Class 20

D8001 & 13018 Chinnor 19 May 1996

D8001 & Class 08 13018 approach Chinnor on 19 May 1996 with a train from Thame Junction, during the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway's Diesel Gala. This line runs along the base of the Chiltern Hills, the wooded slopes of which can be seen on the right. Although the lowest numbered Class 20 under TOPS, this was in fact the second locomotive to enter traffic. The first, D8000, became 20050 upon renumbering.

D8001 & D8568 Thame Junction 19 May 1996

D8001 joins forces with Class 17 D8568 during the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway's Diesel Gala on 19 May 1996. An ironic pairing, as the Clayton Class 17 was introduction to solve the problem of the Class 20's single cab design. Unfortunately, whilst the visibility from the cab of a Class 17 was excellent, the loco's reliability certainly wasn't! Consequently, another batch of the ultra reliable Class 20s had to be built to replace the replacements! The vintage pair are pictured rounding the curve where the Chinnor lines diverges from the former Thame branch. Thame Junction is the present northern terminus of the line, situated just out of sight behind the bushes to the right. The train has just run round there, and is now heading back to Chinnor.

D8001 Calehill Heath (Charing) 19 July 2002

D8001 is pictured at work with an overhead wiring train on the partially completed Channel Tunnel Rail Link at Calehill Heath (near Charing) on 19 July 2002. There is something ironic about such a vintage locomotive being used on the most prestigious railway construction project in the country. Various privately owned Class 20s were employed on these trains, with the more prosaic Class 66s being used for the heavier ballast and permanent way workings.

8001 North Weald 24 September 2017

8001 did not take part in the Epping Ongar Railway's Diesel Gala on 24 September 2017, but spent the day parked in front of the shed at North Weald. The St George's flag and aerial in the background are part of the Harlow & District Amateur Radio Society's rally which was taking place in the adjacent field. It didn't seem to have anything like the number of visitors as the railway!

20005 & 20048 Firsby 17 August 1988

20005 & 20048 slowly approach the sharp curve at Firsby on 17 September 1988 with the 1E48 10:15 Skegness to Sheffield service. On this occasion it was lucky that it was a dull day, as otherwise this would have been a hopeless viewpoint. looking straight into the sun!

20007 & 20142 Wendover 25 August 2019

20007 & 20142 Sir John Betjeman pass through Wendover station on 25 August 2019 with the UK Railtours 1Z34 12:25 Quainton Road to Rickmansworth 'Metroland & Quainton' railtour. This Bank Holiday weekend saw the hottest ever recorded August temperature, so the interior of the non air-conditioned 4-TC set was probably not very comfortable!

20007 & 20142 Wendover 25 August 2019

20007 & 20142 Sir John Betjeman pass Wendover on 25 August 2019 with the UK Railtours 1Z36 16:05 Quainton Road to Marylebone 'Metroland & Quainton' railtour. D6515 Lt Jenny Lewis RN is bringing up the rear. The stock is London Underground 4-TC set 8028.

20007 & 20142 Waddesdon Manor 26 August 2019

20007 & 20142 Sir John Betjeman bring up the rear of the UK Railtours 1Z33 10:00 Marylebone to Quainton Road 'Metroland & Quainton' railtour, as it passes the site of Waddesdon Manor station on 26 August 2019, led by D6515 Lt Jenny Lewis RN. The train's destination can just be seen in the distance.

20007 & 20142 Waddesdon Manor 26 August 2019

20007 & 20142 Sir John Betjeman pass the site of Waddesdon Manor station on 26 August 2019 with the UK Railtours 1Z34 12:25 Quainton Road to Rickmansworth 'Metroland & Quainton' railtour. The stock is London Underground 4-TC set 8028, and D6515 Lt Jenny Lewis RN is bringing up the rear.

20010 & 20132 Milford Junction 12 May 1990

20010 & 20132 pass Milford Junction on 12 May 1990 with the Class 20 Locomotive Society 1Z21 13:15 Scarborough to Sheffield 'Vladivostok Avoider' railtour. There have been some very odd railtour names over the years, with some quite ingenuous wordplay. However, this is probably one of the quirkiest, although there's no denying that it certainly did avoid Vladivostok!

