Class 158

158701 Forteviot 12 April 2004

The barriers on the level crossing in the background are just lifting again after the passage of 158701 with the 10:08 Glasgow Queen Street to Inverness ScotRail service on 12 April 2004. The location is Forteviot, in the wide valley of the River Earn, between Gleneagles and Perth. 158701 was the first unit of this large class to enter service, and the only one to do so in the 1980s, being delivered from the BREL works at Derby in October 1989.

158705 & 170422 Newtonhill 25 June 2013

158705 & 170422 pass through the gorse lined cutting on the approach to Newtonhill, on the afternoon of 25 June 2013. They are working the 1T38 16:37 Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street ScotRail service. As Newtonhill station closed in 1956, the next stop for this train will be Stonehaven.

158706 Insch 25 June 2013

Insch station is full of character, with its distinctive white painted 1880 built Great North of Scotland Railway station building, and impressive signal box. The remains of Dunideer Castle on the hill in the background adds to the charm. 158706 is pictured arriving on 25 June 2013 with the 1A52 12:46 Inverness to Aberdeen ScotRail service. Keen eyed viewers will note the InterCity liveried Mk2 coach, which somehow seems to have escaped the confines of station, and can be seen next to the field behind the station building. It sits on its own section of track, and is being used as an extension to the local restaurant!

158708 Linlithgow 5 October 2007

With both the Forth rail and road bridges visible in the background, 158708 speeds past Linlithgow on 5 October 2007 with the 13:18 Newcraighall to Dunblane ScotRail service. Note the larger than standard number on the front of the unit.

158712 Georgemas Junction 7 August 2000

158712 stands at Georgemas Junction on 7 August 2000 with the 12:10 Wick to Inverness ScotRail service. Although at first sight this may seem odd, as it is in fact facing Wick, all trains from Wick first visit Thurso before bactracking to Georgemas Junction and then continuing on their way to Inverness. 158712 has just arrived from Thurso (departure time 12:37) around the sharply curved line to the right in the background. The driver will shortly change ends and then head off across the remote Caithness countryside on its nearly four hour journey to Inverness.

158713 Meikle Ferry 19 April 2003

158713 passes the site of Meikle Ferry station on 19 April 2003 with the 06:29 Wick to Aberdeen ScotRail service. This tiny bridge once carried the road to the Dornoch Ferry, the only means of crossing the Dornoch Firth before the building of the road bridge in 1991. Prior to that road traffic was forced to take the long inland detour via Bonar Bridge. The railway still has an even longer detour via Lairg. Meikle Ferry station was once the temporary terminus of the line, and closed as long ago as 1869! The station building can be seen in the background.

158719 Ashfield 21 July 1997

158719 passes Ashfield (near Dunblane) on 21 July 1997 with the 16:30 Aberdeen to Glasgow Queen Street ScotRail service. Just beyond the bridge in the background was the remote Kinbuck station, which closed in 1956.

158719 Aviemore 8 August 2000

158719 leads a pair of classmates on the approach to Aviemore on 8 August 2000 with the 1H07 08:40 Edinburgh to Inverness ScotRail service. Judging by the dark clouds in the background, I did well to get this in the sun. This is multiple unit operation as originally intended. I have a number of pictures of pairs of 158s working together, but not many of three.

158720 & 158736 Aberdour 30 August 2016

The hanging baskets at the superbly maintained Aberdour station get some attention, as the late running 2K11 17:48 Edinburgh to Glenrothes with Thornton ScotRail service rolls into the station on 30 August 2016, formed by 158720 Inverness & Nairn Railway - 150 Years & 158736.

158722 Strathcarron 27 August 2005

In typically gloomy Scottish weather conditions, 158722 arrives at Strathcarron with the 15:13 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness ScotRail service on 27 August 2005. 40145 was waiting to cross this train in the station with the 1Z40 'Whistling Scotsman' railtour.

158726 Loth 7 October 2007

158726 crosses over the Loth Burn, near the site of Loth station (between Helmsdale and Brora) with the 11:56 Wick to Inverness First ScotRail service on 7 October 2007. Although a very photogenic spot, it is very difficult to hear trains approaching here due to the waterfalls in the burn below, and as you can't see any further than the start of the cutting visible in the background here, I was waiting anxiously for this train to appear, hoping that I would fire the shutter at just the right time to place the train centrally on the bridge. I certainly wasn't going to get it wrong, as this is the only southbound train on the line on a Sunday! Luckily I managed to get it just right, but I was certainly glad I had the wideangle lens with me!

158727 Roadside 18 June 2006

158727 approaches the B874 level crossing at Roadside with the 2H63 10:39 Inverness to Wick ScotRail service on 18 June 2006. Naturally I had not traveled to the far north of Scotland for a Class 158, but was waiting for 50031 on a very rare visit to the area. As there are only three trains a day at this location, I certainly wasn't going to ignore it!

158727 Thurso 18 June 2006

An unusually busy scene at Thurso on 18 June 2006. 158727 departs with the 16:18 ScotRail service to Inverness, while after a lot of shunting, 50049 will take out the Pathfinder Tours 1Z22 17:00 Thurso to Wick and Inverness 'Orcadian' railtour.

158728 Achnasheen 27 August 2005

158728 pulls into Achnasheen station to pick up a single passenger on 27 August 2005. It is working the 16:48 Kyle of Lochalsh to Inverness ScotRail service, one of only four up services over the line, and even this service doesn't run for the full period of the summer timetable. Although seemingly very remote, Achnasheen is actually an important settlement on the Kyle of Lochalsh line, as it has a petrol station, and a hotel as well as a road junction. Not many houses though!

158733 Gleneagles 28 April 1998

There isn't really any need to explain where this is! 158733 speeds through Gleneagles station on 28 April 1998 with the 16:25 Glasgow Queen Street to Aberdeen ScotRail service. Unfortunately the distinctive red nameboard has since been replaced with a more conventional sign.

158736 North Queensferry 30 August 2016

At least three passengers get ready to board the 2G64 16:23 Cowdenbeath to Edinburgh ScotRail service, as it arrives at North Queensferry station on 30 August 2016, worked by 158736. With dark clouds all around, I was quite surprised to get quite so many pictures in the sun during my visit here.

158737 Melton Ross 26 July 2003

158737 passes Melton Ross on 26 July 2003 with the 14:29 Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport Trans Pennine Express service. The claret livery of these Trans Pennine Class 158s looked quite stylish, and is certainly preferable to some of the bizarre liveries that we have seen on the national network since privatisation. This unit was disbanded later the following year, with the individual vehicles finding their way into newly formed three car sets 158971 & 158972.

158745 Berkley 9 April 2005

158745 passes Berkley on 9 April 2005 with a Bristol Temple Meads to Weymouth Wessex Trains service. The unit is wearing the obsolete Alphaline livery, subtlety rebranded with the new owners name. It hardly seemed worth adopting a new livery, as the company , which took over from Wales & West in 2001, was superceded by First Great Western less than five years later.

