L407 Wolvercote Junction 27 March 1982

L407 (51342, 59494 & 51384) is accelerating away from Wolvercote Junction in this 27 March 1982 view, and is just over a mile from its destination, as it works the 2A79 07:50 Moreton-in-Marsh to Oxford service. I doubt if you will see many pictures taken from this vantage point, and there is certainly no possibility now, as the public footpath from which it was taken was closed decades ago. Also, the whole area is now a jungle of trees. As can be seen here, in the early 1980s a clear view of the 1930s built A40 bridge was possible, with the brick building visible through the arch marking the location of Wolvercote Junction, where the Cotswold and Banbury lines meet. Note that in 1982 the up relief line was still laid with vintage 95lb per yard pre-war bullhead track.