Class 142

142001 & 156429 Frodsham 17 September 1994

142001 & 156429 call at Frodsham station on 17 September 1994 with the 14:51 Llandudno to Manchester Piccadilly service. Wise passengers should have chosen carefully where they sat on this train, selecting either the bouncing harsh ride in the leading Pacer, or the slightly more sophisticated ambience of the Sprinter!

142002 Blackburn 19 July 1992

The Blackburn Arena in the background clearly identifies this location. 142002 leaves the town with the 18:15 Blackburn to Manchester Victoria service on 19 July 1992. I was very lucky with the sun at this location, considering the amount of cloud that was about. Just look at the long line of unbroken cloud curving from the centre to the right of the picture!

142002 Agecroft 10 June 1994

142002, wearing the colourful Greater Manchester PTE livery, passes Agecroft on 10 June 1994 with the 07:50 Wigan Wallgate to Manchester Oxford Road service. The lamposts devoid of any lamps in the background, are not the result of vandalism, but council recycling, as the road over the bridge is disused and has been further cut back since I visited the location.

142003 Thorne South 28 November 2016

Still bouncing along, after over three decades as a 'stop gap' low cost DMU, but not for much longer! 142003 approaches Thorne South on 28 November 2016 with the 2P69 12:19 Scunthorpe to Lincoln Central Northern service.

142003 Tackley 18 July 2023

A very unusual working took place on 18 July 2023, when 142003 worked the 5Z42 09:47 Eastleigh Arlington to Crewe ECS. 38 years after they were introduced, and three years since they were all withdrawn, this is the first time that I have seen a Pacer (of any class) in the Oxford area. This was definitely not to be missed, so I went to Tackley, to get a picture at an identifiable location. The Locomotive Services Ltd preserved unit is pictured passing through the station at speed in some weak backlit sunshine. The unit is wearing 1990s Greater Manchester PTE livery. Note the Whitby destination blind. The driver was obviously having some fun with this, as earlier in its journey it was displaying Workington, and later on, Sellafield, Warrington and Chester!

142005 Goole 11 March 2009

With Goole's landmark 'Salt and Pepperpot' water towers on the horizon, 142005 rattles its way north with the 09:46 Doncaster to Hull Northern Rail service on 11 March 2009. Also visible in the distance is a more recent landmark in the flat East Yorkshire landscape - the Guardian glass factory.

142006 Lostock Hall 29 December 1990

142006 passes Lostock Hall on 29 December 1990 with the 11:10 Blackpool South the Colne service. The orange Greater Manchester PTE livery certainly stood out at the time, but now of course we are far more used to garish colour schemes on the country's rolling stock. There is no possibility of replicating this viewpoint, due to a bank of tall trees, which have grown up alongside the A6 dual carriageway, meaning only a head on viewpoint from the centre of the bridge is now possible.

142010 Bargoed 8 July 2019

142010 winds round the reverse curves near Bargoed on 8 July 2019 with the 2F58 15:27 Rhymney to Cardiff Central Transport for Wales service. Photo taken from a very overgrown steeply angled footpath bridge amid the trees.

142012 Salford (Ordsall Lane Junction) 30 October 1993

Greater Manchester PTE liveried 142012 passes Ordsall Lane Junction, Salford, on 30 October 1993 with the 08:49 York to Liverpool Lime Street service. Blocks of flats have now replaced the collection of lineside buildings seen here.

142012 Lostock Hall Junction 10 May 1997

142012 pulls away from Lostock Hall station on 10 May 1997 and passes Lostock Hall Junction with the 11:10 Blackpool South to Colne Regional Railways service. The line diverging to the left connects the Preston to Blackburn line with the West Coast Mainline. This route is electrified which explains the last catenary post visible on the left, on the adjacent sidings.

142013 Ulleskelf 7 November 1992

142013 calls at Ulleskelf station on 7 November 1992 with the 12:00 Sheffield to York service. Before the pathetic bus shelter was installed, Ulleskelf used to have an impressive waiting room on its island platform, complete with glazed screens at either end.

142014 Maud's Bridge 14 March 2007

142014 passes Maud's Bridge on 14 March 2007 with the 10:25 Sheffield to Scunthorpe Northern Trains service. Thorne church can be seen in the background, while on the extreme left is the brickwork of a bridge over a lineside ditch, which is also a favourite spot for photography.