158748 Wickwar 25 September 2009

In a small patch of autumnal sunshine on 25 September 2009, 158748 emerges from Wickwar Tunnel with the 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service. The footbridge in the background is also an aqueduct, carrying a small stream across the railway in a cast iron trough underneath the footpath.

158752 Cornholme 16 March 2015

158752 passes Cornholme on 16 March 2015 with the 1B18 10:27 York to Blackpool North Northern Rail service. Frostholme Mill, now the home of the Sutcliffe Furniture Company, dominates the centre of this view, while St. Michael's church can be seen in the background.

158755 Black Bank 20 May 1991

158755 catches the last of the evening light, as it passes Black Bank (between Ely and March) with the late running 17:45 Norwich to Liverpool Lime Street Regional Railways service on 20 May 1991. 158755 was less than six months old at this time. Amazingly, over two decades after this picture was taken, the redundant buffer stop was still in situ on the lineside.

158755 Luddendenfoot 16 November 2015

With Sowerby's eighteenth century parish church dominating the horizon, 158755 passes a fine display of autumn foliage, as it enters the cutting on the approach to Luddendenfoot on 16 November 2015 with the 2M36 07:51 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern service. Luddendenfoot station (which closed in 1962) is principally remembered for being in the charge if Bramwell Brontė during the 1840s. Characteristically, Bramwell spent too much time in the local pub, and left a porter in charge of the station. When the porter embezzled money, Bramwell was sacked.

158756 Summit Tunnel 16 March 2015

In the pouring rain, 158756 emerges from Summit Tunnel on 16 March 2015 with the 2M00 07:18 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern Rail service. In 1984 Summit Tunnel was seriously damaged when a petrol tanker train derailed inside. This resulted in a serious fire, sending flames over a hundred feet into the air from the tunnel ventilation shafts!

158756 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

158756 passes Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the 2M38 08:51 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern service. Situated just to the east of Todmorden, the junction is where the Copy Pit route diverges from the Leeds to Manchester line.

158757 Hebden Bridge 16 March 2015

158757 arrives at Hebden Bridge on 16 March 2015 with the 2M10 12:18 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern Rail service. The railway here follows the valley of the River Calder, and at this point the valley is quite narrow, with Crow Nest Wood rising up behind the railway.

158757 Mytholmroyd 16 November 2015

Running 32 minutes late due to flooding caused by the previous day's torrential rain, 158757 arrives at Mytholmroyd station on 16 November 2015 with the 2E39 08:16 Manchester Victoria to Leeds Northern service. It is passing the original Manchester & Leeds Railway station building, which is now disused and largely sealed up. It contains a listed stone staircase.

158758 Hatfield & Stainforth 15 March 2007

158758 calls at Hatfield & Stainforth station on 15 March 2007 with the 09:46 Doncaster to Hull Northern Trains service. The rather plain blue livery is a hang over from the former First North Western franchise, and the only sign of its current operator here being a discrete 'Northern' branding at the far end of each vehicle. Incidentally the people in the platform waiting shelter are not passengers, but rail enthusiasts, who often gather at this station to observe the high volume of traffic that passes through.

158758 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

158758 passes Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the late running 2M04 09:19 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern service. It is slowing down for the Todmorden station stop, a short distance away.

158761 Hemingbrough 24 January 2004

A vintage cast iron milepost adds a touch of railway heritage to the foreground, as 158761 passes Hemingbrough with the 11:43 York to Hull TransPennine Express service on 24 January 2004. There is certainly no problem with the train sneaking up on you at this location, as it is on one of the longest sections of dead straight track in the country!

158762 Tredington 13 February 2008

In golden evening light, 158762 passes Tredington on 13 February 2008 with the 14:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. 4 hours 20 minutes is a bit of a marathon journey in a DMU, surely? This unit carries the latest version of First's livery, with strange lower bodyside graphics.

158763 Sapperton 28 October 2008

The morning of 28 October 2008 was clear and frosty, so despite the forecast of rapidly building cloud followed by showers, I decided a trip to the Gloucester to Swindon line was required in order to photograph the autumn colours in the so called 'Golden Valley'. Unfortunately due to the depth of the valley and the abundance of trees on both sides of the line, most locations are in deep shade at this time of year. However, near the approach to Sapperton Tunnel there is a gap, which despite one annoying shadow provides a clear view with a magnificently coloured background. 158763 climbs the bank with the 09:38 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. Just prior to this a fox had been sunning himself up against the fence by the sign in the background!

158764 East Garforth 24 January 2004

A very lucky and perfectly timed passing shot at East Garforth on 24 January 2004, as a pair of TransPennine Express Class 158s pass each other in the station. 158764 speeds through with the 09:28 Manchester Victoria to Bridlington service, while 158766 calls with the 10:24 York to Manchester Victoria working.

158764 Pilning 8 September 2006

158764 leads and unidentified classmate through Pilning on 8 September 2006 with the late running 1F18 12:22 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff First Great Western service. Both units are in the transitional TransPennine / FGW livery.

158766 Severn Tunnel Junction 15 April 1991

St Michael's Church, Llanfihangel Rogiet dominates the background of this view at Severn Tunnel Junction on a slightly misty 15 April 1991, as 158766 passes the remnants of the diesel fueling point, whilst working the 10:35 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour Regional Railways service.

158766 Wickwar Tunnel 9 August 2007

158766 still sports Trans Pennine livery as it emerges from Wickwar Tunnel on 9 August 2007 with the 10:36 Worcester Shrub Hill to Taunton First Great Western service. Along with all the other Class 158s that FGW acquired from the north, 158766 would soon emerge in its new owner's own livery.

158766 Ashchurch 23 August 2008

158766 pulls away from Ashchurch station, after calling for passengers whilst working the 08:25 Great Malvern to Westbury First Great Western service on 23 August 2008. A basic new station to replace the original demolished one, but note the artifacts from a bygone era, including the cast iron milepost on the left, and the squat water tower in the background.

158766 Charfield 2 March 2010

On 2 March 2010, 158766 passes the site of the serious 1928 rail crash at Charfield with the late running 1O98 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service. This is one of the few instances where a photographic location has actually got better, with the removal of numerous lineside trees.

158766 Up Hatherley 14 March 2011

158766 passes Up Hatherley on 14 March 2011 with the 2G82 09:54 Swindon to Cheltenham First Great Western service. An ideal location if you like Class 158s, with Arriva's 158824 passing by half an hour before. An interesting comparison of liveries.

158769 Stoke Orchard 18 September 2007

158769 passes Stoke Orchard on 18 September 2007 with the 14:09 Great Malvern to Taunton First Great Western service. The unit is still wearing Trans Pennine Express livery, which is hardly appropriate for this route. Trans Cotswold Express possibly! It would soon receive FGW's corporate livery.

158769 Gossington 8 April 2010

158769 passes milepost 106 near Gossington on 8 April 2010 with the 07:23 Warminster to Great Malvern First Great Western service. Rather a strange choice of start and end locations, from a small town on the main line between Salisbury and Westbury, to another small town on the line between Worcester and Hereford!

