Class 47

47200 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 21 August 1982

47200 approaches Walton Well Road, Oxford, on 21 August 1982 with the 6M56 11:40 Didcot Power Station to Washwood Heath MGR empties, unusually running on a Saturday. At this time the Didcot coal trains were shared equally between Class 47s, and the then new Class 56s. Note the small non-standard additional number on the loco's front end. The line in the foreground is the down relief line, with the track to the right leading to the down carriage sidings, and in the days of steam, Oxford's loco depot (81F).

47200 Yarnton JUnction (site of) 26 January 1986

Just as the sun was setting on Sunday 26 January 1986, my long wait in a field near the site of Yarnton Junction finally paid off. Having seen 47200 parked with its ballast train in the engineering possession near Hanborough, it was just a matter of time before it headed back to Hinksey. The main engineering train had gone back to Hinksey earlier, unbelievably headed by 08803! It was then a question of waiting in this field with no way of knowing how long it would take to drop the ballast, and whether 47200 would get to me before the sun went down. The footpath in the foreground, which passes underneath the railway near the old PW hut, has now been rebranded as Shakespeare's Way, forming part of a route from London to Stratford-upon-Avon.

47200 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 4 August 1987

47200 passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 4 August 1987 with the 6M72 22:00 St Blazey to Cliffe Vale china clay tanks. The shadows stretching across the field shows that it is very early in the morning (06:40), but the train is just about fully lit by the low sun. This would not be the case here today, as a huge row of Leylandii conifers now block out the sun completely during the morning!

47200 Kemble 17 August 1992

47200 passes through Kemble station on 17 August 1992 with the 6M08 18:20 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. These distinctive and lengthy trains were the only booked revenue earning freight over the 'Golden Valley' route at this time.

47200 Bourton 1 November 1994

47200 Herbert Austin applies full power at Bourton on 1 November 1994 as it heads east away from Swindon with the 6M08 10:59 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. The loco's name is certainly appropriate for this train, and is also noteworthy for the number of locos it has been applied to, starting off with 47337 in 1986. In 1990 the name was transferred to 47209, and then just a couple of months before this picture was taken, 47200 became its latest recipient.

47201 Standish Junction 5 July 1991

A single wagon load is hardly cost effective, and 47201 has an easy time as it approaches Standish Junction on 5 July 1991 with what is presumably the 6Z34 14:55 Bridgwater to Ince UK fertilzer empties. The light loads could be explained by the unusual running on a Friday, rather then the usual Tuesday (hence the 6Z34 rather than 6M34 headcode).

47201 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 23 June 1995

High summer at the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 23 June 1995. 47201 heads westwards with the 6V22 16:05 Longbridge to Swindon Rover car panel empties. A nondescript member of Tinsley's Railfreight Distribution pool at this time, but a quarter of a century earlier, 47201 (or D1851 as it was then) made a most unusual journey - a trip by sea from Holyhead to Barrow-in-Furness. This was because it was one of three Class 47s stranded on Anglesey after the Britannia Bridge fire of 23 May 1970.

47201 Kings Sutton 20 July 1995

47201 passes Kings Sutton on 20 July 1995 with the 4M04 15:25 Southampton to Washwood Heath empty cartics. This location has (for now!) managed to remain clear of vegetation. In fact, nearly two decades after this picture was taken, the bushes are now even less obtrusive.

47202 Heyford 17 September 1983 With a uniform rake of nine Mk1 coaches in tow, 47202 passes through Heyford station on 17 September 1983 with the 1O07 08:46 Wolverhampton to Weymouth service. This loco was withdrawn after a head on accident with 33032 at Frome in March 1987.
47202 Hinksey 4 July 1985

47202 weaves across the mainlines from the up loop to Hinksey Yard on 4 July 1985 with the 6V19 06:05 Bescot to Didcot Speedlink. The cartics at the front of the train would be destined for Morris Cowley, with the vans behind mostly heading for MoD Bicester.

47203 Radley 30 June 1988

47203 passes the truncated remains of the former down loop and Abingdon branch at Radley on 30 June 1988. It is working the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink. The low evening light required 1/1000sec f2.8 on Kodachrome 64.

47204 Bourton 16 February 1984

47204 weaves across from the up to the down line at Bourton with the 3A21 11:25 Malago Vale to Old Oak Common empty newspaper vans on 16 February 1984. It would travel 'wrong line' as far as Uffington. The derailment of freight train between the site of Knighton Crossing and Uffington had resulted in the up line being closed for emergency repairs.

47205 Stoke Orchard 8 July 1987

47205 passes Stoke Orchard in failing light on 8 July 1987 with the 6V70 14:02 Cliffe Vale to Exeter Riverside china clay empties. This was running nearly two hours early, which was lucky, as even though it was near the longest day, at the booked time of 20:55 it would have been virtually dark on this particular evening.

47205 Ascott-under-Wychwood 27 November 1988

On the cold frosty morning of 27 November 1988, 47205 comes off the double track section of the Cotswold Line at Ascott-under-Wychwood with a train of recovered track panels from relaying operations near Evenlode. Interestingly, this train did not proceed on to Oxford as expected, but waited by Ascott-under-Wychwood signal box for a following light engine (47200), which took the train back from whence it came wrong line!

47205, 47307 & 47313 Clay Cross 9 April 1992

A Railfreight Distribution Class 47 cavalcade at Clay Cross on 9 April 1992. A rather grubby 47205 accelerates smokily away from a signal check, hauling much cleaner 47307 & 47313. The relief lines were closed (note the stop boards in the middle distance), so all traffic was using the main lines. The garage on the left is selling petrol at 44.1p per litre for unleaded, or 48.8p for 4 star!

47205 Crofton 17 February 2001

47205 runs alongside the Kennet & Avon Canal near Crofton with a relief to the 4O18 05:17 Lawley Street to Southampton freightliner on 17 February 2001. This train had been diverted off the Reading to Basingstoke line because of engineering works. Unfortunately a slight breeze causing ripples on the canal prevented a hoped for reflection shot!

47206 Radley 9 July 1991

47206 approaches Radley on 9 July 1991 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. The former Abingdon branch line (closed in 1984) ran along the area of empty ballast in the foreground, paralleling the main line for over half a mile, from its junction at Radley station.

47206 Woking 15 May 1993

Although by 1993 Class 159 units had taken over most Network SouthEast passengers services on the West of England line, occasionally last minute loco hauled substitutions did occur. This is exactly what happened on 15 May 1993, when Railfreight Distribution's 47206 was called upon to work the 1L04 07:46 Salisbury to Waterloo, seen here approaching Woking.

47207 & 47279 Clay Mills (Hargate) 23 May 1998

47207 Bulmers of Hereford & 47279 pass Clay Mills (Hargate) in the pouring rain on 23 May 1998 with the Resonant Charters 1Z47 05:22 Finsbury Park to Scarborough 'York & Scarborough Liner' railtour. 47207 & 47279 worked the train as far as Doncaster, from where 47361 took over for the final section to the east coast resort.

47209 Abbotswood 26 June 1991

47209 Herbert Austin approaches Abbotswood on 26 June 1991 with the 6B69 06:50 Gloucester New Yard to Worcester Speedlink. The entire train is made up of MoD stores destined for Long Marston Army Depot. After running round in Worcester Yard it would proceed along the Cotswold Line as the 6B70 08:10 Worcester to Long Marston.

47209 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 28 October 1997

47209 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 28 October 1997 with the 4V16 09:45 Southampton to Cardiff freightliner. This train did not run for very long on these timings, but it did give the opportunity to photograph a westbound liner in the Vale of White Horse with the sun on the front. Even now, with increased Freightliner activity on the route, most daylight trains run in the opposite direction. The train is running along the down relief line, and will be held at Challow so that a HST can overtake it.

47210 Wolvercote Junction 18 July 1994

On one of the hottest days of the year, the snowploughs on 47210 are of little use, as it approaches Wolvercote Junction with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. The date is 18 July 1994, and the viewpoint is from the A40 roadbridge, looking towards the A34 Oxford bypass bridge.

47211 Bourton 1 August 1987

Surprise traction on the Great Western Mainline on 1 August 1987. A shortage of HSTs meant a rare outing for a Railfreight Class 47/0 with a rake of mostly Mk 1 coaches. 47211 is pictured here passing Bourton with the 1A11 09:25 Bristol Temple Meads to Paddington service, surprisingly only running a few minutes late. It had earlier worked the 1B22 07:25 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads. Imagine the number of photographers that would arrive from far and wide if anything remotely like this happened today!

47212 Appleford 12 September 1985

With the steps of the long since demolished Appleford Crossing Signal Box on the left, 47212 approaches Appleford level crossing on 12 September 1985 with an unidentified southbound oil tank working. 47212 entered service on 13 May 1965, as D1862. Just under 39 years later it met its end at Crewe, being reduced to scrap in February 2004.

47212 Claypole 24 August 1991

47212 passes Claypole on 24 August 1991 with the 6E82 11:15 Rectory Junction to Lindsay Total oil empties. In the foreground is Claypole down loop (still bullhead track at his time). The up loop is situated some distance to the south.

47212 Culham 1 June 1999

Soft evening light at Culham on 1 June 1999, as 47212 heads northwards with the 4M99 16:47 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. It wasn't long after this that this location became much more difficult, as whoever was responsible for trimming the bushes on the railway boundary obviously stopped doing it!

47212 Aynho Junction 18 June 1999

47212 passes the derelict Aynho Junction signal box on 18 June 1999 with the 4M98 17:04 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. The signal box had been made redundant when the operation of the junction was transferred to Banbury South box in 1992.

47213 South Moreton 7 June 1993

Freight meets passenger at South Moreton on 7 June 1993. Unbranded Freightliner grey 47213 heads west with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner, while an unidentified HST heads towards the capital. 47213 was at the time allocated to Tinsley's MDDT Railfreight Distribution pool.

47215 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 5 September 1987

Railfreight liveried 47215 has a break from freight duties on 5 September 1987, as it passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) with the 1E32 09:58 Penzance to Leeds service, which it had taken over at Bristol Temple Meads. 47215 was withdrawn two years later, after sustaining serious damage in an accident involving a pair of ballast trains near West Brompton.

47217 Claydon (Oxfordshire) 31 March 1990

Numerous Tinsley allocated Class 47s received unofficial painted names during the late 1980s. One such was 47217, which received the name Kingfisher in 1989. It is seen here on 31 March 1990 speeding past Claydon (near Banbury) with the 4O81 Lawley Street to Southampton freightliner. The abutments of the bridge that carried the former Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway over the Oxford Canal can be seen in the background directly above the orange containers. The growth of the lineside vegetation resulted in it becoming invisible by 2007.

47217 Cholsey 16 August 1991

47217 Kingfisher approaches Cholsey station on 16 August 1991 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton Maritime to Trafford Park freightliner. In contrast to today, there were very few freightliners running during daylight hours in the Thames Valley in the early 1990s. There was of course much more freight in general, with a variety of workings that have long since left the network.

47219 Winwick 12 March 1990

47219 Sandpiper passes Winwick on 12 March 1990 with the 6H63 Arpley Bridge to Northenden binliner empties. The wagons carry the distinctive Greater Manchester Council livery. 47219 only carried the unofficial Sandpiper name for a short while, being named Arnold Kunzler the following year.

47219 Swindon (Highworth Junction) 16 February 1993

With Cooper's scrapyard on the left, 47219 Arnold Kunzler slowly pulls its lengthy train out of the Rover car plant at Swindon on 16 February 1993. It is working the 6M03 09:22 Swindon to Longbridge car body panels, and will shortly rejoin the mainline at Highworth Junction. The sidings on the right have now been removed, to be replaced by the inevitable bushes. The Swindon car plant, which can be seen in the background on the right still produces car boy panels, but now for BMW's Mini, rather than the dodgy British Leyland and Rover products of the past.

47220 & 31420 Kemble 28 August 1982

47220 & 31420 stand at Kemble station on 28 August 1982 with the 3B42 09:20 Gloucester to Swindon parcels train. The 47 had been added to make sure the lengthy train was able to climb Sapperton Bank, as that may have been asking too much for a single 31! Just after this picture was taken, the 47 detached, and headed back to Gloucester, leaving 31420 to carry on alone.