142016 Godnow Bridge 5 November 2018

An almost perfect reflection of 142016, as it approaches Godnow Bridge on 5 November 2018 with the late running 2P05 08:44 Doncaster to Scunthorpe Northern service. Clearly there has been some recent vegetation clearance here, opening up the view nicely. This viewpoint is only usable on a dull day, due to it being on the north side of the line. There was certainly no possibility of any sun on this occasion!

142017 Middlesbrough 22 July 1996

With the unmistakable outline of the Tees Newport Bridge dominating the background, 142017 approaches Middlesbrough on 22 July 1996 with the 11:24 Darlington to Saltburn Regional Railways service. The 1934 built vertical lift bridge hasn't been raised since 1990.

142017 Hatfield & Stainforth 15 March 2007

Still wearing Arriva livery, albeit with the branding removed, 142017 arrives at Hatfield & Stainforth station on 15 March 2007 with the 08:23 Sheffield to Scunthorpe Northern Trains service. This is one of the hourly all stations trains, calling at: Rotherham, Rotherham Central, Swinton, Mexborough, Conisbrough, Doncaster, Kirk Sandall, Thorne South, Crowle & Althorpe.

142018 Sleights 8 May 1993

142018 arrives at Sleights on 8 May 1993 with the 16:02 Whitby to Middlesbrough service. The unit is just crossing over the Iburndale Beck bridge, which clearly show that this was once double track. The stream enters the River Esk just behind the boarded up signal box.

142019 Cargo Fleet 18 November 1995

142019 rounds the curve at Cargo Fleet on 18 November 1995 with the 11:51 Saltburn to Bishop Auckland Regional Railways service. I doubt if anyone viewing this scene at the time would have imagined that the Pacers would still be in use two decades later, especially as they were considered something of a stop-gap until something better came along!

142019 Hexham 14 September 1996

142019 leaves Hexham station on 14 September 1996 with the 11:45 Regional Railways service to Sunderland. Note the massive difference in height between the two starting signals. Whereas the taller one has to be seen by trains approaching from the other side of the roadbridge, the short post on the left only applies to eastbound trains starting the station.

142019 Maud's Bridge 24 November 2011

The clouds part on the morning of 24 November 2011 to provide some perfect low autumnal lighting for 142019, as it scuttles past Maud's Bridge with the 2R61 08:24 Sheffield to Scunthorpe Northern Rail service. Unfortunately the excellent lighting conditions were only temporary, as the clouds soon rolled in from the west, blocking out the sun once more.

142021 Thorne South 18 April 2014

142021 arrives at Thorne South on 18 April 2014 with the 2P73 14:19 Scunthorpe to Lincoln Central Northern service. There are two modern encroachments on the landscape visible here. Palisade fencing - ugly, and wind turbines - a matter of opinion!

142021 Kirton Lime Sidings 6 September 2014

142021 approaches Kirton Lime Sidings on 6 September 2014 with the 2H00 11:00 Cleethorpes to Sheffield Northern service. This train only runs on a Saturday. As can be clearly seen in the background, this is where the Brigg to Gainsborough line changes from double to single track.

142025 Wylam 15 November 1999

142025 arrives at Wylam station on 15 November 1999 with the 09:00 Sunderland to Carlisle Northern Spirit service. The varied autumn tints in the trees partially make up for the very dull weather. The Tyne Valley line was one of the country's earliest railways, and as Wylam station dates from 1835, it makes it one of the world's oldest operational railway stations.

142025 Hatfield & Stainforth 1 January 2002

New Year's Day at Hatfield & Stainforth, and a little of the previous week's snow still lies on the ground. 142025 approaches the station with the 12:17 Scunthorpe to Sheffield Northern service, which needless to say, was not very well patronised. 1 January 2002.

142027 New Mills South Junction 30 November 1991

142027 passes New Mills South Junction on 30 November 1991 with the 12:07 Manchester Piccadilly to Doncaster service. The destination blind is not much help, being set between Sheffield and Southport! The unit is still wearing the pseudo Great Western chocolate and cream livery from its early days in Cornwall. They were not a success in the West of England due to excessive flange squeal while negotiating the tight curves of the area's branch lines.

