L400 & L422 South Moreton 12 September 1985

L400 (51374, 59484 & 51332) & L422 (59512, 51360 & 51402) pass South Moreton on 12 September 1985 with the 14:03 Reading to Oxford service. This used to be a very pleasant spot for an afternoon's photography, with only the occasional tractor crossing the farm occupation bridge, and the low bridge parapet acting as a handy seat. Unfortunately the brick bridge has been replaced with a hideous eyesore that has parapets that are way to high to see over. In addition, the electrification of the Great Western Mainline has covered this view in a mass of masts, crossbeams and wires. I suppose the rebuilding of the bridge doesn't really matter now, as no photographers will venture to this spot in the future!