D1015 Dunston 3 September 2005

An unexpected bonus shot! Approaching Stafford on the M6 on 3 September 2005, after seeing D1015 Western Champion on the Pathfinder Tours 1Z30 15:30 Carlisle to Bristol Temple Meads 'Western Heights' railtour at Scout Green, I saw the tour slowing down on the four track section and being overtaken by a Voyager. The booked stop in Stafford would give me enough time to get a picture south of Stafford. I tried to get to the footbridge visible from the M6 near Junction 13, but couldn't locate the access point in time, so headed for Dunston, a little further south, not knowing if there was a shot from the bridge. Luckily a head on shot just gets the train clear of the wires. I wouldn't normally take a picture at a location such as this, but this was too good to resist.