Class 37

37701 East Usk Junction 2 July 1990

The Class 37/7 sub-class was created in 1986, with modifications similar to the 37/5s, but with the addition of ballast weights to increase tractive effort. 37701 emerged in its new guise in November of that year. Initially the refurbished locos were repainted in the then current Railfreight grey colour scheme. 37701 is pictured heading for Llanwern with a loaded MGR on 2 July 1990, passing a vintage GWR semaphore signal at East Usk Junction, Newport.

37701 Hereford 6 February 1993

37701 leaves Hereford station on 6 February 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z42 15:30 Hereford to Cardiff Central railtour. It had earlier worked the 1Z41 12:50 Cardiff to Hereford. These trains had been run in connection with the rugby match at Cardiff. In addition to this, the 37 had assisted the 09:50 Salisbury to Cardiff from Newport, after 33101 had failed. In the evening it then worked the 17:30 Cardiff to Salisbury.

37701 Grovesend Colliery Loop 8 January 1994

37701 slogs up the gradient past Grovesend Colliery Loop on 8 January 1994 with the 6E07 10:55 Coedbach to Immingham containerised coal. This is on the Swansea District Line, which is principally a freight route, which bypasses both Swansea and Neath. At this time 37701 was allocated to Cardiff's FCKK Trainload Coal pool, so this would be a typical job for the heavyweight loco.

37701 Wootton Bassett (Chaddington Lane) 16 March 1995

37701 passes Chaddington Lane, Wootton Bassett, on 16 March 1995 with the 6V25 08:35 Grain to Llandarcy bitumen empties. Unfortunately I have got very few pictures of this particular working, so have included this one, despite the atrocious weather.

37701 Woofferton 27 May 1996

37701 passes Woofferton on 27 May 1996 with a short rake of ballast hoppers, complete with 'Shark' ballast plough brake van at the head of the train. The wood behind the train marks the site of a former rail connected ballast quarry, long since closed.

37701 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 19 March 1997

37701 passes Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 19 March 1997 with the 6B24 15:30 Didcot Power Station to Cardiff Tidal empty oil tanks. Unfortunately the extremely grubby loco and the rather head on lighting do not make for a perfect picture. However, as the power station is now closed, and heavyweight 37s on freight trains are non existent, its definitely worth a record shot.

37703 Aberthaw 25 March 1987

37703 leaves the exchange sidings at Aberthaw on 25 March 1987 with the 6C88 11:45 Aberthaw Power Station to Lady Windsor Colliery MGR empties. In view of the miserable weather conditions, I thought I would take the picture as the loco passed underneath the bridge at the end of the yard. This also shows the contrast between the relatively new concrete bridge, and the adjacent stone bridge on the Bridgend to Barry line. The road over these bridges only serves a single house next to the seashore.

37703 Shrivenham 13 June 1994

37703 passes Shrivenham on 13 June 1994 with the 6C13 11:22 Calvert to Bath Avon Binliner empties. This train ran between 1985 and 2011, during which time it featured various changes of motive power, although naturally the Class 37s used during 1994 and 1995 were the highlight.

37703 & 37696 Kemble 27 April 1999

The Longbridge to Swindon car body panel trains were usually worked by Class 47s in the mid 1990s. However, on 27 April 1999, a pair of Class 37s were provided. 37703 & 37696 are dwarfed by the Great Western Railway water tower at Kemble, as they arrive at the station with the 4V22 16:03 Longbridge to Swindon empties. Unfortunately the lighting angle is completely wrong at this location, but despite that, I wasn't going to miss a picture of such unusual traction. Three days later, an early finish at work allowed me more time to find a better location for an equally unusual Class 58 worked train.

37703 & 66301 DIRFT 8 March 2014

Parked in an extremely awkward spot for photography, 37703 keeps company with 66301 at the Daventry International Railfreight Terminal (DIRFT) on 8 March 2014. Whilst DRS's new Class 68 sports an even more flamboyant version of the 'Compass' livery than 66301, 37703 has a very restrained minimalist version of the colour scheme.

37704 & 37889 Grovesend Colliery Loop 2 October 1993

37704 & 37889 pass Grovesend Colliery Loop on 2 October 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z16 05:20 Preston to Cwmgwrach 'Neath Navigator' railtour. 37068 Grainflow & 37108 are bringing up the rear. The tour was returning from Coed Bach Washery.

37704 & 37889 Resolven 2 October 1993

Resolven station, on the Neath Valley Line, closed in July 1964. 37704 & 37889 pass the site on 2 October 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z16 15:28 Cwmgwrach to Preston 'Neath Navigator' railtour. 37068 & 37108 are on the rear of the train, having worked the tour up the line to the present terminus at Cwmgwrach. 37704 could easily be recognised from a distance in the early 1990s, by virtue of its slightly odd square black marker light surrounds.

37704 & 37889 Tonna 2 October 1993

37704 & 37889 pass Tonna on 2 October 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z16 15:28 Cwmgwrach to Preston 'Neath Navigator' railtour. The train is just passing the grass covered platform of Aberdylais Halt (closed in 1864). On the left is the Neath and Tennant Canal. Just beyond the bridge in the background, the canal crosses the River Neath on an eleven arch aqueduct.

37704 & 37889 Jersey Marine South Junction 2 October 1993

On a day when sunshine was in short supply, 37704 & 37889 find a welcome patch of good light, as they approach Jersey Marine South Junction with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z16 15:28 Cwmgwrach to Preston 'Neath Navigator' railtour on 2 October 1993. The train has just passed underneath the M4 motorway.

37704 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 16 March 1994

37704 runs along the down relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 16 March 1994 with the 6B20 West Drayton to Coedbach coal empties. There was certainly no doubt about the number of this loco, even before it got close, as the unique black squares around the marker lights (on one end only) immediately gave it away.

37705 Sonning 26 March 1992

In a lull between the showers, 37705 passes through Sonning Cutting on 26 March 1992 with the 6L31 10:12 Micheldever to Ripple Lane oil empties. Hard to imagine that the classic vantage point for photographers in the 1930s was the low wall at the base of the cutting - with official permission!

37705 Keynsham (Fox's Wood) 12 August 1993

37705 passes Fox's Wood, near Keynsham, on 12 August 1993 with the 6V62 10:34 Fawley to Tavistock Junction fuel oil tanks. Unfortunately this train no longer runs, and to most of today's photographers the headcode 6V62 means something entirely different - the Colas Tilbury Riverside to Llanwern steel empties.

37705 Corsham 20 April 1995

In a very lucky patch of sun, 37705 growls its way past Corsham with the 4C13 11:21 Calvert to Bristol binliner empties on 20 April 1995. Even after ten years of operation most of the containers seem to look remarkably clean considering what it is they carry! The original blue livery as seen here with Avon County Council branding was subsequently replaced with a much less striking green colour scheme. 37705 is no more, having been cut up at T. J. Thomson's yard in Stockton during 2007.

37706 Grange-over-Sands 25 April 1992

37706 Conidae approaches Grange-over-Sands on 25 April 1992 with the 2C49 10:48 Manchester Victoria to Barrow-in-Furness Regional Railways service. This was being loco hauled in place of the usual DMU in connection with the Longsight 150 event.

37706 Plumpton Junction 25 April 1992

37706 Conidae passes Plumpton Junction on 25 April 1992 with the 2J90 13:10 Barrow-in-Furness to Manchester Victoria service. The train is packed with enthusiasts enjoying the rare traction, on what was normally a DMU turn. This was one of a number of loco hauled substitutions in connection with the Longsight 150 event. The monument on the hill was constructed in 1850 in memory of Sir John Barrow, one of the founders of the Royal Geographic Society. In 1992 the truncated remains of the Bardsea branch was still in use to serve a chemical works, as can be see by the tanks in the sidings. There is also a remnant from when there was once a double junction here. The tall post in the bushes behind the loco is a signal post for the Lakeside branch (closed in 1967).

37706 Hinksey 22 June 1998

37706 passes Hinksey Yard with the 6M17 15:00 Avonmouth to Rugby coal train on 22 June 1998. Looking at this 6x7 slide I seemed to have been very lucky not only with getting this in a sunny patch but also not having the Turbo unit right behind the train! At this time the moribund Hinksey Yard was about to be converted into a ballast stockpile (since completed).

37706 & 37890 Great Heck 26 July 2003

In miserably dull conditions, 37706 & 37890 pass Great Heck on 26 July 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z28 16:51 York to Westbury 'Doncaster Detour' railtour. This train was run in connection with the Doncaster Works 150 year anniversary open day.

37706 & 37516 Didcot North Junction 26 September 2009

37706 & 37516 approach Didcot Junction on 26 September 2009 with the Spitfire Railtours 1Z49 06:04 Crewe to Swanage 'Purbeck Growler' railtour. Although I had originally planned to use this spot, when I left the house it was completely cloudy and so I decided to head for the nearer location of Tackley. However, I could see the very edge of the cloud near the horizon to the south, so reverted to my original plan and headed south. A wise decision, as I think anywhere from Oxford northwards was still under the cloud when the tour came, and these dark maroon locos really do need the sun out for a decent picture.

37706 & 37669 Wolvercote 10 August 2019

37706 & 37669 slowly pull away from their booked brief stop at the signal at Wolvercote on 10 August 2019, as they head north with the Branch Line Society 1Z77 17:05 Portsmouth Harbour to Crewe 'Type 3 To The Sea' railtour. 37518 is on the rear. This had left 23 minutes late, and I almost didn't bother going out to photograph it, reasoning that the light would have gone by the time it got to the Oxford area. However, I could see that it was picking up time, so went for it. It was only three minutes late here, and that was only because the Voyager it was held for was running late.