20010 & 20132 Ulleskelf 12 May 1990

20010 & 20132 pass Ulleskelf on 12 May 1990 with the Class 20 Locomotive Society 1Z21 13:15 Scarborough to Sheffield 'Vladivostok Avoider' railtour. Unfortunately this was a miserably dull day, so not the ideal weather for using Fujichrome RFP film, rated at only ISO 50!

20010 & 20082 Barton-under-Needwood 26 June 1991

20010 & 20082 pass Barton-under-Needwood on 26 June 1991 with a southbound loaded MGR. This is the site of Barton & Walton station (closed in 1958), the goods shed being the only thing to survive in the 1990s. A huge industrial estate and lineside tree growth have now ruined this view, although there is now a new footbridge in the background of this view, which is a quieter vantage point for photography compared to this very busy roadbridge.

20016 & 20081 Kingham 27 April 1991

They don't do railtours like this any more! Complete with wacky headboard, 20016 & 20081 shatter the peace of the Cotswold Line, as they pass through Kingham station on 27 April 1991 with the Class 20 Society 1Z40 15:47 Bristol Temple Meads to Derby 'Last Great Moose Hunt' railtour. This was the return working of that morning's Sheffield to Bristol 'Bristol or Bust' tour. Apparently the entertainment on board included a brass band! This was long before my Honda days, and even before I had a BMW. My Opel Manta can just be seen in what was then Kingham's tiny car park.

20020 & 20106 Scropton 12 August 1989

20020 & 20106 approach Scropton on 12 August 1989 with the 16:11 Derby to Crewe service. For a few weeks in 1989 pairs of 20s were used on this service due to a shortage of Class 150 units. As the stock was Mk 1 coaches without any air conditioning, and it was summer therefore in theory no heating was required, Class 20s were ideally suited for these trains, given that at the time there were some surplus locos, due to their replacement on various freight duties by Type 5 power.

20020 Kinneil 3 September 2000

20020 passes through Kinneil station on 3 September 2000, en-route from Birkhill to Bo'ness during the Scottish Railway Preservation Society's Diesel Gala. The Bo'ness & Kinneil Railway is situated on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth. Kinneil station served as the line's western terminus between 1986 and 1988.

20021 & 20113 Lower Wick 12 July 1987

20021 & 20113 pass Lower Wick on 12 July 1987 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z36 07:00 Leicester to Carmarthen 'Welsh Rambler' railtour. The train has just passed underneath the M5 motorway. This was an extremely dull day, which explains the grainy Kodachrome 200 image, and also why I didn't bother to follow it to Wales for some more interesting pictures!

20021 & 20085 Madeley Junction 15 August 1988

20021 & 20085 come off the Ironbridge branch and rejoin the mainline at Madeley Junction on 15 August 1988 with another rake of empty HAA coal hoppers heading back to Silverdale Colliery from Ironbridge Power Station. Although once a common sight, I have relatively few pictures of Class 20s working MGR coal trains, as they were principally concentrated in the Midlands and Scotland and only very rarely ventured as far south as my local power station at Didcot, and even that was before I started taking pictures.

20022 & 20126 Banbury 11 July 1987

20022 & 20126 approach Banbury in failing light on 11 July 1987 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z26 12:36 Deepcar to Paddington 'Stilton & Branston Ploughman' railtour. The tour had travelled up to Yorkshire via the East Coast Mainline, hauled by the specially repainted Tinsley green pair (20064 & 20030).

20023 & 20010 Ratcliffe-on-Soar 1 July 1985

20023, the first of the class in Railfreight grey livery, is pictured with similarly liveried 20010, returning to Derby on 1 July 1985 with the Derby Works test train. The location, which is certainly not the best photographic vantage point, is Ratcliffe-on-Soar.

20025 & 20044 Ryecroft Junction 15 August 1988

20025 & 20044 pass Ryecroft Junction on 15 August 1988 with the 6E52 08:26 Wolverhampton to Scunthorpe steel empties. This picture couldn't be replicated today, and I don't just mean because Class 20s on steel trains have long been a thing of the past. All you would see here now is a tunnel of trees, whereas in the 1980s the admittedly not too picturesque blocks of flats in Walsall formed the skyline, complete with the tower of St Peter's church on the right, with the brick tower and spire of the now demolished Methodist church just next to it.

