Recent Additions

165104 Chilson 21 March 2018

A fine spring morning at Chilson on 21 March 2018 sees 165104 just dodging the early morning shadows with the 1P14 07:12 Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington GWR service. This was running just one minute late, but that was enough to make sure I got the picture. I didn't intend to arrive in time for this, but lack of any early morning traffic meant that I arrived earlier than anticipated, and just at the train's booked time. I could hear it approaching as soon as I got out of the car!

165126 Chilson 21 March 2018

165126 passes Chilson on 21 March 2018 with the 2E92 06:53 Worcester Foregate Street to Didcot Parkway GWR service. This is my favourite Cotswold Line train, not just because it runs at an ideal time for photography (albeit requiring an early start!), but because it is the only truly local southbound train of the day, serving all the minor stations. It has just called at Ascott-under-Wychwood, and will later call at Finstock and Combe. Another incentive to photograph this train in 2018, is that normally it is the only one on the route worked by a two car Class 165, most of which are still in the much more photogenic First Great Western blue livery, rather than the three car units, which sport GWR's drab green colour scheme.

43020 Chilson 21 March 2018

43020 MTU Power Passion Partnership passes Chilson on 21 March 2018 with the 1P18 06:42 Hereford to Paddington GWR service. This is booked to pass the 1W14 06:52 Paddington to Great Malvern Class 800 at Shipton, but on this occasion that train was running a few minutes late, and was right behind me, just a few seconds away from ruining this picture!

800032 AScott-under-Wychwood 21 March 2018

800032 races through Ascott-under-Wychwood station on 21 March 2018 with the 1P22 08:25 Worcester Foregate Street to Paddington GWR service. There would be very little prospect of anybody getting in the way of my picture here, as the next train to call at the platform I am standing on is over eight hours away!

165105 Shorthampton 21 March 2018

165105 passes Shorthampton on 21 March 2018 with the 1P23 09:50 Moreton-in-Marsh to Paddington GWR service. This picture clearly illustrates the result of Network Rail's total lack of lineside maintenance, with the overhanging bushes on the left now almost touching the trains. Before the line was redoubled, all the bushes were cut right back, and for a few years the open view made for excellent photography. However, as Network Rail no longer do any routine tree cutting, preferring instead to have a massive clearance session when it has got really bad, the result is massively overgrown linesides, which inventible causes leaves on the lines in the autumn - a problem which is virtually completely of Network Rail's own making!

800014 Hanborough 21 March 2018

800014 approaches Hanborough on 21 March 2018 with the 1P25 09:54 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service. Just three months into their operation on the Cotswold Line, in early 2018 the Class 800s operate most trains on the route, except for the Hereford HSTs, and the Class 165s to Moreton-in-Marsh.

43002 Hanborough 21 March 2018

43002 Sir Kenneth Grange pulls away from Hanborough station on 21 March 2018 with the 1W01 10:22 Paddington to Hereford GWR service. At 42 years, 43002 may now be considered old, but there is something even older in the background. Just visible in the doorway of the Oxford Bus Museum is City of Oxford Motor Services AEC Renown double decker FWL 371 E of 1967.

67027 Hanborough 21 March 2018

'Sheep May Safely Graze' (apologies to J. S. Bach!). The sheep take no notice as 67027 Charlotte approaches Hanborough on 21 March 2018 with the 1Z22 08:14 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train. As usual, Colas's only other Class 67, 67023 Stella is on the rear.

800034 Honeybourne 20 March 2018

800034 stands at Honeybourne station on 20 March 2018 with the 1P33 13:55 Worcester Foregate Street to Paddington GWR service. As this was a very dull day, I decided to take the opportunity to take a picture from what would normally be the shady side of the train, especially as the train was stopped in exactly the right spot.

60095 Honeybourne 20 March 2018

60095 passes the rear of Honeybourne station on 20 March 2018 with the 6Z56 09:30 Colas Ribble Rail (Preston) to Long Marston, conveying five ICA bogie oil tanks for maintenance. This was booked to pass here at virtually the same time as a the 5Q66 13:30 Reading Traincare Depot to Long Marston Class 165/166 ECS. Clearly that was impossible, and it makes you wonder how Network Rail managed to put two conflicting movements in the system. In the event the ECS was recessed at Moreton-in-Marsh, and went forward the next morning.

800005 Honeybourne 20 March 2018

800005 slowly approaches Honeybourne station on 20 March 2018 with the late running 1W29 14:21 Paddington to Worcester Foregate Street GWR service, which on this occasion was terminated at Worcester Shrub Hill. This location is hardly reconisable compared with the picture I took of 50046 Ajax a mere 36 years earlier!