158770 Cossington 22 March 2012

158770 passes Cossington on 22 March 2012 with the 2L54 06:50 Sleaford to Leicester East Midlands Trains service. As this is a stopping service, it has to use the relief line, in order to call at local stations such as Sileby and Syston.

158776 & 158760 Althorpe 23 May 2001

A very luck passing shot at Althorpe on 23 May 2001, which would not have been remotely possible if either or both of the Northern Spirit trains were running to time. 158776 heads westwards with the 18:19 Cleethorpes to Manchester Airport (20 minutes late), while 158760 heads in the opposite direction with the 16:42 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes (8 minutes late). Note the advert in the background for, a defunct online technology retailer, once a rival for Amazon.

158780 Narborough 26 November 2005

Central Trains green liveried 158780 arrives at Narborough on 26 November 2005 with the 09:02 Birmingham New Street to Lincoln Central service, passing the former London & North Western Railway goods shed (now used by a builder's merchant).

158782 Pembrey & Burry Port 15 July 2006

158782 calls at Pembrey & Burry Port station on 15 July 2006 with the 11:05 Carmarthen to Manchester Piccadilly Arriva Trains Wales service. There are certainly plenty of ways to cross the line here. The roadbridge in the background has its own dedicated footbridge alongside, while the station has an ex GWR footbridge, and then of course there's the footbridge I'm standing on!

158786 & 170418 Gleneagles 6 July 2008

How's this for a livery off the beaten track. Over 400 miles from its former haunts, 158786 is still sporting full South West Trains livery, complete with branding as it approaches Gleneagles with the 08:41 Glasgow Queen Street to Aberdeen First ScotRail service on 6 July 2008, in the company of more appropriately liveried 170418. ScotRail acquired two former South West Trains Class 158s in 2007, SWT having earlier acquired them from Central Trains. It is unusual for transferred units to retain their former operator's name, even if the livery remains unaltered, so perhaps residents of the Highlands think this refers to south west Scotland!

158787 Goole 12 March 2010

With Goole's Guardian Glass factory on the extreme left, and the town's Roman Catholic church on the extreme right. 158787 heads north from the town with the 10:41 Sheffield to Bridlington Northern Rail service on 12 March 2010. 158787 is one of a number of Northern's units whose livery has been 'improved' by the application of vinyls.

158787 Thorne North 25 June 2014

158787 approaches Thorne North station on 25 June 2014 with the 2C40 19:53 Doncaster to Hull Northern service. The train is crossing the bridge over the A614 road. Thorne Junction is just out of sight around the corner in the background. The lines to Hull and Scunthorpe diverge at that point.

158790 Water Orton 6 April 2002

158790 swings round the curve near Water Orton on 6 April 2002 with the 1D55 09:35 Birmingham New Street to Nottingham Central Trains service. Another, rather larger, house has now joined the line of semis in the background, right up against the railway fence!

158790 Didcot North Junction 22 April 2002

A stranger in the Didcot area! Central Trains 158790 passes Didcot North Junction on 22 April 2002 with the 17:29 Bristol Temple Meads to Bicester Town First Great Western service. Class 158s were occasionally hired in to cover for unavailable Class 165s on this route, until the little used service was axed in 2003. 37203 can be seen in the background, waiting to leave the yard with the late running 6M28 18:22 Didcot to Bescot departmental working.

158790 Thorne North 25 June 2014

158790 arrives at Thorne North station on 25 June 2014 with the 2C77 17:43 Hull to Sheffield Northern service. The 1W48 17:41 Sheffield to Scarborough Northern service (which did not call at the station), can just be seen disappearing into the distance.

158791 Old Denaby 17 April 2006

158791 just arrives at Old Denaby before the cloud on 17 April 2006, whilst working the 10:57 Manchester Airport to Cleethorpes TransPennine Express service. The unit is wearing the former Central Trains livery, with all signs of the former operator removed, to be replaced with First TransPennine Express branding.

158791 Thorne Junction 21 July 2014

158791 has just come off the Goole line at Thorne Junction on 21 July 2014, as it works the 2C85 19:25 Hull to Doncaster Northern service. Although single track at the actual junction, the line reverts to double track just around the corner.

158792 Chinley 10 March 1997

158792 approaches Chinley on 10 March 1997 with the 11:43 Sheffield to Liverpool Lime Street. The unit is still in its original Provincial Railways livery, with 'Express' branding breaking up the two blue bodyside bands.

158793 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 26 June 2008

158793 arrives at Goole with the 07:41 Sheffield to Bridlington Northern Rail service on 26 June 2008. This unit carries additional advertising vinyls over the standard Northern Rail livery. Compare it with 158860 which worked the next hourly service. Note the Guardian float glass works in the background.

158796 Hexthorpe 28 July 2008

There are dark clouds over Doncaster on the morning of 28 July 2008 as 158796 Fred Trueman - Cricketing Legend passes Hexthorpe in its own little patch of sunshine. It is working the 10:13 Adwick to Sheffield Northern Rail service. 

158796 Goole 1 April 2013

The landslip at Hatfield Colliery in early 2013 resulted in Goole's train service being recast, with all southbound services terminating at the town, with the exception of the very infrequent trains to Leeds, which use the unaffected line via Knottingley. On 1 April 2013, 158796 Fred Trueman - Cricketing Legend accelerates away from the station with the 2C20 10:16 Goole to Hull Northern Trains service, which had working in a little earlier as the 2C29 09:00 Beverley to Goole. For once I was glad that it was a dull day, as this allowed the use of this normally very difficult viewpoint from the north side of the line, which includes all the well known Goole landmarks: St John the Evangelist's church spire, the dockside cranes and silos, and the two distinctive water towers.

158796 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

158796 Fred Trueman - Cricketing Legend  takes the Copy Pit route at Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the late running 1B14 08:27 York to Blackpool North Northern service. In the background is the 225 yard long Millwood Tunnel.

158798 Llandevenny 30 January 2016

Making a change from GWR's standard blue livery, 158798 sports vinyls supporting the children's charity 'Springboard'. The wording on the first coach reads: 'Supporting North Somerset children with additional needs'. It is seen here passing Llandevenny on 30 January 2016 with the 1F11 10:26 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour service.

158798 Kimbridge 8 September 2016

Springboard charity liveried 158798 catches the evening sun at Kimbridge on 8 September 2016, as it heads up the valley of the River Test with the 1F30 17:23 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central GWR service.

158805 Mirfield 18 March 2006

158805 approaches Mirfield on 18 March 2006 with the 11:04 Manchester Airport to Newcastle TransPennine service. The train had just joined the Brighouse route (straight ahead) at Heaton Lodge Junction, seen in the background.

158806 East Midlands Parkway 11 March 2010

With the base of one of Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station's cooling towers visible on the right, 158806 pulls away from East Midlands Parkway station on 11 March 2010 with the 06:50 Sleaford to Leicester East Midlands Trains service. East Midlands Parkway station opened on 26 January 2009. Note the remains of the old connection to the power station in the foreground.