20026 Stanton Gate 7 March 1991

With the mass withdrawals of Class 20s in the early 1990s, storage space became a problem at Toton, so lines of condemned locos started to accumulate at nearby Stanton Gate. Heavily vandalised 20026 stands between 20045 and 20129 in the scrap line on 7 March 1991. This unusual view, with most of the bodyside doors missing, does give an interesting view of the engine and generator. 20026 was withdrawn in October 1990, and after briefly being stored at several locations, was cut up within the year.

20029 & 20048 Wychnor Junction 23 October 1989

20029 & 20048 head north at Wychnor Junction on 23 October 1989 with a rake of empty ballast hoppers. Both locos are wearing the yellow flash logo above the cabside numbers, indicated they are dedicated engineer's machines.

20031 & 20118 Ratcliffe-on-Soar 1 July 1985

20031 & 20118 head north pass Ratcliffe-on-Soar on 1 July 1985 with a short rake of ballast hoppers. Both these locos have survived. 20031 is one of the many Class 20s that have found a new lease of life on a preserved railway, in this case the Keighley & Worth Valley. 20118 however is still to be seen on the national network, although 30 years after this picture was taken, its use is a bit more specialised, principally underground stock movements.

20031 & 20069 Wetmore 11 August 1990

20031 & 20069 pass Wetmore Sidings on 11 August 1990 with the Midland Railtours 1Z09 09:30 Birmingham New Street to Sheffield 'Yorkshire Explorer' railtour. Unfortunately, like several railtours in the early 1990s, this was blighted from a photographic point of view by the use of the bizarrely painted Pilkington set of Mk1 coaches.

D8031 Burrs 10 June 1994

One of the highlights of the East Lancashire Railway's 1994 Diesel Gala was the appearance of the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway's D8031, freshly painted in green. Unfortunately the dull light makes it look almost the same colour as Waterman Railways black liveried D8188, which was also visiting the line. It is seen here heading north at Burrs on 10 June.

20032 & 20039 Havenhouse 14 June 1986

20032 & 20039 race through Havenhouse station with the 1E07 07:10 Sheffield to Skegness service on 14 June 1986. Class 20s were used regularly on these Summer Saturday trains to the coast from the mid 1970s until 1993. It wasn't just the Class 20s either, there were numerous other loco hauled trains to the east coast resort during the summer peak, as well as multi unit DMU lash-ups. Also, in the mid 1980s, despite the interesting traction on offer to places like Skegness, there were few other photographers about to record the scene. At that time the line between Sleaford and Skegness boasted much steam age infrastructure, including several Great Northern Railway somersault signals, as seen here.

20035 Toddington 18 June 2016

20035 (CFD 2001) arrived at the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway in April 2016 as a source of spares for the line's resident D8137. In terrible external condition, but still wearing the orange livery of former French owners, Compagnie de Chemins de Fer Départementaux, it is pictured in Toddington Yard on 18 June 2016, in the company of Class 73 E6036 & Class 26 D5343.

20041 & 20082 Appleford 12 September 1985

20041 & 20082 are hardly struggling as they pass Appleford Signal Box (since demolished) with the 6V19 06:32 Bescot to Didcot Speedlink on 12 September 1985. This train often only traveled as far as Oxford, where the bulk of the traffic ended up. However, sometimes military stores were conveyed, continuing on to Didcot, often with a featherweight load such as this single VEA van. Class 20s were surprisingly common on this working and by 1985 very nearly the only chance of seeing the type in the Oxford area.

20045 & 20142 Toton 16 October 1986

A group of track workers take a short break to watch 20045 & 20142 move slowly out of Toton Yard on 16 October 1986 with a rake of MGR empties. A couple of other Class 20s can be seen in this view, which now looks quite historic, especially with the lines of withdrawn vacuum braked hoppers stored in the distance.

20048 Heap Bridge 3 July 2011

20048 needs all of its 1,000hp as it tackles the gradient at Heap Bridge on 3 July 2011 with the 2J72 12:46 Rawtenstall to Heywood service, during the East Lancashire Railway's Diesel Gala. Although Class 20s wouldn't have got to haul Mk2 coaches very often, this is nevertheless a superb recreation of the rail blue era, fortuitously helped by the rearmost two maroon coaches being hidden by the bushes!