60095 Honeybourne 20 March 2018

60095 slowly approaches Honeybourne on 20 March 2018 with the 6Z57 16:00 Long Marston to Toton empty oil tanks. After 60095 had arrived a little earlier with the 6Z56 09:30 Colas Ribble Rail (Preston) to Long Marston, the original plan was for the loco to stay at Long Marston overnight, and then work this train the next morning as the 6Z57 06:40 Long Marston to Lindsey Oil Refinery. However, the welcome decision to send the loco back the same day meant I was able to get two shots for the price of one, albeit with a long wait in between. This was already running over an hour late, but luckily it approached Honeybourne just as the setting sun approached a small gap in the otherwise more or less solid cloud. This was just enough to give a hint of brightness to the image.

150105 Lidlington 19 March 2018

150105 passes the last remnants of the previous weekend's snow, as it heads south from Lidlington on 19 March 2018 with the 2S10 10:55 Bedford to Bletchley West Midlands Trains service. Although it was still bitterly cold, the bright sun was quickly melting the snow, and there was noticeably less in the field than when I first arrived. The two Cardington airship hangars can just be seen in the far distance, at the extreme right of the picture.

150109 Lidlington 19 March 2018

150109 approaches the public footpath crossing between Ridgmont and Lidlington on 19 March 2018 with the 2S11 11:01 Bletchley to Bedford West Midlands Trains service. The unit is wearing the former operator London Midland's colour scheme, with the addition of West Midlands branding.

37800 Lidlington 19 March 2018

37800 Cassiopeia passes Lidlington on 19 March 2018, hauling newly built EMU 345003, running as the Rail Operations Group 5Q79 09:00 Old Dalby to Old Oak Common stock transfer. Unfortunately one of the many clouds that was floating about decided to block out the sun at the critical moment. A pity, as the lighting would have been perfect for this. At least the snow in the foreground balances the picture nicely. I had to keep moving around to find the largest patch, as it was melting so quickly!

43059 Harrowden Junction 19 March 2018

43059 passes a bright, but exceedingly cold and blustery Harrowden Junction on 19 March 2018 with the 1B48 13:32 Nottingham to St Pancras International East Midlands Trains service. As can be seen from the clouds, this was a day when it was a matter of luck whether the train you wished to photograph corresponded with a sunny spell!

50008 Harrowden Junction 19 March 2018

50008 Thunderer passes Harrowden Junction on 19 March 2018 with the 6Z50 12:29 Chaddesden to Wembley, conveying eleven empty PNA wagons. Although Thunderer was allocated to the DCWA engineer's pool in the latter half of 1991, after being painted in this 'Laira Blue' livery, it unfortunately hardly ever worked trains like this. This therefore was a welcome opportunity to get a picture of one of my favourite locomotives on a 'real' freight train.

350376 Gayton 19 March 2018

This is a location that I had been meaning to visit for many years, but it appears that I left it just a bit too late, as the recently installed totally over engineered and intrusive palisade fence hardly adds to the view! 350376 passes Gayton on 19 March 2018 with the 1U39 14:46 Euston to Crewe West Midlands Trains service.

390009 Gayton 19 March 2018

390009 passes Gayton on 19 March 2018 with the 1F19 15:07 Euston to Liverpool Lime Street Virgin Trains service. I'm not sure whether this new livery is an improvement or not, as apart from the white obviously being more difficult to keep clean, the graphics on the red area actually look like streaks of dirt from a distance!

43041 Wolvercote 18 March 2018

A solitary dog walker braves the snowy expanse of Wolvercote Common, as 43041 Meningitis Trust Support for Life slows for Wolvercote Junction on 18 March 2018 with the 1W02 11:23 Reading to Hereford GWR service. This should have been the 1W02 10:37 Paddington to Hereford, but suffered crewing problems, like a lot of Cotswold Line trains in early 2018.

800033 Wolvercote 18 March 2018

Brand new 800033 passes Wolvercote on 18 March 2018 with the 1P45 11:14 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service. In the foreground is the reinstated down relief line, which during the last few years has been installed, lifted, and reinstalled again!

37116 Wolvercote 18 March 2018

37116 passes Wolvercote on 18 March 2018 with the 3Z01 09:52 Tonbridge to Derby RTC Network Rail test train. Not the Class 73 hauled train implied by Realtime Trains, but the nine coach train certainly makes an impressive sight in the snow, despite the lack of any sunshine. 37254 Cardiff Canton on the rear is almost hidden by the spray of snow being kicked up by the train. Many thanks to Peter Tandy for pointing out that this was running, as being a Sunday morning, I might not have checked for any special workings.