47222 Iver 22 February 1990

47222 Appleby-Frodingham passes Iver on 22 February 1990 with the 6O64 11:14 Ripple Lane to Micheldever oil tanks. Whilst the BR corporate blue paintwork looks reasonably presentable, the same cannot be said for the yellow front end. Very scruffy and faded, and definitely in need of a touch up.

47222 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 28 June 1994

47222 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 28 June 1994 with the 6M08 18:20 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. It was difficult enough to take pictures of this train at this location due to the severe backlighting, and the shadow from the trees. It would be impossible today, as obviously the traffic no longer runs, but also the view is obscured by 25kV catenary!

47222 Heyford 13 March 1995

The 6V03 09:54 Fenny Compton to Didcot MoD stores train was hardly ever a taxing load for the RfD Class 47s employed in the 1990s. Such is the case on 13 March 1995, as 47222 has no trouble at all hauling its miniscule load through Heyford station.

47225 Oxford 2 July 1985

47225 was easily identifiable from a distance in the mid 1980s by virtue of its additional non-standard rooftop number. It is seen here leaving Oxford station on 2 July 1985 with the 1F25 07:42 Oxford to Paddington service. Note the Morris Marina coupe with its unusual orange and blue paint job on the right.

47225 South Moreton 11 January 1986

Some typical Sulzer clag, as 47225 restarts the 4M60 12:20 Southampton Maritime to Lawley Street freightliner away from a signal check at South Moreton (Didcot East) on 11 January 1986. Note the non-standard large number on the cab roof. Although there was more freight traffic in general, and certainly more traction variety at this time, during the 1980s there was much less freightliner traffic in the Didcot area, this being one of the few to run during daylight hours.

47225 Blanchworth 28 September 1989

An exceedingly lucky picture! On 28 September 1989 I had no way of knowing that the 6M29 14:00 Taunton to Bescot Speedlink freight would be this short and perfectly fill the frame in this side view near Blanchworth (between Bristol and Gloucester). 47225 heads north through the Gloucestershire countryside with Stinchcombe Hill in the background. I had decided to try a different type of picture from the usual three quarter front view, and ventured along the local footpaths looking for a location. There was a reasonable gap in the bushes at this point but I never imagined I would get exactly the correct length train to fill the gap!

47225 Radley 11 July 1997

47225 passes through Radley station on 11 July 1997 with the 4M99 16:50 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Since this picture was taken, railings have been installed, effectively reducing the platform width. This seems a very retrograde step, forcing passengers to stand nearer to the trains, some of which pass through at considerable speed.

47226 Oxford 6 October 1979

Not technically a very good picture, but one which is full of historical interest. 47226 arrives at Oxford on 6 October 1979 with the 12:50 Paddington to Worcester Shrub Hill service. Prominent in the background is the former GWR goods shed, then in use as National Carriers depot. This was the last surviving major steam era railway building at Oxford, but was unfortunately demolished in the early 1980s. Also visible in the background is 45070 which has been dumped on the goods loop after failing with a southbound passenger service earlier in the day.

47226 Coedkernew 14 March 1997

Inspiration for railway modellers who say they haven't got enough room for a layout! 47226 passes Coedkernew on 14 March 1997 with the 6B03 09:18 Swansea Burrows Sidings to Newport Alexandra Dock Junction Connectrail feeder service.

47229 South Moreton 29 February 1992

47229 runs along the down main line at South Moreton on 2 February 1992 with a pair of London Underground barrier vehicles. In the background the reason why 47229 is not on the relief line is evident. Class 117 L423 (51361, 59513 & 51399) ambles along with the 2C44 13:30 Reading to Banbury Network SouthEast service.

47229 Banbury (Hardwick) 16 June 1994

47229 just about clears the encroaching shadows as it heads north from Banbury on 16 June 1994 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. It is passing the site of Ironstone Quarry Junction, from where the freight line to the Wroxton ironstone quarries diverged off into the bushes on the right. This once extensive system closed in 1967 and virtually all traces of the route has disappeared.

47229 Cholsey 22 July 1994

47229 runs along the down relief line at Cholsey on 22 July 1994 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Directly above the locomotive is the course of the Cholsey & Wallingford railway, which had not yet fully reopened to the public when this picture was taken.

47231 Wolvercote Junction 14 August 1997

Not many Freightliner Class 47s were this clean in the late 1990s! 47231 approaches Wolvercote Junction on 14 August 1997 with the 4S59 15:19 Millbrook to Coatbridge freightliner. At this time in the evening, the road traffic on the A40 bridge on which I was standing would be virtually stationary, giving drivers plenty of time to ponder what I was doing!

47236 Westenhanger 11 May 1996

Before the construction of the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1), there was a bridge spanning the disused western end of Westenhanger station. From this vantage point, 47236 is pictured passing the remains of the old concrete platforms with the 7O57 09:50 Wembley to Dollands Moor Ford car components on 11 May 1996. This would then travel via the Channel Tunnel to Spain. HS1 was constructed running exactly parallel with this line, cutting through the oilseed rape field in the background.

47237 Cheltenham 4 August 1990

At least one passenger appreciates the rarity of the traction! 47237 takes a break from its normal railfreight duties on 4 August 1990, and comes to the aid of the 1S85 07:10 Plymouth to Aberdeen InterCity service. It is seen here powering away from Cheltenham, unsurprisingly running 50 minutes late. To be less than a hour late when this loco had to be found from somewhere to replace the ailing 47807 at Gloucester is pretty good going, and far more efficiently handled than what would happen on today's disjointed railway. Of course now it would just be cancelled!

47237 South Moreton 21 June 1991

47237 passes South Moreton on 21 June 1991 with the Fridays only 6M22 15:35 Gillingham to Ince & Elton UKF bagged fertiliser train. I don't know now why I have so few pictures of this train, although only running once a week, and with a booked time at Didcot of 19:05, photography in this area was obviously going to be restricted to the summer months.

47237 Winchester 28 June 1991

47237 passes through Winchester station on 28 June 1991 with the 6M93 16:01 Eastleigh to Willesden Speedlink. The Speedlink wagonload network only had a few days left to run when this picture was taken. Its withdrawal would lead to the virtual disappearance of the traditional mixed freight train, until the Enterprise network reintroduced a much reduced service a few years later. MoD traffic did still continue to run, often with some seemingly very uneconomic train lengths. Winchester formerly had two stations. The one seen in the background is the former L&SWR station, originally known as Winchester City, to distinguish it from Winchester Chesil station, which was on the other side of the River Itchen, on the former M&SWJR route (closed in 1961).

47237 Akeman Street 13 July 1991

This is my only picture of a train in the Kemira (formerly UKF) fertilser depot at Akeman Street. 47237 waits next to a large stack of bagged fertilser, prior to working the 6B20 10:20 empties to Bletchley on 13 July 1991. The depot closed shortly afterwards, and now the short branch leading to the depot from Grendon Underwood Junction has been lifted. Akeman Street was situated halfway between the Great Central route and the Great Western's London to Birmingham mainline at Ashendon Junction. The southern section was closed in 1966. As there was no run round loop at Akeman Street, 47237 would soon be propelling its train backwards, as far as Grendon Underwood Junction, a distance of approximately two miles.

47237 Swanbourne 13 July 1991

A working which I unfortunately got very few photos of, and even then usually in dismal light, was the Saturdays only 6B20 10:20 Akeman Street to Bletchley UKF fertiliser empties. Pictured here in customary weather conditions on 13 July 1991, 47237 has just passed through the long closed Swanbourne station (now a private residence). There is no chance to improve on my small collection of pictures of this train, as the fertiliser depot closed shortly afterwards and the line is now disused, with the track towards Bletchley lifted from a point just a few yards further on from this picture.

47237 Wolvercote Junction 12 July 1994

47237 has just passed Wolvercote Junction on 12 July 1994 with the 4V01 Longbridge to Morris Cowley car train. This picture from the A34 Oxford by-pass gives a good view of the start of the up goods relief line, one of many capacity improvements added to the Oxford area railway map during World War Two. The bridge in the background (which is surprisingly free of traffic) is the A40, a usually notoriously congested route into the city. Wolvercote Junction, where the Cotswold Line diverges to the left is situated just beyond this bridge.

47237 & 47201 Heyford 13 March 1995

A comparison of new and old Railfreight Distribution liveries at Heyford on 13 March 1995. 47237 & 47201 head south, light engine, pictured from the bridge over the Oxford Canal. Unlike 47201, which was cut up in 2007, 47237 still survives, although it now suffers the indignity of being painted in West Coast Rail's awful 'sludge brown' livery.

47237 Offord Cluny 16 August 2007

47237 speeds past Offord Cluny with the 1Z43 09:06 Sunderland to Kings Cross Grand Central Railways crew training run on 16 August 2007, with 47802 on the rear of the train. The southern section of the East Coast Mainline has very few good photographic locations, this being one of the better ones. In common with all overhead electric lines, virtually all the former viewpoints have been ruined, which is why I tend to avoid these lines if at all possible.

47237 Bretforton 19 December 2007

On 19 December 2007, 47237 passes Bretforton (between Evesham and Honeybourne) with the 5Z85 10:05 Gloucester to Long Marston conveying 31437, 31423, 31301 & 31439, along with a rake of Mk2 coaching stock for braking purposes. The train had worked up from the West Country the previous day as the 5Z80 13:25 Meldon Quarry to Gloucester. I had decided to go to this location in preference to Evesham, as I have not used this location previously, and already have numerous pictures at Evesham. This decision turned out to be a mistake, as while the train passed me in cloudy conditions, it was full sun at Evesham.

47237 Long Marston 19 December 2007

In miserable light 47237 arrives at Long Marston with the 5Z85 10:05 Gloucester to Long Marston conveying 31437, 31423, 31301 & 31439 on 19 December 2007, along with a rake of Mk2 coaching stock for braking purposes. 47237 still carries DRS blue livery, although it is devoid of any branding, as it has recently been acquired by Cotswold Rail. Considering the gate into the depot at Long Marston (which is just the other side of the bridge that I am standing on) was still closed, the train seemed to be still going at a fair speed, and did indeed stop very close to the gate.

47237 & 37898 Lower Moor 4 March 2008

47237 passes Lower Moor on the Cotswold Line with the 6Z45 09:10 (actually departed 10:30) Gloucester to Long Marston on 4 March 2008, with 37898 and four brake force wagons. The large T of the former Transrail livery on the 37 is just visible on what is otherwise an extremely faded and rust streaked loco. This working should have run the previous day, conveying both 37898 and 37704 for storage, but problems with the 37's brakes caused its postponement. There are only a limited number of paths over this single track section, which can cause problems if a fault is discovered on any stock that has to be moved to Long Marston. This photo was taken from a public footpath crossing.

47237 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 13 May 2008

Basking in the late evening light and with a toot from the driver, 47237 passes Claydon (near Ashchurch) with the 6Z71 Cardiff Tidal to Stockton-on-Tees Advenza Freight scrap empties on 13 May 2008. Headboards on freight trains are now relatively common for the minor players such as Advenza. In the case it reads 'The Marauder'. A couple of hours earlier the balancing working had passed the same location heading south. The Cotswold Hills can be seen in the background.

47237 Delnies 25 June 2013

47237 passes Delnies on 25 June 2013 with the 1H80 10:00 Keith to Kyle of Lochalsh Royal Scotsman luxury charter. Unfortunately the overcast weather does the West Coast Railways livery no favours whatsoever. Virtually any other colour scheme would look better!

47237 Tackley 3 July 2014

47237 passes Tackley on 3 July 2014 with the Steam Dreams 1Z27 06:15 Oxford to Carlisle 'Cathedrals Express' railtour. The highlight of this tour would be the return working from Carlisle over the Settle & Carlisle line with LMS Jubilee 4-6-0 45699 Galatea. Until the wires go up, this is my favourite location for a very early northbound departure from Oxford, and I have used it previously for 59206, D444 & 67006. The early morning light even makes West Coast Rail's awful 'sludge brown' livery look acceptable, especially when paired with a uniform rake of maroon stock.