37707 Purley-on-Thames 11 February 1989

37707 passes Purley-on-Thames on 11 February 1989 with the 6V13 12:18 Furzebrook to Hallen Marsh LPG tanks. Prior to refurbishment this loco was the lowest numbered member of the class (37001), although as D6701 it was the second loco to enter traffic.

37707 Croome 29 September 1995

An extremely close run thing with the sun here. 37707 emerges from the shadows at Croome on 29 September 1995 with the 6V14 07:49 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. At least the sun being out in the foreground, but not the background, is better than the other way round!

37707 & 37057 Chinley 10 March 1997

You don't see many pictures of pairs of EWS liveried Class 37s on the vintage vacuum braked ICI hoppers in the Peak District. The EWS red colour scheme was introduced in the summer of 1996, and was slow to be applied to the 37 fleet. The hoppers were withdrawn at the end of 1997, so the window of opportunity for pictures was quite small. However, here is 37707 & 37057 Viking powering through Chinley with the 7H44 11:05 Oakleigh to Tunstead empties on 10 March 1997.

37707 Creech St Michael 11 September 1997

37707 passes Creech St Michael on 11 September 1997 with the 8C25 13:15 Merehead Quarry to Minehead rock armour. This was a short term contract to supply material for sea defence work at Minehead. The train was worked along the full length of the West Somerset Railway by the EWS loco. Massive rock boulders conveyed in YCV Turbot wagons is not something you see every day, and I now regret not making more of an effort to get more pictures of this train. In fact this is the only time I saw it, and unfortunately it was in atrocious light.

37707 Hatfield & Stainforth 19 January 1998

37707 catches the weak low winter sun at Hatfield & Stainforth on 19 January 1998, as it works the 6V14 07:30 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. I remember at the time being annoyed that this wasn't a Loadhaul liveried loco, but as this train has long since ceased running, I'm no longer complaining about 37707's colour scheme!

37707 & 37886 Rangeworthy 2 June 2001

Lovely evening light at Rangeworthy on 2 June 2001, as 37707 & 37886 head north with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z42 16:50 Ebbw Vale to Crewe 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour. At the time a pair of EWS red Class 37s on a railtour was getting to be monotonous. How times change!

37708 & 37801 Chelford 23 May 1993

37708 & 37801 pass through Chelford station on 23 May 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z46 08:30 Crewe to Preston 'Lancastrian Mini Excursion'. This was the first of several mini tours, whose destinations included: Windermere, Padiham Power Station, and Wilmslow.

37708 & 37801 Farington Junction 23 May 1993

37708 & 37801 approach Farington Junction on 23 May 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z46 08:30 Crewe to Preston 'Lancastrian Mini Excursion'. Dominating the background on the right is the large Leyland Trucks factory.

37708 Eastrington 31 March 1997

37708 passes Eastrington (between Selby and Hull) with the 6E39 09:49 Mostyn to Hull Saltend empty acetic acid tanks on 31 March 1997. The Class 37 hauled acetic acid trains from Hull to Mostyn, Spondon & Baglan Bay are sadly missed by photographers. At least I managed to get a fair number of pictures of these distinctive trains.

37708 Goole 25 August 1997

On a very gloomy 25 August 1997, 37708 opens up as it passes through Goole station with the 6V14 08:35 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. On this occasion it was unusually running late and in fact I was just about to give up and leave the station when the familiar nose of a 37 appeared in the distance underneath the Kingsway Bridge. The brick built station building on the right was demolished a few years later and replaced by a modern predominantly glass structure, but thankfully the canopy was retained.

37708 Thorne Junction 17 April 1999

37708 approaches Thorne Junction on 17 April 1999 with the 6D65 08:43 Doncaster to Immingham Enterprise. The recent rain had probably not helped the stability of the Hatfield Colliery spoil heap in the background, but it wasn't until February 2013 that the whole soggy mass slid onto the railway line, blocking it for several months.

37709 Honeybourne 11 February 1998

With the secondman in the ground frame hut, 37709 slowly negotiates the junction at Honeybourne, as it comes off the Long Marston branch, and joins the Cotswold Line on 11 February 1998 with the 6Z36 Long Marston to Didcot MoD stores. Logically this would then have involved a run round, and the direct route via Moreton-in-Marsh. However, as the trackwork at Honeybourne was at this time in a poor state, these trains travelled via Worcester and Swindon.

37710 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 25 November 1993

The well known location of Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, photographed when it was a three track main line. The yet to be commissioned down relief line is in place, but only the freshly spread ballast shows where the up line will eventually go. 37710 passes by with the 6V25 08:42 Grain to Llandarcy bitumen empties on 25 November 1993.

37710 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 5 May 1997

In miserable light, 37710 passes Potters Grange Junction, Goole on 5 May 1997 with the 6V14 08:35 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. The brightness of the marker lights gives some idea of how poor the condition were. A head on viewpoint was chosen not only to allow a slower shutter speed (no real choice in these weather conditions!), but also to include Goole's landmark water towers on the right. A totally unrepeatable view, as not only do the 'vinegar tanks' no longer run, but the field on the right has been built on. A line of newly planted trees can just be seen in this view, which now separates the railway from the new industrial estate.

37711 Compton Beauchamp 6 April 1990

A wide open vista at Compton Beauchamp on 6 April 1990. Decades before the present mass of overhead catenary, and long before the lineside bushes grew up. What little vegetation there was at the top of the cutting had recently been cleared to install a brand new fence. 37711 Tremorfa Steelworks passes by with the very lightly loaded 6V99 14:53 Hamworthy to Cardiff Tidal steel. This was running an hour early, which was very fortunate, as clearly at the booked time it would have been virtually dark.

37711 Hanging Langford 15 April 1997

37711 approaches Hanging Langford on 15 April 1997 with the 6V62 13:34 Fawley to Tavistock Junction fuel oil and bitumen tanks. Langford Lakes Nature Reserve dominates the background, while on the extreme right is Little Langford church and its adjacent former rectory.

37711 Clink 15 April 1987

37711 approaches Clink (near Frome) with the 6V62 13:34 Fawley to Plymouth fuel oil tanks on 15 April 1997. The loco has just run round the train at Westbury, after traversing the Wylye Valley route from Salisbury. 37711 was withdrawn a couple of years later and cut up at European Metal Recycling at Kingsbury in November 2005.

37712 Plean 21 July 1997

With the Wallace Monument just visible through the haze in the distance, 37712 passes Plean on 21 July 1997 with the 4D52 15:38 Aberdeen Guild Street to Tees Yard Enterprise service. It may only be a short train, but it certainly shows off the then new EWS corporate colours. I cannot recall many instances of an Enterprise service presenting such a uniform appearance.

37712 Aynho Junction 12 July 1999

In superb crisp late evening light, 37712 passes the derelict (and since demolished) Aynho Junction Signal Box with the 7M28 19:00 Hinksey Yard to Bescot departmental service on 12 July 1999. This train had worked up to Hinksey earlier in the day as the 7V27 14:40 Eastleigh to Didcot, and although Class 37s were by no means uncommon on this train at the time, the more usual traction was a Class 58. The up Chiltern line can be seen curving away behind the locomotive, while the down line which has crossed over the main line just around the corner, curves round behind the box and approaches the junction in the immediate foreground.

37712 Culham 21 June 2001

It may be the longest day, but at 20:45 on 21 June 2001 the sun is definitely disappearing fast, and the shadows lengthening. Therefore it was a great relief when the very late running 6M28 17:57 Didcot to Bescot departmental working finally came into view at Culham. 37712 heads northwards, just managing to avoid the worst of the shadows.

37713 Wressle 19 January 1998

37713 growls through Wressle station on 19 January 1998 with the 6E39 08:10 Mostyn to Hull Saltend empty acetic acid tanks. Saltend supplied acetic acid (vinegar) to both North & South Wales (Mostyn and Baglan Bay). Whilst I have a fair number of pictures of the Baglan Bay working, this is one of my few decent pictures of the Mostyn train. I have even fewer pictures of the third traffic flow, to Spondon, in the Midlands.

37714 Barton-under-Needwood 26 June 1991

A welcome patch of sunshine amid the clouds, as 37714 heads south at Barton-under-Needwood on 26 June 1991 with the the 6M01 05:40 Lackenby to Wolverhampton steel. A huge industrial estate now occupies the background of this view.

37714 Llandevenny 3 September 1999

37714 passes Llandevenny with the 6E21 08:20 Baglan Bay to Humber polypropylene empties on 3 September 1999. At this point the relief lines are on either side of the main lines, but note how the up relief can be seen curving in from the right under the bridge in the background. This has just crossed over the main lines via the Bishton Flyover, which can just be seen in the background. Prior to this both relief lines were on the south side of the main lines.

37714 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 6 September 1999

On the misty morning of 6 September 1999, 37714 shatters the peace at Goole as it powers past Potters Grange Junction with the 6V14 07:30 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. At the time I was disappointed that it wasn't a Trainload grey, or better still Loadhaul liveried loco on this train. However, nowadays I would be glad to see anything like this!