D7659 Dixton 19 July 1997

D7659 spent several months at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway during 1996 & 1997, and is seen here passing a large display of Rosebay Willowherb at Dixton, as it heads back to Toddington from Gotherington on 19 July 1997. Although I took this on both 35mm and 6x7, this is from the 35mm transparency, as the limited depth of field of the rollfilm version means that most of the flowers are out of focus. The loco and coaches may not be quite as sharp in this version, but at least the flowers are!

155314 Culham 22 June 1990

155314 approaches Culham on 22 June 1990 with the 2A35 17:37 Cheltenham Spa to Oxford Regional Railways service. At this time all the local trains on this line were still in the hands of first generation units (mostly Class 117s), with only the Cotswold Line trains using the then new Class 155s. However, this Cheltenham to Oxford (via Swindon) service also brought the new order to the route. Although this train was booked to leave Didcot Parkway at 19:02, it depended on the day of the week as to how quickly it got to Oxford! Mondays to Thursdays it arrived at 19:15, but on Fridays it didn't arrive until 19:22. This was presumably to avoid a conflicting move with the 1B58 18:20 Paddington to Hereford, which also took longer on Fridays.

47335 East Usk Junction 18 August 1995

47335 passes East Usk Junction on 18 August 1995 with the 6M14 15:57 Newport Alexandra Dock Junction to Wembley Railfreight Distribution 'Connectlink' service. Although principally carrying steel products, this was actually a mixed traffic train.

47202 Heyford 17 September 1983 With a uniform rake of nine Mk1 coaches in tow, 47202 passes through Heyford station on 17 September 1983 with the 1O07 08:46 Wolverhampton to Weymouth service. This loco was withdrawn after a head on accident with 33032 at Frome in March 1987.
60093 Denchworth 31 October 1994

A perfect combination of train and lighting occurred during a day of mixed weather on 31 October 1994. 60093 Jack Stirk passes underneath the signal at Denchworth with the 6B33 12:35 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties, just as a rainbow appears in the background.

1707 Southampton 2 December 1998

Class 421 4-CIG 1707 approaches Southampton on 2 December 1998 with the 09:50 Bournemouth to Victoria service. Unlike the majority of trains in the area that were operated by South West Trains, and who's London terminus was Waterloo, this one was operated by Connex South Central, and travelled the long way round to Victoria, via Chichester and Worthing. To the casual observer at the time there wasn't much difference, as many units still retained the obsolete Network SouthEast livery, as here.

45108 March 16 August 1988

45108 still looks to be in excellent condition, despite having been withdrawn over a year earlier, when pictured here at March depot on 16 August 1988. Behind it is 45133, and in the background on the left are 47103 & 03112.

47032 Margaretting 8 May 1985

47032 passes Margaretting on 8 May 1985 with the 6V73 10:32 Barham to Westbury Tilbury Roadstone stone empties. In the background is St Margaret's church, which apart from the nearby vicarage, is the only part of the village on the east side of the railway. The bulk of the village is nearly a mile distant, to the north.

47479 Oxford 18 July 1990

47479 approaches Oxford with the 1M85 14:32 Tonbridge to Preston parcels on 18 July 1990. The train was booked to spend eight minutes at Oxford station, during which time there was often frenzied activity, as Royal Mail workers loaded several Brute's worth of mail sacks into the vans.

47403 Oxford North Junction 10 May 1986

A Geordie in the south! 47403 The Geordie approaches Oxford North Junction on 10 May 1986 with the 1E31 14:13 Portsmouth Harbour to York service. 47403 was withdrawn four months later, and unusually then spent several years being used by the SAS as a training tool, at their Moreton-on-Lugg headquarters!

58043 Banbury 17 August 2001

58043 passes Banbury on 17 August 2001 with the 6S65 15:19 Eastleigh to Mossend Enterprise. This was the successor to the sadly missed Speedlink wagonload service, and carried a variety of traffic, although without the sheer variety of the old Speedlink trains. On this occasion the train consisted of two LPG tanks from Furzebrook, and eight china clay tanks from Quidhampton.

165102 Pangbourne 28 April 1993

165102 leads an unidentified classmate through Pangbourne cutting on 28 April 1993 with the 1F66 17:38 Paddington to Didcot Parkway Network SouthEast service. The second unit was probably identified at the time, but this was shortly before I managed to loose my notebook, so several month's worth of details were lost!

50031 Cockwood Harbour 1 November 1997

50031 Hood passes Cockwood Harbour in failing light on 1 November 1997 with the Past Time Rail 1Z50 14:47 Plymouth to Euston 'Pilgrim Hoover' railtour. This was the return working of the first tour hauled by a preserved Class 50 on the mainline. This explains why I decided to wait here for the train, despite 15:45 not being the ideal time to take pictures in November!