47237 Woodborough 23 August 2014

47237 slowly approaches Woodborough on 23 August 2014 with the diverted 5Z36 13:20 Southall to Bristol Kingsland Road ECS. It would spend 18 minutes in the loop, but given the awful light, and the awful livery, I wasn't going to bother trying for a second picture! The train's normal route via Swindon was closed due to engineering works in association with the opening of the new double track section of the Swindon to Kemble line.

47237 & 37706 Grove 8 September 2014

47237 & 37706 pass Grove on 8 September 2014 with the 5Z40 10:35 Bristol Kingsland Road to Southall ECS. It seems that someone has tried to improve West Coast Railway's awful livery by applying graffiti to the front and side of 47237! WCR has a very poor record for locomotive appearance, but even by their low standards the condition of 37706 is an absolute disgrace.

47238 Oxford North Junction 20 July 1990

47238 Bescot Yard passes Oxford North Junction on 20 July 1990 with the 6M22 16:00 Gillingham to Ince & Elton fertilser train. Note the debranded UKF wagons at the front of the train. UKF had just been taken over by Kemira, one of whose wagons is third in the consist. The train is just passing underneath the Aristotle Lane footbridge.

47238 Worting Junction 29 July 1991

47238 Bescot Yard passes Worting Junction on 29 July 1991 with the 4L66 07:55 Southampton to Ripple Lane freightliner. The train has just passed over the Battledown Flyover, which is hidden from view by the bushes in the background. This carries the up line from Southampton over the route to Exeter.

47239 & 43033 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 29 May 1986

One of my very few pictures of locomotives hauling failed HSTs. 47239 approaches the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 29 May 1986 with an unidentified westbound working. This could possibly be the 1C69 18:28 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads service, or if there was any kind of a delay in attaching the 47, possibly an earlier working. Confirmation anyone? The errant HST has power car 43033 leading.

47240 Woodborough 20 June 1984

47240 passes the loops at Woodborough on a rather hazy 20 June 1984 with the 06:15 Tavistock Junction to Dover china clay tanks. These polybulk wagons (sometimes referred to by railway staff as 'Fat Parrots') were used for this export traffic during the 1980s. From Dover they traveled via the train ferry to France and then ultimately Switzerland. At least two of these wagons are in green livery with 'polybulk' branding, but the white china clay dust coating virtually obliterates everything.

47240 Oxford 2 July 1985

Sporting a strange huge white patch on the cab roof, 47240 passes through the centre road of Oxford station on 2 July 1985 with the 4V16 09:33 Washwood Heath to Morris Cowley empty car carriers. Note the unusual two tone Morris Marina coupe on the right.

47244 Kingham 16 September 1984

A Class 47 meeting at Kingham on Sunday 16 September 1984. 47244 arrives with the 1A25 16:15 Hereford to Paddington service, while 47536 waits to depart with the 1C48 16:10 Paddington to Hereford. ETH 47/4s (and of course Class 50s) were the staple motive power at the time, so the use of 47244 was a bit of a novelty.

47245 Cholsey 16 August 1991

47245 passes through the cutting just to the south of Cholsey station with the 4O75 Crewe to Southampton freightliner on 16 August 1991. This used to be an excellent location for photography in the summer months (hopeless in the winter due to the cutting being in shade). However, the bridge now has really high mesh sides, making it very difficult to take pictures.

47245 Baulking 13 June 2009

The prospect of two railtours along the Great Western Mainline within half an hour on 13 June 2009 made me venture out to my favourite local spot at Baulking. As the weather was completely cloudy when I left home I thought this would be an excellent choice of location. Typically, just because I didn't want it, the sun decided to come out, resulting in the worst possible lighting with the sun directly behind the train! So here for the record is 47245 with the Railway Touring Company 1Z27 06:45 Paddington to Kingswear 'Dartmouth Express'.  BR Standard 70013 Oliver Cromwell would take over the train at Bristol Temple Meads.

47245 Compton Beauchamp 7 July 2012

Wearing just about the worst livery every to adorn a Class 47, and one which certainly does not photograph well in such poor weather, West Coast Railway's sludge brown (sorry, maroon!) 47245 passes Compton Beauchamp on 7 July 2012 with the 5Z92 15:28 Southall to Bristol Temple Meads ECS, in preparation for the following day's 'Weymouth Seaside Express'.

47245 Uffington 23 July 2012

47245 passes Uffington on 23 July 2012 with the 5Z94 10:35 Bristol Kingsland Road to Southall ECS. This is the stock off the previous day's 'Weymouth Seaside Express' steam special. Even under the intense summer sun, the West Coast Rail livery looks rubbish, not helped by the fact that 47245 is a disgusting state, obviously not having seen a washer for a very long time!

47245 Denchworth 3 September 2012

47245 runs along the relief line at Denchworth on 3 September 2012 with the 5Z35 10:35 Bristol Kingsland Road to Southall ECS. This train is booked to use the relief line, but for no obvious reason, as it runs straight through, not stopping at Wantage Road. 47245 seems to have a half hearted wash since I last saw it, either that or all the rain we've had during the summer has washed the dirt off. Now all it needs is a repaint into a proper livery!

47245 Heyford 13 December 2014

With a slightly inappropriate 'Spirit of the Lakes' headboard, 47245 speeds through Heyford station on 13 December 2014 with the West Coast Railways 1Z36 06:38 Skegness to Bath 'Christmas Special - City of Bath' special. Unfortunately the much more photogenic 47580 is hidden by the bushes at the rear of the train.

47248 Oxford 27 August 1983

47248 arrives at Oxford station on 27 August 1983 with the 1O52 07:38 Wolverhampton to Brighton service. This view clearly shows the old Great Western Railway canopy at the end of platform 1, that not only survived the rebuilding of the station in 1971, but also the subsequent remodelling in 1990.

47258 Swindon (Highworth Junction) 5 June 1996

47258 diverges from the mainline at Highworth Junction, Swindon on 5 June 1996 with the 6V09 04:20 Longbridge to Swindon Rover Car Plant car panel empties. The name Highworth Junction refers to the fact that this line formerly carried on past the car plant and on to the market town of Highworth. The weed choked line in the foreground once served the nearby Shell oil depot.

47270 & 43034 Brockhampton 18 July 1988

47270 to the rescue. Unsurprisingly running approximately 90 minutes late, the 47 gives a helping hand to the failed HST (43034 leading) working the 1E37 14: 44 Paignton to Newcastle InterCity service on 18 July 1988. It is seen here approaching Brockhampton, just to the north of Cheltenham. 47270 worked the train from Gloucester to Birmingham New Street. A hot day in mid summer with no air conditioning and no windows to open means unpleasant conditions for passengers in the stricken HST.

47270 Wickwar Tunnel 30 May 1989

47270 approaches Wickwar Tunnel on 30 May 1989 with the 6V79 14:34 Salisbury to Gloucester Speedlink. This service was withdrawn the following year, with entire Speedlink network following the year after. The Foster Yeoman PGA and POA wagons near the front of the train are being conveyed to the Marcroft Engineering wagon repair works at Gloucester, the vans in the centre of the train are carrying MoD traffic from the Salisbury area, and the tanks at the rear of the train contain china clay from Quidhampton. The variety of traffic on this service is such that the 18 wagon train is made up of 10 different wagon types. This was not the only northbound Speedlink running at around this time, with both the 6B97 12:10 Tavistock Junction to Gloucester and 6B59 17:34 Stoke Gifford to Gloucester following shortly after.

47277 Compton Beauchamp 11 June 1984

HST power car availability was not always adequate in the 1980s, and the specially constructed generator van was often pressed into service to allow a locomotive to haul a set of Mk3 HST coaches. Such was the case on 11 June 1984, when 47277 was pictured passing underneath the brick bridge at Compton Beauchamp with what is presumably the late running 1B35 18:28 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads service. ADB975325, the generator van, is coupled directly behind the locomotive.

47277 Melbury Bubb 15 August 1991

47277 passes Melbury Bubb on 15 August 1991 with the 2O81 08:03 Cardiff Central to Weymouth Regional Railways service. I spent most of my available free time chasing Class 50s on the Waterloo to Exeter line during 1991, and so this was a welcome bonus in the area. The train has in fact passed underneath the Exeter route just a few miles before, near Yeovil.

47278 Hinksey 28 November 1981

The south end of Hinksey Yard, near Oxford in the early 1980s, before the view of the yard became obscured by trees. 47278 heads south with an unidentified working on 28 November 1981. As this is a 47/0 on Mk1s, and this is a Saturday during the football season, I am guessing that it is something that was really common until the late 1980s - a football special. Any information would be gratefully received. Manchester to Brighton and Leeds to West Ham seem the most likely candidates.

47279 Wolvercote 4 May 1990

47279 passes Wolvercote in glorious evening light on 4 May 1990 with the 4M79 16:19 Southampton to Lawley Street freightliner. A wider view was deliberately chose here to show some of the remaining railway infrastructure surrounding the site of the former Wolvercote Sidings signal box. The box was situated on the left of this picture, and the remains of the footpath crossing can be seen here. On the extreme right can be seen the fenced course of the wartime down goods loop, with a drainage ditch separating it from the main lines. This public footpath crossing has since been closed, and no photography is now possible in the vicinity.

47280 Culham 22 June 1990

47280 Pedigree approaches Culham on 22 June 1990 with the 6E30 16:58 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink, conveying just six empty methanol tanks heading back to the ICI works on Teesside. This picture would have been a lot better if I had used my usual Kodachrome 64, rather than the rubbish Ektachrome 100, which for some reason I was trying out!

47281 Ponthir 4 September 1986

47281 passes Ponthir on 4 September 1986 with the 6V75 06:35 Mossend to Severn Tunnel Junction steel coils. These would ultimately end up at Ebbw Vale. I don't normally take going away views like this, but I think this one works quite well as a picture, especially with the houses in the background.

47283 Hinksey 18 August 1998

Despite angry protests from local residents, the largely moribund Hinksey Yard was converted into a 'virtual quarry' ballast dump in the late 1990s. Preliminary work in replacing the Second World War track is in evidence here on 18 August 1998, as 47283 passes the site with the 4O29 14:14 Trafford Park to Southampton freightliner. Obviously the present day residents of the area are less tolerant than those of fifty years ago, who would have to put up with steam locomotives shunting loose coupled freights all through the night!

47284 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 25 April 1986

47284 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 25 April 1986 with the 4V04 12:30 Calvert to Bristol Avon Binliner empties. An interesting comparison between BR's corporate rail blue livery, and the lighter colour scheme of the Avon County Council containers. As well as the classic traction, this is the classic view of this now well known photographic location, with only two tracks. Also note the long gone platelayers hut, the last remaining dead elm tree, and the original brick built twin arch Denchworth Road Bridge, in the background.

47285 Grateley 14 November 1991

47285 passes through Grateley station with the 6M73 08:32 Quidhampton to Willesden calcium carbonate tanks on 14 November 1991. A fairly lengthy train on this day, as it was not unusual to see this with just a few wagons, occasionally just one! The platform next to the train was formally an island platform, with the other face serving the line to Bulford Camp.

47285 & 47280 Ashchurch 15 May 1997

With just a few weeks to go before Ashchurch's new station is due to open, finishing touches are being applied as 47285 & 47280 pass through with the 6V27 10:35 Longbridge to Swindon Rover car part empties on 15 May 1997. I'm not quite sure if the worker on the extreme right in front of the tree has fully read the health & safety book on the use of ladders!

47286 & 47378 Milton 15 April 1997

With the village of Steventon just visible amid the trees in the background, 47286 Port of Liverpool & 47378 approach Milton on 15 April 1997 with the 6M03 08:15 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. Unfortunately the RfD 47s are in their customary filthy condition, but at least on this occasion I got some sunshine, although as can be guessed from the dark clouds in the background, it didn't last for very long!

47287 & 47289 Ponthir 5 August 1998

47287 & 47289 pass Ponthir on 5 August 1998 with the 4S81 18:20 Cardiff Pengam to Coatbridge freightliner. A pity I wasn't here when 20308 & 20311 worked this train unaided a few weeks earlier. They made it, but it really was a stagger up Llanvihangel Bank!

