L428 Oxford 6 October 1979

L428 (51408, 59518 & 51366) leaves Oxford station on 6 October 1979 with the 14:00 Oxford to Paddington service. There is plenty of historical interest in this picture. In addition to the DMU being in the short lived white with blue stripe livery, the disused Oxford Station South signal box can be seen in the background. This was made redundant with the abolition of semaphore signalling in the area in 1973. On the left is a new pre-cast bridge section, which was being prepared for installation over the Botley Road, adjacent to the old signal box. Note the threaded fixings sticking up from the deck. These allowed the track to be fixed directly to the bridge, allowing slightly increased headroom for road traffic underneath. Virtually everything in this view has now changed, with the notable exception of the two dilapidated sidings in the foreground.