37194 Oxford 2 October 1991

Running exactly to time, 37194 British International Freight Association passes through Oxford station on 2 October 1991 with the 6V03 09:50 Fenny Compton to Didcot MoD stores. The Speedlink wagonload service had ceased three months earlier, and as a lot of Speedlink traffic in the Oxford area was for the MoD, a dedicated network was set up to replace it.

43071 Millbrook 15 Aoril 1997

43071 Forward Birmingham rounds the curve at Millbrook on 15 April 1997 with the 1S37 12:19 Bournemouth to Edinburgh 'Dorset Scot'. I'm not sure whether the dog is reacting to the train or its owners! The loco's name relates to an Exmouth lifeboat, the money for which was raised in Birmingham.

47705 Highworth Junction 3 December 1994

47705 passes Highworth Junction on 3 December 1994 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z60 07:50 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads 'Westerleigh Wizard' railtour. The train would only travel a short distance further, as only a short section of the former Highworth branch now remains. 37072 & 37264 would then bring the tour back out on the mainline. As can be seen from the dark clouds in the background over Swindon, it was not a very pleasant day, and prior to the train turning up we had got well and truly soaked!

47705 Westerleigh 3 December 1994

47705 arrives at Westerleigh on 3 December 1994 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z60 13:40 Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington 'Westerleigh Wizard' railtour. Unfortunately by the time it got here it was virtually dark, which explains the exceedingly poor quality image. However, I thought it worth recording, in view of the train's name.

165135 Oddington 27 November 1993

The Oxford to Bicester line when it was still a rural backwater, with just a single line of vintage bullhead track. 165135 passes Oddington on 27 November 1993 with the 2C28 11:27 Oxford to Bicester Town Network SouthEast service.

60044 Lowdham 12 March 2018

60044 Dowlow approaches Lowdham in the pouring rain on 12 March 2018 with the 6M57 06:04 Lindsey Oil Refinery to Kingsbury oil tanks. This makes an interesting comparison with the 6M00 14:19 Humber Oil Refinery to Kingsbury tanks, photographed here a few months earlier. The tanks are different, the trees are now leafless, and the weather is even worse!

165106 Dorn 12 March 2018

Just as the torrential rain gives way to light drizzle, 165106 passes Dorn on 12 March 2018 with the 1P27 10:59 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service. This was running nine minutes late, which in early 2018 counts as good service on the Cotswold Line. On this day, as usual, there were several cancellations. Local MPs have been petitioned to get something done, and get the problem sorted out. In the 40 years that I have been taking photos on the line, this is by far the most protracted period of unreliability. GWR needs to stop placing adverts in the local press saying how great their new trains are, and actually get the trains running properly!

43027 Dorn 12 March 2018

With the track glistening after recent rain, 43027 passes the distinctive retaining wall at Dorn (near Moreton-in-Marsh) on 12 March 2018 with the 1W01 10:22 Paddington to Hereford GWR service. As well as the '90 Glorious Years' liveried power car at the front of the train, GWR's other one-off liveried power car, 43172 Harry Patch - The last survivor of the trenches was on the rear.

156414 Thurgarton 10 March 2018

156414 passes Thurgarton station at speed on 10 March 2018 with the 2L64 12:36 Lincoln Central to Leicester East Midlands Trains service. The impressive grade II listed station building is now a private house. The start of the down platform can just be seen next to the building. The up platform was formerly directly opposite, but now the platforms are staggered either side of level crossing.

60044 Thurgarton 10 March 2018

60044 Dowlow passes Thurgarton station on 10 March 2018 with the 6E54 10:40 Kingsbury to Humber Oil Refinery empty oil tanks. The little station has no car parking, and is a long walk from the village, so is consequently little used.

50038 Bourton 1 August 1987

50038 Formidable passes Bourton on 1 August 1987 with the 1A27 07:05 Carmarthen to Paddington service. It was running five minutes early, passing here at 10:21, the exact time that it should have been passing through Swindon (non-stop). This train was not booked for a Class 50 at the time, so this was a definite bonus.

50033 & 50007 Frodsham 30 October 1993

50033 Glorious & 50007 Sir Edward Elgar cross the River Weaver at Frodsham on 30 October 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z44 06:35 Bristol Temple Meads to Seaforth Docks 'Merseyman' railtour. Unfortunately the earlier good weather had disappeared, and the blustery conditions had prevented the hoped for reflection.

50049 & 50031 Hafod-y-Bwch 16 August 2003

50049 Defiance & 50031 Hood pass Hafod-y-Bwch (near Wrexham) on 16 August 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z70 16:47 Chester to Reading railtour. Unusually, this was not advertised with thee usual catchy tour name, but was just billed as the 'Chester Excursion'. Note the headboard celebrating 30 years of Pathfinder Tours (originally F&W Railtours).