47288 Denchworth 2 October 1991

47288 passes Denchworth on 2 October 1991, conveying a load of Army Land Rovers from Ashchurch to Didcot. Two decades later the same location is hardly recognisable, with four tracks reinstated, and both bridge and signalling replaced. I wouldn't like to guess how many of the Land Rovers in this picture are still in (non military) use, but 47288 did not survive very long after this picture was taken. Less than two years later is was involved in a derailment near Maidstone. The damage it sustained when it rolled onto its side was severe enough for it to be withdrawn.

47289 Denchworth 17 August 1992

47289 passes Denchworth on 17 August 1992 with the 4V15 Tilbury to Swindon 'butterliner' (containerised Anchor butter from New Zealand). You can clearly see the preparations for relaying the down relief line, with the newly laid ballast reaching just up to the foreground (note the corner of the butyl liner under the ballast). In the background the sleepers have been placed, but the rails have not yet arrived. The down relief line was completed before work on the corresponding up line started. This photo is not taken from the well known Denchworth location (Circourt Bridge), but from the bridge to the east, which also used to offer an excellent vantage point until a huge signal gantry was erected close to the bridge.

47289 Coalpit Heath 29 March 2002

47289 passes the site of Coalpit Heath station on 29 March 2002 with the 5Z55 10:05 Laira to Neville Hill Virgin HST ECS, comprising power cars 43157 & 43090. Unless there was something wrong with the HST, it does seem a little perverse that the 47 was used to haul it (unless it was a traction knowledge issue), as this had entailed the loco working down to Devon especially the previous day as the 0Z77 Crewe to Laira.

47290 Oxford 4 September 1987

47290 passes through the centre road of Oxford station on 4 September 1987 with the 6V19 06:32 Bescot to Oxford Speedlink service. The loco is wearing the original version of the Railfreight grey livery, with a white cantrail stripe. Always a good train to photograph, and as late as the mid 1980s could often produce unexpected traction. Standard fare this time though!

47290 & 47125 Defford 4 November 1994

Double Class 47 clag at Defford on 4 November 1994. Visual proof that these two locos are fitted with multiple working equipment, which was added to certain members of the class late in their lives for use on lengthy trains such as this. 47290 & 47125 pile on the power as they pass Defford with the 6M03 10:23 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels.

47291 Radley 15 May 1992

47291 The Port of Felixstowe passes Radley on 15 May 1992 with the Fridays only 6M22 16:00 Gillingham to Ince & Elton fertilser train. On the left is Radley Ground Frame, with freshly painted equipment boxes next to the point levers. Although the Abingdon branch, which ran parallel with the mainline here, had been lifted several years earlier, the ground frame was retained for a few years to work the facing and trailing crossovers.

47291 Didcot 31 July 1992

A golden glint at Didcot on 31 July 1992. As the 19:15 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads HST accelerates away from Didcot station, 47291 The Port of Felixstowe arrives from the opposite direction with the 6O56 17:41 Cardiff Tidal Sidings to Dover. After the demise of Speedlink this was one of the few freight flows that effectively ran as a general traffic service. It is pictured here travelling at no more than walking speed as it approaches the station, as indeed it could very well afford to do, as it is half an hour early for its booked crew change.

47292 Chainbridge 16 August 1988

A scene that epitomises railways in the Fens in the 1980s. 47292 approaches Chainbridge with the 9H35 11:10 Wisbech to Whitemoor Speedlink trip working on 16 August 1988. The Wisbech branch is all that remains of the former through route from March Kings Lynn. I think this is the only occasion that I have used a polarising filter in combination with the Pentax 6x7 on a railway subject, but here it accentuates the typical big sky of the fenland landscape. The loss of 11/2 stops when using such a filter with ISO 100 film on medium format is no joke, but luckily here the train is slowing on the approach to a level crossing, so a shutter speed of only 1/250 sec could be used.

47293 Broad Marston 17 April 1991

This is clearly not what I was expecting! Having positioned myself in the ideal spot at Broad Marston on 17 April 1991, ready to photograph the 6B70 08:10 Worcester to Long Marston Speedlink trip, I was not impressed when 47293 rolled round the corner on its own, obviously running as 0B70. However, with ideal spring lighting, this record shot was taken. At least it left Long Marston shortly afterwards with a lengthy train.

47293 Long Marston 14 April 1991

The blackthorn is in flower on 17 April 1991 as 47293 departs from Long Marston with the 6B71 10:10 Long Marston to Worcester Speedlink trip. As with most MoD traffic, the loadings on this service varied considerably, depending on who we were at war with at the time! In this case, the first Gulf War had only just ended.

47293 Ashchurch 17 April 1991

47293 passes Ashchurch on 17 April 1991 with the 6B53 Worcester to Gloucester Speedlink trip. The consist is now in reverse order compared with when I photographed it leaving Long Marston, as the train reversed at Worcester Shrub Hill. Although the lighting was getting very head on by 12:00, I'm still glad it didn't pass by in the cloud, which is clearly not very far away.

47294 Hinksey 27 September 1986

With a varied selection of rusty steel in one form or another in the foreground, 47294 passes Hinksey Yard on 27 September 1986 with the 4O90 12:25 Lawley Street to Southampton freightliner. In the background, a windsurfer is enjoying the warm weather on Hinksey Lake. This lake was formed by gravel diggings for the 'new' Great Western station at Oxford in 1850.

47294 Hinksey 5 July 1991

47294 pulls out of Hinksey Yard on 5 July 1991 with the 6A82 07:08 Hinksey to Littlemore oil tanks. This had arrived a little earlier as the 6V54 04:00 Ripple Lane to Banbury. The working timetable indicates that the train split in Hinksey Yard, with this portion working a short distance down the Morris Cowley branch to the Littlemore oil terminal. As I had only just arrived as the loco was running round, and as the trees hide most of the yard from view, I cannot say for certain whether there was actually a Banbury portion on this day, or whether this was the whole train. This is one of just a handful of pictures that I have of Littlemore oil trains, hardly surprising as they usually ran on 'as required' basis.

47296 Rowington 5 June 1996

A very tatty 47296 runs alongside the M40 motorway at Rowington on 5 June 1996 with the 4M99 15:58 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Unfortunately since this picture was taken the insignificant bushes on the bank between the road and the railway have become very significant, virtually completely blocking the view.

47296 Barton-under-Needwood 15 July 1996

How tatty does a loco have to get before it gets repainted? With a virtually non-existent front yellow warning panel, 47296 passes Barton-under-Needwood on 15 July 1996 with the 4V03 14:18 Lynemouth to Pengam aluminium ingots.

47297 Northam Junction 5 March 1994

47297 slowly traverses the Southampton Eastern Docks Branch at Northam Junction on 5 March 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z36 04:26 Manchester Piccadilly to Southampton 'Hampshire Hog' railtour. 37375 is on the rear of the train. This view would be impossible today, as the footbridge from which it was taken has been demolished. Also, the view has changed somewhat, with the installation of a replacement footbridge directly in front of the roadbridge in the background. To complete the transformation, the waste ground on the right is now occupied by St Mary's football stadium, home to Southampton Football Club, and opened in 2001 at a cost 32 million.

47298 & 47228 Whitacre Junction 13 June 1998

47298 Pegasus & 47228 axial pass Whitacre Junction in the rain on 13 June 1998 with the 6A02 08:53 Washwood Heath to Wembley Rover cars. Note how 47298 has also acquired its pre TOPS number D1100. Apologies for the poor technical quality of this picture, but it is the only occasion that I photographed a pair of RfD 47s on this working.

47299 Stonesfield 20 April 1986

47299 heads back down the Cotswold Line after track relaying work at Ascott-under-Wychwood on Sunday 20 April 1986. It is pictured near Stonesfield, entering the cutting that takes the line through a ridge next to one of the many bends in the nearby River Evenlode.

47300 & DRS78210 Slindon 21 August 1994

The original batch of no-heat Class 47s occupied the number range 47301 to 47381, but in 1992 the number 47300 was added to the fleet when 47468 unusually had its ETS equipment removed. 47300 is pictured here heading north past Slindon on 21 August 1994 with Cowans Sheldon twin jib crane DRS78210. The loco returned later in the day in the company of 47356.

47300 & 47356 Millmeece 21 August 1994

47300 & 47356 head south past Millmeece on the evening of 21 August 1994. After its conversion from Class 47/4 47468 in 1992, 47300 was employed by the departmental sector, but was stored unserviceable in 1995, and was cut up in 2002.

47301 South Moreton 29 February 1996

With its Freightliner grey livery turned brown with grime, 47301 Freightliner Birmingham passes South Moreton on 29 February 1996 with the 4O22 02:30 Garston to Southampton freightliner. Didcot Power Station is all but invisible in the mist in the background.

47301 Wolvercote Junction 14 August 1997

With a cheery wave and a beaming smile, this driver is obviously pleased to be photographed! 47301 Freightliner Birmingham approaches Wolvercote Junction on 14 August 1997 with the 4M99 16:50 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. You can tell that this is late on in the evening, as not only are the shadows lengthening, but there isn't the usual nose to tail traffic on the A34 Oxford ring road in the background!

47301 Hinksey Yard 1 September 1999

47301 Freightliner Birmingham passes Hinksey Yard on 1 September 1999 with 4S59 15:13 Millbrook to Coatbridge freightliner. 47301 was withdrawn the following month, but reinstated briefly twice more before finally succumbing in the wake of deliveries of the new Class 66s in early 2001. It was broken up in January 2003.

47302 South Moreton (Didcot East) 1 December 1983

A busy moment ay South Moreton on 1 December 1983. 47302 heads east with the 8A27 09:00 Severn Tunnel Junction to Acton mixed freight, while Class 117 DMU L411 (51388, 59498 & 51346) does its best to get in the way with the 2A28 12:01 Paddington to Oxford 'all stations' service. In the distance the late running 1B68 12:05 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads HST can just be seen approaching Didcot station. 47302 is a long way from home here, as at this time it was allocated to Thornaby.

47302 Cam & Dursley 17 April 1991

47302 approaches was is now Cam & Dursley station, but at the time was merely the site of Coaley Junction, with the 9C04 14:54 Gloucester to Bristol East Depot departmental working on 17 April 1991. A welcome but slightly surprising choice of traction, as this train was booked for one of the local DCWA allocated locomotives. Tinsley's 47302 sports the original Railfreight livery with the addition of a red stripe. There were a number of permutations to this livery, but in addition to the larger white bodyside numbers, this loco also carries the Thornaby kingfisher logo, a reminder of its pre 1990 depot allocation. Not only was I lucky with the motive power, but also with the weather, as a brief patch of sunshine for once appeared exactly at the right moment!

47302 & 47345 South Moreton 17 June 1996

The 4M99 15:58 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner was in trouble on 17 June 1996 when 47345 failed. Red stripe liveried classmate 47302 was called upon to assist and the pair are pictured passing South Moreton in the late evening light. Presumably not the image Freightliner would like to portray, with not only a failed locomotive, but one that it is the then new corporate colours, being rescued by an exceedingly tatty and patch painted loco without any Freightliner branding.

47304 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 22 April 1986

In dramatic lighting in between heavy showers, 47304 heads north through Oxford with the 6M23 10:12 Fawley to Longport LPG tanks on 22 April 1986. Note the variety of traction visible in the background, with a HST heading towards the station and Class 117 DMU and Class 50 in the carriage sidings. The gate visible by the notices in the foreground is the location of my only sighting of a steam loco in BR service, when as a child I saw Sir Winston Churchill's funeral train en-route to Hanborough in January 1965. My memories from that day are less of the train and more of playing on the edge of the stream in the foreground!

47304 Cathiron 9 September 1998

Absolutely filthy 47304 passes Cathiron on 9 September 1998 with the early running 4A36 14:15 Hams Hall to Wembley intermodal. It looks like the loco is near the end of its life, and indeed it was, being withdrawn five months later.