142029 Singleton 15 February 1992

142029 passes the noticeably leaning Singleton Signal Box on 15 February 1992 with the 13:30 Blackpool North to Stockport service. This remote box, situated between Poulton-le-Fylde and Weeton, was closed in 1997, and demolished the following year. Singleton station, which closed as early as 1932, was situated in the background of this view. The 2.3 litre Ford Granada, which was presumably the signalman's car, was obviously living on borrowed time, as according to the DVLA the tax was not renewed at the end of the month!

142029 Micklefield 26 November 2005

142029 leaves Micklefield station on 26 November 2005 with the 12:29 Wakefield Westgate to Selby Northern Rail service. Note the staggered platforms in the background. Hopefully there is more traffic from this station on a weekday, otherwise the car parking arrangements seem a little over optimistic!

142030 Rainford 12 April 2003

Token exchange at Rainford on 12 April 2003. The signalman is just about to grab the single line token from the driver of 142030, as the unit approaches Rainford station with the 13:46 Kirkby to Rochdale First North Western service. The signal box is still called Rainford Junction, even though the only point it controls is the one behind the DMU. Formerly it controlled the north and south chords that linked with the now closed Ormskirk to St Helens line that crossed over this line. As the light angle was better, I also took a picture of this unit as it called at the station.

142030 Rainford 12 April 2003

142030 pulls away from Rainford station on 12 April 2003 with the 13:46 Kirkby to Rochdale First North Western service. The Junction Inn is a reminder of the former importance of this little wayside station. A couple minutes earlier I had photographed the token exchange, as this unit came off the single track section of the line.

142035 Winwick 12 March 1990

This is not really the kind of train that the Pacers were designed for. 142035 passes Winwick on 12 March 1990 with the 13:17 Stalybridge to Llandudno service. The timetable advertises this train as having a trolley refreshment service, which doesn't seem very likely!

142035 Kirkham & Wesham 5 November 1995

142035 approaches Kirkham & Wesham station on 4 November 1995 with the 12:07 Blackpool South to Colne service. The A585 bridge is partly blocking the view of the impressive, and sadly now demolished, Kirkham North Junction Signal Box.

142035 Nethertown 14 April 2018

142035 passes between the primroses and the gorse, as it heads away from the camera at Nethertown on 14 April 2018 with the 2C37 13:50 Barrow-in-Furness to Carlisle Northern service. It will shortly be calling at the diminutive and isolated Nethertown station.

142039 Crabley Creek 3 December 2019

Having not been required to stop at nearby Gilberdyke of Broomfleet stations, 142039 was probably travelling at near to its maximum 75mph speed, when photographed passing Crabley Creek on 3 December 2019 with the 2C65 10:30 Sheffield to Hull Northern service. Unfortunately it had not managed to claw back any time after leaving Sheffield 19 minutes late, and in fact was running 23 minutes behind time here.

142039 Crabley Creek 3 December 2019

142039 passes Crabley Creek on 3 December 2019 with the late running 2C62 12:53 Hull to Doncaster Northern service. The concrete road on the right is also a footpath, which leads onto the flood bank next the River Humber.

142043 Abergele 30 March 1991

142043 is smoking from where it shouldn't, as it accelerates away from Abergele & Pensarn station on 30 March 1991 with the late running 14:17 Llandudno to Chester service. Abergele station once boasted loops off the mainline in both directions. The layout seen here dates from 1989. The trackwork was further rationalised in 2017, leaving just the two through lines.

142044 Ashley 10 May 1997

A brief sunny interlude on an otherwise cloudy day at Ashley on 10 May 1997. Having just called at Ashley station (just the other side of the M56 motorway bridge in the distance), 142044 heads north with the 08:23 Chester to Manchester Piccadilly service.

142045 Lostock Junction (Lady Bridge Lane) 12 April 2003

Still wearing MerseyRail's startling yellow livery, although now rebranded First North Western, 142045 passes Lady Bridge Lane, near Lostock Junction, on 12 April 2003 with the 11:58 Wigan Wallgate to Shaw & Crompton service.

142049 Warton 9 June 2005

A pacer meeting at Warton (near Carnforth) on 9 June 2005. 142049 heads for Lancaster (for once, a clear destination blind!) with the 12:41 Northern Rail service from Carlisle, while 142007 heads in the opposite direction with the balancing Carlisle working. Note the contrast in liveries.

