47305 Severnside 1 August 1990

After taking a picture of 47305 rounding the curve into the ICI works at Severnside with the 6V47 07:22 Haverton Hill to Severnside anhydrous ammonia on 1 August 1990, I quickly crossed the road to get this shot of the train approaching the works. I have seen surprisingly few pictures of this location, and although I never got a picture of a train leaving the plant, this picture does give a good clear view of the chemical works, complete with its distinctive round storage tanks. The works shunter can just be seen in the background. The neatly mown field on the left soon degenerated into a jungle after the works closed in the late 1990s. The plant was demolished in 2008, and the site is now home to the Sita household waste disposal facility.