47305 Severnside 1 August 1990

With the original Severn Bridge in the background, 47305 rounds the sharp curve into the ICI works at Severnside on 1 August 1990, at the end of its long all day journey with the 6V47 07:22 Haverton Hill to Severnside anhydrous ammonia. Despite appearances the train is actually approaching me, although the headlight not being on and the red tail lamp don't give that impression! There obviously seemed little point in altering these, as the train has just traversed the Severn Beach line in the background and has had to run round. This train was always instantly recognisable by the distinctive wagons, complete with barrier wagons at each end, and by the use of a Thornaby Class 47/3 (the Thornaby kingfisher logo can just be seen on the loco's side).