142050 Hexham 14 September 1996

142050 approaches journey's end on 14 September 1996, as it arrives at Hexham with the 10:34 Regional Railways service from Middlesbrough. The 1896 built signal box is one of only two surviving North Eastern Railway over track boxes, and is unsurprisingly Grade II listed.

55703 M6 Junction 16 27 August 1995

The Pacer fleet has suffered a number of fires over the years, and several units have been withdrawn as a result. 142053 was slightly luckier, in that it survived once such incident. The engine literally fell off 55703 on the Cumbrian Coast line, derailing the train! The fire damaged vehicle is pictured on an Alleys Transport trailer near the M6 Junction 16, on 27 August 1995.

55703 M6 Junction 16 27 August 1995

Fire damaged 55703 (from unit 142053) sits on a trailer next to the M6 Junction 16 roundabout n 27 August 1995. The unit became derailed near Siddick, on the Cumbrian Coast Line, when a engine literally fell off. Quality British workmanship!

142053 Mobberley 20 July 1996

The yellow MerseyRail livery, as applied to many units in the 1990s was certainly distinctive. Here we see 142053 rattling its way towards Mobberley on 20 July 1996 with the 09:27 Northwich to Southport service. A bit of an oddity on this route, as most trains ran from Chester to either Manchester or Bolton.

142054 Newton-le-Willows 28 July 1992

142054 arrives at Newton-le-Willows with the 09:22 Liverpool Lime Street to Preston service on 28 July 1992. The viaduct carries the line over both the A49 Winwick to Haydock road and the valley of the Newton Brook. Completely straight track here, so no ear splitting shrieking from the unarticulated wheels of this 'bus on rails'!

142057 Seascale 2 May 2005

With the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant dominating the skyline, 142057 approaches Seascale on 2 May 2005 with the 08:35 Carlisle to Barrow-in-Furness Northern Rail service. The area of sand dunes between the railway and the nuclear plant is used as a golf course. Presumably the areas of rough and sand traps were not that difficult to construct from sand dunes!

142058 Farington Junction 29 December 1990

142058 is just a couple of minutes into its journey, as it passes Farington Junction on 29 December 1990 with the 10:20 Preston to Liverpool Lime Street service. This is the point where the line from Lostock Hall Junction joins the West Coast Mainline.

142060 Blackburn 19 July 1992

142060 leaves Blackburn on 19 July 1992 with the 17:20 Colne to Preston service. The train is well loaded with passengers, most of whom would probably not have realised that they would still be bouncing along in these units a quarter of a century later!

142060 Old Denaby 9 December 1995

142060 rounds the curve at Old Denaby on 9 December 1995 with the 13:15 Doncaster to Sheffield service. Nine years old at the time, it would have surprised many people then that nearly a quarter of century later, the unit is still bouncing along the Yorkshire rails!

142066 Middlesbrough 26 November 2001

142066 leaves Middlesbrough on 26 November 2001 with the 11:55 Saltburn to Bishop Auckland Northern Spirit service. At this time the Pacers were nearing the end of their design life, but they would in fact soldier on for nearly another two decades!

142066 Crowle 4 December 2019

142066 runs alongside the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Crowle on 4 December 2019 with the 2P07 09:42 Doncaster to Scunthorpe Northern service. A superb location, and one that has only got better, with the removal of a previously annoying gantry signal.

142067 Orgreave 11 August 1990

142067 passes Orgreave on 11 August 1990 with the 13:32 Sheffield to Retford service, while in the background, the Class 101 unit working the 12:27 Lincoln Central to Sheffield disappears into the distance. This line was formerly electrified, using the 1.5kV DC overhead system, so at a time when my local lines are being ruined (from a photographic point of view) by electfrication, it is interesting that at this location the opposite has happened! This was formerly the junction for the line to Orgreave Colliery, a location that hit the headlines in 1984 during the miners' strike.

142067 & 150139 Newton-le-Willows 3 December 2000

In strikingly different liveries, 142067 & 150139 arrive at Newton-le-Willows station on Sunday 3 December 2000 with the 10:19 Chester to Manchester Piccadilly First North Western service. This shows the usefulness of a standard multiple working system, not something you would necessarily expect between a basic non-bogie 'bus on rails' and a conventional DMU.