158808 Mirfield 18 March 2006

With hints of Yorkshire's former industrial past visible on the background (Ledgard Bridge Mill, now converted into flats), 158808 rounds the curve at Mirfield on 18 March 2006 with the 11:00 Middlesbrough to Manchester Airport TransPennine service.

158812 & 158862 Rauceby 25 July 2009

A pair of obsolete liveries at Rauceby on 25 July 2009. 158812 (in the old East Midlands Trains colour scheme) & 158862 (in rebranded former Central Trains livery) speed past with the 08:45 Nottingham to Skegness service. Frustratingly it is not possible to include the R of Rauceby's signal box nameboard in the picture without stepping off the platform edge!

158817 Mexborough 2 March 2002

A forbidding sky hangs over Mexborough station on 2 March 2002, but the gleaming paintwork of 158817 tries to compensate as it speeds through the station. Quite what an Alphaline Class 158 is doing so far north is not certain, but judging by the ex-works condition, I would assume that it is heading back to the West Country after being repainted. Confirmation anyone?

158818 Highnam 29 March 2008

158818 passes Highnam (near Gloucester) on 29 March 2008 with the 07:05 Cardiff Central to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. Although a plain livery (or perhaps because its so plain), this colour scheme seems to suit these units very well.

158819 Hereford 2 June 2009

158819's Arriva livery looks very restrained compared with the host of bright colours on the privatised railway. It formally carrying Ginsters advertising vinyls, and presumably this grey colour scheme is purely temporary. It is pictured leaving Hereford on 2 June 2009 with the 15:20 Cardiff Central to Holyhead Arriva Trains Wales service.

158820 Bitterne 5 March 1994

158820 speeds through Bittern on the Southampton to Fareham line with the 12:00 Cardiff Central to Brighton Regional Railways service on  5 March 1994. 158820 was just over two years old when this photo was taken and still carried its original livery. Superb late afternoon lighting with some very threatening dark clouds in the background over Southampton.

158821 & 158830 Harlech 20 October 2014

A busy moment at Harlech on 20 October 2014. Underneath the shadow of the 13th century Harlech Castle, local schoolchildren prepare to board a couple of trains that are crossing in the station. In the foreground 158821 is just arriving with the 2J11 10:09 Birmingham International to Pwllheli Arriva Trains Wales service, while in the other platform 158830 waits with the 2G55 13:38 Pwllheli to Birmingham International.

158821 Criccieth 20 October 2014

Despite the removal of the passing loop, and the addition of various modern signs, Criccieth station retains plenty of period character. 158821 arrives exactly on time (note the train indicator) on 20 October 2014 with the 2G65 15:37 Pwllheli to Machynlleth Arriva Trains Wales service. The picture was deliberately taken a little early in order to show the details of the platform canopy.

158822 Up Hatherley 16 March 2009

Sporting the rather bland Arriva transitional livery, 158822 nears journey's end as it passes Up Hatherley on 16 March 2009 with the 2G56 09:17 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. Naturally, this unit has subsequently been repainted into Arriva's much more striking turquoise colour scheme.

158823 Portskewett 20 September 2008

Sunshine and shade at Portskewett on 20 September 2008. 158823 passes with the 09:17 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. On the face of it an unlikely through service, I wonder if any passengers ever travel the entire route? The field on the right was the site of Time Team's recent excavation of the site where Harold Godwinson, later to become King Harold, built a hunting lodge in 1065 after defeating the Welsh. Hence the local name of Harold's Field.

158824 Up Hatherley 14 March 2011

158824 passes Up Hatherley on 14 March 2011 with the 2G54 08:00 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. Close inspection of the original high-res file reveals that in typical DMU tradition the wrong destination is being displayed. In this case the point of origin - Maesteg. Nowadays I prefer this location to the once popular bridge at Badgeworth, which can be seen in the background. A large radio mast (just visible) now effectively ruins that location.

158825 Wem 4 June 2005

I wonder if there is a buffet trolley selling pasties on this train? Ginsters liveried 158825 leaves Wem station with the 08:41 Crewe to Shrewsbury service on 4 June 2005. Although the signal box survives by virtue of the adjacent level crossing, the station itself now only has very basic passenger facilities.

158829 Pwll 18 July 2002

158829 passes Pwll on 18 July 2002 with the 10:44 Birmingham New Street to Milford Haven Wales & Borders Trains service. This picture is taken from where the Millennium Coast Path crosses the railway, oddly not by a conventional footbridge, but over the top of a short cut and cover tunnel!

158829 Lickey Incline 26 July 2003

158829 climbs the 1 in 37 Lickey Incline on 26 July 2003 with the 07:05 Cardiff Central to Birmingham New Street Wales & Borders Trains service. Wales & Borders was a very short lived franchise, lasting barely two years. It replaced Wales & West and was succeeded by Arriva Trains Wales. 158829 is wearing the Alphaline livery, originally applied by Wales & West.

158829 Malago Vale 8 May 2004

158829 passes Malago Vale on 8 May 2004 with the 06:25 Carmarthen to Penzance Arriva Trains Wales service. How would you fancy such a mammoth journey in a Class 158? The buddleia bushes are taking over what's left of the site of the former Malago Vale carriage sidings on the right.

158829, 158832 & 158830 Machynlleth 29 May 2016

158829, 158832 & 158830 (out of sight around the reverse curve) arrive at Machynlleth on 29 May 2016 with the 1J23 16:07 Birmingham International to Aberystwyth and Pwllheli Arriva Trains Wales service. The train will divide here, with one unit going forward as the 2J23 18:55 Machynlleth to Pwllheli. The train is passing the old engine shed, now serving as a DMU stabling point.

158830 Nant-y-Derry 23 August 2003

158830 passes Nant-y-Derry (between Abergavenny and Pontypool) with the 05:23 Holyhead to Cardiff Central Wales & Borders service on 23 August 2003. The unit is wearing the Alphaline livery, complete with large A graphics that were partially interrupted by the windows.

158830 Harlech 20 October 2014

158830 arrives at Harlech station on 20 October 2014 with the 2G55 13:38 Pwllheli to Birmingham International Arriva Trains Wales service. Note the grass covered platforms. Only the sections near the station building are now in use, with the rest fenced off. Several miles of dead straight track can be seen stretching off into the distance. Barely visible in the clouds is the great mass of the mountains in the Snowdonia National Park.

158832 Bath Sydney Gardens 19 August 1993

The classic location of Sydney Gardens, Bath, which was a superb location to watch trains go by, with seats in the park provided for that very purpose. For well over a century there was nothing more than the low stone wall between the park and the line. Network Rail have now ruined this by adding a crude chestnut paling fence, although that is nothing compared with the desecration this location will suffer if the partially aborted electfrication ever gets here! 158832 passes through the gardens on 19 August 1993 with the 07:18 Swansea to Portsmouth Harbour service.

158832 Wye Valley Junction 17 March 2007

An almost aerial view of Wye Valley Junction on 17 March 2007. 158832 passes by with the 11:45 Cheltenham to Maesteg Arriva Trains Wales service. Although long disused, the lever frame for the branch is still in situ. This view is somewhat deceptive, as it appears that the turnout connecting the branch to the mainline is also still there. However, plain line has replaced the point, but the old rails (even in the 'four foot' of the mainline) are still there.

