Class 67

67002 Baulking 10 December 2008

67002 Special Delivery heads west at Baulking on 10 December 2008 hauling a single EWS Mk2 coach. 3200 hp is a little excessive to move one coach, but as the class is underemployed and EWS no longer has any more suitable locomotives, I suppose it serves its purpose. 67002 was named Special Delivery at the Old Oak Common Open Day in 2000, but the name soon became slightly inappropriate when EWS lost the Royal Mail contract!

67002 Shrivenham 27 June 2011

67002 Special Delivery very nearly gets blocked out by a HST at Shrivenham on 27 June 2011. Running 15 minutes early, it speeds past the site of the old station with the Raileasy 1Z27 10:00 Frome to Preston 'Mudex', returning happy festival goers back from the Glastonbury Festival, where they have seen such big name acts as U2, BB King, Don McLean, Morrissey, Paul Simon, and of course the undoubted highlight of the event, the Wombles! Unfortunately the 1C09 10:00 Paddington to Paignton 'Torbay Express' comes within a second of ruining the shot. One the plus side however, if the 67 had been on time it would have passed by in the cloud, as a weather front coming in from the west blotted out the sun just a few minutes after this picture was taken.

67003 Broken Cross 29 March 2012

Ordinarily I would ignore something like this. Light engines are bad enough, but a Class 67 light engine is hardly worth photographing! However, as I was already in position waiting for 50049, and the light was perfect, I relented. The fact that this particular 'Skip' is in Arriva blue livery was the clincher. 67003 passes Broken Cross on 29 March 2012 with the 0Z60 08:59 Cardiff Canton to Gloucester driver training trip.

67003 Cholsey 28 April 2015

Arriva blue liveried 67003 passes Cholsey on 28 April 2015 with the diverted 6A49 07:32 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores. A good load on this occasion, as it would not be at all uncommon for the train to consist of just the two VGA vans at the front! Due to the Oxford to Bicester line being closed for extensive rebuilding, this train has to take a very long way round, going via Greenford and Calvert. It does however give much better early morning photographic opportunities.

67003 Yarnton 12 May 2015

67003 emerges from the bushes at Yarnton on 12 May 2015, as it heads south at speed with the 6V03 09:29 Fenny Compton to Didcot MoD stores. In early 2015 this Arriva blue liveried loco seems to spend most of its time working MoD trains from Didcot.

67003 Shorthampton 12 August 2015

Arriva blue liveried 67003 leads the 1Q15 09:10 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Oxford) Network Rail test train past Shorthampton on 12 August 2015. The rear loco is 67016. This location was cleared of all vegetation for the redoubling of the Cotswold Line in 2011, but with no lineside maintenance having taken place since, it has almost returned to its former overgrown state.

67004 County March Summit 23 June 2013

67004 passes County March Summit in near darkness on 23 June 2013 with the 1B01 19:50 Fort William to Edinburgh ScotRail sleeper. This location is very well known, as it can easily be viewed from the side of the main road, next to a convenient lay-by!

67004 Achallader 24 June 2013

67004 climbs past Achallader on 24 June 2013 with the 1Y11 04:50 Edinburgh to Fort William ScotRail sleeper. Hardly worth the long walk from the car, especially considering that the sun decided to stay behind the clouds at the appropriate time, and certainly no substitute for the sadly missed Class 37s. Loch Tulla is in the background.

67004 Spean Bridge 24 June 2013

As I was driving through Spean Bridge, en-route to Inverness on 24 June 2013 at about the time the 1B01 19:50 Fort William to Edinburgh ScotRail sleeper was due, a quick stop was made at the station to see 67004 arrive to pick up a solitary passenger. It is pictured here slowly entering the loop, passing the rhododendron bushes.

67005 Uffington 9 September 2006

67005 Queen's Messenger brings up the rear of the 1Z24 10:11 Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads special at Uffington on 9 September 2006. The much more interesting GWR King Class 4-6-0 steam loco 6024 King Edward 1 was leading the train. The train was run to celebrate the centenary of poet laureate Sir John Betjeman's birth. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing.

67005 & 67006 Uffington (Viewed from White Horse Hill) 5 April 2008

Probably the best distance to view a pair of 'skips' from, even if they are the Royal Train allocated pair! With Oxleaze Farm in the foreground, 67005 Queen's Messenger & 67006 Royal Sovereign head west through the Vale of White Horse near Uffington with the UK Railtours 1Z67 06:47 Stevenage to Kidderminster 'Severn Valley Sunrise' railtour on 5 April 2008. I had been waiting for the ideal weather conditions to attempt this long lens shot from the top of White Horse Hill, and the uninspiring choice of traction for this tour meant I wasn't going to miss an important picture if it didn't work out.  As the train is over two miles away, a clear morning was essential.

67005 Challow 12 May 2009

No this is not a case of Her Majesty the Queen getting some rare freight track mileage! 67005 Queen's Messenger pulls onto the up freight loop at Challow on 12 May 2009 with the Royal Train, which is working empty stock between Haverfordwest and Euston. The other Royal 'skip', 67006 Royal Sovereign can be seen on the rear of the train. The only passenger trains that normally traverse these relief lines are railtours where the route is specified so that track bashers can tick off a new section of track, albeit only a few feet away from the normal route!