47305 Severnside 1 August 1990

On 1 August 1990, 47305 rounds the sharp curve into the ICI works at Severnside at the end of its long all day journey with the 6V47 07:22 Haverton Hill to Severnside anhydrous ammonia. Despite appearances the train is actually approaching the photographer, although the headlight not being on and the red tail lamp don't give that impression! There obviously seemed little point in altering these, as the train has just traversed the Severn Beach line in the background and had to run round. This train was always instantly recognisable by the distinctive wagons, complete with barrier wagons at each end, and by the use of a Thornaby Class 47/3 (the Thornaby kingfisher logo can just be seen on the loco's side). Sadly it has been a very long time since a train traversed this track! Note the original Severn Bridge in the background.

47305 Wolvercote Junction 13 June 1994

47305 approaches Wolvercote Junction on 13 June 1994 with the 6M79 15:08 Eastleigh to Crewe Basford Hall MoD stores. A well loaded train on this occasion, and an almost completely uniform rake of wagons. The Trainload Petroleum livery is obviously wrong for this train, as would be the other versions of the triple grey livery that this loco at one time carried - Metals & Construction.

47305 Upper Heyford 14 February 1995

47305 crosses the Oxford Canal near Upper Heyford on 14 February 1995 with the 6V03 09:54 Fenny Compton to Didcot MoD Stores train. Not quite the perfect reflection I was hoping for, but shortly after this the wind speed increased, creating even more ripples, so I was lucky to get this. Just visible in the background is Heyford Common Lock.

47306 Tinsley 11 August 1990

47306 Goshawk is pictured at its home depot of Tinsley on 11 August 1990. This picture is slightly unusual in that the loco still survives, but virtually nothing else in the picture, except the pylon has survived the march of progress. Tinsley depot closed in 1998, and the line and bridge have now been removed.

47306 Kings Sutton 8 August 1991

A couple of horses graze in the field at Kings Sutton, unconcerned by the passing of 47306 and its featherweight load on 8 August 1991. After the demise of the Speedlink wagonload service, just a few weeks before this picture was taken, most such traffic was lost to rail. However, a dedicated MoD network remained, and other traffic sometimes hitched a ride on these trains. In this case, the 6M79 15:08 Eastleigh to Crewe Basford Hall has no MoD traffic at all, and is conveying just a single china clay wagon. Exactly the kind of unremunerative train that brought Speedlink to an end!

47307 Didcot North Junction 6 May 1994

On 6 May 1994, 47307 pulls slowly out of Didcot Yard, and approaches Didcot North Junction, with a short train of cartics, presumably heading for Morris Cowley. Earlier this train had briefly had 47145 Merddin Emrys attached to the front of it, for no obvious reason.

47308 & 47098 Didcot North Junction 3 May 1990

47308 & 47098 Oriole pass Didcot North Junction in the very last of the evening light on 3 May 1990 with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink. Presumably 47098 was a failure, as the train was certainly very late. This location is now completely surrounded by houses and an industrial estate.

47309 Kingham 7 May 1989

Much has changed at Kingham since this picture was taken on 7 May 1989. The vintage bullhead track has been replaced, the bay platform in the foreground has been removed and the area converted into an extended car park, the open ground on the left in the background is now in industrial use, and the trees have grown considerably! 47309 heads south with ballast empties from Moreton-in-Marsh. Work had been taking place on the down line near Ascott-under-Wychwood and the train had to go to Moreton to run round.

47309 Stroud 15 March 1996

An almost monochromatic scene at Stroud on 15 March 1996, as 47309 The Halewood Transmission passes through the station in the rain with the 6V27 10:35 Longbridge to Swindon Rover car body panel empties. Stroud station is still full of Great Western atmosphere, with the original Isambard Kingdom Brunel designed Cotswold stone buildings still surviving, having thankfully managed to get through the 1960s and 1970s without succumbing to rationalisation, and the all too common replacement with bus shelter type structures.

47310 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 18 December 1985

With Didcot Power Station in the background, contributing its 2,000 megawatts of power to the National Grid, 47310 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 18 December 1985 with the 6V11 10:03 Wolverton to Stoke Gifford ARC stone empties. There's not much left from this picture. The loco has gone (scrapped in 2004), the tree on the left, the PW hut, and the brick bridge in the background have all gone, and of course Didcot Power Station was closed in 2013. The only plus point is that this location is now a four track section of mainline.

47310 South Moreton (Didcot East) 28 August 1987

47310 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) at sunset on 28 August 1987 with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Tees Yard Speedlink. The site of the former Second World War marshalling yard behind the loco eventually came to life again a quarter of a century after this picture was taken, becoming a base for the Great Western Mainline electrification project.

47310 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 2 July 1991

47310 Henry Ford  passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 2 July 1991 with the 6M08 18:20 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. This was running nearly an hour late, and the light had virtually gone. The man painting the windows of the mobile home in the background is wasting his time, it was demolished a few years later!

47310 Wolvercote Junction 18 July 1994

47310 Henry Ford  is slightly inappropriate traction for the 4M09 Cowley to Washwood Heath Rover cars. It is pictured here approaching Wolvercote Junction in the very last of the evening's light on 18 July 1994. Surely 47323 Rover Group Quality Assured would have been much appropriate!

47311 Denchworth 27 October 1982

47311 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 27 October 1982 with the 6A08 03:00 Robeston to Langley oil tanks. What makes this picture particularly interesting is the inclusion of a short wheelbase van at the head of the formation, even more interesting is the fact that it is still in maroon livery, as late as 1982! 47311's grey roof clearly indicates that it was a Stratford allocated loco at the time. It was always good to photograph Stratford locos in the early 1980s, as this was virtually the only loco livery variation on BR.

47312 Didcot North Junction 22 June 1989

In the days when Didcot North Junction was still largely surrounding by fields, 47312 heads north with the 6E30 16:58 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink on 22 June 1989. Just visible above the third wagon is the water tower in the Great Western Society's Didcot Railway Centre.

47313 Compton Beauchamp 27 June 1986

Despite the application of sundry alternative liveries, BR blue was still the dominant colour on the national network in mid 1980s. On 27 June 1986 47313 ambles along the Great Western mainline at Compton Beauchamp (between Didcot and Swindon) with a late running Wolverton to Stoke Gifford ARC stone empties.

47313 Oxford (Walton Well Road) 18 April 1991

During a brief sunny spell on 18 April 1991, 47313 heads north through Oxford with the 4M15 14:58 Morris Cowley to Longbridge Rover cars. Clearly visible on the left is the course of the old LNWR (later LMS) route into Oxford which ran parallel with the GWR line from what is now Oxford North Junction to its own station at Rewley Road adjacent to the Great Western's station.

47314 Harbury 26 June 1991

Now this is what you call a proper train! With the wagons snaking round the reverse curve and out of sight into the distance, 47314 Transmark makes surprisingly light work of the climb to Harbury on 26 June 1991 with the 6V36 Longbridge to Morris Cowley car component empties. Of course the fact that the wagons are empty makes a big difference!

47315 Hinksey 14 June 1983

It is 05:30 on 14 June 1983, and while most of the residents of nearby Oxford are still asleep, the very first glimmer of sunlight starts to illuminate the scene at Hinksey Yard. 47315 slowly weaves across from the up relief line, over the main running lines, and into the yard. The working is the 7V12 01:53 Toton to Didcot Power Station MGR, which was not booked to do this, so presumably there was some problem with the train, or more likely, with the power station. At the time the Didcot coal trains were mostly in the hands of Class 56s.

47317 & 47828 Cam & Dursley 12 February 2005

In a very lucky patch of sunshine, Cotswold Rail 47316 Cam Peak & 47828 approach Cam & Dursley at high speed with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z56 10:48 Wolverhampton to Newport  'Cotswold-Severn Caper' railtour on 12 February 2005. Freshly painted 47828 was to be named Joe Strummer at Bristol Temple Meads.

47316 & 47714 Spetchley 14 May 2005

47316 & 47714 race past Spetchley with the Heartland Rail 1Z71 06:58 Crewe to Kingswear railtour on 14 May 2005. A nice mix of liveries, Cotswold Rail silver, Anglia Railways turquoise, and a full rake of Virgin red Mk3s!

47316 & 47200 Severn Tunnel Junction 14 August 2004

Immaculate Cotswold Rail 47316 Cam Peak & 47200 The Fosse Way take the Bristol line at Severn Tunnel Junction with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z77 05:26 Chester to Penzance 'Eden Belle' railtour on 14 August 2004. The title of course refers to the hugely popular Eden Project, which in addition to the Bodmin & Wenford Railway, was one of the options for passengers not wishing to continue  to Penzance. Note the Severn Tunnel Rescue Unit DMU stabled above the first coach.

47316 & 47813 Ashchurch 24 September 2005

In glorious early autumn morning light, 47316 Cam Peak & 47813 pass Ashchurch on 24 September 2005 with the Heartland Railtours 1Z46 06:15 Wolverhampton to Minehead railtour, composed entirely of Mk3 stock. The locos were swapped around at Bristol Temple Meads due to the failure of 47316. The ex-works condition of the second loco is explained by the fact that it was due to be named John Peel two weeks later. Note the fog lingering in the background, probably resulting in a few spoiled pictures for photographers not in the right place!

47317 Shorthampton 14 August 1980

There was obviously a shortage of locomotives in the London area on 14 August 1980, as 47317 has been drafting in to work the 12:50 Paddington to Worcester Shrub Hill service. Making a very rare visit to the Cotswold line, the 47/3 is pictured passing Shorthampton. Note the newly installed cable trunking on the left, which is about to make the steam age telegraph poles redundant.

47317 Hinksey 4 July 1985

Just after dawn on 4 July 1985, 47317 passes Hinksey Yard with the 7V22 02:40 Barrow Hill to Didcot Power Station MGR. This is one of the relatively few pictures that I have of Class 47s working to Didcot, as by 1985 Class 56s and 58s predominated.

47318 Milton 16 November 1988

47318 passes Milton Trading Estate with the 6B27 Theale to Robeston oil empties on 16 November 1988. Although sunny at this spot, the remains of the early morning fog is still hanging around over Didcot and virtually hiding Didcot Power Station, which would normally dominate the background here. Although partially obscured by steam from the cooling towers, the station's 650 feet tall chimney (in the centre of the picture) is all but invisible.

47323 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 21 December 1992

47323 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 21 December 1992 with the 6M14 09:26 Cardiff Tidal to Willesden Brent RfD service. This was the nearest thing there was in 1992 to a general merchandise freight train, the Speedlink wagonload network having finished the previous year. Work is underway to reinstate the relief lines, with a line of sleepers marking out the course of the new down line. Work has yet to start on the up relief.

47323 Swindon Rover Works 23 February 1994

47323 was named Rover Group Quality Assured at the Swindon Rover Works on 23 February 1994. It is pictured here in the drizzling rain, specially posed with a Cargowaggon inside the Rover Works after the naming ceremony. 47323 lost its new name after a little over two years.

47326 Stenson Junction 16 October 1986

47326 passes Stenson Junction on 16 October 1986 with the 6V60 09:05 Scunthorpe to Severn Tunnel  Junction MGR empties. All is now history, with the loco, wagons and even the track on the right having been scrapped. Even the destination of this train no longer has any freight connection, as Severn Tunnel Junction Yard and motive power depot closed almost exactly a year after this picture was taken.

47326 Radley 20 July 1989

A rather scruffy 47326 passes through Radley station on 20 July 1989 with the 6M23 10:30 Fawley to Longport LPG tanks. This view has changed considerably. A couple of communication masts now interrupt the view, and lineside tree growth has been considerable. The GWR footbridge has been replaced, and the whole station has been spruced up, including a much improved car park.

47326 Millbrook 30 November 1989

There is still frost on the ground as 47326 passes Millbrook on 30 November 1989 with the 6Y50 09:55 Totton (from Fawley) to Holybourne crude oil empties. Onshore oil production is normally associated with the Middle East or Texas, but this proves that we have got our own as well!

47326 Shoreham (Kent) 25 March 1995

47326 Saltley Depot Quality Assured passes Shoreham (the Kent village, rather than the Sussex seaside town) with the 6O55 10:50 Wembley to Dollands Moor Connectrail service on 25 March 1995. Shoreham station can be seen in the background.