60036 Llanwern West Junction 19 November 1994

60036 Sgurr na Ciche slowly traverses Llanwern West Junction in the rain on 19 November 1994 with the 6B92 10:05 Llanwern to Llandarcy empty oil tanks. The works that are virtually hidden by the mist and rain in the background have since been demolished, as has the Bowls Club clubhouse on the right.

221104 Metal Bridge 17 May 2002

221104 Sir John Franklin passes Metal Bridge (between Gretna and Carlisle) with the 1V52 11:20 Glasgow Central to Penzance Virgin CrossCountry service on 17 May 2002. The name Metal Bridge does not refer to the bridge the train is crossing, which apart from the ironmongery above rail level, is mainly concrete. It refers to the bridge that Thomas Telford built over the River Esk just to the east of this spot in 1820. This was replaced by a concrete structure during the First World War, which was itself replaced by a wider bridge in 1970.

43150 Hinksey 12 February 1985

43150 passes the snow covered Hinksey Yard on 12 February 1985 with the 1F39 15:40 Oxford to Paddington service. In those days the railways were much more resilient, and less affected by severe winter weather. This, and most other trains on the day were running to time, with no cancellations!

165127 Bicester Town 24 August 1994

165127 leaves Bicester Town station on 24 August 1994 with the 2C25 09:08 Network SouthEast departure for Oxford. Bicester Town station was completely rebuilt when the line was upgraded in 2015, and incorrectly renamed Bicester Village.

37422 Bradford-on-Avon 13 August 1994

37422 Robert F. Fairlie Locomotive Engineer 1831-1885 approaches Bradford-on-Avon on 13 August 1994 with the 2O87 09:00 Bristol Temple Meads to Weymouth service. I always though that the Regional Railways colour scheme looked really smart, especially with a loco and a complete rake of stock all in the same colour scheme. The only thing that could have been better here, was if the sun hadn't happened to disappear behind a small cloud at the critical moment!

31144, 47432 & 47555 Cheltenham 18 April 1992

I wouldn't normally bother to take a picture of a light engine convoy, but when the light is this good, and the loco's liveries so varied, I definitely would! 31144, leads 47432 & 47555 ahead of the gathering storm at Cheltenham on 18 April 1992.

Honeybourne West Loop Signal Box 12 August 1984

Honeybourne West Loop Signal Box succumbs to the elements (and the vandals) after being disused for several years, when pictured on 12 August 1984. The box had a relatively short life, having been built in 1960. Looking at the rather basic construction, it presumably wasn't intended to last very long, and is certainly nowhere near as well constructed as the typical GWR box.

D9523 Castor 21 April 2001

Quite a load for a Teddy Bear! D9523 passes Castor on 21 April 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z39 14:25 Orton Mere to Preston 'Nene Navigator' railtour. It's difficult to say whether this Nene Valley Railway section of the tour, or the variety of mainline traction was the highlight, but tour participants had already sampled 58050 & 60015 on the outward leg of the tour. The Class 14 is more used to pottering up and down this line with a few coaches, but this twelve coach rake probably isn't taxing it as much as you might think, as I have seen some archive pictures of these little locos on some truly monstrous freight trains. They weren't always employed on short trip freights during their few years on the Western Region!

56135 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

In the good old days, when Melton Ross wasn't just a location for boring Class 66 pictures! 56135 Port of Tyne Authority passes the well known Knabbs Bridge vantage point on 18 July 1996 with the 6G04 11:36 Scunthorpe to Immingham MGR empties.

37032 Weybourne 26 September 1998

The bridge at Weybourne comes in handy for keeping the sun out of the lens, as D6732 (37032) Mirage arrives at the station on 26 September 1998 with the 17:20 Holt to Sheringham service. Extreme backlighting often looks terrible, but with the bridge providing an ideal frame, and the prospect of a glint off the loco and coach roofs, this definitely makes an interesting composition.

59103 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 16 October 1992

59103 Village of Mells approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 16 October 1992 with what is presumably the late running 6A43 ARC stone empties returning to Whatley Quarry. As this was well before the days of easy access to gen, this could either have originated from Oxford Banbury Road at 06:38 (booked), or Appleford at 06:59 (in theory). Both trains ran under the same headcode, as required. Note the fresh ballast in the foreground, and the sleepers laid out to take the soon to be reinstated down relief line. The installation of up relief line would follow just over a year later. This was in preparation for imported coal for Didcot Power Station coming via Avonmouth, instead of from domestic pits in the Midlands.