67005 Avoncliff 18 April 2015

67005 Queen's Messenger runs alongside the River Avon at Avoncliff on 18 April 2015 with the 1Z74 09:15 Victoria to Bath VSOE. Note the distinctive twin arch bridge in the background, which carries the Kennet & Avon Canal over the railway.

67005 Joan Croft Junction 26 November 2016

67005 Queen's Messenger passes Joan Croft Junction on 26 November 2016 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z26 06:17 Eastleigh to York 'Festive York Explorer' railtour. The fog had only just cleared sufficiently to reveal the new flyover in the background.

67005 South Marston 11 February 2017

Luxury travel for rugby fans! Royal train liveried 67005 Queen's Messenger leads the VSOE Pullman stock past South Marston on 11 February 2017 with the 1Z60 11:15 Victoria to Cardiff Central rugby special. Thus was running 20 minutes early, having missed out its booked stop in the loop at Challow. Use of the Orient Express stock on a rugby special seems a bit of a turnaround from the days of football specials in the 1970s!

67005 Ascott-under-Wychwood 8 July 2017

67005 Queen's Messenger races through Ascott-under-Wychwood station on 8 July 2017 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z94 08:48 Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Historic Worcester' railtour. Extremely filthy 67021 is out of sight on the rear of the train. For most of the southern end of the Cotswold Line this would have been impossibly backlit, and even here it is nothing more than a record shot, but as this location is a mere ten miles from home, I thought it worth recording, despite it being Class 67 hauled!

67006 Defford 17 July 2000

67006 passes Defford on 17 July 2000 with the 1E43 15:09 Plymouth to Low Fell Royal Mail vans. 67006, along with 67005 would become much more distinctive a few years later, when they were repainted into Royal Train claret livery.

67006 Compton Beauchamp 30 April 2007

Humble duties for a royal locomotive. 67006 Royal Sovereign passes Compton Beauchamp on 30 April 2007 with the 6M33 16:23 Avonmouth to Wembley Enterprise service. The lengths of rail lying in the ballast are bad enough, but note the one lying in the 'four foot' of the down line. I know they can't be moved easily, but leaving lengths of rail this close to 125 mph running lines just shows how little regard Network Rail has for safety.

67006 Goring 12 April 2008 In clear early morning light, 67006 Royal Sovereign approaches Goring with the Kingfisher Railtours 1Z29 06:07 Taunton to Folkestone 'Golden Arrow' railtour on 12 April 2008. Southern Railway 'Battle of Britain' Class 4-6-2 34067 Tangmere would take over the tour at Willesden. This location between Didcot and Reading was chosen because the lighting would be at the perfect angle for the three railtours that were due in quick succession. Unfortunately, only this one (the least interesting) was in full sun and on the anticipated main line rather than the relief line on the right!
67006 Tackley 25 June 2012

67006 Royal Sovereign passes Tackley on 25 June 2012 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z74 05:50 Didcot Parkway to Holyhead 'Magnificent Snowdonian' railtour. I wouldn't normally bother to go out especially for a Class 67 hauled train, but the prospect of some superb early morning lighting made the effort worthwhile.

67006 Islip (Mill Lane) 11 January 2013

67006 Royal Sovereign slowly approaches Mill Lane, Islip on 11 January 2013 with the 6A49 12:10 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores. It is pulling away from the speed restriction that is in force on the bridge over the River Cherwell. A very variable day for weather. Full sun when I got up, followed shortly afterwards by total cloud cover. Later on the sun appeared to be breaking through again, so I ventured out for 56303. The sun then disappeared and was really dark when 67006 showed up. Naturally once back home it was full sun again!

67006 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 23 September 2015

67006 Royal Sovereign passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, Shrivenham, on 23 September 2015 with the 1Z30 10:33 Paddington to Cardiff Central rugby special, taking fans to see the Australia v Fiji march at the Millennium Stadium. 67008 is the rear loco.

67006 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 1 October 2015

The Rugby World Cup Wales v Fiji mach at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff on 1 October 2015 resulted in several special trains running from London. The first of these is pictured at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth. 67006 Royal Sovereign heads a motley rake of stock with the late running 1Z30 10:33 Paddington to Cardiff Central special. 67023 is at the rear.

67006 Uffington 5 May 2017

67006 Royal Sovereign passes Uffington on 5 May 2017 with the 1Z78 09:48 Victoria to Truro Belmond British Pullman luxury charter. Although only running six minutes late, this was enough to cause the following HST to pass by at what seemed like about 40mph.

67007 Bucknell 3 April 2004

67007 passes Bucknell on 3 April 2004 with the Northern Belle 1Z78 06:15 Euston to Edge Hill Grand Nation special. In the background the farm occupation bridge is being reconstructed, although I don't know why that involves such tall vertical steelwork!

67008 Launton 21 April 2015

In the class's final few weeks of operation on the Chiltern Line (in theory!), 67008 speeds past Launton on 21 April 2015 with the 1K57 17:15 Marylebone to Kidderminster service. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing.

67010 Bardrill 23 April 2003

67010 Unicorn rounds the curve at Bardrill (between Gleneagles and Blackford) on 23 April 2003 with the 5D03 10:07 Aberdeen to Motherwell vans. These are the empties from the previous night's Walsall To Aberdeen DHL parcels service.

