L410 Kingham 8 May 1987

L410 (51345, 59497 & 51387) leaves Kingham station on 8 May 1987 with the 2B60 16:23 Oxford to Hereford service. Unfortunately this excellent viewpoint is no longer accessible, and in fact most things in this picture have now changed beyond recognition. The car park has been extended, and an industrial estate is now situated between the station and my viewpoint. The GWR corrugated iron hut just visible above the DMU has gone, as has the GWR footbridge, replaced by a more modern design. The track is no longer vintage jointed bullhead rail, and the trees on the left have grown a lot higher. Also, the white Vauxhall Cavalier, which was my car at the time, expired spectacularly the following year later at 137,000 miles.