47327 Bletchingdon 17 August 1988

47327 passes the site of Bletchingdon station on 17 August 1988 with the 6O36 13:10 Kilnhurst to Fawley Esso bitumen empties. This Wednesdays only working would soon be stopping at Oxford for a crew change, and then after traveling only a few more miles, stopping again at Didcot East Junction for another crew change!

47330 Radley 11 December 1991

Late on a cold but bright winter afternoon at Radley station on 11 December 1991. 47330 Amlwch Freighter passes underneath the Great Western Railway footbridge (since replaced) with the 4O75 Crewe to Southampton Maritime freightliner.

47330 Hampton Gay 6 August 1998

With the chimney of the disused Shipton-on-Cherwell cement works just visible on the right, 47330 passes Hampton Gay on 6 August 1998 with the 4O18 05:17 Lawley Street to Southampton freightliner. The partial cleaning of the loco's bodyside almost looks like a livery variation at first glance, although the 'Psycho Bob' wording is a bit of a giveaway!

47333 Great Bedwyn 7 May 1983

A stone train derailed whilst passing through Bedwyn station on 6 May 1983, partially demolishing the up platform. Clean up operations are pictured the next day, with 47333 standing wrong line (the only one left!) with a lengthy spoil train. Of note is the very relaxed atmosphere, with completely open access to the platform. There were several interested onlookers (not just me) wandering around at will, something which I'm sure would not be tolerated today.

47334 Oxford 5 July 1980

47334 passes through the centre road at Oxford on 5 July 1980 with the 1O03 07:21 Liverpool Lime Street to Poole. Apologies for the poor framing, but it caught me by surprise when I was not in an ideal place on the platform. However, a picture of a Class 47/3 hauled passenger train is always worth including, especially as it is not using the platform line.

47335 Winchester 28 June 1991

47335 passes through Winchester station on 28 June 1991 with the 4M88 13:42 Southampton to Willesden freightliner. The station car park looks suspiciously empty for a weekday afternoon, I bet it wouldn't be like that nowadays!

47335 East Usk Junction 18 August 1995

47335 passes East Usk Junction on 18 August 1995 with the 6M14 15:57 Newport Alexandra Dock Junction to Wembley Railfreight Distribution 'Connectlink' service. Although principally carrying steel products, this was actually a mixed traffic train.

47336 Ashchurch 6 May 1989

47336 passes Ashchurch on 6 May 1989 with the 6E48 07:40 Hallen Marsh to Immingham Norsk Hydro fertiliser empties, just at the same moment as a cement lorry starts pouring the foundations on the building site next to the railway. 

47337 Mostyn 30 March 1991

47337 passes Mostyn on 30 March 1991 with the 7F18 Llandudno Junction to Ellesmere Port chemical tanks, unusually running on a Saturday. The train, which had originated at Associated Octel terminal at Amlwch, on Anglesey, is conveying both full and empty tanks. The four grey tanks at the front of the train are conveying ethylene dibromide, which was used in the manufacture of anti-knock compound for petrol. The white chlorine tanks are empty, having previously brought chlorine to the Amlwch plant to be used in the process of extracting bromide from sea water. The two brake vans and barrier wagons were used on this train due to the hazardous nature of the load.

47338 Wolvercote Junction 13 June 1994

47338 Warrington Yard approaches Wolvercote Junction on 13 June 1994 with the 6M08 18:20 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. As can be guessed from the large number of pictures on this website taken at this location, this was my default choice for an evening's photography after work. There would be no point in trying it now, as this view no longer exists, due to the uncontrolled growth of the lineside vegetation.

47339 South Moreton (Didcot East) 1 December 1983

47339 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) on 1 December 1983 with eastbound oil tanks. According to the working timetable this could either be the 6M34 08:00 Llandarcy to Thame, or the 6A21 08:00 Llandarcy to Southall, and unfortunately as they both ran as required in the same path, there is little way of telling! Didcot Power Station in the background had still got nearly three decades of useful electricity generation ahead when this picture was taken.

47339 Brockhampton 18 July 1988

47339 passes Brockhampton on 18 July 1988 with the 4M31 17:41 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. This was a location that could have done with a bit of extra height, be it ladder or pole. It certainly would now, as the last time I was there the roadside hedge had hidden this view completely!

47339 Cheltenham 4 August 1990

During 1990 the 1M27 08:10 Bristol Temple Meads to Carlisle service was a good bet for a non ETH Class 47. Such was the case on 4 August when Railfreight red stripe liveried 47339 was in charge, seen here accelerating away from Cheltenham station. It was a very hot day, so definitely no heating was required and the coaches aren't air conditioned, so it makes no odds that the loco can't work either!

47339 Rowington 17 May 1993

47339 runs alongside the surprisingly empty M40 motorway at Rowington on 17 May 1993 with the 4M50 09:11 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. The motorway had only been open a few years, and the vegetation had not yet grown up to shield the railway from the road.

47344 Goring 13 September 1986

47344 passes Goring on 13 September 1986 with the 1C18 08:30 Paddington to Weston-super-Mare HST replacement service. A rare chance for some top link passenger work for the nominally freight only 47/3! In order to power the Mk 3 HST coaches, converted Mk 1 generator coach ADB975325 is coupled next to the locomotive. The two rusty silencers for the internal diesel engine can clearly be seen in the roof. The train later worked back to the capital as the 1A37 11:05 Weston-super-Mare to Paddington.

47344 Swindon (Highworth Junction) 13 June 1996

47344 arrives at the Rover car plant at Swindon on 13 June 1996 with the 6V09 04:20 Longbridge to Swindon car panel empties, comprising a complete rake of the then brand new cube wagons. The train is pictured diverging from the Great Western Mainline at Highworth Junction. The Rover works (formerly British Leyland and latterly BMW) shared this remaining stub of the Highworth Branch with a Shell oil depot (the line just visible in the immediate foreground) and Cooper's scrapyard. Unfortunately all this traffic is now lost to rail. Even 47344 is now no more, having being withdrawn in 1999 and cut up by the Harry Needle Railroad Company at Kingsbury in 2002.

47345, D1013 & D120 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 2 July 1991

An unexpected bonus at Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 2 July 1991. 47345 has an unusual addition to its normal load, as it heads north in the last of the evening light with the late running 6M29 14:00 Taunton to Warrington Speedlink. Class 52 D1013 Western Ranger & Class 45 D120 had been exhibits at the Bristol Bath Road open day over the previous weekend, and were now hitching a ride back to the Severn Valley Railway. This view has changed considerably. The prefab building and caravan have gone, and a row of tall trees now block out the view of the Cotswold Hills.

47345 Wolvercote Junction 17 June 2000

An unusual working for a Freightliner Class 47/3 on 17 June 2000. 47345 approaches Wolvercote Junction with the 5M13 Weymouth to Liverpool Virgin CrossCountry ECS. On a hot summer's day it would certainly have been very unpopular traction if there actually had been passengers (apart from the haulage enthusiasts), as there is no way that 47345 can work the air conditioning and you can't open the windows on these Mk 2. coaches!

47347, 37229 & 37695 Narroways Hill Junction 3 March 1994

An unusual sight at Narroways Hill Junction, Bristol on 3 March 1994. There is just a single revenue earning wagon on the 6B19 09:40 Exeter Riverside to Alexander Dock Junction freight, but with three locos on the front. 47347 has 37229 & 37695 dead in tow. Definitely worth a picture, despite the grim weather conditions.

47348 Kineton 29 July 1995

47348 St Christopher's Railway Home brings up the rear of the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z33 07:18 Paddington to Long Marston 'Honey Monster' railtour on 29 July 1995, as it approaches Kineton Army depot. 33019 Griffon & 33057 Seagull can just be seen at the front of the train. Note the amount of rolling stock in store in the background at this time, which includes a number of withdrawn Southern EMUs. The triple high security fencing visible on the left explains why the site was chosen for secure storage!

47348 Charlbury 29 July 1995

Running twenty minutes late, 47348 St Christopher's Railway Home passes through Charlbury station on 29 July 1995 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z33 07:18 Paddington to Long Marston 'Honey Monster' railtour. Class 47s were of course no stranger to this line in previous years, but not the no-heat 47/3 sub-class. In the 1990s the once relatively clear embankment on the right was becoming very overgrown, resulting in this fairly head on view. Thankfully these trees were pruned right back a few years later.

47348 Long Marston 29 July 1995

47348 St Christopher's Railway Home leaves Long Marston on 29 July 1995 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z33 17:05 Long Marston to Paddington 'Honey Monster' railtour. The train had most unusually just done a circuit of the Army Depot behind LMS 3F 'Jinty' 0-6-0T 7298, which can be seen waiting in the centre of the picture.

47348 Radley 11 July 1997

47348 St. Christopher's Railway Home approaches Radley on 11 July 1997 with the 6Z18 15:36 Eastleigh to Carlisle Enterprise service. Conveying just MoD traffic this train fluctuated considerably in length depending on our military commitments at the time. At this point we were in between Gulf Wars so this short formation was typical! This is not a particularly photogenic spot, but in this case the loco and first wagon neatly fit in the gap between the pylon and the electricity pole.

47348 Hinksey 14 August 1999

47348 St Christopher's Railway Home passes the south end of Hinksey Yard (near Oxford) with the 1O38 09:10 Edinburgh to Bournemouth Virgin Cross Country service on 14 August 1999. Just one of many Virgin trains that had to resort to freight loco haulage during 1998 and 1999 when the availability of the rostered Class 47/8s reached a low ebb.

47350 Potbridge 12 September 1992

Motive power was obviously in short supply on the West of England line on 12 September 1992, as Railfreight's 47350 Scorpion was drafted in to help out. It is seen here passing Potbridge with the 1L05 10:15 Waterloo to Salisbury Network SouthEast service. This was by no means an isolated incident, as the loco worked a number of such trains during August and September.

47351 Silchester 1 October 1988

47351 passes Silchester on 1 October 1988 with the 4O79 09:06 Ripple Lane to Southampton freightliner. Just visible in the distance is the spire of Stratfield Mortimer church, while partly obscured by the loco's exhaust, a tractor has just started harrowing the recently ploughed field.

47351 Hampton Gay 26 June 1993

A summer evening in the rural Cherwell Valley. 47351 is certainly not disturbing the cows at Hampton Gay on 26 June 1993, and only two of them seemed to have noticed me! The train is the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Partly hidden by the trees is the tower of Hampton Gay church, which stands completely on its own next to the railway, with the nearest building being the impressive ruins of the 16th Century Hampton Gay Manor. The few houses of the village are someway distant.

47352 Croome 24 October 1985

47352 passes Croome on 24 October 1985 with the 6V60 09:20 Scunthorpe to Severn Tunnel Junction MGR empties. All is now history. The plywood PW hut disappeared a long time ago, and the four wheel HAA wagons have also now vanished from the mainline. 47352 was withdrawn in 1993, and was eventually cut up at Frodingham in May 2000.

47352 Moira West Junction 23 October 1989

Wearing the exceedingly unimaginative all over grey engineers livery that predates the 'Dutch' civil engineers colour scheme, 47352 passes Moira West Junction, on the Coalville Line with eastbound ballast empties on 23 October 1989. The switchback nature of the track here is caused by mining subsidence. The line on the right leads to Rawdon Colliery.

47353 Compton Beauchamp 15 December 1979

47353 passes Compton Beauchamp on 15 December 1979 with the 3A02 08:15 Carmarthen to Reading parcels. This is one of the very pictures that I have of locomotives displaying four zeros in the headcode panel. This was the standard option after the use of headcodes on the front of trains was discontinued in 1976. The blinds were soon replaced by just a couple of white dots, which was becoming the norm by the time I took up photography. Apologies for the very poor quality of this image, but for me at least, it historically significant.

47353 Culham (Lock Wood) 30 May 1998

47353 passes Lock Wood, near Culham, on 30 May 1998 with the 4O30 12:47 Trafford Park to Southampton freightliner. The rear of the train is just passing over the bridge that spans the River Thames. Unfortunately this viewpoint has since disappeared with the increase in lineside vegetation.