67010 Bonnybridge 24 April 2003

67010 Unicorn passes Bonnybridge on a very gloomy 24 April 2003 with the 5D03 10:07 Aberdeen to Motherwell empty parcels vans. Another short lived traffic flow, these four vans were the returning empties off the previous night's 1S03 00:39 Walsall to Aberdeen DHL parcels service.

67010 Wormleighton Crossing 22 April 2009

67010 approaches Wormleighton Crossing (near Banbury) with a single Cargo D buffet car en-route from Wembley to Wolverton (via Coventry!) on 22 April 2009. Such a short train gives a clear view of the remains of the bridge in the background that once carried the Stratford-upon-Avon & Midland Junction Railway's Stratford to Towcester route over the GWR main line.

67010 Banbury 21 September 2009

67010 passes Banbury Stone Terminal with the 1P03 07:23 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service on 21 September 2009. There is certainly a variation in the liveries of this train, with the loco alone in the train operator's colours. The centre of the three classic blue and grey Mk3 coaches is at least branded Wrexham & Shropshire, but the DVT (82302) at the rear of the train is in the recently applied, and as yet unbranded, Chiltern Railways livery.

67010 Great Bourton 23 April 2010

A Wrexham & Shropshire Railways interlude in the Oxfordshire countryside. 67010 does the pushing on the rear, whilst 83205 leads the 1J83 16:30 Marylebone to Wrexham service on 23 April 2010. The train is pictured here passing Great Bourton and heading towards Cropredy.

67011 Crofton 21 November 2006

67011 brings up the rear of the Reading to Westbury Rail Head Treatment Train at Crofton on 21 November 2006. Surprisingly clean for an RHTT loco, and therefore worth a 'going away' shot. The front loco is almost unidentifiablely filthy, but is presumably 67013.

67011 Hinksey 21 April 2007

67011 brings up the rear of the 1Z83 17:31 Oxford to Victoria VSOE special at Hinksey on 21 April 2007, with Southern Railway Merchant Navy Class 4-6-2 35028 Clan Line doing the honours at the front. On the right is the 4L44 17:09 Cowley to Purfleet car train, which whilst further up the yard had threatened to ruin the picture of Clan Line leaving Oxford. The loco, now thankfully on the other end of the train, and hidden behind the bushes, is 66223.

67012 Fritwell 9 June 2008

67012 passes Fritwell with the 1P13 11:10 Wrexham General to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service on 9 June 2008. EWS liveried 67002 can be seen on the rear of the train. This was one of those annoying situations where the sun was behind one of the few clouds on an otherwise sunny day as the train came into view. However the cloud was obviously moving faster than the train, because it just cleared in time. Note the slightly darker ballast in front of the loco, caused by the tail end of the cloud - that's how close it was!

67012 Kings Sutton 23 April 2009

67012 A Shropshire Lad passes through Kings Sutton station on 23 April 2009 with the 1P13 11:23 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service. Obviously someone with poor colour sense must have advised Network Rail on their choice of colour scheme for the fairly recently erected footbridge. Although the locals who have long campaigned for a footbridge were glad when they finally got one, I'm not so sure they are happy with the discordant colour in what is otherwise a picturesque rural village.

67012 Kings Sutton 3 March 2010

Despite the miserable lighting conditions, the Wrexham & Shropshire Railways silver grey livery of 67012 A Shropshire Lad and its coaches certainly show up as they pass Kings Sutton on 3 March 2010 with the 1J82 11:20 Marylebone to Wrexham service.

67012 Hatton 1 February 2012

67012's A Shropshire Lad name is not quite so appropriate now that it is being used by Chiltern Railways rather than the defunct Wrexham & Shropshire Railway Company, although what A. E. Houseman would say about the name being used on a locomotive in the first place is an interesting point! On 1 February 2012, it speeds past Hatton with the 1H32 10:55 Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone service.

67012 Shrewley 10 July 2013

67012 A Shropshire Lad passes Shrewley on 10 July 2013 with the 1K54 18:15 Marylebone to Kidderminster Chiltern Railways service. Note the small Saltire sticker below the multiple working socket, a souvenir of its earlier visit to Scotland!

67012 Hanborough 13 May 2015

67012 A Shropshire Lad approaches Hanborough on 13 May 2015 with the 1Q15 08:52 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Oxford) Network Rail test train. 67029 Royal Diamond is bringing up the rear. At nearly midday, the lighting is of course awful, with the harsh overhead sun throwing all the wheels and underframe into shadow. However, I wanted a picture of this reasonably regular working passing through this recently cleared cutting. As can be seen from the tree stumps, this location hasn't been possible for decades, but it won't take long for the vegetation to start growing again!

67012 Lower Moor 2 September 2017

Former Chiltern Railways 67012 brings up the rear of the Belmond British Pullman 1Z96 16:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' railtour at Lower Moor on 2 September 2017. 67014 was the lead locomotive.

67013 Cholsey 15 June 2004

With Didcot Power Station dominating the background, 67013 passes Cholsey on 15 June 2004 with the Past Time Rail 1Z83 06:50 Manchester Piccadilly to Ascot 'Ascot Flyer' race special. The Ascot race specials have lost most of their photographic appeal since the incredibly ugly Class 67s took over!