158832 & 158823 Walcot (Shropshire) 26 July 2014

158832 & 158823 pass Walcot on 26 July 2014 with the 1G15 07:30 Aberystwyth to Birmingham International Arriva Trains Wales service. Only one of the units would have originated from Aberystwyth, the other would have joined it at Machynlleth, after arriving with the 2G15 06:46 from Barmouth.

158833 Sutton Bridge Junction 13 May 2000

158833 passes underneath the road bridge at Sutton Bridge Junction on 13 May 2000 with the 07:20 Cardiff Central to Manchester Piccadilly Wales & West service. On the left is the 61 lever Sutton Bridge Junction signal box.

158833 Grange Court 14 January 2011

158833 rounds the sharp curve at the site of Grange Court Junction on 14 January 2011, as it works the 2G54 08:00 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. The relief line on the right definitely hasn't been used for a good few years, as the bramble bushes are encroaching in the background.

158836 Barmouth 18 June 2005

158836 leaves Barmouth on 18 June 2005 with the 11:32 Pwllheli to Birmingham New Street Arriva Trains Wales service. Naturally I had not traveled all the way to the West Wales coast  for a Class 158. I had intended to photograph the Pathfinder Tours 'Snowdonian I' railtour, however amazingly this was diverted whilst en-route to run to Blackpool! Although I suppose it does show a surprising amount of last minute initiative, it was a bit frustrating being stuck so far away from the action. Trouble with the loco (37406) meant that Network Rail would not allow the train to proceed to its original destination, due to the remoteness from any potential rescue locomotive.

158836 Machynlleth 19 October 2014

158836 heads away from Machynlleth station on 19 October 2014 with the 1G21 11:30 Aberystwyth to Birmingham International Arriva Trains Wales service. A brief spell of sunshine provides ideal illumination for this going away shot, with the hills (and solitary wind turbine) as a scenic background.

158838 & 158839 Pilning 12 December 1994

Rush hour at Pilning! On 12 December 1994, the guard of 158838 waits (in vain!) for passengers at the remote station whilst working the 12:24 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central Regional Railways service - the only down train of the day to call at the station. By an amazing stroke of luck, consecutively numbered 158839 is pictured passing through at speed in the other direction with the 14:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour train. Incidentally, the only up train to serve the station at the time departed at 09:37 towards Bristol.

158840 & 158837 Preston (Shropshire) 19 May 2016

158840 & 158837 pass Preston (near Shrewsbury) with the 1G31 10:34 Shrewsbury to Birmingham International Arriva Trains Wales service on 19 May 2016. Note the dead pigeon hitching a ride on the front of 158840! Disappearing into the distance is 170507, which is working the late running 1J08 09:05 Birmingham New Street to Shrewsbury London Midland service. It would return shortly with the 1G23 10:47 Shrewsbury to Birmingham New Street.

158841 Wye Valley Junction 17 March 2007

158841 passes Wye Valley Junction (near Chepstow) with the 13:45 Cheltenham to Maesteg Arriva Trains Wales service on 17 March 2007. Note the disused Wye Valley Branch climbing up above the mainline in the background. The bridge in the background is purely an occupation crossing for Mead Farm (on the right).

158841 Machynlleth 19 October 2014

158841 arrives at Machynlleth on 19 October 2014 with the 1J13 11:26 Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth Arriva Trains Wales service, passing classmate 158839, which is resting between duties in the old steam loco shed. The loco depot closed in 1966, with the majority of the buildings being demolished. However, the walls of the original shed survived, and now are back in use again, with a new roof. The depot now serves as the main base for Arriva Train's Cambrian Line fleet of DMUs.

158841 Penychain 20 October 2014

Penychain station (between Criccieth and Pwllheli) is now a little used unstaffed request stop, but during the 1950s and 1960s it was very busy, as it was situated next to the famous Butlins Pwllheli holiday camp. In fact in those days it was known as Butlins Penychain station. After the 1960s most campers arrived by car, and the station declined in importance. Butlins closed in 1998, and the site is now a caravan park. The station presents an odd appearance, with its massive zig-zag disabled access ramp (mostly off to the left of this picture), and its rural location, down a narrow farm track. The trees behind the station building now hide the caravans from view. On 20 October 2014, 158841 accelerates away again with the 2J15 12:09 Birmingham International to Pwllheli Arriva Trains Wales service, after briefly slowing down in the vain hope that there might be some passengers.

158842 Panteg 28 May 2005

158842 passes Panteg on 28 May 2005 with the 13:05 Carmarthen to Manchester Piccadilly Arriva Trains Wales service. Judging by the rust and weeds, its been a long time since the sidings on the right were last used!

158843 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

158843 approaches Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the 1B15 09:11 Blackpool North to York Northern service. The train, which was running late due to flooding, is rounding the sharp curve from Stansfield Hall Junction.

158843 Goole 17 December 2016

158843 approaches Goole on 17 December 2016 with the 2C43 11:23 Hull to Doncaster Northern service. Note the advertising vinyls, which partly cover the windows. Obviously Northern don't consider being able to look out of the window as being very important!

158844 Compton Beauchamp 21 May 2001

An unusual visitor to the Great Western Mainline on 21 May 2001. Central Trains 158844 heads east past Compton Beauchamp with the late running 09:03 Bristol Temple Meads to Oxford First Great Western service. These trains were normally worked by FGW's Class 165s, but occasionally Central Trains Class 158s were hired in, as here. Thanks to Simon Coles for the information.

158844 Codsall Wood 29 April 2006

158844 leads an unidentified Ginsters liveried classmate on 29 April 2006, as they approach Codsall Wood with the 1G15 07:30 Aberystwyth to Birmingham New Street Central Trains service. The bridge I am standing on marks the boundary between Shropshire and Staffordshire.

158846 Manea 22 March 1998

158846 speeds through Manea station on 22 March 1998 with the 15:50 Norwich to Manchester Piccadilly Central Trains service. The 'Way Out' sign is appropriate, as the station is way out in the fens, and although just on the edge of Manea village, like most fenland stations, it has a very remote feel.

158846 Llandecwyn 6 August 2002

At Llandecwyn, on the Porthmadog to Dovey Junction line, the railway runs alongside the road, after crossing over the Afon Dwyryd at the Pont Briwet bridge. This is the close up roadside view of 158846, as it rounds the curve on 6 August 2002 with the 2G35 09:42 Pwllheli to Machynlleth Wales & Borders service.

158846 Ynyslas 22 March 2003

158846 heads away from the camera at Ynyslas on 22 March 2003 with the 1G55 15:36 Aberystwyth to Birmingham New Street Wales & Borders service. It's not very often that you see a neat row of trackside daffodils!

158847 Porthmadog 8 August 2002

Devoid of any front end identification, 158847 arrives at Porthmadog station on 8 August 2002 with the 2G75 17:38 Pwllheli to Machynlleth Wales & Borders service. At Machynlleth this connects with the 1G75 19:30 Aberystwyth to Birmingham New Street. The state of the track (covered in litter and weds) would be a shock to a PW worker from the days of steam!