142067 Godnow Bridge 5 November 2018

142067 emerges from the mist at Godnow Bridge on 5 November 2018 with the 2P04 08:52 Scunthorpe to Doncaster Northern service. Although not obvious from this view, the line here has watercourses on both sides.

142068 Edale 28 March 1999

142068 passes Edale on 28 March 1999 with the 11:14 Sheffield to Manchester Piccadilly North West Regional Railways service. After heading up the valley of the River Noe, the unit will soon be entering Cowburn Tunnel, to take it under the highest part of the Peak District.

142071 Brocklesby 10 May 2003

142071 approaches Brocklesby on 10 May 2003 with the 06:43 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes Arriva Trains Northern service. A mammoth three and a half hour trip, bouncing across the Pennines! Note the remains of the goods loading dock in the background.

142073 Troedrhiwfuwch 16 July 2005

142073 passes Troedrhiwfuwch (between Pontlottyn and Tirphill) on 16 July 2005 with the 14:10 Rhymney to Penarth Arriva Trains Wales service. Note the single line token visible through the centre windscreen.

142075 Radyr 8 July 2019

142075 arrives at Radyr station on 8 July 2019 with the 2E32 12:38 Merthyr Tydfil to Bridgend Transport for Wales service, while on the left, 153369 waits with the 2C29 13:34 departure for Coryton. Radyr formerly had a large freight yard, and locomotive depot, serving the many coal mines in the area.

142076 Badgeworth 4 May 2015

A close up view of 142076, as it passes Badgeworth on 4 May 2015 with the 2G52 07:05 Cardiff Central to Cheltenham Spa Arriva Trains Wales service. Cheltenham is the limit of Arriva's operations, and the unit would soon be heading back to Wales as the 2L49 08:46 departure to Maesteg.

142076 Radyr 6 October 2019

With just a few months left before the entire class is withdrawn from the national network, 142076 arrives at Radyr station on 6 October 2019 with the late running 2Y16 10:12 Treherbert to Barry Island Transport for Wales service.

142077 Goole 11 April 1998

Emergency level crossing repairs in the rain at Goole on 11 April 1998. With the Boothferry Road gates still in the up position, 142077 very cautiously crosses the road with the 09:47 Doncaster to Goole Regional Railways North East service. This level crossing is a very busy one, being in the centre of the town. However, as can be seen here, there were plenty of rail workers around to make sure that no motorists ran into the side of an unexpected Pacer!

142078 Crowle 1 May 1999

142078 runs alongside the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Crowle on 1 May 1999 with the 08:23 Sheffield to Scunthorpe Arriva Trains Northern service. The side of the canal had recently been stabilised with large rocks, giving a striking white edge to the water. Vegetation has long since covered this up. The Stainforth & Keadby Canal, which connects the River Don Navigation near Doncaster to the River Trent at Keadby, was opened in 1802. Although commercial traffic survived until relatively recently, it is now principally used for leisure traffic, although don't expect to see a procession of narrowboats like you would on the Grand Union or Oxford Canals!

142079 Sherburn-in-Elmet 30 November 2019

142079 calls at Sherburn-in-Elmet station on 30 November 2019 with the 2Y87 10:15 York to Sheffield Northern service. The footpath crossing in front of the DMU is protected by miniature versions of the standard road level crossing barriers, a reminder of when this was formerly a road crossing.

142080 Thorne Junction 17 April 1999

142080 negotiates Thorne Junction on 17 April 1999 with the 09:27 Goole to Doncaster Arriva Trains Northern service. The following year 142080, along with fourteen other Neville Hill allocated 142s, transferred to Cardiff, in exchange for fifteen Class 150s.

142080 Radyr 8 July 2019

142080 arrives at Radyr station on 8 July 2019 with the 2F40 12:47 Treherbert to Cardiff Central Transport for Wales service. Years ago I wouldn't have imagined that I would travel to South Wales specially to photograph DMUs, but with the mainline locations that I used to visit now ruined by overhead catenary, and what little freight traffic that remains now dominated by Class 66s, I certainly wouldn't bother to travel to the area for any other reason!