67013 Souldern No.2 Viaduct 15 August 2008

67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysyllte crosses Souldern No.2 Viaduct with the 1P01 05:42 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service on 15 August 2008. Hidden in the bushes to the right is classmate 67014. Aynho Viaduct is the first of two viaducts spanning small streams on the Bicester line just south of Aynho Junction. Souldern Viaduct a short distance further on is an even more impressive structure, although not so easy to photograph at close quarters.

67013 Claydon (Oxfordshire) 22 April 2009

67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysylite passes Claydon with the 1P13 11:23 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service on 22 April 2009. Plenty of evidence of a thriving local rook population in the background!

67013 Little Kimble 24 May 2010

67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysyllte propels a Wembley to Aylesbury Wrexham & Shropshire Railways ECS past Little Kimble on 24 May 2010. This is one of the better photographic locations on the Aylesbury to Princes Risborough line.

67013 Bishops Itchington 26 March 2012

67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysylite passes Bishops Itchington on the unseasonably warm spring morning of 26 March 2012, as it heads south with the 1H32 10:55 Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service.

67013 Great Bourton 28 March 2012

A perfect early spring afternoon at Great Bourton on 28 March 2012. 67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysylite passes by with the 1H65 15:55 Birmingham Moor Street to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. The new livery of Chiltern's coaches matches nicely with the former Wrexham & Shropshire colour scheme of the loco.

67013 Warwick (Budbrooke Industrial Estate) 26 March 2014

67013 Dyfrbont Pontcysylite passes Budbrooke Industrial Estate, Warwick on 26 March 2014 with the 1R15 08:45 Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street Chiltern Railways service. A dull day, but that ensured that this view from the north side of the line was possible, and not in deep shadow.

67013 Denchworth 19 September 2015

Freshly painted 67013 speeds past Denchworth on 19 September 2015 with the 1Z17 11:12 Paddington to Cardiff Central rugby special, running half an hour behind schedule. This was in connection with the Ireland v Canada match at the Millennium Stadium, on the second day of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. Note the motley collection of coaching stock, headed up by four extremely faded Anglia liveried Mk2s. Hidden by the signal gantry on the rear of the train is 67029.

67014 Kings Sutton 28 April 2008

67014 rounds the curve at Kings Sutton with the first ever northbound passenger carrying Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service - the 1J80 06:45 Marylebone to Wrexham General on 28 April 2008. 67012 can just be seen on the rear of the three coach train, both locos being in Wrexham & Shropshire Railways colours. Running on time and in the company's new colours, it was a good start on the first day of the service. If only the same could be said of the inaugural southbound service!

67014 Harbury 22 August 2008

The once photographically excellent location of Harbury cutting is now virtually useless with only a half decent picture just about possible for down trains. 67014 Thomas Telford leads the 1J82 13:17 Marylebone to Wrexham service on 22 August 2008, with fellow Wrexham & Shropshire Railways liveried classmate 67013 on the rear of the train. Luckily this train came in a patch of half sun, just bright enough to create some shadows but not too contrasty in this deep tree line cutting.

67014 Old Milverton 20 February 2009

The switchback nature of the Coventry to Leamington Spa line is evident in this view as 67014 Thomas Telford approaches Old Milverton in a very lucky patch of sunshine on 20 February 2009 with the 1P13 11:23 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service. Kenilworth church, over two miles away, can be seen in the distance.

67014 Piddington 24 May 2010

67014 Thomas Telford passes Piddington on 24 May 2010 with the 1P01 05:10 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service. Unfortunately hawthorn bushes growing by the side of the bridge prevent a more side on view here, but at least it gives a clear view along the straight section of track towards Bicester.

67014 Launton 2 September 2010

67014 Thomas Telford speeds past Launton on 2 September 2010 with the 1J83 16:30 Marylebone to Wrexham service. The Wrexham & Shropshire Railway's silver livery is certainly stylish, and far more restrained that some operator's choice of colours!

67014 Great Bourton 8 December 2010

Pictured during its last week of operation, 67014 Thomas Telford leads the 1P13 11:27 Wrexham General to Marylebone service past Great Bourton on 8 December 2010. From the start of the winter timetable, the Wrexham & Shropshire Railways service is being reduced from four trains to three.

67014 Overthorpe 28 January 2011

There was sad news for the rail industry in late January 2011 with the sudden announcement that Wrexham & Shropshire Railways would cease trading. Trains ceased running just a few days after the announcement was made. A high quality operation, both in terms of coaching stock and reliability, unfortunately passengers numbers were not high, and the company lost 2.8 million in 2010 as a result. It was fairly obvious from the start that it wouldn't be viable, but even I was surprised by the sudden end. There must be numerous towns that would like a direct connection to London, and why Wrexham was highlighted is a mystery. Nevertheless, my best wishes for the future to all the staff. Despite the gloomy conditions, I went out for the last day, as I had photographed the first train in 2008. 67014 Thomas Telford is seen passing under the M40 motorway near Overthorpe with the final 1P03 07:23 Wrexham General to Marylebone service on 28 January 2011.

67014 Hatton 11 May 2015

67014 (minus its former Thomas Telford nameplates) runs through Hatton cutting on 11 May 2015 with the 1K57 17:15 Marylebone to Kidderminster Chiltern Railways service. This was during the final few days of Class 67 haulage on the route, with most of the trains already n the hands of the Vossloh built Class 68s.