37714 Quorn & Woodhouse 19 March 2017

37714 Cardiff Canton arrives at Quorn & Woodhouse on 19 March 2017 with the 2A12 11:15 Loughborough to Leicester North service. 37714 had only arrived at the Great Central Railway a few days earlier, after being repainted into Trainload metals livery, from its former DRS blue colour scheme. The Cardiff Canton nameplates had been unveiled prior to working the first train of the gala the previous day. The loco is on a five year loan to the 'Heavy Tractor Group'.

37714 Thurcaston 19 March 2017

37714 Cardiff Canton approaches Thurcaston on 19 March 2017 with the 2B12 12:00 Leicester North to Loughborough service, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. The Met Office had forecast a completely cloudy day, so it was a bit of a surprise when the sun almost started to break through the clouds just as the train came into view.

37715 Stoke Orchard 14 March 1990

37715 passes the site of Cleeve station, near Stoke Orchard on 15 March 1990 with the 6M12 12:30 Cardiff Tidal to Wednesbury steel service, conveying steel wire from Allied Steel & Wire at Cardiff. The distinctive sheeted wagons made this train immediately identifiable.

37715 Dean 2 September 1998

37715 approaches Dean on 2 September 1998 with the 6Y26 08:28 Eastleigh Yard to Quidhampton empty calcium carbonate tanks. This was always an interesting working, as even though the load was miniscule, the traction was quite varied.

37715 Salisbury 2 September 1998

37715 approaches Salisbury on 2 September 1998 with the 6Y27 10:28 Quidhampton to Eastleigh calcium carbonate tanks. It is only a few yards into its journey, as the lines leading off to the Quidhampton terminal can just be seen in the background.

37716 Melton Ross 18 July 1996

37716 British Steel Corby passes Melton Ross on 18 July 1996 with the 6E52 07:06 Holyhead to Humber coke empties, a train that was easily identifiable, by virtue of its unusual rake of Covhop wagons. This traffic ceased in 2001.

37716 Rumney 8 November 1996

37716 British Steel Corby rounds the curve at Rumney on 8 November 1996 with the 6E21 08:20 Baglan Bay to Humber empty pressure tanks. A last brief sunny spell, before the clouds, which can already be seen in the background over Cardiff, roll in and put out the lights!

37716 Frisby-on-the-Wreake 14 March 2016

37716 pushes the late running 3Z10 06:39 Derby RTC to Old Dalby test train past Frisby-on-the-Wreake on 14 March 2016. Network Rail DBSO 9703 is the lead vehicle. The return working in the late afternoon was cancelled due to lack of a driver.

37716 & 37038 Appleford 29 March 2017

37716 & 37038 approach Appleford on 29 March 2017 with the 5Z74 10:44 Crewe Coal Sidings to Eastleigh Arlington ECS. As this was originally supposed to be the 0Z74 10:28 Crewe Gresty Bridge to Eastleigh Arlington light engine move, I wasn't going to bother photographing it, but the addition of three Northern Belle coaches certainly makes for a different an interesting train. Note that the three vehicles are all different types. A Mk2 FO, Mk1 kitchen car, & Mk3 sleeper.

37716 Fladbury 1 April 2017

37716 passes Fladbury on 1 April 2017 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z77 10:35 Crewe to Long Marston 'Round Robin' railtour, part of the 'Everywhere Again' series of tours held over three days. 37069 is on the rear of the train. Note the mixture of different shades of green in the young vegetation, along with blackthorn blossom. Much more photogenic than the monotone green of summer.

37716 Peak Forest 9 June 2018

37716 rests between duties at Peak Forest on 9 June 2018. The DRS heavyweight 37 is employed as a 'super shunter' at Peak Forest. A bit of a waste for such a loco, but at least it is still in use on the national network.

37716 Reedham 14 May 2019

37716 approaches Reedham on 14 May 2019 with the 2J67 07:47 Lowestoft to Norwich Greater Anglia service. In early 2019, Reedham's famous semaphore signals were removed, leaving only the ones protecting the swing bridge. The bridge can be seen in the background, with the signal just pulled off for the 2J66 07:55 Norwich to Lowestoft DMU.

37716 Great Yarmouth 14 May 2019

37716 leaves Great Yarmouth on 14 May 2019 with the 2P13 09:17 Great Yarmouth to Norwich service. These DRS operated trains were being operated as a temporary stop gap, until the imminent deliveries of a fleet of new DMUs.

37716 Acle 14 May 2019

37716 gets under way from Acle station on 14 May 2019 with the  2P17 11:17 Great Yarmouth to Norwich Greater Anglia service. The section of platforms this side of the footbridge are disused, and blocked for public access.

37716 Postwick 14 May 2019

37716 passes Postwick on 14 May 2019 with the 2P21 13:17 Great Yarmouth to Norwich Greater Anglia service. The train could easily be heard accelerating away from Brundall station (1 miles distant), and then again from Brundall Gardens station ( mile away).

37716 Haddiscoe 14 May 2019

With St Olaves Marina in the background, the 2J83 15:48 Lowestoft to Norwich Greater Anglia service passes Haddiscoe on 14 May 2019, with 37716 leading, and 37405 at the rear. Needless to say this is an extremely popular spot with photographers, and in this case we have the ideal location, lighting and locos!

37716 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 14 May 2020

Running 22 minutes early, 37716 passes the site of Ashbury Crossing, near Shrivenham, on 14 May 2020 with the 5Z38 08:42 Norwich Crown Point to Newport Docks (Sims Group), taking a rake of ex Greater Anglia Mk3 stock for scrap. The train comprises: DVT 82102, coaches 10262 &12153, and DVTs 82105, 82152, 82132 & 82103.

37716 Bredon 2 September 2021

Running 177 minutes late, 37716 passes Bredon on 2 September 2021 with the 6X22 10:19 (13:31 actual) Cardiff Canton Sidings to Tyne Yard Sorting Sidings, conveying Network Rail YXA rail wagon DR92656 & YJA Matisa P95 Track Renewal Train vehicle DR78832. I had given up on this running and had just arrived home by the time it left Cardiff, so had to immediately go out again!

37717 South Moreton (Didcot East) 28 October 2003

37717 Berwick Middle School Railsafe Trophy Winners 1998 pulls away from a signal check at South Moreton (Didcot East) on 28 October 2003, as it approaches its destination with the 6V38 09:02 Marchwood to Didcot MoD stores. Note the two wagons containing loading ramps at the front of the train.

37718 Kirk Sandall Junction 17 February 1996

37718 Hartlepool Pipe Mill brings up the rear of the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z45 07:45 Kings Cross to Rossington Colliery 'Friar Tuck' railtour, as it heads away from Kirk Sandall Junction on 17 February 1996. 47540 The Institution of Civil Engineers is at the front, taking the train over the River Dun Navigation, with the River Don just beyond.

37718 Kirk Sandall 17 February 1996

The view from the end of Kirk Sandal station platform on 17 February 1996. 37718 Hartlepool Pipe Mill is working the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z45 07:45 Kings Cross to Rossington Colliery 'Friar Tuck' railtour. 47540 The Institution of Civil Engineers is bringing up the rear.

37719 & DR76316 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 22 October 1997

37719 has Plasser & Theurer ballast cleaner DR76316 in tow, as it trundles along the up relief line at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 22 October 1997, passing the tree, that nearly two decades later somehow managed to survive the cull of lineside vegetation in preparation for the Great Western Mainline electrification scheme.

37719 Hereford 16 June 1998

37719 pulls slowly out of Hereford station on 16 June 1998 with the 6M75 16:00 Avonmouth to Warrington Arpley Enterprise service. The prospect of some classic traction on a mixed freight certainly made it worthwhile making the 120 mile round trip for just a single picture. Not something that's liable to happen very often now!

37796 Greenhill Lower Junction 27 April 1998

37796 takes the Cumbernauld line at Greenhill Lower Junction with the 6D52 15:38 Aberdeen to Mossend Enterprise service on 27 April 1998. Falkirk in the distance has just received a heavy shower of rain, which can be seen moving off to the right, complete with a tiny section of rainbow near the horizon. The low evening sun is often a problem for loco drivers, just as it is for car drivers and one frequently sees copies of the Sun (or presumably the Daily Record in this part of the world) used as sun visors. This looks to be even more improvised and close up study of the original 35mm Fujichrome slide shows what looks like a scrunched up old Tesco carrier back roughly stuck in the window.

37797 Pontamman 15 April 1995

37797 crosses the River Amman at Pontamman, as it heads back along the Gwaun-cae-Gurwen branch with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z35 06:00 Watford Junction to Carmarthen 'Cymric Gallivant' railtour on 15 April 1995. 37013 & 37106 had worked the train from Watford, and are out of sight around the corner, bringing up the rear as far as Carmarthen.

37798 & 37670 Rangeworthy 8 June 2002

37798 & 37670 pass Rangeworthy on 8 June 2002 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 07:03 Crewe to Portbury Automotive Terminal ''Post Festive Freighter' railtour. The lineside bushes somewhat restrict the view here. Formerly there was a clear view all the way to the bridge near the southern entrance to Wickwar Tunnel.

37799, 37796 & 37896 Cockwood Harbour 2 May 1994

37799 Sir Dyfed / County of Dyfed, 37796 & 37896 pass Cockwood Harbour on 2 May 1994 with the ECS that will later form the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z37 17:32 Exeter St Davids to Paddington 'Big E' railtour. The locos had worked down to Devon with Pathfinder's 1Z41 06:15 York to Paignton 'Torbay Exe-Cursioner' tour.

