1985. They had just been refurbished at Swindon Works, and are pictured heading back north, running as the 5M89 08:02 Swindon Works to Tyseley ECS. The corresponding southbound working, bringing more units down for refurbishment, was photographed later the same morning.

53628 & 56224 Keith Town 31 August 2018

One of the Keith & Dufftown Railway's two Class 108 units, 53628 & 56224 Spirit of Seaside, stands at Keith Town station on 31 August 2018, prior to working the 12:10 service to Dufftown. Despite appearances, the split level station building is a modern building, although exactly replicating the original demolished structure.

53635 Patchway 14 May 1988

53635 leads the 14:58 Weymouth to Cardiff Central service into Patchway station on 14 May 1988. This was one of only four trains to call here on a Saturday at this time. Of the others, two were ridiculously early in the morning and the other was late at night. As trains in the opposite direction called at virtually identical times, needless to say they were little used.

53941 Hinksey 4 July 1985

A motley collection of DMU vehicles, of various classes, passes Hinksey Yard on 4 July 1985, led by Class 108 DMBS 53941. Presumably this is the 5V91 07:51 Tyseley to Swindon Works ECS, taking the vehicles for refurbishment. I say presumably, as although running at roughly the correct time, this was a Thursday, rather than the Tuesday that the working timetable claims this train runs on. Class 108s were never very common in the Oxford area.

54194 & 51916 Waltham St Lawrence 5 March 1988

An interloper in the Thames Valley! Making a change from the usual Class 101 & 117 three car units, 54194 & 51916 rattle along the down relief line at Waltham St Lawrence on 5 March 1988 with the 2F33 11:15 Paddington to Reading Network SouthEast service. It can't be an accident that the destination blind is indicating Scarborough, it must surely be someone's idea of a joke!

54224 Thame 6 August 1988

The Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z22 09:26 Marylebone to Chinnor and Thame 'Chinnor Tonic' railtour arrives at the rather desolate remains of Thame station on 6 August 1988. The train is formed from: 54224 (Class 108), 51893 (Class 115), 54213 (Class 108), & 51895 (Class 115). The new platform edging in the foreground was added for a series of railtours two years earlier.

54224 Blackbird Leys 6 August 1988

Morris Cowley's fixed distance signal has certainly seen better days! Barely a trace of yellow paint is left and a missing spectacle glass and oil lamp show up years of neglect as 54224 leads the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z22 'Chinnor Tonic' railtour past Blackbird Leys on 6 August 1988. This tour, which had started from Marylebone at 09:26, had earlier visited Chinnor, Thame and Quainton Road, before traversing the freight only Morris Cowley branch from Kennington Junction. It is pictured here heading back to Kennington Junction. The unusual stock formation consists of 54224 (Class 108), 51893 (Class 115), 54213 (Class 108), & 51895 (Class 115)!

54257 & 51919 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

Tyseley's Class 108 twin set TS202 (54257 & 51919) leads three other two car sets, at least one of which is a Metro Cammel Class 101, past Havenhouse on 14 June 1986 with the 1E86 09:26 Derby to Skegness service. In contrast to today's pitiful service, in the 1980s, summer Saturdays produced several mega DMU lash ups such as this, as well as the famous loco hauled trains.

54261 & 53978 Plumley 12 March 1990

Chester set CH274 (54261 & 53978) arrives at Plumley with the 08:24 Chester to Warrington Central service on 12 March 1990. Someone has obviously forgotten to change the destination blind, as it still shows Chester! I would not normally take a picture like this with the horizon approximately half way up the frame, as this generally looks badly composed. The well known photographic 'rule of thirds' means the horizon should generally be near the top of the frame, or if there is a particularly interesting sky, near the bottom,. However, in this case the tall silver birch tree on the right meant that for once the rule had to be broken!

54269 & 53929 Glazebrook 2 September 1987

54269 & 53929 accelerate away from Glazebrook station (just beyond the bridge in the background) with the 10:43 Manchester Oxford Road to Hunt's Cross service on 2 September 1987. The overgrown area on the left marks the site of Glazebrook West Junction, where the line to Wigan diverged to the north. This line closed in 1968.

54484 & 51908 Glazebrook 2 September 1987

The 11:43 Manchester Oxford Road to Hunt's Cross DMU slowly approaches a red signal at Glazebrook on 2 September 1987. These two vehicles have had markedly different fates. DTCL 54484 (nearest they camera) survived into preservation, and although not currently running, can be seen at the Midland Railway, Butterley. The other vehicle, DMBS 51908 was scrapped in 1991.

54487 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

A pair of Class 108 twin sets, led by 54487 call at Havenhouse station on 14 June 1986 with the 08:00 Leicester to Skegness service. Although the line was very busy on a summer Saturday in those days, this was one of the few trains that actually stopped at this isolated station.

54488 & 51905 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

Class 108 DTCL 54488 could easily be identified in the mid 1980s by its oddly positioned headcode box white dots. It is pictured here along with 51905 and another two car unit, approaching Havenhouse on 14 June 1986 with the 11:37 Skegness to Grantham service.

54488 & 51905 Glazebrook 2 September 1987

54488 & 51905 approach Glazebrook on 2 September 1987 with the 10:04 Hunt's Cross to Manchester Oxford Road service. Note the odd positioning of the two white dots in the former headcode box. These few fields are the remaining bit of countryside that separates Warrington from Manchester.

54490 Glyndyfrdwy 26 June 2010

A Class 108 & 109 DMU combination at Glyndyfrdwy on 26 June 2010, during the Llangollen Railway's Diesel Gala. 54490 & 51907 lead 56171 & 50416 through the valley of the River Dee with the 13:00 Carrog to Llangollen service.

54493 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

Now this is what you call a DMU! 54493 leads a lengthy rake made up of four two car sets, as it rattles through Havenhouse station on 14 June 1986 with the 08:10 Leicester to Skegness service. Virtually everything in this picture is now no more. Although the station house and platforms survive, the signal box, Great Northern Railway somersault signal and the DMU vehicles (certainly 54493 and probably most of the others) have all gone.

54504 & 53971 Dent 8 August1992

Dent station is the highest mainline station in England, and situated several miles from the village of Dent (although the small hamlet of Cowgill is nearer). The 09:46 Leeds to Carlisle service calls in typical Settle & Carlisle weather on 8 August 1992. Longsight's Class 108 set 280 (54505 & 53971) is paired with the same depot's Class 101 set 242.

56492, 50619, 51566 & 59387 Norchard 16 July 2017

A line up of Class 108 vehicles at the Dean Forest Railway's Norchard headquarters on 16 July 2017. In the foreground is DTCL 56492, coupled to DMBS 50619, forming a two car set. Behind them are DMCL 51566 & TSL 59387. Missing from this view is the line's other DMBS, 51914, which would be needed to form the line's three car set.