67014 Lower Moor 2 September 2017

Former Chiltern Railways 67014 passes Lower Moor on 2 September 2017 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z96 16:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' railtour. Classmate 67012 was on the rear of the train.

67015 & 67020 Blackwell 3 September 2005

67015 & 67020 are just about to descend the Lickey Incline when pictured passing Blackwell on 3 September 2005. They are working the Past Time Rail 1Z31 06:02 Milton Keynes to St Austell 'Lost Gardens Flyer' railtour. The title refers to the world famous Lost Gardens of Heligan.

67015 Ardley Tunnel 29 October 2008

67015 David J. Lloyd approaches the northern entrance of Ardley Tunnel on 29 October 2008 with the 1P13 11:10 Wrexham General to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service. A farm occupation bridge crosses the line just in front of the tunnel mouth, but it has to be said that the view is more interesting in the other direction!

67015 Cholsey 2 January 2015

67015 David J. Lloyd brings up the rear of the 1Q05 11:00 Old Oak Common to Derby RTC test train at Cholsey on 2 January 2015. 67027 is the lead locomotive. The grey, yellow and red train certainly shows up well in the low winter sunlight!

67015 Hanborough 9 July 2016

67015 passes Hanborough station on 9 July 2016 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z80 09:59 Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Historic Worcester' railtour. 67018 Keith Heller can just be seen on the rear, passing the Oxford Bus Museum, which is situated at the very end of the former Hanborough goods yard.

67015 & 82207 Heck Ings 29 November 2016

With Eggborough Power Station in the background, 67015 passes Heck Ings on 29 November 2016 with the 5G04 10:40 York to Bounds Green Virgin East Coast ECS. DVT 82207 is behind the loco, and 91108 was on the rear of the train. I'm not sure if this got much further, as there were certainly no reports on Realtime Trains after Doncaster.

67017 Bucknell 27 February 2008

In February 2008 crew training started for the Wrexham, Shropshire & Marylebone Railway. The 5Z23 14:01 Banbury to Marylebone is pictured passing Bucknell in brilliant late winter sunshine on 27 February 2008, with 67017 Arrow leading and 67016 at the rear of the 3 coach Cargo-D Mk3 First Class rake. My preferred location for this picture was a few miles up the line at Fritwell, but reconnaissance a few weeks earlier had indicated that the shadows would extend right up to the running line, and if the train had only been slightly late would have led to very difficult lighting. In the event it was a good decision to choose this spot, as it was completely sunny all the time, despite there being a huge bank of cloud just to the north and a similar one to the south!

67017 Pilning 27 April 2010

67017 Arrow leading and 67022 on the rear work the 2U20 12:47 Paignton to Cardiff Central First Great Western service past Pilning on 27 April 2010. Excellent livery for the coaches, its just a shame about the traction! Never mind, I suppose its better than a unit.

67017 Fiddington 16 March 2012

67017 Arrow passes Fiddington on a very dull 16 March 2012 with the 1Z18 07:55 Euston to Cheltenham Gold Cup special, with 67016 bringing up the rear. Although I regularly used to photograph the Gold Cup specials when they were 47 hauled (I just missed out on the 33 hauled trains), I haven't bothered since they went over to 'Skips'. However, this one was photographed purely as I was already on the bridge waiting for some proper traction to appear with the following train.

67017 Shrewley 3 July 2013

67017 Arrow pushes the 5E90 Birmingham Moor Street to Wembley Chiltern Railways ECS past Shrewley on 3 July 2013. This photo is taken from a very little used footbridge, reached by a virtually impenetrable footpath!

67018 Kings Sutton 24 November 2010

67018 Keith Heller approaches Kings Sutton on 24 November 2010 with the late running 1P13 11:27 Wrexham General to Marylebone service. Wrexham & Shropshire are due to reduce their four trains a day to three from December. This and the 15:25 departure being replaced by a single train leaving Wrexham at 13:28. 67018's livery is certainly different, and while not at all subtle, certainly shows up from a distance! No Photoshop enhancement has been applied to this image at all.

67018 Great Bourton 28 March 2012

Very nearly a photographic disaster at Great Bourton on 28 March 2012. As 66540 approaches with the 4O17 freightliner, 67018 Keith Heller almost gets in the way, as it pushes the 1R48 16:46 Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street Chiltern Railways service northwards, lead by DVT 83204.

67018 Ardley 25 June 2012

An almost aerial view of 67018 Keith Heller as it heads south past Ardley with the 1H08 06:52 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service on 25 June 2012. The bridges visible here are the Ardley to Somerton road, the Ardley to Fritwell road, and just visible in the background the bridge that carries the Fritwell to Troy Farm footpath across the line.

67018 Ashendon Junction 10 August 2012

67018 Keith Heller passes the site of Ashendon Junction on 10 August 2012 with the 1H08 06:52 Banbury to Marylebone Chiltern Railways service. This is one of the few locations on the Chiltern Line that is clear enough to allow pictures to be taken very early in the morning, although you won't find many photographers here, as its a long walk from the nearest road!

67018 Bicester South Junction 19 January 2015

With the DHL distribution centre in the background, 67018 Keith Heller passes what will soon be Bicester South Junction on 19 January 2015 with the 1R22 10:15 Marylebone to Birmingham Moor Street Chiltern Railways service. The steeply graded new chord linking the Oxford to Bicester line with the Chiltern Line can be seen just in front of the train. The line is presently under construction, and when complete will allow trains from Oxford to reach London via Bicester.

