Recent Additions

E6003 Kinchley Lane 21 September 2002

E6003 Sir Herbert Walker passes Kinchley Lane on 21 September 2002 with the 8C21 15:20 Loughborough Central to Rothley freight, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. The paintwork on the loco may look authentically well worn, but the wagons look a little too pristine for a genuine 1960s freight train!

Combe Halt 1 March 1979

Combe Halt was opened by the Great Western Railway on 8 July 1935, in order to encourage more traffic on the southern half of the Cotswold Line. Unfortunately, as can be see from this view, it was not particularly convenient for passengers, being situated in open country midway between the villages of Combe and Long Hanborough. Although reduced to a single platform with the singling of the line in 1971, otherwise it probably looks much as built in this 1 March 1979 picture, apart from the modern lampposts and signage. The station remains open, but is now backed by the inevitable lineside bushes. The bullhead track was replaced by continuous welded flat bottom rails in 1984.

C591 Evenlode 20 June 1987

C591 (51059, 59382 & 51102) passes Evenlode on 20 June 1987 with the 2B56 12:26 Oxford to Worcester Shrub Hill service. I have included this going away picture, as it clearly shows the Class 108 centre trailer that this unit was running with for the last year of its life. Also, note the highly inappropriate Avonmouth destination being (partly) displayed.

L596 Didcot North Junction 22 June 1989

L596 (51076, 59416 & 51099) passes Didcot North Junction on 22 June 1989 with the 2C72 19:55 Reading to Oxford Network SouthEast service. In common with other DMUs, most of the Class 119s lost most of their roof ventilators in later years, giving a very smooth appearance to the roof, totally unlike the original design.

158769 Pilning 16 January 1992

158769 races through Pilning station on 16 January 1992 with the 11:29 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour Regional Railways service. This viewpoint no longer exists, as Network Rail removed the footbridge from which it was taken in 2016, due to forthcoming electfrication works. This effectively means that passengers can travel in one direction only. Yet another benefit of electfrication!

50014 Kingham 23 April 1983

50014 Warspite arrives at Kingham station in a very lucky patch of sunshine on 23 April 1983 with the 1A10 06:00 Hereford to Paddington InterCity service. This was the only original condition unrefurbished Class 50 still in traffic at this time, but exactly one month after this picture was taken Warspite arrived at Doncaster Works for refurbishment.

47090 Hinksey 14 June 1983

47090 Vulcan passes Hinksey Yard on 14 June 1983 with the 6M46 05:00 Northfleet to Greaves Sidings cement tanks. Unfortunately I have got very pictures of this Tuesdays only working, which on this occasion was running exactly one hour late. Note the variety of wagons in the yard in the background, including a couple of rakes of MGR wagons en-route to Didcot Power Station.

47237 & 47201 Heyford 13 March 1995

A comparison of new and old Railfreight Distribution liveries at Heyford on 13 March 1995. 47237 & 47201 head south, light engine, pictured from the bridge over the Oxford Canal. Unlike 47201, which was cut up in 2007, 47237 still survives, although it now suffers the indignity of being painted in West Coast Rail's awful 'sludge brown' livery.

47186 Acton Turville 13 March 1995

A golden glint at Acton Turville on 13 March 1995. 47186 Catcliffe Demon catches the last rays of the setting sun as it heads towards Swindon with the recently introduced 6M14 15:57 Newport Alexandra Dock Junction to Wembley Connectrail service. This was a brave attempt by Railfreight Distribution to increase European wagonload traffic via the Channel Tunnel.

Honeybourne West Loop Junction 14 October 1979

Honeybourne West Loop Junction, viewed from the top of down line signal on 14 October 1979. The Cotswold Line crosses the Stratford-upon-Avon route in the background, and a few wagons can just be seen on the old Honeybourne tip, on the left.

Honeybourne West Loop Junction 14 October 1979

Honeybourne West Loop Junction, pictured on 14 October 1979. This is the view looking back towards Honeybourne West Loop Signal Box, which just be seen underneath the bridge in the background. The line in the immediate foreground is the curve linking the Cheltenham to Stratford-upon-Avon route with the Oxford to Worcester 'Cotswold Line'.

66591 Compton Beauchamp 17 July 2017

66591 passes Compton Beauchamp on 17 July 2017 with the lightly loaded 4L30 16:25 Bristol to London Gateway freightliner. It's a pity that Network Rail didn't follow the example of HS1 (the Channel Tunnel Rail Link), where the electfrication masts, whilst still intrusive, are slim, and of a uniform design. Instead we have this mess, with ugly posts seemingly all of different heights.