158847 Washwood Heath 17 February 2007

158847 passes by a line of Class 66s parked in Washwood Heath Yard, as it heads east with the 1L08 08:24 Birmingham New Street to Stansted Airport Central Trains service, deputising for the more normal Class 170 unit. Note the stacked portacabins, which are the standard solution for small offices in railway yards across the country.

158848 Cornholme 16 March 2015

158848 heads down the Calder Valley at Cornholme on 16 March 2015 with the 1B17 10:11 Blackpool North to York Northern Rail service. A typical Pennine scene, and unfortunately also in typical Pennine weather!

158849 Goole 14 November 2015

The unique Tour de France yellow liveried 158849 departs from Goole station on 14 November 2015 with the 1J26 11:11 Bridlington to Sheffield Northern service. The wording on the side reads: 'We Took You To The Tour'. It formerly read: 'Taking You To The Tour'. In the foreground is the equally unique spectacle of a passenger train in the Goole Docks branch headshunt. This is the UK Railtours 1Z25 07:14 Finsbury Park to Goole Docks 'Galloping Goolie' railtour. 66206 can just be seen amid the silver birch bushes.

158849 Saltmarshe 14 November 2015

Tour de France yellow liveried 158849 speeds through the remote station at Saltmarshe (actually near the village of Laxton) on the rainy afternoon of 14 November 2015 with the 1W40 13:41 Sheffield to Bridlington Northern service.

158851 Lakenheath 22 February 1997

158851 passes the 1885 built Great Eastern Railway signal box at Lakenheath on 22 February 1997 with the 13:00 Norwich to Liverpool Lime Street Central Trains service. There was almost a glimpse of sun for this picture, but the dark clouds rolling in from the east ensured that wouldn't happen again!

158852 Glandyfi 5 August 2002

The 11:35 Aberystwyth to Birmingham New Street Central Trains services runs alongside the River Dovey at Glandyfi on 5 August 2002, led by 158852. The train will follow the Dovey all the way to Cemmaes Road, where it will head up the valley of one of the river's tributaries towards Talerddig.

158853 Norton 12 April 2003

158853 has just passed underneath the Worcester to Oxford Cotswold Line at Norton on 12 April 2003, as it heads north with the 07:05 Cardiff Central to Birmingham New Street Wales & Borders service. The unit is wearing the stylish Central Trains livery, but with subtle Wales & Borders Trains branding. It would hang on to this colour scheme for several more years, becoming even more devoid of branding, and moving further north to work for Northern Rail.

158853 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 8 May 2007

158853 accelerates away from Goole with the 16:32 Beverley to Sheffield Northern Rail service on 8 May 2007. This is one of the former Central Trains units, and still bears that company's livery, albeit with all branding painted out. In the background 66230 can be seen waiting to leave with the 6H93 17:04 Goole to Peterborough Yard sand empties.

158853 Hexthorpe 28 July 2008

158853 passes Hexthorpe on 28 July 2008 with the 1J25 10:12 Bridlington to Sheffield Northern service. Something much more interesting is approaching from the line on the right, but unlike Northern, the Fastline freight franchise unfortunately did not survive for long!

158855 Flax Bourton 11 August 2007

158855 Exmoor Explorer passes Flax Bourton on 11 August 2007 with the 11:37 Weston-super-Mare to Bristol Temple Meads First Great Western service. 158855 would soon loose its name and be repainted into the impressive Northern Rail purple livery.

158856 Manea 23 January 2005

A close up action shot of 158856 as it passes Manea with the 13:24 Peterborough to Stansted Central Trains service on 23 January 2005. After a ten year reign, Central lost its franchise in November 2007, with this service passing to Arriva Cross Country. Other parts of the network were split between East Midlands Trains and London Midland.

158860 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 26 June 2008

158860 arrives at Goole with the 08:41 Sheffield to Bridlington Northern Rail service on 26 June 2008. The Guardian float glass works dominates the background, and the line serving the plant can be seen, both on the right of the picture, and crossing the field just below the main buildings in the distance. Note that the former open space next to the railway is now home to industrial units, with stacks of chemical drums up against the railway fence on the left.

158861 Goole 11 March 2009

158861 slows down for the approach to Goole station on 11 March 2009 whilst working the 09:06 Bridlington to Sheffield Northern Rail service. The signal on the left protects the swing bridge over the River Ouse, which is a short distance around the corner to the right. Although very infrequently used nowadays, there are still occasions when rail services face an unexpected delay while a large ship passes through. It is just as well there isn't more river traffic, as there can be a significant wait, as the whole opening and closing process is rather protracted.

158862 Bottesford 6 September 2012

Ancient and modern at Bottesford on 6 September 2012. 158862 passes the charming Victorian crossing keeper's cottage as it heads east with the 1L08 09:52 Liverpool Lime Street to Norwich East Midlands Trains service. The green signal here is worrying, as it means the barriers for the level crossing just around the corner are down, and the 2S12 11:15 Skegness to Nottingham (worked by 156498 & 153383) is bearing down from behind me, threatening to block out the picture!

158864 Gonerby Moor 25 July 2009

158864 glints in the low late evening sun as it passes Gonerby Moor with the 17:45 Nottingham to Skegness East Midlands Trains service on 25 July 2009. Yet another variation of livery on an EMT Class 158, this time a rebranded Alphaline example. This train has just traversed the recently constructed Allington curve, which allows Skegness trains to call at Grantham without interfering with traffic on the Eat Coast Mainline. Skegness bound trains now leave Grantham on the same line they arrived on, rather than heading up the ECML and diverging at Barkston South Junction. Note that despite the modern trackwork that has been constructed just beyond the bridge in the background, this section is still vintage bullhead track.

158866 Defford 10 April 2007

158866 passes Defford on 10 April 2007 with the 14:09 Great Malvern to Taunton service. To show the pace of change on the privatised railway, this unit is working a First Great Western service, despite being in the obsolete Alphaline livery, and shortly afterwards moved on to pastures new, becoming part of the East Midlands Trains fleet.

158866 Lowdham 21 July 2014

158866 pulls away from Lowdham station on 21 July 2014 with the 2L62 11:41 Lincoln Central to Leicester East Midlands Trains service. The 1896 built Midland Railway signal box has been retained to control the adjacent level crossing.

158868 Keynsham 30 October 1992

Like a large number of less important stations on the national network, Keynsham lost its once impressive station building when it became too large for the scaled down service in the 1960s. At least the replacement, seen here on 30 October 1992 is a littler better than the usual 'bus shelter' type structure. 158869 races through with the 09:20 Swansea to Portsmouth Harbour Regional Railways service, while a few passengers wait for the following 11:31 Bristol Temple Meads to Weymouth stopping train.