67018 Kingham 9 July 2016

67018 Keith Heller passes underneath the brand new footbridge, as it races through Kingham station on 9 July 2016 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z81 16:29 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' railtour. 67015 is on the rear of the train. Strangely, I was the only person present to witness this. I would have thought a pair of DBS bright red Class 67s on Orient Express Pullmans traversing the Cotswold Line is unusual enough to tempt a few people out!

67019 Ardley 15 August 2008

The angle of the sun on the Chiltern Line for the 1P03 07:25 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service is unfortunately very nearly head on. However, as I was passing on 15 August 2008, I stopped off at Ardley to see 67019 heading for London, with 67028 on the rear.

67020 & 70000 Denchworth 27 July 2012

Oh the indignity! BR 7MT 4-6-2 70000 Britannia is hauled backwards along with support coach M35465 by 67020, seen here passing Denchworth on 27 July 2012. Running as the 5Z91 Bristol Barton Hill to Didcot, this was in order to return Britannia to the Great Western Society to rectify a broken spring. It is surprising in view of how slowly the ensemble was travelling, that it was not routed along the relief line.

67020 Didcot North Junction 3 September 2014

67020 passes Didcot North Junction on 3 September 2014 with the 1Q23 10:09 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Didcot) test train. Classmate 67030 is on the rear of the train. This ensemble was unfortunately deputising for the much more photogenic HST New Measurement Train.

67021 Goole 11 October 2004

67021 approaches Goole on 11 October 2004 with the 6T98 09:27 Doncaster to Knottingley Rail Head Treatment Train. The train would shortly reverse at Goole station, and would pass me again in ten minutes time, this time with 67028 leading. The train had already performed one such reversal at Scunthorpe.

67021 Claydon (Oxfordshire) 15 April 2008

67021 passes Claydon at high speed with a crew training run for Wrexham & Shropshire Railways on 15 April 2008.This was running in the path of what will be the 1P03 07:25 Wrexham to Marylebone service when passenger trains commence running at the end of April. 67012 in W & S livery can be seen on the rear of the train. On this occasion the train was running 20 minutes early. I suppose there is a certain novelty value in having a train made up of an EWS liveried loco, 3 blue & grey Mk. 3 coaches, and a grey liveried 67 on the rear!

67021 Culloden Viaduct 25 June 2013

67021 rolls downhill towards Culloden Viaduct on 25 June 2013 with the 1S25 21:15 Euston to Inverness ScotRail sleeper. The tree stumps in the foreground and the few remaining upright tree trunks are all that is left of the forest that once covered this hillside, and completely blocked off the view of the railway.

67021 Tomatin 26 June 2013

67021 rounds the curve at Tomatin on 26 June 2013 with the 1S25 21:15 Euston to Inverness ScotRail sleeper. Just three minutes after 43315 had passed by in the other direction, this train had clearly made use of Tomatin loop, as booked.

67021 Ascott-under-Wychwood 8 July 2017

Customers pay a substantial premium to ride in the luxury VSOE Pullman coaches on the Belmond British Pullman's charters, and you would expect DB Cargo to at least provide a couple of presentable locos. However, this was not the case with the 1Z94 08:48 Victoria to Worcester Shrub Hill 'Historic Worcester' railtour on 8 July 2017. While the lead loco 67005 Queen's Messenger was a fitting choice, 67021, seen here on the rear as the train speeds through Ascott-under-Wychwood, certainly wasn't! The battered and filthy loco is hardly an appropriate choice for this luxury train, and shows that DB Cargo does not really care that much about the charter market.

67021 Badsey 8 July 2017

67021 passes Badsey on 8 July 2017 with the Belmond British Pullman 1Z96 16:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Victoria 'Historic Worcester' railtour. The scruffy condition of 67021 hardly marches the opulent splendour of the vintage VSOE coaches!

67022 & 67028 Whitehill 21 February 2004

The Class 67 lost its reson detre with the cessation of mail trains, for which they had been specifically designed. This has led to their use on freight trains and possibly the most unsuitable job imaginable for a 125 mph loco with a ridiculously heavy axle weight - the Fort William sleeper. Here we see them on slightly more normal duties, although why it takes two I have no idea. 67022 & 67028 pass Whitehill, on the Cotswold Line with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z67 07:21 Finsbury Park to Kidderminster 'Severn Valley 1960's Gala' railtour on 21 February 2004.

67022 Baulking 19 May 2007

Beauty and the beast. Unfortunately beauty is going in the opposite direction! While the design icon that is the HST speeds towards London, ugly ducking 67022 heads west past Baulking with the 1Z45 Victoria to Worcester VSOE special on 19 May 2007.

67022 Oxford 21 January 2013

The 6A49 12:10 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores is getting well used to having inappropriate Class 67 haulage. On 21 January 2013 it was the turn of 67022, seen here approaching Oxford with a lengthy snow covered train. Ten days before it was hauled by an even more inappropriate royal liveried 67006.

67022 Oddington 4 February 2013

A slightly overpowered train! 67022 passes Oddington with a single VGA wagon on 4 February 2013, as it works the 6A49 12:10 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores. The vintage bullhead track would soon be swept away, with the complete route modernisation of the Oxford to Bicester line.

