L400 Moreton-in-Marsh 5 August 1986

This picture is not quite what it seems at first glance. Despite the red tail lights, and empty cab, this unit is actually travelling towards the camera at this point! L400 (51374, 59484 & 51332) had just arrived at Moreton-in-Marsh on 5 August 1986 with the 5A12 06:43 ECS from Oxford, and is here using the crossover from the down to the up line, in order to access the siding on the right. Although obviously there is nothing in the way, the train is being driven virtually blind, from the rear cab! It will wait in the siding on the right until after the 1A10 06:00 Hereford to Paddington has passed through, and will then form the 2A12 07:45 Moreton-in-Marsh to Reading.