158870 Pilning 7 August 2005

158870 brings up the rear of a very colourful ensemble at Pilning on 7 August 2005. I wouldn't normally contemplate a going away shot, but the lighting dictates otherwise here. This Class 150/158 lash up consists of four different liveried units. Presumably an ECS move, this is being led by 150283 in Arriva blue, followed by an unidentified 158 in Central Trains green, followed by an unidentified 150 in Wessex livery, with the Alphaline liveried 158870 at the back.

158871 Abergavenny 23 April 1994

Dark threatening clouds hang over Abergavenny on 23 April 1994 as 158871 approaches with the 10:33 Manchester Piccadilly to Cardiff Central Regional Railways service. I think a little bush pruning is required here, as the sighting of the starting signal at the end of the platform must be a little restricted for the drivers of northbound trains.

158872 Langley Burrell 8 September 2007

The First Great Western Westbury to Swindon service is poorly used due to the bizarre timing of the infrequent trains. There are just two trains in each direction Mondays to Saturdays, and inexplicably two trains from Westbury to Swindon on a Sunday, but none in the opposite direction! 158872 in the now defunct Alphaline livery passes Langley Burrell with the 09:07 Westbury to Swindon service on 8 September 2007.

158880 Lee 21 March 2009

In soft late afternoon spring sunshine 158880 passes Lee (between Romsey and Southampton) with the 14:48 Salisbury to Southampton South West Trains service on 21 March 2009. A large tree is inconveniently positioned just to the left of the bridge on which I am standing, which effectively precludes getting any further to the side for a wider angle view.

158880 Oaksey 14 November 2009

An interloper on the Cheltenham to Swindon 'Golden Valley' line! Hired in South West Trains 158880 approaches the site of Oaksey station on 14 November 2009 with the 12:01 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. For a long time this view was virtually impossible due to tree growth, but a recent Railtrack blitz has seen the entire cutting side cleared of vegetation.

158880 Sapperton Tunnel (Mid Point) 21 March 2011

Sapperton Tunnel is divided into two sections, with a short open gap towards the southern end. On 21 March 2011, 158880 emerges from the long section and is almost instantly about to enter the short section whilst working the 2B90 09:40 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. This convenient roadside viewpoint was until recently totally impossible due the vegetation surrounding the tunnel. However, it's not easy even now, as the constant road traffic noise makes hearing the approaching train very difficult. 158880 is on long term hire to First Great Western and its South West Trains livery adds a bright splash of colour to a dull day.

158881 Standish Junction 25 October 2010

On hire to First Great Western from South West Trains and bringing a welcome change of livery to the FGW area, 158881 takes the 'Golden Valley' route at Standish Junction with the 2B90 09:40 Cheltenham to Swindon service on a brilliantly sunny 25 October 2010.

158881 Standish Junction 12 October 2016

158881 approaches Standish Junction on 12 October 2016 with the 2G87 15:36 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa GWR service. What I had hoped for here was a picture of the diverted 6B33 13:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties, but it ran early, and it was passing under the bridge as I arrived!

158882 Oaksey 8 April 2011

Blackthorn blossom in abundance at Oaksey on 8 April 2011 as hired in South West Trains 158882 passes by with the 2B94 13:40 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. Note the young ash trees growing up in the foreground. How long before this viewpoint disappears?

158882 Kimbridge 8 September 2016

158882 approaches the site of Kimbridge Junction on 8 September 2016 with the 2S51 17:07 Romsey to Salisbury South West Trains service. This was formerly the junction for the Southern Railway line to Stockbridge and Andover.

158883 & 153308 Ancaster 25 July 2009

South West Trains in Lincolnshire! Well away from its former territory, 158883 shows no signs of East Midlands Trains ownership as it calls at Ancaster to pick up a couple of passengers whilst working the 10:15 Skegness to Nottingham service on 25 July 2009. 153308 can just be seen on the rear of the train. Only a handful of trains stop at Ancaster each day.

158883 Badgeworth 24 July 2012

158883 brings a splash of inappropriate colour to the Cotswolds on 24 July 2012. The South West Trains liveried unit is working the 2B94 13:40 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. It is pictured here passing Badgeworth.

158884 Kemble Wick 24 March 2017

158884 passes Kemble Wick on 24 March 2017 with the 2B94 13:20 Cheltenham Spa to Swindon GWR service. This anomaly of a South West Trains liveried DMU in the Cotswolds is not as unusual as it would appear, as a number of Class 158s have been on hire to GWR for many years now, resulting in scenes like this being a daily occurrence. The unit is still accelerating, after its stop at Kemble station, which is just beyond the short tunnel in the background. The spire of Kemble church can been seen behind the trees on the right.

158885 Awbridge 21 March 2009

158885 passes Awbridge (near Romsey) on 21 March 2009 with the 2R50 13:48 Salisbury to Romsey South West Trains service. On reaching Romsey (for the first time), the train will travel via Southampton, Eastleigh and Chandler's Ford, before arriving at Romsey once again.

158886 Haresfield 29 August 2014

Hired in South West Trains 158886 works the 2B90 09:18 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service on 29 August 2014. It is seen here passing Haresfield, with the western escarpment of the Cotswold Hills visible in the background.

158886 Bremell Sidings (site of) 14 September 2016

158886 passes the site of Bremell Sidings on 14 September 2016 with the 2G87 15:36 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa GWR service. The oil depot on the left was formerly rail connected, although unfortunately I never did manage to photograph a train in its sidings.

158887 Kemble Wick 5 March 2010

A slightly different viewpoint at Kemble Wick on 5 March 2010. With the ivy covered bridge parapet in the foreground, 158887 heads south with the 13:40 Cheltenham to Swindon service. 158887 is on hire to First Great Western from South West Trains, and brings a welcome livery variation to the route. Just visible in the distance in the centre of this picture is the spire of Kemble church.

158888 Avoncliff 18 April 2015

On hire from South West Trains, 158888 accelerates away from its booked stop at Avoncliff on 18 April 2015 with the 2M98 12:27 Southampton Central to Great Malvern First Great Western service. Whilst the River Avon is clearly visible in the foreground, less obvious is the Kennet & Avon Canal, which is just behind the train, at a slightly higher level.

158889 Up Hatherley 4 May 2010

On hire to First Great Western from South West Trains, 158889 approaches Up Hatherley on 4 May 2010 with the 11:54 Swindon to Cheltenham service. A number of SWT Class 158s have seen service on this route in late 2009 and early 2010, including 158880 & 158887.

158889 Swindon (Hay Lane) 18 July 2013

Some welcome Southwest Trains colour amid a sea of First Great Western blue at Hay Lane (near Swindon) on 18 July 2013. 158889 heads for a reversal at Swindon with the 2M11 07:04 Westbury to Cheltenham First Great Western service.

158903 Sherburn-in-Elmet 22 July 2014

A surprising number of passengers can be seen waiting on the platform at Sherburn-in-Elmet on 22 July 2014, as 158903 approaches with the 2R84 10:46 Selby to York Northern service. The unit has Calder Valley promotional decals applied on top of the standard Northern Rail colour scheme.