52062 & 51950 19 November 1995

The Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Class 108 DMU (52062 & 51950) catches a brief burst of weak autumnal sunshine, as it passes Toddington's fixed distant signal at Hailes on 19 November 1995, whilst working the 13:15 Winchcombe to Toddington service. This unit was in use on the line for a decade, before spending another decade dumped out of use. It has since moved to the Telford Steam Railway.

37254 Walnut Tree 2 June 1996

37254 passes the impressive Walnut Tree Signal Box at Taffs Well on 2 June 1996 with the 2E05 11:29 Barry Island to Merthyr Tydfil service. This was loco-hauled in connection with the Road Transport Festival at Barry Island. Note the unusual chamfered corner in the signal box's brickwork. The box was dismantled the following year, after the Radyr area was resignalled.

165102 Churchill Heath 27 June 1993

165102 passes Churchill Heath on 27 June 1993 with the 1F17 14:38 Great Malvern to Paddington Network SouthEast service. At the time Class 165s were common on the Cotswold Line, having not yet been largely replaced by the then brand new Class 166s. For over two decades the Class 166s worked the majority of the unit diagrams on the route, with the exception of the daily 'all stations' service. However, the mass migration of the 166s to the Bristol area in late 2017, has seen the 165s once again become the dominant type of unit.

7760 Arley 4 July 1987

With a GWR bracket signal prominent in the foreground, 57xx 0-6-0PT 7760 arrives at Arley station on 4 July 1987 with the 11:20 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster service. Although this view is now bordering on the historic, virtually nothing in the picture has changed.

47818 Evesham 20 August 1995

47818 passes Evesham Signal Box on 20 August 1995 with the 1O09 10:30 Wolverhampton to Poole InterCity service. Summer Sundays during 1995 brought the welcome sight of regular diverted inter-regional loco hauled trains to the Cotswold Line.

47845 West Burton Power Station 28 November 1992

47845 County of Kent slowly approaches West Burton Power Station on 28 November 1992 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z36 05:33 Salisbury to Cottam Power Station 'Cottam Picker' railtour. In a few yards the train would diverge from the Retford to Gainsborough line, and complete a circuit of the power station.

50002 & 73133 Hookhills Viaduct 25 May 1996

An unusual English Electric combination at Hookhills Viaduct, on the Paignton & Dartmouth Railway, on 25 May 1996. 50002 Superb & 73133 The Bluebell Railway cross the four arch viaduct with the 09:20 Kingswear to Paignton service, during the line's Diesel Gala. Both locos may feature engines from the same manufacturer, but there is a world of a difference between the Class 50's 16 cylinder, 247 litre, 2,700hp unit and the much more modest 4 cylinder, 62 litre, 600 hp one in the Class 73!

50031 Tiverton Parkway 1 November 1997

50031 Hood approaches Tiverton Parkway on 1 November 1997 with the Past Time Rail 1Z50 05:50 Euston to Plymouth 'Pilgrim Hoover' railtour. This was the first mainline outing for a preserved Class 50. I certainly wasn't going to miss this, despite the fact that I had almost got fed up of seeing Hood virtually every time I went to the West of England six years earlier!

47579 South Moreton (Didcot East) 11 December 1991

A frosty scene at South Moreton (Didcot East) on 11 December 1991, as 47579 James Nightall GC runs along the down main line with the 1F16 11:20 Paddington to Oxford Network SouthEast service. A few yards further on it would start weaving across to access the relief line on the approach to Didcot Parkway station.

43134 Aldermaston 6 November 1994

A location that unfortunately I only visited a couple of times, and has now been ruined, first of all by a tall radio mast, and latterly by the route's electfrication. 43134 sweeps round the curve near Aldermaston on 6 November 1994 with the 09:35 Paddington to Taunton service.

D9553 Hailes 5 November 1995

D9553 passes Hailes on 5 November 1995 with the 12:08 Toddington to Far Stanley service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The line had three Class 14s at this time, and while D9537 never saw much use, both D9553 & D9539 were used extensively.

43036 Iver 19 October 1996

43036 approaches Iver on 19 October 1996 with the 1A18 06:32 Swansea to Paddington Great Western Trains service. As can be clearly seen, the fast lines were closed for engineering works, so all trains were using the relief lines. This was a definite bonus, as the early morning shadows would have made decent photography virtually impossible if this HST had been on its normal track. The bridge from which this picture was taken has subsequently been demolished.

50007 Buckhorn Weston Tunnel 6 July 1991

50007 Sir Edward Elgar climbs towards Buckhorn Weston Tunnel on 6 July 1991 with the 2O83 11:50 Exeter St Davids to Waterloo Network SouthEast service. There was plenty of warning of approaching trains at this spot, with a clear view all the way to Templecombe, some four miles distant.

