L412 Chilson 23 March 1982

The early morning fog on 23 March 1982 has just started to clear (at least in the foreground), as the first northbound passenger train of the day over the Cotswold Line passes Chilson. L412 (51389, 59499 & 51347) is working the 2B08 06:04 Reading to Great Malvern service. The only thing that survives in this view, apart from the actual route of the line, is the rear DMBS vehicle, 51347. The PW hut, dead elm tree, and recently chopped down telegraph poles have all disappeared, and the single track of bullhead rails has now been replaced by two lines of continuously welded rails. Most importantly, the view no linger exists, due to Network Rail's total lack of lineside maintenance. The bushes now brush the sides of the trains at this point!