59002 Compton Beauchamp 17 July 2017

59002 Alan J Day just catches the last of the very weak evening sun, as it passes Compton Beauchamp on 17 July with the 6C48 17:11 Appleford to Whatley Quarry Mendip Rail stone empties. This had left Appleford 82 minutes early, but had then sat at Challow for over an hour, so was only a few minutes early here. It then missed out its booked layover at Swindon, and so was running an hour early again! At 39 wagons long, the morning's loaded working would presumably have been beyond the capacity of a Class 66, a type which unfortunately has a habit of turning up on this working when I am out with the camera!

WD152 Parkend 16 July 2017

Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Austerity 0-6-0ST WD152 Rennes commences its run round at Parkend, after arriving with the 11:10 service from Norchard on 16 July 2017. It is approaching the level crossing at the present northern limit of the Dean Forest Railway.

WD152 Rennes Nameplate 16 July 2017

Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Austerity 0-6-0ST WD152 was named Rennes whilst owned by the Longmoor Military Railway in the 1940s. It was latterly sold to the National Coal Board, and ended its days at Mountain Ash Colliery in 1979, a full decade after steam had finished on the mainline. Now fully restored at the Dean Forest Railway, the nameplate is pictured whilst the locomotive was at Lydney Junction on 16 July 2017.

WD152 Lydney Junction 16 July 2017

Conversation piece at Lydney Junction on 16 July 2017. 1944 built Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Austerity 0-6-0ST WD152 Rennes has just run round its train, in preparation for working the 12:25 Dean Forest Railway service to Parkend.

D3937 Norchard 16 July 2017

D3937 Gladys, pictured at the Dean Forest Railway's headquarters at Norchard on 16 July 2017. D3937 was built in 1960, initially being allocated to Royston. With the implementation of TOPS in 1974, it became 08769. It was withdrawn in 1989, and after a period in store at various locations, it ended up at Long Marston in April 1990. From there it moved to the nearby Moreton-in-Marsh Fire Service Collage. It stayed there for nearly a decade, during which time it was sold for scarp, a sale which was thankfully cancelled. It moved to the Forest of Dean in 2000.

56492, 50619, 51566 & 59387 Norchard 16 July 2017

A line up of Class 108 vehicles at the Dean Forest Railway's Norchard headquarters on 16 July 2017. In the foreground is DTCL 56492, coupled to DMBS 50619, forming a two car set. Behind them are DMCL 51566 & TSL 59387. Missing from this view is the line's other DMBS, 51914, which would be needed to form the line's three car set.

Lydia Perrygrove 16 July 2017

A cheery wave from the driver of Alan Keef 2-6-2T Lydia, as it emerges from the trees, and passes underneath the footbridge on the Perrygrove Railway on 16 July 2017. It is working the 13:50 Perrygrove to Oakiron service, on the line's mile route, which includes several sharp curves, and gradients as steep as 1 in 29. Although this picture looks like it was taken with flash, that is purely the effect of the train coming into the relatively bright surroundings, from the really dark wood on the other side of the bridge.

Lydia Perrygrove 16 July 2017

Plenty of well tended hanging baskets, but not a single passenger in sight! Alan Keef 2-6-2T Lydia enters Rookwood station on 16 July 2017 with the 15:10 Perrygrove to Oakiron service. The Perrygrove Railway opened in 1996, running through farmland and woods in a delightful setting on the edge of the Forest of Dean, near Coleford. The fifteen inch gauge line runs from Perrygrove Farm, through Rookwood and Heywood stations, to Oakiron station, so named as it is the site of a former iron ore mine shaft. Lydia was built specifically for the railway in 2008.

51360, 59515 & 51405 Toddington 15 July 2017

51360 (formerly part of set L422) is paired with 59515 & 51405 (from set L425) at Toddington on 15 July 2017, the unit's original DMBS vehicle, 51363, being under repair. The train is the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's 11:16 Buckland to Winchcombe service. 

4270 Toddington 15 July 2017

42xx 2-8-0T 4270, pictured inside the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Toddington shed on 15 July 2017. 4270 was built at Swindon in 1919, and like most of its class, spent the majority of its life working heavy coal trains in South Wales. It was withdrawn from Cardiff East Dock shed in September 1962. Here it is displaying the Newport Ebbw Junction (NPT) shed code, where it was allocated in the 1940s.

55003 Toddington 15 July 2017

55003, partially painted in green primer, stands inside Toddington Diesel Shed, at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway on 15 July 2017. The 59 year old bubble car is midway through an extensive refurbishment. Note the Thomas the Tank Engine faces propped up against the wall on the left!

5081 Toddington 15 July 2017

5081 (24081) undergoing bogie refurbishment inside Toddington Diesel Shed on 15 July 2017. This loco's time on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway now equals its rather short career with BR. It entered service in March 1960, but had been withdrawn by October 1980.

1693 Toddington 15 July 2017

1693 (47105) pictured inside the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Toddington Diesel Shed on 15 July 2017, midway through a major overhaul. In the background are 37215 & 47376. You know that you've been photographing for a long time, when you have seen a preserved locomotive go through two major overhauls, and have pictures of it before the first major rebuild!