158904 Gascoigne Wood 18 October 1997

158904 passes Gascoigne Wood Colliery on 18 October 1997 with the 09:34 Manchester Piccadilly to Hull Regional Railways North East service. This scene proves how important it is to include the contemporary railway infrastructure in pictures wherever possible. Despite having only been built in late 1970s, this huge complex has now closed, although there are still massive reserves of coal underground. Demolition has already started, and the large loading bunkers seen here are already part of history.

158904 Thorne Junction 18 December 2016

158904 passes Thorne Junction on 18 December 2016 with the 1J09 11:11 Scarborough to Sheffield Northern service. The competing form of transport, the M18 motorway, dominates the background. Not much traffic, as this is a Sunday.

158905 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 11 March 2010

158905 accelerates away from the station stop at Goole, and passes Potters Grange Junction with the 10:11 Bridlington to Sheffield Northern Rail service on 11 March 2010. Only a few years ago all the vegetation around the junction was completely cleared, but as most of the re-growrh is silver birch, which grows at a phenomenal rate, the view is getting already getting obstructed.

158906 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 26 June 2008

158906 heads away from Goole, and passes Potters Grange Junction with the 09:00 Beverley to Doncaster Northern Rail service on 26 June 2008. The recently cleared vegetation around the junction has responded well to the pruning with renewed vigour - not quite the intended result!

158906 Hebden Bridge 16 March 2015

158906 arrives at Hebden Bridge station on 16 March 2015 with the 2U27 12:26 Manchester Victoria to Leeds Northern Rail service. 158906 appropriately carries Calder Valley advertising on its bodyside. This view clearly shows that the station's platforms are staggered, with a small overlap in the middle.

158907 East Garforth 24 January 2004

158907 pulls away from East Garforth station on 24 January 2004 with the 08:48 Manchester Victoria to York Arriva Trains Northern service. Although the livery is now obsolete, and so this is something of an historic picture, the main point of being at the location was to see 40145 pass through on a railtour.

158907 Creykes Crossing 13 March 2007

In superb evening lighting, with the low sun contrasting with the dark clouds to the north, 158907 heads south from Goole and approaches Creykes Crossing with the 16:27 Hull to Doncaster Northern Rail service on 13 March 2007. The dock cranes of Goole can just be seen in the background.

158910 Church Fenton 7 May 2007

158910 calls at Church Fenton on 7 May 2007 with the 16:12 York to Scarborough (via Hull) Northern Trains service. Although there are usually some photographers at this popular location, in this case the people on the platform are waiting for 37603 & 37604 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z39 17:04 York to Southampton 'Ouse-Humberman' railtour.

158950 Dean 21 March 2009

158950 speeds through Dean with the 11:22 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central First Great Western service on 21 March 2009. First Great Western trains do not call at the intermediate stations on this line, the local service being provided by South West Trains.

158950 Coaley 18 September 2009

158950 heads past a sunny Coaley on 18 September 2009 with the 1O98 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service on 18 September 2009. This view clearly shows the former driving end now sandwiched in the middle of the unit. Class 158 reformations have almost been as frequent as some heritage units!

158950 Bapton 14 October 2009

158950 passes Bapton with the 14:22 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central First Great Western service on 14 October 2009. A pleasant enough location, but it's a pity I never visited this location in the 1980s when Class 33s were the regular motive power on these trains!

158951 Abbotswood 20 March 2009

158951 passes Abbotswood with the 2O94 14:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service on 20 March 2009. In this view the redundant cab end of the former two car 158764 can clearly be seen. The lead vehicle (52751 from disbanded set 158751) was added to the set to form a three car unit when it was originally operated by Wessex Trains.

158951 Coaley 2 August 2010

158951 passes Coaley on 2 August 2010 with the 1V94 09:00 Brighton to Great Malvern First Great Western service. A typical midsummer's day that had started with the promise of lots of sunshine and then progressively clouded up during the middle of the day.

158953 Natton 3 February 2012

158953 accelerates away from Ashchurch station (just visible beyond the bridge in the background), and passes Natton on 3 February 2012 with the 2O94 14:50 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. The yellow end on the second vehicle clearly shows that the last two vehicles were formerly the two car unit 158750.

158955 Wadborough 25 March 2011

The barriers of Wadborough level crossing are just starting to raise after the passage of 158955 on 25 March 2011. It is working the 2O94 14:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing. An excellent location for southbound trains, especially short ones such as this, with the tree in the background by the crossing and the former crossing keeper's cottage making an interesting backdrop.

158956 & 156405 Moreton-in-Marsh 4 October 2003

On 4 October 2003 the Cotswold Line Promotion Group ran the 'Cotswold - Taff Express' special train from Oxford to Cardiff using the unusual unit combination for the Cotswold Line of 158956 & 156405. The special is pictured arriving at Moreton-in-Marsh. Although Class 156s were used on the line for a short period, Class 158s have never been regularly used and therefore this is certainly a unique pairing for the route.

158956 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 25 March 2017

My first picture of a Class 158 in GWR's drab dark green livery. 158956 passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 25 March 2017 with the 1O99 10:46 Great Malvern to Bristol Temple Meads service. This is still accelerating away from Ashchurch for Tewkesbury station, which is just behind the bushes in the background.

158957 Awbridge 21 March 2009

On 21 March 2009, 158957 is pictured passing Awbridge (near Romsey) with the 11:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour First Great Western service. An ideal location for photographing southbound trains, but sadly useless for anything heading in the opposite direction due to the close proximity of another roadbridge and encroaching vegetation.

158958 Standish Junction 12 October 2016

158958 takes the Bristol line at Standish Junction on 12 October 2016 with the 2O94 1450 Great Malvern to Weymouth GWR service. Although not as bad as some locations, the lineside bushes are still more of a problem here than they were three decades earlier, when a much wider view could be had.

158959 & 150278 Pilning 27 April 2010

A comparison of liveries at Pilning on 27 April 2010. First Great Western's 158959 and Arriva Trains Wales's 150278 make an odd couple as they work the 12:23 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central service. 150278 is one of a number of units on long term hire to FGW.

158959 Stonehouse (Bristol Road) 9 June 2012

158959 passes the site of Stonehouse (Bristol Road) station on 9 June 2012 with the 2E17 07:23 Warminster to Great Malvern First Great Western service. Like most of the national network, this location has become more overgrown in recent years, although strangely there has been a reduction in the vegetation on the right of the line since 2008, although judging by the background that isn't necessarily an advantage!

158961 Wickwar Tunnel 15 April 2015

With blackthorn blossom brightening up the steep sided cutting, 158961 emerges from Wickwar Tunnel on 15 April 2015 with the 1O98 10:50 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service. This is an ideal time for photography, with the vegetation just coming into leaf and flower, but before the all pervading bland green of late May and June.

158961 Westbury 18 April 2015

158961 arrives at Westbury on 18 April 2015 with the 1F25 15:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour First Great Western service. Just behind the unit is the line leading to Heywood Junction, providing a connection to the Berks & Hants line.

158965 East Dean 9 April 2005

158965 passes East Dean on 9 April 2005 with the 08:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour Wessex Trains service. Dean station, which is situated in the neighbouring and larger village of West Dean, can just be seen in the background.