47355 Charlbury (Cornbury Park) 4 May 1986

A Cotswold Line engineer's train - 1980s style. After dropping ballast near Ascott-under-Wychwood during a Sunday line possession on 4 May 1986, 47355 makes its way back to Hinksey Yard with the (mostly) empties. It is pictured here passing Cornbury Park, just to the south of Charlbury. Notice the recent vegetation clearance on the right hand cutting side.

47356 Moreton-in-Marsh 10 March 1985

Having arrived light engine from Oxford, 47356 prepares to leave the siding at Moreton-Marsh on 10 March 1985 with a ballast train for an engineering possession near Fawler, on the southern section of the Cotswold Line. This move would not be possible now, as all the sidings pictured here have now been lifted.

47357 Winwick 28 July 1992

47357 The Permanent Way Institution passes Winwick on 28 July 1992 with the 6M65 07:15 Mossend to Warrington departmental working, conveying a typical mixed load, which on this occasion includes a couple of HAA cal hoppers.

47358 Wolvercote Junction 27 June 1995

47358 Ivanhoe approaches Wolvercote Junction on 27 June 1995 with the 4M99 15:58 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. At this time it was one of the few Class 47s still to retain the original railfreight livery, and it certainly looks to be in need of a repaint. The unofficial name Ivanhoe had been applied at Tinsley the previous year, but was relatively short lived, having been removed from the still unrepainted loco by 1996.

47358 Clay Cross 9 August 1995

47358 (unofficially named Ivanhoe) passes Clay Cross on 9 August 1995 with the 4V03 14:18 Lynemouth to Cardiff Pengam aluminium ingots. 47358 was to last another decade in traffic, but after lingering for a couple of years at T.J.Thomson's yard at Stockton, it was finally cut up in March 2009.

47359 Wolvercote 10 July 1987

Dramatic lighting at Wolvercote on 10 July 1987, as 47359 heads away from the gathering storm with the 4M79 16:19 Southampton to Lawley Street freightliner. This picture was taken from a public footpath crossing, which was closed and fenced off shortly afterwards.

47359, 47301, 37073 & 47296 Wolvercote Junction 11 June 1992

During the early 1990s the 6M79 15:08 Eastleigh to Crewe Basford Hall MoD stores train was often used to move surplus locomotives north from Didcot. Even so, this convoy pictured approaching Wolvercote Junction on 11 June 1992 is spectacular. 47359 leads 47301 Centurion, 37073 Fort William / An Gearasdan, & 47296 on a lengthy train. This train is basically a continuation of the old Speedlink service, which since the abandonment of the Speedlink wagonload network in 1991 became a dedicated military stores train.

47360 Bletchingdon 22 May 1982

Both MGR trains from Didcot and the Shipton-on-Cherwell Cement Works are long gone. 47360 approaches Bletchingdon on 22 May 1982 with northbound empties from Didcot Power Station. There was nothing showing in the working timetable for this time on a Saturday evening, but on a weekday this would be the 6M55 18:30 Didcot Power Station to Mantle Lane.

47361 Culham 22 June 1995

An exceedingly grubby and faded 47361 Wilton Endeavour passes a field of poppies at Culham on 22 June 1995 with the 4M99 15:58 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. This was always a popular location to visit on a summer evening, but not long after this picture was taken it started to get very overgrown, and for a long time was nearly impossible for photography. Happily the vegetation was all cleared away for the much delayed electrification work, and two decades later, a similar picture could again be taken.

47361 Oxford 9 September 1995

47361 Wilton Endeavour passes through the centre road of Oxford station on 9 September 1995 with a train of MoD stores. Presumably the 6V03 09:54 Fenny Compton to Didcot, in which case, unusually running on a Saturday. It makes an interesting comparison with a more normal Saturday train, the 4O22 02:30 Garston to Southampton freightliner, hauled by 47147.

47361 Culham 15 June 1999

A wave from the driver of 47361 Wilton Endeavour, as it passes Culham on 15 June 1999 with the 4M99 16:47 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. It's not often that this field is freshly ploughed in mid summer, but it certainly breaks up the normal all pervading greenness of this time of year.

47361 Shipton-on-Cherwell 30 July 1999

47361 Wilton Endeavour passes the remains of Shipton-on-Cherwell Cement Works in fading light on 30 July 1999 with the 4M99 16:47 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. The cement works had been closed for over a decade when this picture was taken, and parts of the site were reverting to nature.

47362 Orleton 18 June 1984

A line of vintage telegraph poles still run alongside the Welsh Marches Line at Orleton on 18 June 1984, as 47362 heads north with the 6M27 02:40 Waterston to Albion Gulf oil tanks. Running exactly to time, but on the wrong day of the week! This picture is taken from Tunnel Lane, which refers to the former Leominster Canal Tunnel just out of sight to the right of this picture. Now however, it could equally well refer to the tunnel of trees alongside the line, which has rendered this viewpoint impossible.

47362 Wickwar Tunnel 30 May 1989

Just dodging the encroaching shadows on 30 May 1989 at Wickwar Tunnel is 47362, heading into the light with the 6V47 07:22 Haverton Hill to Severnside anhydrous ammonia. A distinctive train, which was virtually always worked by a Thornaby Class 47/3 in the 1980s. The Thornaby kingfisher logo can just be seen above the bodyside number.

47362 Radley 14 March 1991

In failing light, 47362 heads south at Radley with a short train of commercial vehicles. I must appeal for help with the identification of this train, as I seem to have mislaid the details! As far as I remember it only ran for a short while in the 1991 period. Possibly Washwood Heath to Southampton? All information gratefully received. Passed Radley (near Oxford at 16:20).

47362 Hinksey 22 June 1998

47362 passes the lines of rusting ballast wagons in Hinksey Yard on 22 June 1998, as it heads north with the 6M18 15:36 Eastleigh to Carlisle 'Enterprise' service. This train was retained after the demise of the Speedlink network, principally for the conveyance of MoD traffic, which accounts for the vans at the head of the train.

47363 Wolvercote Junction 20 June 1991

47363 Billingham Enterprise approaches Wolvercote Junction on 20 June 1991 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. This was the only time that I saw this loco whilst it was in its distinctive Railfreight red stripe livery, complete with Thornaby kingfisher depot logo.

47363 Salisbury 30 August 1998

47363 is less than a mile into its journey as it rounds the curve between Salisbury station and Fisherton Tunnel on 30 August 1998 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z28 07:57 Salisbury to Toton 'Toton Recall' railtour. This was one of a number of tours run in connection with the EWS Toton Open Day.

47363 Basingstoke 30 August 1998

47363 takes the Reading line at Basingstoke with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z28 07:57 Salisbury to Toton 'Toton Recall' railtour on 30 August 1998. I had already seen this tour shortly after its departure from Salisbury, but as it was booked via Southampton, rather than the direct route via Andover, there was ample time to get ahead of it for this second picture.

47364 & 47256 South Moreton (Didcot East) 24 October 1989

Old and new liveries at South Moreton (Didcot East) on 24 October 1989. 47364 & 47256 head east with a short engineers train. Presumably 47256 is being moved dead in tow, as this miniscule load certainly does not require two locomotives, and in any case Class 47s are not fitted for multiple working. 47364 returned a couple of hours later with a short ballast train.

47364 South Moreton (Didcot East) 24 October 1989

47364 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) on 24 October 1989 with a short westbound ballast train. The overgrown area behind the train, which was formerly a Second World War marshalling yard, has now been redeveloped as an electrification depot for the overhead wiring of the Great Western Mainline.

47365 Tackley 19 June 1991

47365 Diamond Jubilee passes Tackley with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink on 19 June 1991, less than 3 weeks before the withdrawal of all Speedlink wagonload services in the UK. At 20:20 even in mid June it is difficult to find a location free from shadows, and I was getting worried here as the area of track in sun was rapidly shrinking, but luckily I managed to press the shutter at exactly the right moment as it appears that the sunlit area is exactly the same length as a Class 47!

47365 & 47307 Willesborough 11 May 1996

Green circle multiple working fitted 47365 Diamond Jubilee & 47307 pile on the power, as they pull out of the loop at Willesborough on 11 May 1996 with a Dollands Moor to Wembley intermodal. This location is totally unrecognisable today. The trees have gone, and the Channel Tunnel Rail Link (HS1) now parallels the old line. Bushes have grown up between the palisade fence and the line, and the open field on the right is now an industrial estate. Railfreight Distribution Class 47s are also unfortunately now a thing of the past!

47366 Hanborough 8 April 1984

47366 moves slowly over freshly laid track at Hanborough on 8 April 1984, as it heads back to Oxford with a motley rake of stock (including an ex GWR mess van at the rear of the train). It had been engaged in relaying work between Hanborough and Combe, and will shortly be followed by 47085, which can just be seen in the background. This will drop ballast on the newly laid track.

47367 Wolvercote Junction 18 July 1994

47367 (unofficially named Kenny Cockbird) approaches Wolvercote Junction on 18 July 1994 with the 6M08 18:20 Swindon to Longbridge Rover car body panels. At the time this was one of the last Class 47s still to retain the red stripe Railfreight livery.

47367 & 47596 Danemoor Green 2 April 2016

The Stratford 47 Group's two Class 47s, 47367 Kenny Cockbird & 47596 Aldeburgh Festival pass Danemoor Green in failing light on 2 April 2016 with the 16:40 Dereham to Wymondham service, during the Mid Norfolk Railway's Diesel Gala.

47368 Hinksey 14 June 1983

Not long after sunrise on 14 June 1983, 47368 passes Hinksey Yard with what is presumably the late running 6O49 16:05 (the previous day) Haverton Hill to Eastleigh Speedlink. Booked here at 04:50, but that was just a little too early to be out photographing!

47368 Hargrave 12 March 1987

47368 passes Hargrave on 12 March 1987 with a Point of Ayr Colliery to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station MGR. A very misty day, with only weak sunshine, but plenty of interesting traffic, including the main reason for the visit - a last chance to photograph the few remaining Class 25s in their final week in traffic.

47370 Wolvercote Junction 29 August 1991

47370 approaches Wolvercote Junction in the last of the evening light on 29 August 1991 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Over two decades later this train still runs with the same headcode, but unfortunately the traction is now nothing like as interesting as this!

47370 South Moreton 11 July 1996

With a train comprising mostly of blue P&O boxes, 47370 passes South Moreton on 11 July 1996 with the 4M99 15:58 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Two decades later the headcode still survives in the working timetable, but unfortunately this viewpoint has been lost to Network Rail's controversial electfrication programme.

47371 Cholsey 4 July 1991

During the final week of the Speedlink wagonload freight service, on 4 July 1991, 47371 passes Cholsey with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill. Such was this train's slow passage through the Didcot area, that it was easily possible to get further pictures at South Moreton and Didcot North Junction!

47371 South Moreton (Didcot East) 4 July 1991

47371 passes South Moreton (Didcot East) on 4 July 1991 with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink. I had already photographed this at Cholsey, but as this was the final week of the Speedlink network, it was definitely worth the quick dash round to Didcot North Junction for a third shot of the train.

47371 Didcot North Junction 4 July 1991

Virtually everything in this view has now changed beyond recognition. On 4 July 1991, during the final week of Speedlink wagonload freight operations, 47371 passes Didcot North Junction with the 6E30 17:18 Eastleigh to Haverton Hill Speedlink. In addition to the demise of this traditional mixed freight traffic, 47371 was later converted into a Class 57, as 57313 Thunderbirds Tracy Island, whilst the rural nature of this viewpoint has been replaced by an industrial estate on the right, and houses in the field behind the train.

47372 Little Haresfield 24 June 1989

47372 passes Little Haresfield on 24 June 1989 with the 1V39 06:56 Rose Grove to Paignton InterCity service. I think I would rather have been a passenger in one of the blue and grey coaches on this train, as at least they had some opening windows. With 47372 unable to operate the air conditioning, it must have got quite warm inside the air-con fitted InterCity liveried Mk 2ds, with their sealed windows! In the 1980s every available (even if unsuitable) locomotive was pressed into service on summer Saturdays.