45112 Standish Junction 21 July 2001

45112 Royal Army Ordnance Corps passes Standish Junction on 21 July 2001 with the Fragonset Charters 1Z45 04:30 Lancaster to Penzance 'Penzance Pirate' railtour. Out of sight on the rear of the train is 31459 Cerberus, which came in very useful on the return working, when 45112 failed with a blown turbocharger when leaving Bristol.

37418 & 37411 Georgemas Junction 19 April 2003

37418 East Lancashire Railway & 37411 The Scottish Railway Preservation Society accelerate away from Georgemas Junction on 19 April 2003 with the 5Z64 Georgemas Junction to Wick ECS. The train had arrived at the remote junction as the Pathfinder Tours 'Orcadian' railtour, the 1Z64 07:45 from Inverness. The passengers were now on their way to the ferry for the Orkney Isles.

43170 Eckington 9 April 1983

43170 crosses over the River Avon at Eckington on 9 April 1983 with the 1E30 07:05 Plymouth to Leeds InterCity service. I've often thought that sitting in a boat in the middle of the river would be the ideal photographic vantage point here, especially when the water is calm, like on this perfect spring morning. At least there is a partial refection of the power car in this more conventional viewpoint from the river bank.

165126 Cookham 25 February 2018

165126 approaches Cookham on 25 February 2018 with the 2B25 09:04 Marlow to Maidenhead GWR service. The line between Bourne End and Marlow does not have many good photographic vantage points, but this one is relatively clear of winter shadows, although it does require a long lens to shoot between the level crossing signal, and a lineside hut.

165126 Little Marlow 25 February 2018

165126 passes Little Marlow on 25 February 2018 with the 2B26 09:36 Maidenhead to Marlow GWR service. The train has just reversed at Bourne End, and is now passing the meadows next to the River Thames. Although the field was a little muddy in places, at this time of year this area can often be completely under water, when the nearby River Thames bursts its banks.

165126 Little Marlow 25 February 2018

165126 passes Little Marlow on 25 February 2018 with the 2B27 10:02 Marlow to Maidenhead GWR service. The train is approaching a public footpath crossing that connects the village of Little Marlow with the River Thames. Note the missing section of trim underneath the left windscreen.

165004 Saunderton 25 February 2018

165004 arrives at Saunderton station on 25 February 2018 with the 2H16 10:45 Princes Risborough to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Most trains speed straight through this rural station, but this is one of the roughly hourly stopping services.

165003 Saunderton 25 February 2018

165003 speeds through Saunderton station on 25 February 2018 with the 1H19 10:44 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Note the salt spread on the platforms. It may have been a completely sunny day, but the temperature only just managed to get above freezing.

165039 & 165034 Saunderton 25 February 2018

165039 & 165034 pass through Saunderton station on 25 February 2018 with the 1Z22 11:20 Aylesbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. This was one of a number of additional trains run in connection with the Arsenal vs Manchester City football match at Wembley Stadium.

165007 Wendover 25 February 2018

Audi vs train! 165007 slowly pulls away from Wendover station on 25 February 2018 with the 2C26 12:13 Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service, and is rapidly overtaken by a car on the parallel A413 Wendover bypass.

165004 & 165002 Wendover 25 February 2018

165004 & 165002 accelerate away from Wendover station (just visible beyond the bridge in the background) with the 2C32 13:13 Aylesbury Vale Parkway to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service on 25 February 2018. Photo taken from the Bacombe Lane overbridge.

168219 & 168112 Princes Risborough 25 February 2018

168219 & 168112 pass through Princes Risborough station on 25 February 2018 with the 1H33 12:55 Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. Various items of Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway rolling stock can be seen on the left, including Class 08 D3018 Haversham.

165015 & 165025 Princes Risborough 25 February 2018

165015 & 165025 accelerate away from Princes Risborough station on 25 February 2018 with the 1H34 13:44 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. In 2017 the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway took over the former civil engineer's sidings here, and various items of C&PRR rolling stock can be seen on the left of this picture.

221126 Culham 25 February 2018

221126 races through Culham station on 25 February 2018. This is not quite the mundane passenger service that it appears to be, but is in fact the 5O16 15:15 Oxford to Bournemouth ECS. This was a VSTP (Very Short Term Planning) substitute for the cancelled 1O16 14:16 Oxford to Bournemouth CrossCountry service. The line north of Oxford was closed for engineering works, but that still does not explain the cancellation.

43182 Culham 25 February 2018

Running 20 minutes late, 43182 passes through Culham station on 25 February 2018 with the 1P51 14:53 Oxford to Paddington GWR service. This would ordinarily be a train from Great Malvern, but the line north of Oxford was closed for engineering works.