37800 Llangewydd 15 April 1991

37800 Glo Cymru (which very appropriately translates as 'Welsh Coal') passes Llangewydd with the 7B89 Port Talbot to Llanwern MGR coal on 15 April 1991. This location never seemed to attract many photographers in the good old days, despite good views in both directions and a constant procession of freight hauled by classic traction. In more recent times it seems to have become more popular, although now there is very little to photograph - all very strange!

37800 Calvert 24 August 1994

37800 leaves Calvert on 24 August 1994 with the 4C13 11:21 Avon Binliner empties to Bath and Bristol. The Avon Binliner used distinctive blue containers, in contrast to the orange boxes of the trains from the London area, as can be seen in the background. The wide island platform of the former Calvert station (closed in 1963) dominates the foreground.

37800 Bicester Town 24 August 1994

In the days when the Bicester to Oxford line was still a rural backwater, 37800 passes Bicester Town on 24 August 1994 with the 4C13 11:21 Calvert to Bath and Bristol Avon Binliner empties. The line on the right is the headshunt for the nearby MoD depot.

37800 Crowle 1 May 1999

The 6D99 08:15 Hull Saltend to Immingham tank train could always be guaranteed to produce this kind of comedy train in the late 1990s. With its customary single wagon, 37800 is dwarfed by the large expanse of water of the Stainforth & Keadby Canal at Crowle on 1 May 1999.

37800 & 37884 Ledbury Tunnel 23 October 2016

37800 & 37884 approach Ledbury Tunnel on 23 October 2016 with the Rail Operations Group 1Z37 09:00 Derby to Worcester Shrub Hill (via Hereford and Chepstow) 'Class 37/8 Thrash Bash' railtour. I was surprised to be the only photographer at this location, especially as it gives an almost aerial view of the train on a curve, and clearly shows 47815 bringing up the rear.

37800 & 37884 Awre 23 October 2016

37800 & 37884 pass Awre on 23 October 2016 with the Rail Operations Group 1Z37 09:00 Derby to Worcester Shrub Hill (via Hereford and Chepstow) 'Class 37/8 Thrash Bash' railtour. Unfortunately after the train had passed Severn Tunnel Junction, most locations would be backlit, some impossibly so. I chose this spot as it was slightly less backlit than most of the Chepstow to Gloucester section of the route. Even so, I used the old dodge of significantly extended the lens hood by using a rubber band to hold a piece of card to the hood, nearly trebling its effectiveness.

37800 Lidlington 19 March 2018

37800 Cassiopeia passes Lidlington on 19 March 2018, hauling newly built EMU 345003, running as the Rail Operations Group 5Q79 09:00 Old Dalby to Old Oak Common stock transfer. Unfortunately one of the many clouds that was floating about decided to block out the sun at the critical moment. A pity, as the lighting would have been perfect for this. At least the snow in the foreground balances the picture nicely. I had to keep moving around to find the largest patch, as it was melting so quickly!

37800 Churchdown 5 July 2019

37800 Cassiopeia passes Churchdown on 5 July 2019 with the 5Q32 09:39 Portbury Automotive Terminal to Manchester International Depot (Longsight) ECS, conveying brand new shrink wrapped EMU 397005. I had chosen this location as at the booked time the sun would just still be on the front, and being near midsummer's day, the location would be clear of shadows. Judging by past experience, I wasn't really surprised that the train was delayed shortly after leaving Portbury, and so of course being 84 minutes late here, the sun had gone off the nose! Worse was to come however, as later on 37800 failed, and the train had to be rescued by 57305 Northern Princess, and then being over three hours late, was terminated at Crewe.

37800 Grove 28 October 2019

37800 Cassiopeia takes former TfL Rail EMU 315842 on its final journey on 28 October 2019. The 5Q78 10:19 Ilford EMU Depot to Newport Docks (Sims Group) is pictured running along the down relief line at Grove. As the earlier sunshine had been replaced by thick cloud, I took the opportunity to photograph this from the normally impossible north side of the line. Yet another minor variation in viewpoint at a well used location! Grove foot crossing can just be seen in the background.

37800 Uffington 1 October 2020

37800 Cassiopeia passes Uffington on 1 October 2020 with the 5Q60 10:59 Ilford EMU Depot to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former London Overground EMU 315805 on it final journey to the scrapman. It's a good job that massive black cloud was in front of me, and nowhere near the sun!

37800 & 769943 Wolvercote 11 March 2021

37800 Cassiopeia takes the up relief line at Wolvercote on 11 March 2021 with the 5Q74 09:47 Burton upon Trent Wetmore Sidings to Reading Traincare Depot, conveying newly converted Class 769 'Flex' hybrid unit 769943 (formerly EMU 319443). The train had left Burton 90 minutes late, but had recovered nearly an hour, and was just 34 minutes late here. This was just a few seconds after the sun had reappeared after a lengthy cloudy period. Just how close I was to the edge of the cloud can be seen from A34 bridge in the background.

37800 Denchworth 20 July 2021

37800 Cassiopeia passes Denchworth on 20 July 2021 with the 5Q76 09:50 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former London Overground EMU 317891 for scrapping. Although the clouds were starting to build up on this very hot day, luckily there were far less clouds behind me, so there was very little chance of this picture being spoilt by one of them!

37800 Islip (Brookfurlong Farm) 2 December 2021

37800 Cassiopeia passes the Brookfurlong Farm footbridge, near Islip, on 2 December 2021, running as the 12:44 Bicester MoD to Derby RTC light engine. The loco had travelled down to Oxford the previous day, and then to Bicester earlier this morning, in preparation for the 5Q42 10:30 Bicester MoD to Crewe South Yard ECS. When it became clear that it was heading back the way it come light engine, I decided to stick it out, as it is such a long walk to get to this location, and at least the lighting was perfect!

37801 Kings Sutton 10 September 1999

Something a little different at the very familiar location of Kings Sutton. 37801 heads north on 10 September 1999 with the 6Z64 15:30 Morris Cowley to Washwood Heath car carriers. Needless to say this could be heard some way off!

37803 Wendlebury 13 March 1995

37803 passes underneath the M40 motorway at Wendlebury on a gloriously sunny 13 March 1995 with the 4C13 11:21 Calvert to Bristol Avon binliner empties. A totally unrepeatable shot, as the locomotive has been cut up, the train no longer runs, and even the location has disappeared behind the inevitable uncontrolled lineside vegetation. Naturally, I wasn't going to miss the opportunity to get a second picture of this train, under such ideal photographic conditions.

37803 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 13 March 1995

Two contrasting shades of blue at Ashbury Crossing, Shrivenham on 13 March 1995. After having already seen 37803 at Wendlebury with the 4C13 11:21 Calvert to Bristol Avon binliner empties, a brisk drive was in order to get this second picture of the train. I've obviously let the loco get just a little too close to the edge of the frame. Nowadays with six frames per second shooting there is no excuse, but in 1995 I had just one chance to fire two cameras exactly at the same time and with the loco in the right place. Isn't life easy now!

37883 Arnside 23 July 1997

37883 reaches the end of Arnside Viaduct with the 7A73 17:21 Sellafield to Willesden nuclear flask on 23 July 1997. Despite the awful weather, I particularly wanted to get this picture, as I had correctly worked out that the very short train would fit in the available gap, without the 30mph speed restriction sign getting in the way. The viaduct crosses the estuary of the River Kent.

37883 North Blyth 23 July 1999

37883 leaves North Blyth on 23 July 1999 with the 6S54 08:50 North Blyth to Fort William alumina tanks. As the weather was so miserable, I decided on this unconventional viewpoint, with the rocks on the edge of the dunes prominent in the foreground.

37884 & 37716 Leyburn Shawl 28 December 1992

Leyburn Shawl is a long rocky escarpment, just to the west of the Yorkshire Town. It makes an ideal background for this picture, taken on 28 December 1992. 37884 Gartcosh & 37716 British Steel Corby glint in the setting sun, as they head back down Wensleydale with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 13:30 Redmire to Swindon 'Wensleydale Explorer' railtour. This tour, along with one organised by Black Cat Railtours, which ran the following day and used the same locomotives, marked the closure of the line by BR.

37884 & 37716 Bedale 28 December 1992

The driver of 37884 Gartcosh has just exchanged tokens with the signalman at Bedale on 28 December 1992, as he crosses the road with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 13:30 Redmire to Swindon 'Wensleydale Explorer' railtour. Although this viewpoint includes the signal box and level crossing gates, it does mean that not only is the second locomotive, 37716 British Steel Corby, virtually hidden, but so is the whole train!

37884 Eastleigh 24 January 1998

37884 Gartcosh makes a spirited start from Eastleigh on 24 January 1998 with the 6Y26 08:28 Eastleigh to Quidhampton empty calcium carbonate tanks. As it was only a short while after sunrise, a long lens was required in order to clear the shadows in the foreground. 1998 was my peak year for travelling in search of railway pictures, covering nearly 34,000 miles. When sights like this could be had it was not a problem, but no way would I now consider driving this distance before sunrise on a cold winter's morning for today's traction!

37884 East Dean 24 January 1998

On a cloudless 24 January 1998, 37884 Gartcosh passes East Dean with the 6Y27 10:28 Quidhampton to Eastleigh calcium carbonate tanks. This might seem like a short train, but was in fact average for the time. It often ran with a single wagon! Photo taken from Frenchmoor Lane, which formerly crossed the railway, but is now blocked with just footpath access.