43138 Denchworth 31 October 1994

43138 (with missing headlight lens) passes Denchworth on 31 October 1994 with the 1C38 13:15 Paddington to Weston-super-Mare InterCity service. This is one of my very few railway pictures that includes a rainbow. Obviously with rainbows being so transient, the chances of one appearing when a train is due are slim, and then they are not always ideally positioned. When this picture was taken I thought the view had been ruined by the newly installed signal gantry. That is nothing compared with the mass of electfrication steelwork that now completely blocks this view!

319161 Horley 21 September 1991

319161 passes Horley on 21 September 1991 with the 13:18 Bedford to Gatwick Airport Network SouthEast service. The train is slowing down, as it just a few yards from its destination, as this picture is taken from a footbridge approximately half way between Horley and Gatwick Airport stations.

1581 Wanshurst Green 15 March 1986

Absolutely filthy Class 411 4-CEP 1581 passes Wanshurst Green on 15 March 1986 with the 13:22 Ashford to Charing Cross service. The bridge in the background carries the Wanshurst Green to Marden Thorn road, while the one in the far distance gives access to the imaginatively named Overbridge Farm.

2405 Hook 16 March 1990

Class 442 5-WES 2405 passes Hook on 16 March 1990 with the 09:45 Poole to Bournemouth Network SouthEast service. The cottages next to the line would obviously be an ideal home if you like watching trains go by, and don't mind EMUs! However, the collie dog by the conservatory doesn't seem interested in 2405, being more interested in what's going on inside the house!

1808 Swanley 30 May 1998

Class 421 4-CIG 1808 approaches Swanley on 30 May 1998 with the 10:11 Victoria to Ramsgate Connex South Eastern service. This is one of those rare locations that now actually has less lineside vegetation than this. Hidden behind the trees in this view is a vintage coal tax post, which signified the point beyond which all ingoing coal trains had to pay a tax to the City of London. In 1998 this unusual survivor could only be seen in winter, but now it is clearly on view, even in summer.

60070 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

Immaculately clean 60070 John Loudon Mcadam passes Melton Ross on 18 July 1996 with the early running 6T26 15:04 Immingham to Santo iron ore. This was in the days when a visit to the area yielded a constant procession of freight trains, still with some variety of motive power.

37884 Honeybourne 13 July 2017

37884 passes the rear of Honeybourne station on 13 July 2017 with the 5Z94 10:00 (11:43 actual) Bedford Cauldwell Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease EMU 319437 for storage. This was clearly never going to leave at 10:00, as that was also the booked departure time for 37884 to leave Leicester, on its 0M62 light engine move to Bedford! The train is passing the tiny platform that was erected in connection with the Honeybourne to Long Marston Rail Live 2017 event, allowing Vivarail's Class 230 to operate passenger shuttle services along the branch.

319437 Honeybourne 13 July 2017

Off lease 319437 passes Honeybourne on 13 July 2017, being dragged towards Long Marston by 37884. This was the 5Z94 10:00 Bedford Cauldwell Depot to Long Marston ECS, that had started out 103 minutes late, but was three minutes early here.

73136 Horley 21 September 1991

73136 hauls 90005 Financial Times and an assortment of rolling stock past Horley on 21 September 1991, en-route from Willesden Brent Sidings to Lover's Walk Depot, for display at the following day's 'Brighton 150' open day. Just ten minutes later a similar convoy passed by, hauled by 47522.

47522 & 50035 Horley 21 September 1991

47522 Doncaster Enterprise hauls 50035 Ark Royal, two TPO vehicles, and two coaches past Horley on 21 September 1991, en-route from Old Oak Common to Lover's Walk Depot, for display at the following day's 'Brighton 150' open day. Ten minutes earlier a similar convoy from Willesden was hauled by 73136.

47579 Wolvercote Junction 17 August 1993

A train in trouble! 47579 James Nightall GC approaches Wolvercote Junction at walking speed on 17 August 1993, hauling withdrawn Class 413 4-CAP EMUs 3311, 3302 & 3322 from Eastleigh to MC Metals at St Rollox. An hour earlier the train had come to a stand just beyond the bridge in the background. It stayed there, holding up several trains, until a fitter arrived in a van. After doing something to one of the units, he got back in his van, and was going to race it to Tackley, saying that he didn't think it would get to Banbury, let alone Glasgow! He was almost right, as the train was terminated at Banbury. It was very fortunate that it was travelling at such an unbelievably slow speed, as the picture had to be taken at 1/250 sec with the lens wide open, as the light had totally collapsed during the long wait for it to move!

47576 Oxford 28 June 1991

47576 Kings Lynn leaves Oxford station on 28 June 1991 with the 1F27 07:26 Oxford to Paddington Network SouthEast service. This was one of those occasions when it paid to look both ways, as approaching from the other direction was 37131 on the late running 6M05 02:00 Radyr to Washwood Heath Network Coal working.

