R405 Oxford 4 September 1987

R405 (51340, 59491 & 51381) accelerates away from Oxford station on the cloudless morning of 4 September 1987. There are two things that make this picture more interesting than a standard 1980s archive picture. Firstly, although clearly displaying Paddington in the destination blind, this is in fact the 2C15 08:57 Oxford to Didcot Parkway Network SouthEast service. After Didcot it would become the 5C15 09:25 Didcot to Reading DMU depot ECS, so anyone onboard hoping to get to London would be in for a surprise! Secondly, the set number on this end has been rather crudely altered to read R405 instead of L405, which does more correctly reflect the unit's Reading allocation, rather than the rather vague London designation. This was presumably a very temporary alteration, and it certainly wasn't on the other end, when the unit was photographed passing Hanborough a few days earlier.