37884 Hinksey 18 August 1998

37884 Gartcosh passes Hinksey Yard (near Oxford) on 18 August 1998 with the 6M14 15:00 Avonmouth to Rugby imported coal. This train could always be relied upon for some interesting traction (usually 37s), until the inevitable 66s took over. Of course, like a lot of freight services in recent years it has since disappeared into history.

37884 Preston Boats 19 May 2016

The massive downturn in coal traffic caused by the premature closure of various coal fired power stations has led to a large surplus of wagons. Consequently some have been put into store. Europhoenix 37884 passes Preston Boats (near Shrewsbury) on 19 May 2016 with the 4Z37 09:40 Crewe Basford Hall to Donnington, conveying 17 Freightliner Heavy Haul HHA hoppers. The train had left Crewe nearly an hour late, but was only 26 minutes late at this location.

37884 Lowdham 11 March 2017

Europhoenix 37884 approaches Lowdham on 11 March 2017 with the 5Z47 10:26 Burton Wetmore Sidings to Lincoln ECS. This was in connection with the 1Z47 12:58 Lincoln to Finsbury Park football special taking Lincoln fans to London to see the FA cup quarter final Arsenal v Lincoln City match.

37884 Badsey 8 July 2017

Europhoenix 37884 passes Badsey on 8 July 2017 with the 5M94 10:42 Hornsey EMU Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease EMUs 319423 & 319430 for storage. This unexpected burst of sunshine was not particularly welcome, as the view is very backlit, although not as bad as it could have been, as the train was running an hour early.

37884 Long Marston 10 July 2017

37884 arrives at Long Marston on 10 July 2017 with the 5M94 10:01 ECS from Hornsey EMU Depot, conveying off lease EMUs 319421 & 319003 for storage. This had been running over an hour early, but it sat at Worcester until more or less the correct time, resulting in an on time arrival here.

37884 Long Marston 10 July 2017

37884 leaves Long Marston on 10 July 2017, commencing its long journey as the 0E95 16:59 Long Marston to Hornsey EMU Depot light engine. It had arrived a little earlier with the 5M94 10:01 ECS from Hornsey EMU Depot, bringing EMUs 319003 & 319421 for storage. These can be seen in the background, while on the right, shunter 01547 waits, having just deposited the two TEA bogie tanks in the right hand siding. Note the immaculate silver buffers on 37884, unsullied by the EMUs, due to the use of its special tightlock coupler.

37884 Honeybourne 13 July 2017

37884 passes the rear of Honeybourne station on 13 July 2017 with the 5Z94 10:00 (11:43 actual) Bedford Cauldwell Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease EMU 319437 for storage. This was clearly never going to leave at 10:00, as that was also the booked departure time for 37884 to leave Leicester, on its 0M62 light engine move to Bedford! The train is passing the tiny platform that was erected in connection with the Honeybourne to Long Marston Rail Live 2017 event, allowing Vivarail's Class 230 to operate passenger shuttle services along the branch.

37884 Evesham 31 July 2017

37884 passes Evesham Signal Box on 31 July 2017 with the 5V94 10:01 Hornsey EMU Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying EMUs 319011 & 319444 for storage. A regular working during the summer of 2017, filling the already seemingly full depot with even more redundant stock.

37884 Stoulton 15 August 2017

Running 83 minutes late, 37884 passes Stoulton on 15 August 2017 with the 5V94 10:00 Hornsey EMU Depot to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease Thameslink EMUs 319446 & 319220 for secure storage. I had not visited this location before, and while I always like to find new viewpoints, this isn't a particularly inspiring one! With a long walk back to the car, I decided to stick it out, despite it being a relatively nondescript low level trackside view.

37884 Fladbury 17 August 2017

37884 passes the site of Fladbury station on 17 August 2017 with the 5V94 11:29 Wolverton Centre Sidings to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease Thameslink EMUs 319422 & 319004 for storage. I was very lucky with the sun here, as it was fully cloudy when the train appeared under Lower Moor bridge in the background.

37884 Honeybourne 25 August 2017

37884 passes the buddleia bushes at the rear of Honeybourne station on 25 August 2017, as it works the 5Q94 11:50 Derby Litchurch Lane to Long Marston ECS, conveying off lease EMU 319421 for storage. The movement of these units along the northern section of the Cotswold Line has become almost a mundane occurrence during the summer of 2017, especially as they are always hauled by 37884, due to its special tightlock coupler.

37884 Worcester 31 August 2017

The final train of off lease Class 319 EMUs for storage at Long Marston ran on 31 August 2017, hauled as usual by 37884. The 5V94 11:14 Bedford Cauldwell Depot to Long Marston arrived at Worcester just a few minutes early, and luckily left the yard in very welcome sunny spell. It is seen here passing the former Metal Box factory just to the south of Shrub Hill station. The units are 319443 & 319440. The semaphore signal is due for imminent removal, its replacement can already be seen waiting to be installed.

37884 Upper Moor 25 October 2017

Running a staggering 112 minutes late, 37884 passes Upper Moor on 25 October 2017 with the 5Z94 10:00 Allerton to Long Marston ECS, conveying EMU 319421. Exactly two months earlier, this same locomotive moved the same unit over this same section of line, although on that occasion with a different point of origin!

37884 Bretforton 19 May 2018

Fresh from a repaint after collision repairs, 37884 Cepheus passes Bretforton on 19 May 2018 with the 5Q94 08:55 Northampton EMD to Long Marston ECS, taking North Western Railway's 350261 for corrosion repairs. This is another Cotswold Line location that has benefited from Network Rail's long overdue vegetation clearance programme.

37884 Bretforton 19 May 2018

37884 Cepheus passes Bretforton on 19 May 2018 with the 5Q95 13:30 Long Marston to Northampton EMD, hauling EMU 350265, which has just received bodywork repairs. This wide view, taken from Clayfield Road, has only become possible after Network Rail reversed decades of neglect by removing all the lineside bushes.

37884 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 15 July 2019

Two more EMUs heading for the scrapman. 37884 Cepheus approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 15 July 2019 with the 5Q78 10:52 Hornsey EMU Depot to Newport Docks, conveying former Great Northern 313038 & 313040 on their final journey. Unfortunately a thin cloud took the edge of the sun here, but as it was travelling along the relief line, I decided to go for a second picture at Challow. However, at Challow it was parked right next to one of the overhead masts, so without stopping, I carried on to Baulking.

37884 Baulking 15 July 2019

37884 Cepheus passes Baulking on 15 July 2019 with the 5Q78 10:52 Hornsey EMU Depot to Newport Docks, conveying withdrawn Great Northern EMUs 313038 & 313040. The units are heading for the Sims Group metal recycling facility, where they will be cut up.

37884 Wantage Road 11 November 2019

37884 Cepheus approaches Wantage Road on 11 November 2019 with the 5Q78 10:52 Hornsey EMU Depot to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying EMUs 313061 & 313039 on their final journey. This location used to be good in the autumn, as a short telephoto view revealed the train passing some lineside trees, which were always good for autumn colour. Unfortunately the 25kV catenary means a wide angle is now required, and the autumn colour is now barely visible in the background, above the roofs of the EMUs.

37884 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 15 October 2020

37884 Cepheus approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, on 15 October 2020 with the 5Q60 10:59 Ilford EMU Depot to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former London Overground EMUs 315859 & 315810 for scrapping. The units were built in 1980, but the loco dates from 1963!

37884 Baulking 23 February 2021

37884 Cepheus passes Baulking on 23 February 2021 with the 5Q76 08:29 Parkeston to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former Greater Anglia EMUs 321358 & 321344 for scrapping. This had been running more or less to time, but as the down relief line was closed at Challow, it couldn't wait there for half an hour as booked, and so was now running 35 minutes early.

37884 Uffington 26 February 2021

37884 Cepheus passes a couple of fields of young oilseed rape plants near Uffington on 26 February 2021, as it heads through the Vale of White Horse with the 5Q76 08:29 Parkeston to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former Greater Anglia EMUs 321442 & 321438 for scrapping. This was supposed to be a cloudless day, but luckily most of the unexpected cloud stayed to the north. It is hard to believe that the Wilts & Berks Canal formerly passed right across the foreground of this picture!

37884 Uffington 26 April 2021

37884 Cepheus passes Uffington on 26 April 2021 with the 5Q76 09:33 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former Greater Anglia EMU 317649 for scrapping. Despite its miniscule load, the loco could clearly be heard working hard for several minutes before it came into view.

37884 Grove 22 September 2021

37884 Cepheus passes Grove on 22 September 2021 with the 5Q42 09:50 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group) stock move. As this was running over two hours late, I had hoped that it would be on the main line, but a GWR IET following close behind meant that it was put onto the relief line, which unfortunately means a more head on picture. The train is made up of nine Mk3 coaches, seven former LNER HST coaches for scrapping, sandwiched between two former Greater Anglia Mk3s, which have a temporary reprieve from the scrapman, as they are being used as barrier vehicles.

37884 Challow 24 September 2021

37884 Cepheus runs along the down relief line, as it approaches Challow on 24 September 2021 with the 5Q42 09:50 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying former LNER HST Mk3 coaches for scrap. The train is formed from: 12154, 42191, 42193, 42192, 42146, 42128, 42238, 42199, 42198, 42239 & 12125. The first and last vehicles are acting as barriers. It seems a shame that these high quality coaches are going to the breakers, when their replacements are a noticeably inferior product. At least they have had a reasonably long life, which probably won't be the case for their replacements, which are already literally cracking up!