37131 Oxford 28 June 1991

37131 approaches Oxford on 28 June 1991 with the late running 6M05 02:00 Radyr to Washwood Heath Network Coal working. Making a smokey departure in the background is 47576 Kings Lynn with the 1F27 07:26 Oxford to Paddington Network SouthEast service.

321413 Kings Langley 28 October 1995

321413 and an unidentified classmate arrive at Kings Langley on 28 October 1995 with the 08:31 Milton Keynes Central to Euston service. This was in the very early privatisation era, after the end of Network SouthEast, but before the new franchises were fully in place. The external condition of the train seems to reflect this!

47851 Didcot North Junction 29 February 1996

47851 approaches Didcot North Junction on 29 February 1996 with the 1O66 07:17 Manchester Piccadilly to Brighton InterCity service. This was such a commonplace sight at the time, that some photographers didn't bother too much with scenes such as this, as it was "Only a 47". How times have changed!

47832 Compton Beauchamp 21 May 2001

47832 Tamar passes Compton Beauchamp on 21 May 2001 with the 1A28 06:30 Plymouth to Paddington First Great Western service. For some reason I have very few pictures of this train, which is odd, considering it was a very welcome loco hauled train amid a sea of HSTs, and it passed this location at an ideal time for photography. Whereas now something like this on my home patch would be well recorded, in those days I was still chasing all over the country photographing classic traction on freight, a pursuit that would soon come to an end with the spread of the Class 66s!

Edington Lineside Fire 11 March 1986

Lineside vegetation control - 1980s style! Although the trackside looks in excellent condition anyway (certainly by today's standards!), the long grass at Edington is being burned off on 11 March 1986, casually supervised by one track worker, who is standing in the middle of the down line. There were a couple of others workers nearby, but the whole thing seems very casual, and with trains still running past! It certainly looks like a bit of a heath & safety nightmare, but as Network Rail no longer do any kind of lineside maintenance, the problem isn't going to arise nowadays!

Edington Lineside Fire 11 March 1986

With the (admittedly infrequent) trains passing by just yards away, a track worker sets light to the embankment at Edington on 11 March 1986, starting a controlled burn to rid the trackside of dead grass and brambles. This was a common steam age practice, but I don't remember seeing it done too often in the 1980s. Network Rail do not do anything like this, and in fact apart from an occasional blitz to make up for years of neglect, they don't do any kind of lineside maintenance whatsoever, which explains why the national network is in such terrible condition.

L204 Hinksey 23 July 1989

Thousands of railways photographs must have been taken over the years from the rather flimsy footbridge that crossed the north end of Hinksey Yard, near Oxford. I have taken several hundred myself! For a change here is a view of a train passing underneath the bridge. L204 (54371 & 51220) works the 2C23 11:00 Oxford to Didcot Parkway Network SouthEast service on 23 July 1989.

01547 Long Marston 10 July 2017

1978 built Thomas Hill 0-6-0 diesel hydraulic 01547 shunts two TEA bogie oil tanks at Long Marston on 10 July 2017. Luckily this move corresponded with one of the intermittent sunny spells. Note the shear volume and variety of stock in store at this location.

37884 Long Marston 10 July 2017

37884 arrives at Long Marston on 10 July 2017 with the 5M94 10:01 ECS from Hornsey EMU Depot, conveying off lease EMUs 319421 & 319003 for storage. This had been running over an hour early, but it sat at Worcester until more or less the correct time, resulting in an on time arrival here.

37884 Long Marston 10 July 2017

37884 leaves Long Marston on 10 July 2017, commencing its long journey as the 0E95 16:59 Long Marston to Hornsey EMU Depot light engine. It had arrived a little earlier with the 5M94 10:01 ECS from Hornsey EMU Depot, bringing EMUs 319003 & 319421 for storage. These can be seen in the background, while on the right, shunter 01547 waits, having just deposited the two TEA bogie tanks in the right hand siding. Note the immaculate silver buffers on 37884, unsullied by the EMUs, due to the use of its special tightlock coupler.

319003 & 319421 Long Marston 10 July 2017

Off lease EMUs 319003 & 319421 pictured at Long Marston on 10 July 2017, shortly after arriving as the 5M94 10:01 Hornsey EMU Depot to Long Marston, conveyed by 37884. Long Marston is now home to a vast amount of redundant or off lease stock, of all types, just a fraction of which can be seen in this picture. In the background, on the extreme right, the Welcombe Hills Obelisk can just be seen. This monument, to the north of Stratford-upon-Avon, was erected in 1876 in honour of Mark Philips, a Liberal Party politician.

166202 Ascott-under-Wychwood 8 July 2017

166202 passes Ascott-under-Wychwood signal box at high speed on 8 July 2017 with the 1P40 09:51 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service. The almost cloudless blue sky was certainly not what the Met Office had forecast. In fact, they had predicted it would be completely cloudy. If only they would get it wrong in that fashion more often!