20048 Heap Bridge 3 July 2011

20048 rolls down the gradient at Heap Bridge on 3 July 2011 with the 2J81 13:55 Heywood to Rawtenstall service, during the East Lancashire Railway's Diesel Gala. Strictly speaking the two white discs being displayed here indicate a 1xxx working rather than a 2xxx (although after 1977 with the general abandonment of headcodes, this would have been used). It should really be displaying just the upper white disc for this particular working.

20057 & 20154 Hasland 28 June 1992

The shadows are lengthening at Hasland on the evening of 28 June 1992, as 20057 & 20154 head south with the Worksop Open Day Committee 1Z29 'Worksop Whistler' railtour. This tour, which had started from Derby at 08:30, had visited various East Midlands Collieries, and was here heading back to Derby. As I remember, the combination of a pair of Class 20s on eleven well filled coaches certainly made for a spectacular sound. The unmistakable landmark of Chesterfield's twisted church spire can be seen in the background.

20059 & 20168 Arnside 25 April 1992

The photographers get their pictures, as 20059 & 20168 cross Arnside Viaduct on 25 April 1992 with the 2N42 15:32 Barrow-in-Furness to Preston, one of a number of services upgraded from DMU to loco hauled workings for the day by Regional Railways. Unfortunately by choosing this viewpoint there was no alternative but to go for a rather unconventional viewpoint for the 2C45 14:48 Manchester Victoria to Barrow-in-Furness, which would appear from the opposite direction barely five minutes later.

D8059 Kidderminster 4 October 2012

A couple of Severn Valley Railway volunteers take a short break in order to watch D8059 depart from Kidderminster station on 4 October 2012, with the 09:25 service to Bridgnorth. As often happens at Diesel Galas, this first train of the day was the only one that ran to time. 33108, which can be seen in the background disgraced itself, and had to be removed from its train, causing delays for the rest of the day.

D8059 Foley Park Tunnel 4 October 2012

D8059 approaches Foley Park Tunnel on 4 October 2012 with the 11:15 Bridgnorth to Kidderminster service, during the Severn Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. Despite the fact that in the late 1950s Class 20s wouldn't have operated passenger trains, at least the loco and coach liveries are more or less age matched.

D8059 & D8188 Eardington 19 May 2016

D8059 & D8188 reach the top of the 1 in 100 Eardington Bank, as they work the 11:23 Kidderminster to Bridgnorth service on 19 May 2016, during the Severn Valley Railway's Diesel Gala. Any earlier sunshine had disappeared by midday, so this view looking due south was made a lot easier.

D8059 Thame Junction 8 July 2018

Passing evidence of a recent weedkiller application, D8059 approaches Thame Junction on 8 July 2018 with the 12:15 service from Chinnor. The Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway would seem an unlikely location for a third rail EMU, but the stock is in fact Class 411/9 3-CEP 1198.

D8059 Thame Junction 8 July 2018

D8059 hauls EMU Class 411/9 3-CEP 1198 away from Thame Junction on 8 July 2018, heading back to Chinnor with a steam substitute working. It is pictured between the Horsenden Lane level crossing, and the crossing on the Pitch Green to Saunderton bridleway. Because of the prolonged heatwave, the Chinnor & Princes Risborough Railway had taken the decision to suspend steam services because of the fire risk. This picture was taken at exactly 13:00, the worst possible time for photography in high summer. However, despite the very overhead lighting, I wasn't going to miss a picture of a Class 20 running bonnet first hauling a vintage EMU!

20061, 20093 & 47444 Ribblehead 25 November 1989

20061 & 20093 pilot 47444 University of Nottingham on the 1E11 12:42 Carlisle to Leeds service on 25 November 1989, seen here crossing Ribblehead Viaduct. The addition of the Class 20s was purely to attract the haulage enthusiasts (and of course photographers!). It was certainly a worthwhile trip to the S&C on this occasion, not only for the interesting diesel traction in superb light, but also the bonus of 'Black Five' 5407 coming from the other direction on a railtour.