37884 Grove 17 November 2021

Another Class 315 EMU made its final journey on 17 November 2021, when 37884 Cepheus hauled 315820 to South Wales for scrapping, running as the 5Q76 10:19 Ilford EMU Depot to Newport Docks (Sims Group). It is pictured here passing Grove.

37885 Clay Cross 9 April 1992

37885 passes Clay Cross on the slightly misty morning of 9 April 1992 with the 6E58 02:00 Cardiff Tidal to Wakefield steel. The train is conveying steel rod and wire from Allied Steel & Wire's works at Cardiff to the Cobra Railfreight terminal at Wakefield.

37885 Clay Cross 9 April 1992

Passing a selection of 1980s Rovers, Vauxhalls and Fords, 37885 heads south at Clay Cross on 9 April 1992 with the 6V04 13:50 Wakefield to Cardiff Tidal steel. My car was a BMW at the time, as my later Honda Accord was still in Germany in 1992.

37885 Croome 4 May 1998

An unintentional comparison of red liveries at Croome on 4 May 1998. While the 1S35 09:22 Penzance to Edinburgh 'Cornishman' Virgin CrossCountry HST recedes into the distance, 37885 just manages to avoid getting completely blocked out of view, as it heads south with the 6V14 07:30 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks.

37886 & 37707 Llanwern West Junction 2 June 2001

37886 & 37707 pass Llanwern West Junction on 2 June 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z41 07:04 Crewe to Ebbw Vale 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour. Much of the steelworks in the background has now been demolished and replaced by the inevitable housing estate.

37886 & 37707 Llangewydd 2 June 2001

37886 & 37707 pass the ruined farm buildings at Llangewydd on 2 June 2001 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z41 07:04 Crewe to Ebbw Vale 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour, with 60026 on the rear of the train. At the time a lot of photographers were getting fed up with pairs of EWS red 37s on railtours. How times change!

37886 & 37707 Cwm 2 June 2001

37886 & 37707 pass Cwm, on the approach to Ebbw Vale with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z41 07:04 Crewe to Ebbw Vale 'Onllwyn Orbiter' railtour on 2 June 2001. Hiding in the bushes on the rear of the train is 60026. In addition to the 37s and 60, the tour also featured a short section of Class 08 haulage, when 08828 was used between Margam TC and Margam Yard Junction.

37887, 60077 & 56114 Avonmouth 25 June 1993

An impressive line at the new Avonmouth coal handling facility on 25 June 1993. 37887 Castell Caerffili / Caerphilly Castle prepares to run underneath the new coal loader with a gauging trial, while 60077 Canisp & 56114 Maltby Colliery wait their turn in the background.

37887 & 37802 Aberthaw 22 April 1995

37887 Castell Caerffili / Caerphilly Castle & 37802 pulls slowly away from Aberthaw Power Station in the pouring rain on 22 April 1995 with the 6C07 11:15 Aberthaw to Cwmbargoed MGR empties. Luckily the train's speed was so low that I could get away with a shutter speed of 1/125sec, not that I had much choice anyway owing to the awful weather!

37887 & 37894 Wantage Road 15 April 1997

On a gloomy 15 April 1997, 37887 Castell Caerffili / Caerphilly Castle & 37894 wait in the up loop at Wantage Road with the 6Z49 05:00 Cardiff Tidal to Purfleet steel train. This was the site of Wantage Road station and although some of the up platform was removed when these relief lines were reinstated in the early 1990s, the remains of the former down platform can still be seen on the extreme left of the picture.

37887 & 47783 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 29 July 1999

The 1V33 15:58 London to Swansea Royal Mail van train was in trouble on 29 July 199, when the train loco 47783 Saint Peter failed. 37887 was called upon to assist and the train is pictured here passing Circourt Bridge, Denchworth, running an hour late. Luckily the late running has resulted in the lighting being just about acceptable, rather than completely head on.

37888 & 37705 Staveley 1 September 1991

Incongruously paired with a rake of Network SouthEast coaches, 37888 Petrolea & 37705 catch the last rays of the setting sun as they pass Staveley on 1 September 1991 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z30 18:00 Bolsover Colliery to St Pancras 'Beast & Bicycle' railtour. The train is just passing underneath the bridge which used to carry the former Great Central mainline.

37888 Swindon 28 October 1992

37888 Petrolea stands in the autumn sunshine at Swindon on 28 October 1992. The name Petrolea has not only moved between different locos, but also between different classes. It started out on 47374 in 1986, and was then transferred to 37888 two years later. In 1996 the plates were transferred to 58042.

37888 Burton Salmon 18 October 1997

37888 passes Burton Salmon on 18 October 1997 with the 6D62 12:12 Hull Saltend to Healey Mills (for Mostyn) acid tanks. It looks like some track maintenance is required on the line in the foreground, with evidence of severe ballast 'pumping', where the passage of trains forces water up through an area of loose ballast.

37888 Maud's Bridge 20 February 1999

37888 passes Maud's Bridge just ahead of the approaching storm on 20 February 1999, as it works the customary single tank wagon on the 6D99 07:20 Hull Saltend to Immingham. One of those annoying situations when the Pentax 6x7 was loaded with Ilford HP5 B&W film, for the expected cloudy conditions. The brief burst of dramatic lighting not allowing enough time to change over the rollfilm cameras. Hence this is from a 35mm Fujichrome.

37890 Winchfield 6 November 1991

37890 growls through Winchfield station on 6 November 1991 with the 6O64 10:15 Ripple Lane to Micheldever oil tanks. There wouldn't be much possibly of a gypsy encampment here nowadays, as the area where the caravans are parked is now covered by the Beauclerk Green housing estate.

37890 Shrivenham (Ashbury Crossing) 1 November 1994

During 1994, 37890 The Railway Observer was one of the regular locomotives on the 6C13 11:22 Calvert to Bath Avon Binliner. On 1 November it was again rostered for the train, and is pictured here in the autumn sunshine at Ashbury Crossing, Shrivenham.

37890 & 37706 Lickey Incline 26 July 2003

37890 & 37706 climb the Lickey Incline on 26 July 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:05 Westbury to York 'Doncaster Detour' railtour. This is approximately the half way point of the two mile long 1 in 37 gradient. The 37s were making steady and very noisy progress!

37890 & 37706 Shireoaks 26 July 2003

One of those situations when you wish the sun wasn't out! 37890 & 37706 approach Shireoaks on 26 July 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:05 Westbury to York 'Doncaster Detour' railtour. The train is traversing the sharply curved single track chord from the Mansfield line, onto the route towards Sheffield.

37890 Yarnton 12 August 2003

Viewed from the then newly constructed footbridge, 37890 passes Yarnton on 12 August 2003 with the 6M28 18:23 Didcot to Bescot departmental working. The gated farm access crossing, which also formerly served as the public footpath crossing can be seen in the foreground, complete with new approach fencing. Although already in a terrible external condition, 37890 was to survive for over another year, before being withdrawn. It was cut up at Ron Hull's Yard in Rotherham almost exactly seven years after this picture was taken.

37891 Narroways Hill Junction 16 April 1991

37891 growls up Ashley Down Bank and passes Narroways Hill Junction with the 6B27 16:00 Theale to Robeston Murco oil empties on 16 April 1991. A welcome change from the Class 47s on 6M29, 6B97 & 4B74, but of course nowadays you wouldn't get all this traffic and certainly no heritage traction! Most Class 37s on oil trains in the Bristol and South Wales area in the early 1990s were allocated to the Cardiff Canton FPEK pool, however 37891 is a bit of an interloper as at the time it was allocated to Immingham's FPFR pool, which meant in nominally worked off Ripple Lane.

37892 Crofton 15 January 1991

Kennet & Avon Canal Lock No. 57 at Crofton makes an excellent foreground for this picture of 37892 Ripple Lane heading east on a sunny but very cold 15 January 1991. It is working the 6L55 12:20 Westbury to Ripple Lane empty tanks. The black tanks at the front of the train are bitumen empties from Frome, whilst the vehicles at the rear are fuel oil empties. This was running well over an hour early.

37892 Twerton 6 May 1994

No cricket today! 37892 Ripple Lane passes the Stothert & Pitt Cricket Club at Twerton on 6 May 1994 with the 4C13 11:21 Calvert to Bristol Avon Binliner empties. It has just dropped off some of the containers for loading with Bath's rubbish at Oldfield Park.

37893 Fairwood Junction 18 April 1991

Running over an hour early, 37893 passes Fairwood Junction on 18 April 1991 with the 6A84 10:33 Frome to Westbury empty bitumen tanks. Five empty four wheel tanks is certainly not much of a load for a 'heavyweight' Class 37/7! Note the Ripple Lane depot plaque, indicating the loco was part of the FPFR Immingham Trainload Petroleum pool, outbased at Ripple Lane.

37893 Goring 28 August 1991

37893 approaches Goring on 28 August 1991 with the 6L58 14:20 Banbury to Ripple Lane oil empties. This train was booked to layover in Hinksey Yard for two hours, which on this occasion it clearly did, as although I had hoped for some early running, it was bang on time, which unfortunately meant that the shadows were becoming a problem.