67005 Ascott-under-Wychwood 8 July 2017

67005 Queen's Messenger races through Ascott-under-Wychwood station on 8 July 2017 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z94 08:48 Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Historic Worcester' railtour. Extremely filthy 67021 is out of sight on the rear of the train. For most of the southern end of the Cotswold Line this would have been impossibly backlit, and even here it is nothing more than a record shot, but as this location is a mere ten miles from home, I thought it worth recording, despite it being Class 67 hauled!

67021 Ascott-under-Wychwood 8 July 2017

Customers pay a substantial premium to ride in the luxury VSOE Pullman coaches on the Belmond British Pullman's charters, and you would expect DB Cargo to at least provide a couple of presentable locos. However, this was not the case with the 1Z94 08:48 Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Historic Worcester' railtour on 8 July 2017. While the lead loco 67005 Queen's Messenger was a fitting choice, 67021, seen here on the rear as the train speeds through Ascott-under-Wychwood, certainly wasn't! The battered and filthy loco is hardly an appropriate choice for this luxury train, and shows that DB Cargo does not really care that much about the charter market.

37884 Badsey 8 July 2017

Europhoenix 37884 passes Badsey on 8 July 2017 with the 5M94 10:42 Hornsey EMU Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease EMUs 319423 & 319430 for storage. This unexpected burst of sunshine was not particularly welcome, as the view is very backlit, although not as bad as it could have been, as the train was running an hour early.

43163 Badsey 8 July 2017

Inappropriate advertising! 'Visit Plymouth' liveried 43163 passes Badsey on 8 July 2017 with the late running 1P65 15:13 Hereford to Paddington GWR service. A 'Visit Oxford' or 'Visit Worcester' branding would be more suitable for the Cotswold Line.

67021 Badsey 8 July 2017

67021 passes Badsey on 8 July 2017 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z96 16:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' railtour. The scruffy condition of 67021 hardly marches the opulent splendour of the vintage VSOE coaches!

221127 Up Hatherley 7 July 2017

Bonfire time! The owner of the land near the Badgeworth Road bridge starts a fire on 7 July 2017, which for a few minutes engulfed the railway line in smoke. Just before it got really bad, 221127 passes Up Hatherley with the 1S45 09:25 Plymouth to Aberdeen CrossCountry service.

50008 Up Hatherley 7 JUly 2017

50008 Thunderer passes Up Hatherley on 7 July 2017 with the 4Z01 08:50 Okehampton to Chaddesden Sidings, conveying Network Rail rail grinders DR79304, DR79303, DR79302 & DR79301. This was running exactly one hour early. Although Thunderer never did much real engineer's work once it had been painted into this 'Laira Blue' livery in 1991, this still invokes the good old days of DCWA allocated departmental Class 50 workings.

158883 Up Hatherley 7 July 2017

158883 passes Up Hatherley on 7 July 2017 with the 2B94 13:20 Cheltenham Spa to Swindon GWR service. The use of hired in South West Trains units has been common on this route for a number of years, and certainly brings a bit of livery variety to the area.

180104 Moreton-in-Marsh 6 July 2017

180104 leaves Moreton-in-Marsh station on 6 July 2017 with the 1P35 08:39 Worcester Shrub Hill to Paddington GWR service. This would normally have started from Worcester Foregate Street at 08:26, but was altered as the unit's inbound working, the 1W12 05:47 departure from Paddington, was running 15 minutes late. Note the signal on the left, which allows up trains which are booked to start at Moreton to leave from the down platform.

230001 Moreton-in-Marsh 6 July 2017

Vivarail's prototype Class 230 DEMU performed another test run on the Cotswold Line on 6 July 2017. 230001 is pictured here pulling out of Moreton-in-Marsh station, after arriving with the 5Z30 09:40 Long Marston to Moreton-in-Marsh test run, which had run almost exactly to time. It would proceed just a short distance, before using the crossover visible in the foreground to gain access to the down line. It would then head back from whence it came as the 5Z31 10:30 Moreton-in-Marsh to Long Marston. If anyone had told me in the 1980s, when I was photographing Class 50s on the Cotswold Line, that three decades later I would photograph ex London Underground stock working under its own (diesel) power on the route, I would have thought they were mad!

230001 Moreton-in-Marsh 6 July 2017

A stranger on the Cotswold Line!. Prototype Class 230 DEMU 230001 crosses over from the up to the down line at Moreton-Marsh on 6 July 2017, after arriving with the 5Z30 09:40 Long Marston to Moreton-in-Marsh test run. After a brief wait in the station, it would head north with the 5Z31 10:30 Moreton-in-Marsh to Long Marston. The event was so noteworthy that one of the track workers by the signal box went back to his van to get his camera to record the event!