20064, 20030 & 20118 Balcombe 2 May 1987

One of the all time classic diesel railtours - the Class 20 Locomotive Society's 'Three To The Sea' tour of 2 May 1987. 20064 River Sheaf, 20030 River Rother & 20118 River Don are deep in third rail territory here, as they pass through Balcombe station with the 1Z26 09:24 Sheffield to Brighton special, undoubtedly the most famous Class 20 railtour of all time. 20064 & 20030 had only recently been repainted at Tinsley into nearly authentic original green livery.

20064, 20030 & 20118 Patcham 2 May 1987

20064 River Sheaf, 20030 River Rother & 20118 River Don climb away from Brighton and pass Patcham on 2 May 1987 with the 1Z26 16:28 Brighton to Sheffield 'Three To The Sea' railtour. They have just emerged from Patcham Tunnel (behind the house) and are heading up the valley towards Clayton Tunnel. This location no longer exists, as the A27 Brighton bypass now crosses the area of grass in the foreground on a high embankment. The road passes over the line approximately where the locomotives are, whilst just behind where I am stranding the line now runs through a short cut and cover tunnel, over which a slip road onto the A23 passes at an angle.

20065 & 20072 Hinksey 22 October 1985

Although far from common, Class 20s did make occasional appearances at Oxford in the mid 1980s, usually on the morning Speedlink trip working from Bescot. However, on 22 October 1985, 20065 & 20072 are pictured passing Hinksey Yard with a train of gravel, presumably (in view of the traction) from the Midlands. Ironically the wagons in the foreground are what any 20s in the area would usually have dealt with, being MoD containers from Bicester. Note the Royal Corps of Transport branding.

20065 Clay Mills (Hargate) 15 May 1987

With the Burton-on-Trent's Bass Tower and the chimney of the Victorian Clay Mills Pumping Station visible on the left, 20065 passes Clay Mills (Hargate) on 15 May 1987 with 8D15 08:42 Bescot to Toton Old Bank departmental working. The brake van would be needed for the return working of a rake of spoil wagons. A loco and brake van do normally make for an interesting picture, but a single Class 20 in the sun was definitely worth a picture. Also, I particularly like the balanced composition formed by the line of concrete pipe supports in the field.

20065 Clay Mills (Hargate) 15 May 1987

This is one of the few occasions on which I saw a single Class 20 working bonnet first in BR days. 20065 passes Clay Mills (Hargate) on 15 May 1987 with 8G15 12:56 Toton Old Bank to Bescot departmental. A couple of hours earlier it had heading north with just the brake van, working the 8D15 08:42 Bescot to Toton.

20066 & 20138 Shucknall 2 May 1993

20066 & 20138 pass through a typical Herefordshire landscape of hop gardens and orchards near Shucknall on 2 May 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z21 12:13 Worcester Shrub Hill to Hereford 'Severn Slaps' railtour. This was one of a series of mini excursions run in connection with the Worcester Rail Day. Note the interesting choice of coaching stock - two of Tyseley's four car DMU sets, T412 (53116, 59446, 59591 & 51860) & T404 (53919, 59604, 59735 & 51853). A mixture of Class 115, 116 & 127 vehicles.

20069 Dereham 14 December 1997

20069 approaches Dereham on 14 December 1997 with a 'Santa Special' from Yaxham. The loco had arrived at the Mid Norfolk Railway in 1992, but repainting was a slow process. In fact it wore this red oxide and grey undercoat 'livery' for over a year, before finally getting another coat of BR blue.

20069 Yaxham 14 December 1997

Although still in grey primer, with red oxide ends, 20069 was employed on 'Santa Special' duties on the Mid Norfolk Railway on 14 December 1997. This odd liveried apparition is pictured pulling into Yaxham with a rake of ex Network SouthEast Mk2s. Although the station building and goods shed both survive, only the down platform is still rail connected.

20071 & 20063 Bickershaw 12 March 1990

20071 & 20063 approach journey's end, as they pass Bickershaw village on 12 March 1990 with MGR empties from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station. Just a few hundred yards further on they will arrive at Bickershaw Colliery, where the train will be reloaded. Although no run round facilities existed at this time, necessitating two locos on the rear (20197 & 20082), there clearly was at one time, as the train is just approaching a double track section. There is now no trace of the railway at this location.