37893 Pilning 16 March 1993

37893 waits in the down loop at Pilning on 16 March 1993 with the 6V25 08:42 Grain to Llandarcy bitumen empties. On the extreme left of the picture is my Volkswagen Jetta garage courtesy car, with the footbridge of Pilning station just visible (at least on the original) directly above it. I couldn't resist taking a second shot of this train, from further back towards the Severn Tunnel, when eventually it departed the loop.

37893 Pilning 16 March 1993

37893 descends the gradient towards the Severn Tunnel on 16 March 1993, after waiting in the loop at Pilning with the 6V25 08:42 Grain to Llandarcy bitumen empties. The train's position in the loop has now been taken by the light engine 47249 Sea Hawk, which can be seen in the background.

37893 & 37890 Weston-on-Trent 8 November 2003

37893 & 37890 pass Weston-on-Trent in gloomy conditions on 8 November 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:26 Bristol Temple Meads to Roxby Gullet 'Roxby Renegade' railtour. The Leylandii conifers behind the locos effectively prevent pictures from being taken from that side of the line, unlike the situation that existed in 1986.

37893 & 37890 Retford (Leverton Road) 8 November 2003

Heading through the drizzle at Leverton Road, Retford, on 8 November 2003, Heavyweight pair 37893 & 37890 haul the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:26 Bristol Temple Meads to Roxby Gullet 'Roxby Renegade' railtour. Grove Lane level crossing cam just be seen in the background.

37893 & 37890 Stallingborough 8 November 2003

37893 & 37890 pass through Stallingborough station on 8 November 2003 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 06:26 Bristol Temple Meads to Roxby Gullet 'Roxby Renegade' railtour. The tour was heading for Grimsby at this point, before taking the freight line to Immingham. With the signal box and signals all leaning in different directions in this picture, I have to resort to leveling the picture in Photoshop using the new houses on the right as a reference, working on the assumption that at least they ought to be level!

37895 Hatfield & Stainforth 22 August 1998

With its customary load of a single bogie tank wagon, 37895 approaches Hatfield & Stainforth station on 22 August 1998 with the 6D99 08:15 Hull Saltend to Immingham. The 6D99 headcode got reused in later years, ironically for a train that also often turned up with a single wagon!

37896, 37796 & 37799 Whiteball 2 May 1994

There certainly shouldn't have been any problem with traction here, as there is 5250 hp available, and 36 wheels to put it down on the track! 37896, 37796 & 37799 Sir Dyfed / County of Dyfed pass Whiteball on 2 May 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z41 06:15 York to Paignton 'Torbay Exe-Cursioner' railtour.

37897 Twerton 12 October 1994

37897 emerges from Twerton Tunnel on 12 October 1994 with MGR coal empties returning to South Wales from Westbury Cement Works. All has now gone. Loco, wagons, Westbury Cement Works, and even this viewpoint are all now history!

37897 & 37701 Caerphilly 21 October 1995

37897 & 37701 pass through Caerphilly station on 21 October 1995 with the 7C07 15:45 Cwmbargoed to Aberthaw Power Station loaded MGR. Unfortunately this is one of the few pictures I have of this well known working. In the 1990s there was still so much to photograph, and as I still had to go to work, there was less time to do it!

37897 Ebbw Junction 24 July 1996

Running over an hour early, 37897 passes Ebbw Junction, Newport on 24 July 1996 with the 6Z86 15:07 (in theory!) Didcot Power Station to Cardiff Tidal oil empties. This was a Wednesdays only, as required working. On the right, 09015 is stabled between duties.

37897 & 37887 Aberthaw 8 November 1996

37897 & 37887 prepare to leave the receptions sidings at Aberthaw on 8 November 1996 with the 6T31 12:20 Aberthaw Power Station to Barry MGR empties, on this occasion running exactly to time. On the right is the Bridgend to Barry 'Vale of Glamorgan' line.

37897 & 37888 Compton Beauchamp 2 September 1997

In crisp early morning light, 37897 & 37888 growl past Compton Beauchamp on 2 September 1997 with the 6L20 05:00 Cardiff Tidal to Purfleet steel train. Apologies for the poor quality of this image, but this film was virtually ruined when the E6 lab massively over developed it, leaving a very thin bleached out image. Of course I could have scanned the 35mm version, but a 6x7 slide always beats a 35mm one, and so with the magic of Photoshop an acceptable result has been obtained. I thought I had thrown away this roll film version at the time, believing it to be useless. However, whilst sorting out the darkroom, I rediscovered it, and so modern technology has come to the rescue.

37898 Long Marston 6 September 2010

Several careful owners, reliable runner (once), some bodywork repairs needed! 37898 rusts quietly away at Long Marston on 6 September 2010. Not having worked for nearly a decade, and with the paintwork fading almost to white, it looks in a very sorry state, especially as the rust has got such a hold on the bodywork that there are now several large holes.

37899 & 37896 Barrow Hill 1 September 1991

37899 County Of West Glamorgan / Sir Gorllewin Morgannwg & 37896 pass Barrow Hill on 1 September 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 02:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Worksop 'Bolsover Balladeer' railtour. Barrow Hill was a major MGR staging point, and rakes of HAA hoppers can just be seen through the early morning mist in the background.

37899 & 37896 Dinnington 1 September 1991

37899 County Of West Glamorgan / Sir Gorllewin Morgannwg & 37896 pass Dinnington on 1 September 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 02:35 Worcester Shrub Hill to Worksop 'Bolsover Balladeer' railtour. The line on the left led to Thurcroft Colliery, which closed three months after this picture was taken. The track has now been lifted.

37899 & 37896 Oxcroft Junction 1 September 1991

37899 County Of West Glamorgan / Sir Gorllewin Morgannwg & 37896 approach Oxcroft Junction on 1 September 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 'Bolsover Balladeer' railtour. 20148 & 20185 can just be seen on the rear of the train. Prominent in the background is the M1 motorway. This section of line has since been closed and lifted.

37899 & 37896 Markham Colliery Junction 1 September 1991

37899 County Of West Glamorgan / Sir Gorllewin Morgannwg & 37896 pass Markham Colliery Junction in fine evening light on 1 September 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z38 'Bolsover Balladeer' railtour. This tour had started from Worcester Shrub Hill at 02:35, and had spent a full day exploring freight lines in the Worksop area. It is pictured here returning from the Bolsover Coalite plant, which can be seen in the background, pumping out its distinctive smelling pollution! 20148 & 20185 are on the rear of the train. The line to Markham Colliery can be seen diverging to the right. Much has changed since this picture was taken, with both the Markham and Bolsover sites now closed, in 1994 and 2004 respectively.

37899 Circourt 27 October 1994

37899 Sir Gorllewin Morgannwg / County of West Glamorgan approaches Circourt Bridge, Denchworth with the 6Z86 15:07 Didcot Power Station to Cardiff Tidal Yard oil empties on 27 October 1994. Superb late afternoon lighting with the sun just spotlighting the train, while the background is in shadow and with a threatening dark sky to the east. At this time the up and down relief lines had only just come into use.

37899 Thorne Junction 31 May 1999

37899 comes off the Goole line at Thorne Junction on 31 May 1999 with the 6V14 07:30 Hull Saltend to Baglan Bay acetic acid tanks. The M18 motorway crosses the junction in the background. Note that the Goole line is single track at the junction. This is just for a few yards, double track resuming just around the corner.

37901 Denchworth 2 October 1991

37901 Mirrlees Pioneer passes Denchworth on a miserably dull 2 October 1991 with the 6V45 11:35 Leicester Braunstone Gate to Cardiff Tidal scrap train. This was shortly before the reintroduction of relief lines at this location (note how wide the track spacing is), and more unfortunately the installation of a large signal gantry.

37901 Coedkernew 14 March 1997

37901 Mirrlees Pioneer passes Coedkernew on 14 March 1997 with the 6B69 10:12 Margam to Llanwern steel coils. Behind the train are the low lying fields, intersected with ditches, that stretch from the railway to the sea, nearly a mile away.

37901 Heap Bridge 7 March 2010

37901 Mirrlees Pioneer passes Heap Bridge, on the East Lancashire Railway, with the 2J72 12:46 Rawtenstall to Heywood service, during the line's Diesel Gala on 7 March 2010. This is the only surviving Mirrlees engined Class 37/9 conversion, the other two preserved 37/9s having Ruston power units.

37901 Burrs 7 March 2010

37901 Mirrlees Pioneer approaches Burrs, on the East Lancashire Railway, with the 2J82 15:26 Rawtenstall to Heywood service, during the line's Diesel Gala on 7 March 2010.This is obviously the prime location for a southbound train in the afternoon, as a large crowd of photographers were jostling for position. My stepladder came in handy here!

37901 Burrs 7 March 2010

An excellent picture with which to end a perfect day's photography. 37901 Mirrlees Pioneer catches the last rays of the setting sun as it passes Burrs with the 2J89 16:35 Heywood to Rawtenstall service on 7 March 2010, during the East Lancashire Railway's Diesel Gala.

37902 Baglan 25 March 1987

With Port Talbot Steelworks dominating the background, 37902 passes Baglan on 25 March 1987 with the 6C36 16:05 Margam to Trostre steel coils. Baglan station now occupies this site, and along with a massive amount of lineside tree growth, makes this view virtually unrecognisable. Baglan station is unusual in being an entirely new station (opened in 1996), not a reopened one.