43069 Compton Beauchamp 5 July 2017

With a toot from the driver, 43069 passes Compton Beauchamp on 5 July 2017 with the 1C24 17:30 Paddington to Taunton GWR service. With masts only on the south side of the line, it initially appears that this view will still be just about acceptable for photography after the wires go up. However, out of sight in the immediate foreground is the base for a mast on the north side of the line, heralding a huge gantry that will completely block the view!

47330 Radley 11 December 1991

Late on a cold but bright winter afternoon at Radley station on 11 December 1991. 47330 Amlwch Freighter passes underneath the Great Western Railway footbridge (since replaced) with the 4O75 Crewe to Southampton Maritime freightliner.

20021 & 20113 Lower Wick 12 July 1987

20021 & 20113 pass Lower Wick on 12 July 1987 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z36 07:00 Leicester to Carmarthen 'Welsh Rambler' railtour. The train has just passed underneath the M5 motorway. This was an extremely dull day, which explains the grainy Kodachrome 200 image, and also why I didn't bother to follow it to Wales for some more interesting pictures!

33116 Deepcut 28 August 1987

33116 heads east through the tree lined cutting near Deepcut on 28 August 1987 with a train of rails. Presumably, as this is a Friday, it was destined for some weekend engineering possession. At this time 33116 was just another anonymous member of the 33/1 fleet. It would be another six years before it acquired the name Hertfordshire Railtours, therefore becoming a railtour favourite.

L210 Oxford 18 July 1990

L210 (53083 & 54289) accelerates away from Oxford station on 18 July 1990 with the 2C59 17:15 Banbury to Reading Network SouthEast service. This unit is an interesting Class 116/121 combination, utilising the DMBS vehicle from former Cardiff allocated set C307, and one of the few Class 121 trailers that were still in service at this time. When the 121 vehicle was withdrawn the following year, it was replaced by Class DTCL 54381. The splendid crop of weeds growing in the sidings would make a latter day Network Rail envious!

47846 Radley 1 May 1990

47846 Thor passes through Radley station on 1 May 1990 with the 1M23 15:40 Poole to Manchester Piccadilly InterCity service. This was one of several 47/8s that sported this unusual livery around this time. A sort of large logo colour scheme, without the logo!

47814 Cholsey 18 February 1990

47814 approaches Cholsey on 18 February 1990 with the 1O66 13:38 Birmingham New Street to Three Bridges InterCity service. This is yet another one of the non-standard liveries that were appearing at this time. In this case, the large logo colour scheme, but without the usual large numbers.

43023 Charlton 22 April 1988

43023 leads the 1A32 07:30 Plymouth to Paddington InterCity service past Charlton on 22 April 1988. The distinctive building in the background is an engine house on the Bridgwater & Taunton Canal. It was built in 1926 to pump water into the canal from the nearby River Tone. Just visible in the far distance, partly hidden by a tree, is the tower of Creech St Michael church.

47337 Mostyn 30 March 1991

47337 passes Mostyn on 30 March 1991 with the 7F18 Llandudno Junction to Ellesmere Port chemical tanks, unusually running on a Saturday. The train, which had originated at Associated Octel terminal at Amlwch, on Anglesey, is conveying both full and empty tanks. The four grey tanks at the front of the train are conveying ethylene dibromide, which was used in the manufacture of anti-knock compound for petrol. The white chlorine tanks are empty, having previously brought chlorine to the Amlwch plant to be used in the process of extracting bromide from sea water. The two brake vans and barrier wagons were used on this train due to the hazardous nature of the load.

47335 Winchester 28 June 1991

47335 passes through Winchester station on 28 June 1991 with the 4M88 13:42 Southampton to Willesden freightliner. The station car park looks suspiciously empty for a weekday afternoon, I bet it wouldn't be like that nowadays!

50041 Oxford 4 September 1987

With the sun barely high enough for a decent picture due to the shadows from the buildings in nearby Becket Street, 50041 Bulwark pulls out of Oxford station on 4 September 1987 with the 1F11 07:26 Network SouthEast departure for Paddington. Note the white wheels rims, but only on the rear bogie.

L425 Chilson 26 April 1986

The track on the section of the Cotswold Line between Charlbury and Ascott-under-Wychwood was still laid with vintage bullhead rails until early 1986. During April it was relaid with continuous welded flat bottom track, bringing it up to current mainline standards. With evidence of the weekend engineering possession on the left, L425 (51405, 59515 & 51363) passes over the newly installed track at Chilson on 26 April 1986 with the 08:08 Oxford to Moreton-in-Marsh service.

8018 Crampmoor 17 June 1989

4-TC 8018 is propelled past Crampmoor on 17 June 1989 by 33119 & 33008 Eastleigh. This is the 15:00 Eastleigh to Eastleigh (via Romsey and Southampton) special, one of three circular mini tours run in connection with the Eastleigh 150 celebrations.

