To make navigation around the site easy, the 100 most recent images (including scanned archive pictures) can be seen on the Recent Additions page, with the latest pictures at the top of the page. All images including these new additions are available from the various individual class or category pages. On these pages, the pictures are arranged numerically, or in the case of the various miscellaneous and EMU pages, by class, then numerically. Each individual loco or unit's pictures are then arranged chronologically. A slight variation is the placing of the newer classes of 750V DC EMU that have a dual voltage capability at the end of the page, as otherwise this would break the approximately chronological order of the previous classes. The nameplate page also includes a few worksplates. Generally speaking the order of the diesel locos follows TOPS numbering regardless of number carried, but due to the complicated and multiple renumberings of the Class 37 & 47 fleets in particular, the pictures are arranged by the number carried, so the same loco may appear in several different places. A few pages are arranged alphabetically, including the narrow gauge page, where the particular railway is listed alphabetically. The Miscellaneous Locomotives and DMU pages contain pictures of all the various types that I only have a few pictures of, whereas the Miscellaneous Steam page contains pictures of locos of other than the big four companies, principally ex industrial locos. Railbuses are included along with the miscellaneous DMUs. I have given Class 73s their own page, in view of their unique electro diesel design, and because I have as many pictures of them as all other electric classes put together. Where there are a large number of pictures of one class, they will be spilt over several pages. In this case there will be arrows near the page title allowing you to move between the various pages. These multiple pages often (but not necessarily always) correspond with loco sub-classes. Generally all the pages feature motive power of some sort, but I have also included a few pages which don't. I have always been fascinated by disused railways where the rails are still in situ, there being something fascinating about a line of rusty rails disappearing into the undergrowth. I have therefore added a small selection of these pictures on the Disused Railways page. These all feature closed (or virtually so!) lines with the rails still intact. Sometimes these have subsequently been lifted and sometimes the line has been resurrected. I have also added pages for signal boxes and other railway infrastructure.

To help you search for a particular loco, location, railtour operator, or just about anything else, please use the search facility below. Please bear in mind however, that it will take at least a day for new additions to appear in the search results. At present this is the only part of the website that is hosted by a third party, but eventually, once I have mastered the complexities involved, it too will be brought in house. Unlike the incredibly basic search facility provided by the likes of Flickr, this search supports wildcards. For example, if you wish to find all pictures of Class 50s taken in 1983, enter 50* 1983 in the search box. Similarly, if you would like to view all Class 47/3s working Pathfinder Tours, enter 473* Pathfinder, etc. The asterisk is used to replace any number of characters at the end of a word. The search results first of all list results from the page title, with matches in the picture captions listed further down the results page. If any errors are spotted, I would be very grateful for a notification, so that they can be corrected.


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