37902 South Moreton (Didcot East) 4 July 1991

37902 British Steel Llanwern ambles along the relief line at South Moreton on 4 July 1991 with the late running 6V99 13:53 Hamworthy to Cardiff Tidal steel train. This working regularly brought members of the 37/9 subclass to the Thames Valley at this time, although with a load like this, it seems a lower powered locomotive would have been sufficient!

37902 Carmarthen 16 November 1996

37902 accelerates away from Carmarthen station on 16 November 1996 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z37 07:45 Birmingham New Street to Fishguard Harbour 'Dyfed Docker' railtour. Carmarthen station is now on a short dead end line that branches off the Cardiff to Fishguard route. It would have been perfectly possible for this train to have used the direct line, but as it was top'n'tailed with 37412, it was no hardship to make the short detour into Carmarthen, where a short break was taken. The line originally carried on past the road bridge that can just be seen in the background, with cross country routes radiating out to such places as Newcastle Emlyn, Lampeter and a connection with the Central Wales line at Llandeilo.

37902 Gaer Junction 11 September 1997

A busy few minutes at Gaer Junction on 11 September 1997. 37902 emerges from Hillfield Tunnel with the 6B96 10:05 Llanwern to Cardiff Tidal oil empties, while 37670 & 37696 wait at the signal to gain entry to the nearby Alexandra Dock Yard with the 6B99 04:56 Enterprise service from St Blazey. For once a dull day was preferable, as this location is in a cutting surrounded by large bushes and would therefore have been mostly in shadow at this time of year.

37903 & 37906 Washwood Heath 21 August 1994

37903 & 37906 pass Washwood Heath on 21 August 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z27 08:21 Bristol Temple Meads to Crewe 'Crewe Cruiser' railtour. As can be guessed by the two prominent concrete columns under construction behind the locomotives, this particular viewpoint is now no longer possible, due to the construction of a roadbridge. However, this new bridge, along with another that would be constructed in the background of this view, have opened up alternative viewpoints.

37904 & 37902 East Usk Junction 2 July 1990

37904 & 37902 pass East Usk Junction on 2 July 1990 with the 6B40 11:50 Llanwern to Port Talbot iron ore empties. Both locos are looking very drab in their unbranded grey livery. The train's point of origin can clearly be seen in the background. The contraction of Llanwern works since this photo was taken have seen the removal of this industrial background.

37905 Ashchurch 2 July 1990

37905 Vulcan Enterprise passes Ashchurch on 2 July 1990 with the 6V67 23:50 Tees Yard to Cardiff Tidal aluminium ingots and steel bars. The aluminum ingots are en-route from the Lynemouth smelter to Pengam. As can be seen from the rear wagons, other metals products also used this long distance service.

37905 Badgeworth 17 March 1994

37905 Vulcan Enterprise heads north, light engine, past Badgeworth on 17 March 1994. The loco, one of just two Class 37s that received the Ruston RK270T 1,800 hp engine, was named at Cardiff Canton Depot on 3 February 1987 by Jim MacKinnon, managing director of Ruston Diesels.

D6836 North Street 18 May 2014

D6836 (37905) passes North Street with the 09:20 Alton to Alresford service on 18 May 2014. As the Mid Hants Railway's coaching stock is green, and the Ruston engined 37/9 has been cosmetically backdated to it former 37/0 green livery, there is unfortunately very little contrast between the train and the predominantly green landscape. At least the inclusion of the gnarled old tree trunk and winding track adds a little colour variety.

D6836 Bishop's Sutton 18 May 2014

D6836 (37905) passes through the hawthorn lined cutting at Bishop's Sutton on the Mid Hants Railway on 18 May 2014 with the 10:30 Alresford to Alton service. Ignoring the plated headcode box, it certainly looks like a 1960s incarnation of a Class 37, but toiling up the bank its distinctive Ruston six cylinder beat gave it away!

D6836 Soldridge 18 May 2014

Another of my pictures from the Mid Hants Railway on 18 May 2014, where I have tried to go for an unusual viewpoint, in order to compensate for the monotone green landscape with green trains. A wide angle view at Soldridge deliberately includes the lichen encrusted fence posts in the foreground, as D6836 works the 11:20 Alton to Alresford service. This particular Class 37 is probably upsetting the purists, as whilst it looks for all the world like an original loco, in 1960s BR green, mechanically it is still a 1980s 37/9, with six cylinder Ruston RK270T engine in place of the original English Electric 12CSVT unit.

D6836 Bishop's Sutton 18 May 2014

A symphony in green! D6836 (37905) passes Bishop's Sutton on 18 May 2014 with the 12:30 Alresford to Alton service. Late May and early June is definitely the worst time of year for railway photography, with the sun high in the sky for most of the day, and the countryside all the same shade of green. Unfortunately a green loco on a rake of the Mid Hants Railway's green Mk1 coaches doesn't help either, but I couldn't resist a trip to the line, given the extremely unlikely chance of having a picture ruined by an errant cloud!

D6836 Crownthorpe 2 April 2016

Looking very much like a Class 37 from the mid 1960s, but sounding very different by virtue of its six cylinder Ruston engine, D6836 (37905) passes Crownthorpe on 2 April 2016 with the 09:40 Dereham to Wymondham service, during the Mid Norfolk Railway's Diesel Gala. Prototype HST power car 41001 is on the rear of the train.

37906 Stenson Junction 11 September 1990

37906 passes Stenson Junction on 11 September 1990 with the 6V64 09:42 Tees Yard to Margam Metals Sector service, which on this occasion was conveying aluminium ingots from Lynemouth, bound for Cardiff, and a long rake of steel empties.

37906 Marshfield 27 August 1998

37906 passes Marshfield on 27 August 1998 with the 6Z52 11:05 Cardiff Docks to Llanwern slag empties. This short term freight flow used MEA wagons to transport blast furnace slag from the steel works to Cardiff for use in the construction of the Cardiff Bay Barrage. Due to the weight of the material the train was diagrammed for a Class 37/9 and these workings turned out to be something of a swansong for this small sub-class, with the non-standard nature of the locos leading to their withdrawal the following year.

37906 Burrs 12 September 1999

Complete with 'Grim Reaper' headboard, 37906 Star of the East passes Burrs with the 15:25 Rawtenstall to Bury service, on Sunday 12 September 1999, the final day of the Easy Lancashire Railway's 'EWS Classic Traction' event.

37906, 37029 & 37351 Burrs 12 September 1999

A spectacular sight (and sound!) at Burrs on 12 September 1999, as 37906 Star of the East, 37029 & 37351 pile on the power as they climb away from Bury with the 17:10 service to Rawtenstall, during the East Lancashire Railway's 'EWS Classic Traction' event. All three locos are producing plenty of clag, but 37351 is the star performer in the pollution department. For some time it had been noted for its displays of soot production, much to the delight of photographers, but not environmentalists!

37906 Eardington 30 September 2000

37906 passes through the remains of Eardington station, on the Severn Valley Railway, with the 13:20 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster service on 30 September 2000, during the line's diesel gala. When the Severn Valley Railway opened as a preserved line in 1970, Eardington station was also reopened as an intermediate station between Bridgnorth, and the then southern terminus of the line, Hampton Loade. However, the stopping place's limited use saw it dropped from the timetable in 1982.

37906 Foley Park Tunnel 4 October 2012

37906 approaches Foley Park Tunnel on 4 October 2012 with the 13:29 Bewdley to Kidderminster service, during the Severn Valley Railway's Autumn Diesel Gala. Unfortunately the sun had just disappeared after a bright morning. However, I couldn't resist this picture of 'Slug 6' before taking the long walk back to the car.

97301 Tackley 2 January 2012

97301 (formerly 37100) emerges from the trees at Tackley on 2 January 2012 with the 1Z06 08:54 Derby RTC to Grove Park structure gauging train. It had just had a lengthy lay over at Banbury, resulting in the previous early running being wiped out, instead passing me running exactly on time. 31285 is out of view on the rear of the train.

97301 Hinksey 11 February 2016

The track workers take a break, as the 1Q04 09:52 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Reading) Network Rail test train speeds past Hinksey Yard on 11 February 2016. 97301 is bringing up the rear, while 56 year old 31233 provides the power at the front.

97301 Cashes Green 5 October 2017

97301 slowly passes Cashes Green on 5 October 2017 with the 3Q64 10:02 Cardiff Canton Pullmans to Cardiff Canton Pullmans (via Swindon) Network Rail test train. I was very lucky with the light here, as the sun was on the edge of a large black cloud.

97302 Culham 11 June 2015

97302 passes Culham on 11 June 2015 with the 3Z32 18:09 Didcot to Derby RTC Network Rail test train. Unfortunately this was running over half an hour early. Half an hour late would have been much better in terms of lighting! Prior to being renumbered and getting smothered in yellow paint, 97302 was the far more conventional 37170.

97304 Shorthampton 20 February 2013

Running 40 minutes late, 97304 John Tiley (formerly 37217) passes Shorthampton on 20 February 2013 with the 3Q04 08:37 Derby RTC to Derby RTC (via Oxford) test train. Initially a cloudy day, but then it started to brighten up, so I changed my original plan and went to this location as the sun would be on the front. Obviously that was a cue for the sun to disappear!

97304 & 97302 Walcot (Shropshire) 26 July 2014

97304 John Tiley & 97302 pass Walcot at considerable speed on 26 July 2014 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z29 05:33 Bristol Temple Meads to Aberystwyth 'Cardigan Bay Express' railtour. 97304 worked the return trip single handed, after 97302 developed a fault, and was left at Aberystwyth.