Vic Berry's Scrapyard Leicester 31 May 1987

A general view of Vic Berry's scrapyard at Leicester, taken on 31 May 1987. The remains of a Class 501 EMU is surrounded by piles of scrap, with various loco cabs stored in the foreground. Still in one piece on the right are 25037 & 25095, along with a couple of Class 101 vehicles.

Vic Berry's Scrapyard Leicester 31 May 1987

Vic Berry's scrapyard at Leicester, pictured on 31 May 1987. A pile of Class 25 cabs is topped off by the cab of 25284, while on the left Class 101 DTCL 54411 and Class 104 DMBS 54422 are similarly perched high in the air, sitting on other redundant rolling stock. The background is dominated by condemned Mk1 sleeper coaches.

156470 Goole 13 March 1999

156470 crosses Boothferry Road, as it leaves Goole station on 13 March 1999 with the 10:08 Bridlington to Sheffield Arriva Trains Northern service. Despite privatisation, the unit is still wearing its decade old original livery (complete with 'Super Sprinter' branding).

73202 Coulsdon 21 September 1991

73202 Royal Observer Corps passes Coulsdon on 21 September 1991 with the 11:00 Victoria to Gatwick Airport Gatwick Express service. This was certainly the place to photograph Class 73s, with a constant procession passing by en-route to Gatwick. Unfortunately, by 1991 they were all in the same livery, so it tended to get a bit monotonous!

1615 Sandling Tunnel 2 June 1989

A photo that would now be totally impossible to recreate, as boat trains no longer run, the bridge from which this picture was taken has been demolished, and the field has been replaced by HS1, the Channel Tunnel rail link. Class 411 4-CEP 1615 leads a Dover Western Docks to Victoria boat train out of Sandling Tunnel on 2 June 1989.

20131 & 20128 Frodsham 17 September 1994

20131 Almon B. Strowger & 20128 Guglielmo Marconi pass through Frodsham station on 17 September 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1T70 13:45 Manchester Piccadilly to Latchford Sidings section of the multi-traction 'Lancastrian' railtour.

50026 Culham 4 July 1990

On its very last day working trains out of Paddington, 50026 Indomitable passes Culham in the rain on 4 July 1990 with the 1F12 09:50 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast non-stop service. The following day saw it start its new role with the 1O34 08:11 Waterloo to Exeter St Davids working. Its move to the West of England route was short lived, as it was withdrawn towards the end of 1990 with high engine hours. I never did see it on the Exeter route, and this is there therefore the last occasion that I saw it working on BR.

50030 Salisbury 12 January 1992

50030 Repulse dumped at Salisbury station on 12 January 1992 with 'Not to be moved' notice attached. At the time I assumed this would be the end of the loco, as any failure in traffic of the few remaining Class 50s usually meant it would be withdrawn. However, the problem must only have been a minor one, as it back in action again a couple of weeks later.

50030 & D400 Thrupp (Gloucestershire) 25 January 1992

50030 Repulse & D400 climb Sapperton Bank at Thrupp on 25 January 1992 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z25 06:05 Manchester Piccadilly to Worthing 'Network Navigator' railtour. The 50s had taken over the train at Birmingham Mew Street. Despite the awful weather conditions, this picture is worth including, as it shows the last visit to the Cotswolds of a standard Class 50, as opposed to the later railtour trio of 50007, 50033 & D400.

DR98221 Didcot North Junction 26 November 1989

Plasser & Theurer GP TRAMM (Track Renewal And Maintenance Machine) DR98221 approaches Didcot North Junction on 26 November 1989. In the background is the inappropriately named Hill Farm, which is surrounded by a totally flat landscape, with not a hill of any kind to be seen!

50043 Charlbury 3 July 1987

50043 Eagle passes underneath the road bridge at Charlbury on 3 July 1987, as it pulls out of the station with the 1B46 17:02 Paddington to Hereford InterCity service. Only very weak sunshine, but an excellent record of summer evenings on the Cotswold Line.

50044 Abbotswood 6 July 1985

50044 Exeter passes Abbotswood on 6 July 1985 with the late running 1V92 12:45 Glasgow Central to Cardiff Central InterCity service, which it had taken over at Birmingham New Street. Already severely backlit, the shadows were now signalling the end of the day's photography at this location.

Class 165 Bath Spa 17 July 1999

A fine panoramic view of Bath Spa, with the Roman Catholic church dominating the centre of the picture. A Class 165/1 unit approaches the station with the 07:51 Oxford to Bristol Temple Meads service. Despite scanning the original slide at 6400dpi, I cannot read the small bodyside numbers, so unless anybody has a record of this train on 17 July 1999, I'm afraid it will remain unidentified.

47626 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 4 August 1987

47626 Atlas passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 4 August 1987 with the 1V32 23:50 Glasgow to Plymouth sleeper. Careful inspection of the original Kodachrome 64 slide shows a trespasser near the fence on the right. There is no chance of this one being prosecuted however, as it is one of the woolly four legged variety!