142081 Ystrad Mynach 7 June 2003

One red, one green! 142081 shows off its unusual colour scheme, as it approaches Ystrad Mynach on 7 June 2003 with the 16:05 Barry Island to Bargoed Wales & Borders service. The Rhymney line has a fairly intensive service as far as Bargoed, with far fewer trains carrying on to the terminus at Rhymney.

142082 & 143605 Cadoxton 6 October 2019

With the remains of an old GWR bracket signal in the foreground, 142082 & 143605 heads towards Cadoxton on 6 October 2019, after having just reversed at Barry with the Branch Line Society 'Ffarwelio Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd' (Farewell to Cardiff Valley Pacers) railtour, which at this point was running as the 1Z41 08:20 Cardiff Central to Pontypridd.

142082 & 143605 Taffs Well 6 October 2019

142082 brings up the rear of the Branch Line Society 1Z41 08:20 Cardiff Central to Pontypridd 'Ffarwelio Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd' (Farewell to Cardiff Valley Pacers) railtour at Taffs Well on 6 October 2019. 143605 is the leading unit. There is just one line here now, but in steam days there were five nearly parallel lines going up the valley at this point!

142082 & 143605 Treforest Estate 6 October 2019

142082 & 143605 pass through Treforest Estate station on 6 October 2019 with the Branch Line Society 'Ffarwelio Phacer Cymoedd Caerdydd' (Farewell to Cardiff Valley Pacers) railtour, which having just reversed at Pontypridd, was now running as the 1Z42 12:00 Pontypridd to Pontypridd (via Treherbert and Aberdare). Despite its historical significance, I didn't see anyone else photographing this tour, which didn't really surprise me, given the 'loco hauled freight only' philosophy of some photographers. However, I was confident there would be nobody here, as this tiny station is tucked away down a very narrow lane, and almost entirely hidden from view. It was opened by the Great Western Railway in 1942 to serve the industrial estate on the opposite side of the River Taff. The station is on higher level than the nearby lane, and the island platform is accessed by the subway seen here.

142083 Tir-Phil 5 July 2019

142083 arrives at Tir-Phil on 5 July 2019 with the 2F58 15:27 Rhymney to Cardiff Central Transport for Wales service. Although most of the Rhymney line trains continue on to Penarth, this isn't one of them, so in the good old tradition of DMU destination blinds, the wrong destination is being displayed! I deliberately chose a wide view here, not only to include the colourful lineside floral display on the right, but also the distinctively Welsh line of houses in the background, at the foot of the western slope of Mynydd Bedwellte.

142084 Godnow Bridge 4 June 2015

142084 passes a couple of uninterested horses at Godnow Bridge on 4 June 2015, as it runs alongside the Stainforth & Keadby Canal (just visible on the left in the background) with the 2R67 11:24 Sheffield to Scunthorpe Northern service.

142084 Crowle 4 December 2019

You can almost hear the two 10 litre Cummins engines rasping away, as 142084 accelerates away from its stop at Crowle station on 4 December 2019. It is working the 2P06 09:48 Scunthorpe to Doncaster Northern service.

142084 Colton Junction 30 August 1993

142085 approaches Colton Junction on 30 August 1993 with the 16:00 Hull to York service. Just six years old when this picture was taken, and with a projected design life of only 20 years, nobody would have imagined that this unit would still be in service in 2020, although admittedly now in its last few months in traffic.

152085 & 142015 Old Denaby 31 March 1997

142085 & 142015 pass Old Denaby on 31 March 1997 with the 10:23 Sheffield to Doncaster service. This was very early in the privatisation process, and the former Regional Railways empire had been split up earlier in the month into several shadow franchises, with these units being assigned to the new Regional Railways North East franchise. Obviously being just a few weeks into the new regime, both units retain their original, and widely missed, blue and white livery.

142085 Rhiwbina 8 July 2019

142085 calls at Rhiwbina station on 8 July 2019 with the 2V21 11:45 Coryton to Radyr Transport for Wales service. The Coryton branch is somewhere I had been meaning to visit for years, and finally the impending withdrawal of the Pacer units galvanised me into action. The bonus of this trip was that there was a lot more sunshine than the forecast had predicted.

142089 Caerphilly 20 July 2000

142089 waits in the sunshine at Caerphilly station on 20 July 2000. It had just arrived with the 15:47 Valley Lines service from Barry Island, and is now waiting to depart with the 16:39 to Cardiff Bay. As Valley Lines was superceded by the Wales & Borders franchise the following year, 142089 never got to wear the Welsh company's livery.