165130 Culham 25 February 2018

165130 approaches Culham in superb late afternoon light on 25 February 2018 with the 2L61 15:30 Oxford to Didcot Parkway GWR service. The flat area in the foreground is the site of Culham's small goods yard, while dominating the background are a couple of hangars from the former Culham Airfield. The airfield was built in 1944, and opened as an aircraft receipt and dispatch unit for the Royal Navy, consequently it was bizarrely known as HMS Hornbill. The airfield closed in 1953, and after being used for storage for a number of years, was converted for use by the Atomic Energy Authority in 1960. It is now a world leading fusion energy research centre.

Culham Station Building 25 February 2018

Culham station's Grade II listed Brunel designed station building is no longer in railway use, but has recently undergone extensive restoration, and is now in commercial use. It is pictured here in superb late afternoon light on 25 February 2018.

43124 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

43124 brings up the rear of the late running 1W00 08:22 Paddington to Hereford GWR service at Honeybourne on Saturday 24 February 2018. Note how the little station is now dominated by the disabled friendly footbridge.

800030 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

Brand new 800030 leaves Honeybourne station on 24 February 2018 with the 1P40 09:45 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service. Like a lot of Cotswold Line services in early 2018, this train actually started from Worcester Shrub Hill. The Great Malvern to Worcester section of the line is seeing an appalling level of services, with numerous trains cancelled. The line as a whole has seen a massive nose dive in reliability, despite the introduction of these new trains. On this day however, there were 'only' three complete cancellations!

165112 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

GWR's dark green livery looks very drab, especially when devoid of any branding, as seen here. 165112 calls at Honeybourne station on 24 February 2018 with the 1P43 10:45 Great Malvern to Paddington GWR service.

37601 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

37601 Perseus passes Honeybourne on 24 February 2018 with the 5Q94 08:55 Northampton EMD to Long Marston, conveying EMU 350253 for corrosion repairs. Given that it was a completely sunny day, and that this is one of the better locations on the route, I was surprised that there was only one other photographer here to record the event.

350253 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

As a local taxi drives over the roadbridge at Honeybourne on 24 February 2018, 350253 passes underneath, being hauled towards Long Marston for corrosion repairs behind 37601 Perseus. The train is the 5Q94 08:55 Northampton EMD to Long Marston.

800010 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

800010 Michael Bond calls at Honeybourne station on 24 February 2018 with the 1P47 12:06 Worcester Foregate Street to Paddington GWR service. The printed Michael Bond 'nameplate' and Paddington Bear graphic can be seen below the cab side window, but what is not obvious from this viewpoint, is that the unit's doors all feature pictures of Paddington Bear in various poses. Although a sunny day, it was bitterly cold, which explains the salt liberally scattered all over the platforms.

43002 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

43002 Sir Kenneth Grange arrives at Honeybourne station on 24 February 2018 with the 1W29 11:22 Paddington to Great Malvern GWR service. Definitely not the ideal photographic vantage point, but at least it is a clearly identifiable location.

37601 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

37601 Perseus slowly approaches Honeybourne on 24 February 2018 with the 5Q95 13:30 Long Marston to Northampton EMD, hauling EMU 350255, which has received bodywork repairs at Long Marston. The HST stop board in the foreground is a little ominous, as the 1P51 12:13 Hereford to Paddington GWR HST had arrived at the station behind my viewpoint, and could so very easily have compromised this picture. I wouldn't have minded a passing shot, but that would have been exceedingly lucky timing! In the event it didn't move until the 37 was well past the bridge.

350255 Honeybourne 24 February 2018

After receiving corrosion repairs at Long Marton, 25kV EMU 350255 is hauled back to its home depot on 24 February 2018 by 37601 Perseus, running as the 5Q95 13:30 Long Marston to Northampton EMD. It is picture here passing round the back of Honeybourne station, while the passengers from the 1P51 12:13 Hereford to Paddington GWR HST cross the station's footbridge.

73965 Launton 24 February 2018

73965 passes Launton on 24 February 2018 with the 1Q69 09:00 Hither Green to Derby RTC Network Rail test train. Classmate 73962 Dick Mabbutt is hidden by the signal at the rear of the train. Despite the much wider use of Class 73s in recent years, the locos are still rare on the Chiltern Line, so this was definitely worth recording. Unfortunately, late on a February afternoon is not the ideal time to be photographing a northbound train on the route, as so many locations are in shadow. Therefore I had to settle on this spot, which although very bland, is at least perfectly lit.

165030 Launton 24 February 2018

165030 passes Launton on 24 February 2018 with the 1U39 14:43 Marylebone to Banbury Chiltern Railways service. Chiltern usually keep their units well cleaned, and although the bodyside look sparkling, they seem to have missed the cab roof on this one!