47195 South Moreton (Didcot East) 1 December 1983

47195 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) on 1 December 1983 with the 6M23 10:12 Fawley to Longport LPG tanks. The large area of waste ground behind the train is the site of Moreton Sidings, which handled vast amounts of freight traffic during the Second World War. After decades of dereliction, it was again brought back into railway use in the new Millennium, to act as a work site for the badly mismanaged Great Western Mainline electfrication programme.

47220 & 31420 Kemble 28 August 1982

47220 & 31420 stand at Kemble station on 28 August 1982 with the 3B42 09:20 Gloucester to Swindon parcels train. The 47 had been added to make sure the lengthy train was able to climb Sapperton Bank, as that may have been asking too much for a single 31! Just after this picture was taken, the 47 detached, and headed back to Gloucester, leaving 31420 to carry on alone.

40063 Worcester Shrub Hill 24 November 1984

40063 was withdrawn in in April 1984, but instead of being cut up like so many of its classmates, it enjoyed a brief reprieve as an exhibition loco. After first being put on display at Stourbridge, it was moved to Worcester Shrub Hill in November 1984. Unfortunately it was parked in rather an awkward spot for photography, but is seen here in the company of cinema coach ZDW150353 (former Mk1 restaurant coach 1012) on 24 November 1984. And no, the graffiti in the cab window is nothing to do with me!

56105 Dove Holes Quarry 25 January 1997

56105 passes Dove Holes Quarry on 25 January 1997 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z56 06:32 Bristol Temple Meads to Hindlow Briggs Sidings 'Rock'n'Robin' railtour. It is passing 08915, and in the background, RMC Roadstone Sentinel 0-6-0DM shunter S10107.

56053 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 8 May 1987

56053 Sir Morgannwg Ganol / County of Mid Glamorgan approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 8 May 1987 with the 6B08 12:00 Langley to Robeston oil empties. In the background is the original brick twin arched Denchworth Road Bridge, which was replaced in 1992.

54283 & 55023 Tackley 27 August 1983

54283 (L283) & 55023 (L123) arrive at Tackley station on 27 August 1983 with the 2V90 13:46 Banbury to Didcot service. This photo is taken from the end of the down platform, which in those days was constructed from old sleepers, with a ballast surface. The last sleeper can be seen in the immediate foreground.

55024 Thrupp 25 April 1986

55024 (L124) passes Thrupp, as it heads up the Cherwell Valley on 25 April 1986 with the 10:23 Oxford to Banbury local stopping service. Shipton-on-Cherwell Cement Works dominates the background. Not only has the works now disappeared from the landscape, but this view itself has also vanished, thanks to uncontrolled lineside tree growth.

S803 Baglan 25 March 1987

S803 (51522 & 51450) passes Baglan on 25 March 1987 with the 16:30 Cardiff Central to Swansea service. Nowadays the equivalent train would be stopping here, as Baglan station (opened in 1996) now occupies this site.

47420 Water Orton 9 March 1985

The last of the original batch of 'Generator' Class 47s, 47420 approaches Water Orton on 9 March 1985 with the 07:30 Reading to Leeds service. The loco entered service as D1519 in April 1963. It was withdrawn two years after this picture was taken, and cut up at Vic Berry's, Leicester.

158844 Frisby-on-the-Wreake 21 April 2001

158844 crosses the River Wreake near Frisby-on-the-Wreake on 21 April 2001, as it heads towards Leicester with the 07:27 Stanstead Airport to Liverpool Lime Street Central Trains service. It seems that a Class 158 is almost exactly the same length as the bridge!

150130 & 150138 Hargrave 12 March 1987

150130 & 150138 pass Hargrave on 12 March 1987 with the 11:50 Llandudno to Crewe Regional Railways service. At the time this was very much the new order, with both units being just over a year old. Tattenhall Junction was formerly situated midway between this spot, and the bridge in the background. The line to Whitchurch (via Tattenhall) diverged to the left.

L404 Charlbury 8 May 1987

Charlbury station, pictured from a slightly unusual angle on 8 May 1987. L404 (51379, 59489 & 51337) leaves the station with the 2B52 09:27 Oxford to Hereford service. The car park is extremely full by 1980s standards, although nothing like the current situation, where the several times extended car park is full to capacity by early morning. Of note is the selection of now classic cars, including a Saab 99 and Sunbeam Alpine in the foreground. However, the Bentley in the background was very old even then!

L402 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 8 September 1990

L402 (51335, 59487 & 51377) approaches Walton Well Road, Oxford, on 8 September 1990 with the 2C19 08:05 Bicester Town to Reading Network SouthEast service. In the background, 56043 gets underway with its loaded stone train, bound for the nearby Banbury Road stone terminal.