67022 Wolvercote Tunnel 8 February 2013

67022 approaches Wolvercote Tunnel on 8 February 2013 with the 6A49 12:10 Didcot to Bicester MoD stores. I certainly wouldn't bother taking this picture normally, but decided it was worth the few minutes wait, as I was already on the bridge after photographing 56311 on the 6Z91 10:53 Calvert to Didcot Power Station flyash empties.

67022 & 91111 Park Drain 14 March 2015

67022 has 91111 For The Fallen in tow, as it passes Park Drain (between Gainsborough and Doncaster) on 14 March 2015 with the diverted 1S24 14:30 Kings Cross to Edinburgh Virgin Trains East Coast service. I am being watched by one of the donkeys in the field, but the others are more interested in their food! After a day of indifferent weather, the last couple of hours was virtually unbroken sunshine, and this completely open location was an ideal shadow free spot for a picture taken in the very last of the light.

67023 Blackford 17 April 2003

67023 passes Blackford, on the Highland Main Line with the 4D65 15:12 Inverness to Mossend Safeway Intermodal train on 17 April 2003. A ridiculously inappropriate loco for the job, but then since the cessation of the Royal Mail trains, the class has no real purpose, so has to be found work somewhere. The A9 trunk road can be seen in the background, and just out of the picture to the right is the huge shed that is the Highland Spring factory, hardly the quaint image that the name conjures up!

67023 Shipton 22 March 2017

67023 passes through Shipton station in the pouring rain on 22 March 2017 with the 1Z78 06:05 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train. 67027 is on the rear. Despite the atrocious weather, I thought this was worth recording, as it is the first run of a Colas operated Class 67 test train over the Cotswold Line. The new livery certainly brightens up the Spanish built locos, but unfortunately no amount of paint can disguise what is basically an extremely ugly machine!

67023 Whitehill 23 March 2017

Still looking immaculate, less than a month after being repainted into Colas colours, 67023 passes Whitehill (between Combe and Finstock) on 23 March 2017 with the 1Z23 06:53 Bristol High Level Siding to Tyseley Network Rail test train. Classmate 67027 is on the rear.

67023 Mickleton 10 August 2017

A glimpse between the bushes! Recently named 67023 Stella passes Mickleton on 10 August 2017 with the 1Z23 07:13 Bristol High Level Siding to Tyseley Network Rail test train. Classmate 67027 Charlotte is on the rear. It has been a long time since I visited this location, and although I knew it was getting severely grown up, I hadn't realised it was this bad!

67024 Up Hatherley 22 April 2006

67024 passes Up Hatherley on 22 April 2006 with the VSOE Cardiff to Chester 'Northern Belle luxury special. This picture almost didn't get taken, as the much more important 45112 was coming the other way, and there was only a minute between each train. Any less and this one would have been ignored!

67024 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 15 March 2014

Unfortunately coinciding with a brief cloudy spell, 67024 passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, Shrivenham on 15 March 2014 with the 1Z91 09:34 Victoria to Bath VSOE. Nice train, shame about the loco!

67025 & 67017 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 3 December 2008

67025 Western Star & 67017 Arrow approach the site of Ashbury Crossing at Shrivenham with the UK Railtours 1Z27 08:44 Huntingdon to Bristol Temple Meads charter on 3 December 2008. The two InterCity liveried Mk 2s at the front of the train slightly spoil the effect, but then so does the choice of traction! Although a hackneyed location in recent years, this was the start of a couple of hours of hectic activity, and as all the interesting trains were coming from the same direction, for once I decided to stay in the one spot.

67026 & 67025 Kings Sutton 28 April 2008

There was an unfortunate start to the Wrexham & Shropshire Railway's passenger service on 28 April 2008. The inaugural train - the 1P01 05:42 Wrexham General to Marylebone service suffered loco problems only a short distance into the journey, and time was lost as the rear loco had to be transferred to the front of the train at Wellington. 67026 is pictured approaching Kings Sutton with the disgraced 67025 Western Star, running 37 minutes late. It is a pity that there was no more suitable class of loco for Wrexham & Shropshire to use, as the unreliability of the Class 67s has led to a very public embarrassment on the very first day. Unlike the inaugural northbound train, a pair of scruffy EWS locos hardly did much to promote the service either! I was very lucky with the lighting with this picture, as the clouds were building up very quickly and the sunny spells were getting much shorter!

67026 Westbury 18 April 2015

The immaculately maintained Venice Simplon Orient Express rake of coaches look fantastic in the evening sunshine at Westbury on 18 April 2015, and while 67026 Diamond Jubilee is not quite in such pristine condition, at least its silver livery makes it stand out. There was just myself to witness this colourful cavalcade passing Westbury power signal box. This was surprising, considering it is an identifiable location, with a perfect light angle. The train is the 1Z74 17:00 Bath to Victoria VSOE.

67027 Gleneagles 19 June 2006

67027 passes through Gleneagles station on 19 June 2006 with the 4D05 11:37 Inverness to Mossend parcels. Although this is the type of traffic these locos were designed for, I can't help thinking that four vans is not really very taxing for a 3,200 hp locomotive!