142090 Seamer West Junction 31 March 1997

The two semaphore signals at Seamer West Junction (now sadly removed) form a perfect frame for 142090 as it takes the Bridlington line with the 16:43 Scarborough to Hull Regional Railways North East service on 31 March 1997.

142090 Goole 3 December 2019

142090 approaches Goole station on 3 December 2019 with the 2C63 09:30 Sheffield to Hull Northern service. It was a busy Pacer few minutes, as a little earlier 144007 had passed by in the other direction with the  2C62 09:51 Hull to Sheffield train.

142092 Goole 13 April 1998

142092 leaves Goole on 13 April 1998 with the 09:27 Goole to Doncaster Regional Railways North East service. It is passing Jefferson Street, behind which, now mostly hidden by a couple of new houses, is the Goole Football Club ground.

142092 Ryther 1 October 2009

142092 rattles past Ryther with the 10:20 York to Selby Northern Rail service on 1 October 2009. This is a relatively new section of railway, opened in 1983. Known as the Selby diversion, it not only avoids the town of that name with its sharp curves and swing bridge, but also took the East Coast Mainline away from the developing Selby Coalfield with its possible problems of subsidence.

142093 Retford 17 September 1996

142093 negotiates the sharply curved line between Retford and Whisker Hill Junction with the 12:53 Retford to Wakefield Kirkgate service on 17 September 1996. It is just about to join the Gainsborough to Worksop line, which is at a considerably lower level in the cutting just out of the picture in the foreground. This line burrows under the East Coast Main Line near Retford station, hence this tightly curved line connecting the two routes.

142094 Thorne North 25 June 2014

142094 crosses over the bridge over the A614 road, as it arrives at Thorne North station on 25 June 2014 with the 2C76 16:25 Lincoln Central to Hull Northern service. The small Yorkshire town of Thorne has the luxury of two stations. This one is on the line to Goole, and Thorne South is on the line to Scunthorpe.

142094 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 26 June 2014

With Goole's unmistakable twin water towers in the background, 142094 passes Potters Grange Junction on 26 June 2014 with the 2C49 12:20 Hull to Doncaster Northern service. 66119 can be seen in the distance waiting to follow the unit with the 6J94 12:50 Goole Docks to Masborough steel empties.

142094 & 158787 Melton 3 October 2017

142094 & 158787 pass Melton on 3 October 2017 with the 1W32 09:30 Sheffield to Hull Northern service. This would normally be the 09:30 Sheffield to Scarborough train, but an amended service was in operation due to RMT strike action. The signalman in Melton Lane Signal Box in the background has already retuned the signals to danger behind the train, and cleared the signals on the opposite line for the 1J25 10:51 Hull to Sheffield (normally the 10:11 Bridlington to Sheffield), which was rapidly approaching from behind me.

142095 Gilberdyke 19 July 1992

142095 comes off the Goole line at Gilberdyke on 19 July 1992 with the 10:50 Sheffield to Hull Regional Railways service. Not a great deal has changed here. A quarter of a century later the signal box and semaphores are still there, although a radio mast does impinge on the view a little, as does the inevitable tree growth.

142096 Cattal 27 May 1990

142096 has called at Cattal station on 27 May 1990 with the 15:58 York to Harrogate service, and has just left the short double track section from Hammerton. This view clearly shows how rural the station is, with the village of Cattal being over a mile away.

142096 Crowle 25 September 1999

142096, still wearing its original Regional Railways livery, arrives at Crowle station with the 09:03 Doncaster to Scunthorpe service on 25 September 1999. Note the long closed signal box at the end of the platform. The Stainforth & Keadby Canal parallels the railway for several miles here, and is in fact just over the fence on the left. Crowle station is actually in the village of Ealand, Crowle being a mile further north on the road towards Goole.

142096 Maud's Bridge 13 November 2013

The highest numbered Class 142, 142096 passes the wind turbines at Maud's Bridge on 13 November 2013 with the 2P63 09:19 Scunthorpe to Lincoln Central Northern Rail service. A precision fit between the masts, and a bit of a glint, turns the mundane subject into a pleasing picture.