47375 Oxford 3 October 1990

Still looking smart after its repainting and naming earlier in the year, 47375 Tinsley Traction Depot Quality Assured passes through Oxford on 3 October 1990 with the 4V01 07:14 Longbridge to Morris Cowley car carriers. Note the cleared former scrapyard site behind the loco, which is now Oxford station's main car park.

47375 & 47703 Cholsey 12 November 2007

A very strange working is pictured passing Cholsey on 12 November 2007. 47375 & 47703 are working the 6Z50 11:35 Gloucester Horton Road to Wembley, comprising just a cargowagon and polybulk wagon! The low autumn sun certainly highlights the rather garish Riviera blue livery, which being clean rather shows up the filthy state of ex Fragonset liveried 47703.

47376 Culham 1 May 1982

47376 approaches Culham on 1 May 1982 with the 6M38 13:45 Didcot Power Station to Three Spires Junction MGR empties. Apologies for the poor quality of this image, but it is one of the few pictures I have of a Class 47 working an empty coal train from Didcot.

47376 Waltham St Lawrence 5 March 1988

47376 slowly runs along the up relief line at Waltham St Lawrence on 5 March 1988 with a short engineer's train. At the head of the train is what appears to be an ex GWR Hawksworth coach, now pressed into departmental service.

47376 Hirwaun 6 January 2001

With less than a mile to go before reaching its destination, 47376 Freightliner 1995 slowly passes Hirwaun in the rain on 6 January 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 06:18 Manchester Piccadilly to Tower Colliery 'Power Porter' railtour. The change in gradient is very noticeable here.

47376 & 47105 Southam 25 October 2003

Resistance is futile indeed, although resistance to what is not clear! Still in original unrestored Freightliner grey livery and minus its Freightliner 1995 nameplates, 47376 leads 47105 under the bridge at Southam on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway with the 11:30 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service on 25 October 2003, during the line's Autumn Diesel Gala.

47376 Hailes 24 September 2005

Still with its nameplates covered up, prior to its renaming, 47376 Freightliner 1995 passes underneath the roadbridge at Hailes on 24 September 2005 with the 10:42 Toddington to Winchcombe service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

47376 Hailes 24 September 2005

Freshly renamed 47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Hailes on 24 September 2005 with the 12:40 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Unusually for a preserved locomotive, the loco had just been repainted in the same colour scheme as that which it arrived at the railway in.

47376 Didbrook 24 September 2005

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Didbrook on 24 September 2005 with the late running 14:45 Winchcombe to Toddington service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The loco had just received a fresh coat of Freightliner grey paint.

47376 Hailes 29 October 2006

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Hailes on 29 October 2006 with the 16:15 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service. This was the one diesel service on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway on this particular day. Although the sun is not really lighting the train, I like the low lighting across the fields and the atmospheric smoke effects in the background.

47376 Greet 4 November 2006

47376 Freightliner 1995 does its bit for the environment as it accelerates away from the speed restriction near Winchcombe, and rounds Chicken Curve at Greet with the 10:00 Winchcombe to Toddington train on 4 November 2006, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The use of a long lens here has not only brought up the hills in the background, but also emphasised the slightly undulated nature of the track!

47376 Gotherington 5 November 2006

47376 Freightliner 1995 has just passed under the Dixton bridge and is pictured approaching Gotherington with the 12:40 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service on 5 November 2006. This was during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Autumn Diesel Gala. Unlike the Saturday, the sunny weather on the Sunday did not last all day. Around midday the clouds started appearing and 47376 is just faintly illuminated by a the last of the sun as it disappears into high cloud.

47376 Hailes 5 November 2006

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Hailes, on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway with the 14:22 Toddington to Winchcombe freight on 5 November 2006, during the line's Autumn Diesel Gala. Although of course the 47/3 subclass were intended as purely freight machine, this is not quite the time of freight train that they spent most of their lives working!

47376 & 33109 Dixton 10 July 2009

In a brief and very luckily timed patch of sun (virtually the last of the day) 47376 Freightliner 1995 & 33109 Captain Bill Smith RNR are neatly framed by a couple of trees as they pass Dixton with the 13:35 Winchcombe to Cheltenham Racecourse service on 10 July 2009 during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The 47 had just returned to service after overhaul and the Class 33 was visiting the line from the East Lancashire Railway.

47376 Dixton 10 July 2009

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes underneath the roadbridge at Dixton on 10 July 2009 with the 14:10 Cheltenham Racecourse to Winchcombe service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

47376 Toddington 10 July 2009

In the gathering gloom on 10 July 2009, 47376 Freightliner 1995 arrives at Toddington station with final service of the day during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala - the 17:50 train from Cheltenham Racecourse. Out of sight on the rear of the train is 33109. The day had been mainly given over to shunter operated trains, hence the presence of Drewry Class 04 look-alike 2574 on the right, which is wearing 1950s BR black livery along with the fictitious 11230 number.

47376 Winchcombe 23 May 2010

47376 Freightliner 1995 arrives at Winchcombe with the 13:23 Gotherington to Toddington service on 23 May 2010. Due to a severe landslip near Gotherington, the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway has been forced to operate a top'n'tail service to Gotherington only. GWR Hall Class 4-6-0 7903 Foremarke Hall can just be seen on the rear of the train.

47376 Winchcombe 23 May 2010

Running 45 minutes late due to a track circuit problem caused by the high temperatures, 47376 Freightliner 1995 departs from Winchcombe station with the 14:25 Toddington to Gotherington service on 23 May 2010. At least the late running has resulted in the sun being just about on the front! A landslip had closed the line to the south of Gotherington, and the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway was operating trains in top'n'tail mode. GWR 57xx 0-6-0PT 4612 is out of sight on the rear of this train, having just been removed from the Elegant Excursions special.

47376 Dixton 11 July 2010

47376 Freightliner 1995 just catches the sun as it passes Dixton on 11 July 2010 with the 12:50 Toddington to Gotherington service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Hiding behind the tree is visiting Class 25 D7612, which due to the landslip just the other side of Gotherington station, is working top'n'tail.

47376 Stanway Viaduct 2 October 2010

47376 Freightliner 1995 crosses Stanway Viaduct with the 10:25 Toddington Distant Signal to Gotherington service with classmate 47105 on the rear, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala on 2 October 2010. This marks the beginning of regular diesel hauled trains across the 1904 built structure, since it reopened to traffic in the spring. Unfortunately the early morning sun, which had successfully burnt off the fog, then decided to find some high cloud. Luckily it improved for the second train of the morning with 37248.

47376 Toddington 9 July 2011

47376 Freightliner 1995 arrives at Toddington with the last train of the day during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railways Diesel Gala on 9 July 2011. The 17:50 from Laverton is a few minutes early as it makes its way towards platform 2. 1693 (47105) is on the rear of the train.

47376 Toddington 28 January 2012

A bonus picture during the EMRPS photo charter on the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway on 28 January 2012.  47376 Freightliner 1995 was used to position 1693 and its train in Toddington station, resulting in this picture of the Freightliner loco posed rather untypically on a rake of vacuum braked ballast hoppers.

47376 & 1693 Toddington 28 January 2012

A fleeting moment at Toddington on 28 January 2012, during an EMRPS photo charter. While 1693 was being positioned in Toddington station on a rake of ballast wagons, for a moment during the shunting operations, 47376 Freightliner 1995 was posed alongside, giving the photographers who were in the right position this chance to photograph both of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's resident Class 47s.

47376 Greet Tunnel 26 July 2013

47376 Freightliner 1995 emerges from Greet Tunnel on 26 July 2013 with the 2C73 15:24 Laverton to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. Rosebay Willowherb provides some colour in the foreground.

47376 Southam 28 July 2013

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Southam on 28 July 2013 with the 2C55 10:00 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. The dark clouds over the Cotswold Hills in the background gives some idea of the odds of getting this picture in the sun!

47376 Bishops Cleeve 25 July 2014

With a wave from the driver, 47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Bishops Cleeve on 25 July 2014 with the 2C55 10:00 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

47376 & 45149 Southam 25 July 2015

47376 Freightliner 1995 & 45149 round the curve at Southam on 25 July 2015 with the 2C53 09:20 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

47376 Southam 25 July 2015

An extremely luck break in the clouds at Southam on 25 July 2015. 47376 Freightliner 1995 passes the Rosebay Willowherb with the 2L54 10:10 Cheltenham Racecourse to Laverton service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala.

47376 Dixton 27 July 2018

47376 Freightliner 1995 passes Dixton on 27 July 2018 with the 2B56 11:10 Cheltenham Racecourse to Broadway service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. After a sunny start, cloud was now rapidly building up, and this was the last picture that I managed to get in decent light.

47377 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 9 June 1987

With the very last rays of the setting sun just providing a little illumination, 47377 passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham on 9 June 1987 with the 6V45 17:53 Willesden Brent to Severn Tunnel Junction Speedlink. Freight workings in Wales and the Gloucester area would be completely recast a few months after this picture was taken, with the closure of Severn Tunnel Junction Yard. The poor technical quality of this picture is due to the use of Kodachrome 200, to deal with the failing light. However, it is included as strangely (or perhaps not so given the time at which it ran) it is one of the few pictures I have of 6V45, and also for the variety of wagons in the consist.

47377 Southampton 2 December 1998

Just a short distance into its long journey, 47377 approaches Southampton on 2 December 1998 with the 4M55 10:18 Southampton to Crewe Basford Hall freightliner. At this point the railway is sandwiched between the residential Cliff Road on the right, and the busy A33 Mountbatten Way dual carriageway, which can be seen crossing over the line in the background.

47378 Water Eaton 17 August 1988

Hardly a worthwhile load and certainly not very taxing for a Class 47! 47378 passes Water Eaton (near Oxford) with a single VEA van as it works the 6A50 Bicester to Morris Cowley Speedlink trip working on 17 August 1988. The traffic levels on this service and its successor which is run exclusively for the Ministry of Defence fluctuate wildly, usually depending on what worldwide conflicts our politicians have got us into at any particular time!

47378 Sandling Tunnel 2 June 1989

47378 emerges from Sandling Tunnel with the 6M94 16:52 Dover Town to Warrington Arpley Speedlink on 2 June 1989. Present day sheep will have far less room to graze in this field now, as the Channel Tunnel high speed line now slices through the centre of this view, closely paralleling the existing line and completely altering this view. In fact, even the road bridge from which this picture was taken from has now gone, replaced by a new bridge a short distance further back.

47378 Overthorpe 14 June 1994

47378 passes Overthorpe (near Banbury) on 14 June 1994 with the 4M99 17:14 Southampton to Trafford Park freightliner. Not a particularly inspiring location, but one that I found whilst searching out alternatives to the nearby over used Kings Sutton vantage point.

47378 & 47286 Kemble 2 May 1997

The famous Great Western Railway water tower at Kemble is receiving some attention on 2 May 1997, as 47378 & 47286 Port of Liverpool slowly approach the station with the 6V22 16:03 Longbridge to Swindon Rover car panel empties. The locos feature the two different versions of Railfreight Distribution livery, although both covered in the standard 'freight grime'.

47379 Brimpton 28 June 1991

47379 passes Brimpton on 28 June 1991 with the 6L55 12:20 Westbury to Ripple Lane oil empties. The loaded train would have brought in the diesel fuel oil for Westbury's fleet of stone train locos. 47379 had been named Total Energy in 1986, and according to some sources the nameplates were removed in July 1991. However, at least on this side the plate had already gone some weeks before, although for some reason the Total logo still remains.

47381 Aynho Junction 28 April 1990

47381 approaches Aynho Junction on 28 April 1990 with the 6O32 05:41 Longport to Eastleigh LPG tanks. Kings Sutton church can just be seen in the background, above the first wagon, while in the meadows to the left the M40 motorway is still under construction. This would open to traffic in January 1991.

47381 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 3 November 1990

47381 approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 3 November 1990 with the 6B33 09:57 Theale to Waterston empty oil tanks. This train may still run, even with the same headcode (albeit now to Robeston), but with quadrupling of the tracks, and bridge rebuilding, this scene had become radically different, even before the mismanaged electfrication programme ruined the view forever.