67027 Kingham 10 December 2014

67027 kicks up the leaves as it races through Kingham station on 10 December 2014 with the 1Q15 09:05 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Oxford) test train. Luckily this was running nearly an hour late, which has resulted in a much better sun angle. 67015 is the rear loco.

67027 Cholsey 2 January 2015

67027 passes Cholsey on 2 January 2015 with the 1Q05 11:00 Old Oak Common to Derby RTC test train. 67015 is on the rear. Note the two isolated masts on the right, the sign that this location will soon become impossible for photography. Quite why just these two have been installed is a mystery. There seems to be no logical progression, with random batches of masts appearing at different locations.

67027 Shipton 22 March 2017

67027 brings up the rear of the 1Z78 06:05 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train at Shipton on 22 March 2017. Colas had recently acquired a couple of these under employed locos, specifically for this kind of work. The other new acquisition, 67023, was leading the train. It was raining heavily here, but nothing like the monsoon conditions that developed as I drove home!

67027 Combe (Grintleyhill Bridge) 19 April 2017

Running over an hour late, 67027 passes Grintleyhill Bridge, Combe, on 19 April 2017 with the 1Z22 08:14 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train, with 67023 bringing up the rear. The rear coach is pantograph fitted, but I am quite confident that it will never be needed on the Cotswold Line!

67027 Finstock 1 November 2017

67027 Charlotte passes through the diminutive Finstock station on 1 November 2017 with the 1Z22 08:14 Tyseley to Bristol High Level Siding Network Rail test train. 67023 Stella is on the rear. This monthly Cotswold Line test train is now far less interesting since Class 67s replaced 37s, but on this occasion I thought I would venture out because of the fine weather.

67028 Bilsborrow 12 April 2004

67028 passes Bilsborrow on 12 April 2004 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 08:15 Inverness to Swindon 'Lord of the Isles' railtour. Naturally there was much more interesting traction on this train earlier in the day in Scotland. This is hardy an ideal photographic location, but heavy traffic on the nearby M6 (just visible in the background) had precluded the search for anywhere better.

67028 Goole 11 October 2004

67028 accelerates away from Goole station on 11 October 2004 with the 6T98 09:27 Doncaster to Knottingley Rail Head Treatment Train, with 67021 bringing up the rear. Although I shouldn't have been surprised, given the power available, and the ridiculously short train, but I was still not prepared for quite how fast they were going, seeing as they had just reversed in the station, which is just behind the bushes in the background.

67028 Cossington 31 March 2016

Exceedingly grubby 67028 passes Cossington on 31 March 2016 with the 6X55 09:48 Beeston to Toton point carriers. The slightly unbalance composition, with rather too much sky, is the result of including the steam plume from Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station in the picture.

67029 Little Bedwyn 9 February 2008

67029 Royal Diamond passes under the footbridge next to the Kennet & Avon Canal at Little Bedwyn with the 1Z31 09:28 Paddington to Cardiff Central rugby special on 9 February 2008. Hidden behind the bushes on the rear of the train is 67024. This train was run in connection with the Wales v Scotland Six Nations match at the Millennium Stadium. Unfortunately the beech hedge in the foreground means it is now impossible to do the standard picture here in the winter, including both the church and the lock, as the hedge now shades the line.

67029 Bishops Itchington 23 June 2009

67029 Royal Diamond passes Bishops Itchington with the 1P03 07:23 Wrexham to Marylebone Wrexham & Shropshire Railway service on 23 June 2009. I hardly noticed at the time that this was the EWS silver liveried machine rather than one of the more normal similarly coloured Wrexham locos!

67029 Eaton 10 March 2012

67029 Royal Diamond passes Eaton (near Retford) on 10 March 2012 with the 1Z72 08:19 Victoria to York VSOE luxury charter. Although exceedingly backlit, for once the effect is quite pleasing, with the foreground grass catching the light nicely.

67029 Fiddington 16 March 2012

After depositing its wealthy passengers at Cheltenham, in order for them to become slightly less wealthy at the Gold Cup Festival, 67029 Royal Diamond speeds past Fiddington on 16 March 2012 with the 5Z88 10:57 Cheltenham to Worcester Shrub Hill VSOE ECS. It had worked into Cheltenham as the 1Z88 07:17 from Victoria.

67029 Denchworth 19 September 2015

67029 Royal Diamond brings up the rear of the 1Z17 11:12 Paddington to Cardiff Central rugby special at Denchworth on 19 September 2015. The train was headed by 67013. Note the capped electrification mast pile in the lower right corner of the picture.

67030 Defford 23 April 2002

67030 emerges from the bushes at Defford on 23 April 2002 with the 1E43 15:09 Plymouth to Low Fell Royal Mail service. This of course being the type of train that these locos were designed for. Unfortunately within a couple of years this traffic would be lost to rail and it would be a while before the class would find any further practical use.

67030 Elliot 6 May 2008

It is 06:16 and the sun has only just risen as 67030 passes Elliot (near Arbroath) with the 1A25 21:15 Euston to Aberdeen ScotRail sleeper on 6 May 2008. This was my second attempt to photograph this train. The previous day's picture was ruined by the all too common North Sea harr (thick fog) which seems to always occur on a clear morning on the east coast of Scotland. I was therefore surprised that it was clear this morning, as the sea is only just out of the picture to the left, and indeed it was foggy only slightly further inland.