20071 & 20063 Bickershaw Colliery 12 March 1990

Having just arrived with a train of MGR empties from Fiddlers Ferry Power Station, 20071 & 20063 pass underneath the loading bunker at Bickershaw Colliery on 12 March 1990. After drawing the train right though, the rear locos (20197 & 20082) would then slowly move forward, and after loading the train would later depart for Fiddlers Ferry. Bickershaw Colliery closed in 1992, and now all traces off the railway and colliery have disappeared from this site.

20075 & 20131 Staveley 23 May 1993

20075 & 20131 pass Staveley on the Windermere Branch with one of the Pathfinder Tours 'Lancastrian Mini Excursion' on 23 May 1993. This was the 1Z46 08:30 Crewe to Preston (via Windermere). 37708 & 37801 can just be seen on the rear of the train, about to cross the level crossing. Note the discreet white backed logos visible on the Class 20 bodysides. These were proclaiming ownership by BRT, and prior to their repainting in the striking BRT white livery.

20075 & 20131 Saxondale 21 July 1993

20075 & 20131 pass Saxondale with the 1E86 08:12 Leicester to Skegness service on a miserably dull 21 July 1993. This was the last year of regular Class 20 haulage to the east coast resort. Mixed rakes of coaches were common at this time, but here we have the odd combination of exactly half the train formed of Regional Railways Mk 2s, while the other half is made up of InterCity liveried Mk 1s. Note the remnants of the recently lifted track on the left, the last vestiges of this former four traction section, latterly used for test purposes including at one point a section of continuous paved track.

20075 & 20187 Holywell Junction 27 August 1994

20075 Sir William Cooke & 20187 Sir Charles Wheatstone pass Holywell Junction on 27 August 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z46 14:58 Trawsfynydd to York 'Trawsfynydd Trekker' railtour. Holywell Junction ceased to be a junction in 1954 with the closure of the mile long line to Holywell Town station. Holywell Junction station, which can be seen in the background, closed in 1966.

20075 & 20128 Prestatyn 20 May 1995

British Rail Telecommunications liveried 20075 Sir William Cooke & 20128 Guglielmo Marconi pass Prestatyn on 20 May 1995 with the 1T76 13:05 Crewe to Llandudno special, one of the North Wales Coast Motive Power Day specials, organised by the Crewe Rail Events Committee.

20077 & 20172 Chinley 19 June 1984

For a while during the mid 1980s Class 20s worked the heavy limestone trains in the Peak District, replacing Class 25s and 40s, but before the introduction of Class 37s. Indeed in 1986 a batch of Class 20s were renumbered into the 203xx series to denoted that they had been specially modified for these workings. Prior to this, on 19 June 1984, 20077 & 20172 are seen passing Chinley with the 6F42 13:11 Tunstead to Oakleigh ICI limestone.

20078 & 20151 Winwick 12 March 1990

20078 & 20151 pass Winwick on 12 March 1990 with a Bickershaw Colliery to Fiddlers Ferry Power Station MGR. Vulcan Foundry, Newton-le-Willows, the loco's birthplace can be seen directly above 20078. Class 20s were a common sight on coal trains in this area for many years, but were in sharp decline by the time I got around to visiting the area. This is one of the few pictures I have of these locos on MGR duties, a type of train for which they were very well suited, and on which they were very popular with the crews.

20078 & 20151 Beeston 11 September 1990

While a small group of track workers attend to a point on the mainline, 20078 & 20151 pull out of the loop at Beeston on 11 September 1990 with a southbound coal train, formed principally of HAA MGR hoppers, but with four HBAs at the head of the train. Less than fifteen minutes earlier 20196 & 20105 had worked a similar train in the opposite direction.

20081 & 20016 Droitwich 27 April 1991

20081 & 20016 approach Droitwich on 27 April 1991 with the Class 20 Society 1Z40 08:40 Sheffield to Bristol 'Bristol or Bust' railtour. I used to think that all the rusty machinery and general clutter on the right spoiled the picture, but that is nothing compared to the huge radio mast that now blocks the view! The 20s worked back in the afternoon over the Cotswold Line.

20081 & 20016 Pilning 27 April 1991

Either an interesting comparison between brand new and 1950s vintage diesel locomotive designs, or just very bad timing, depending on your point of view! 20081 & 20016 climb out of the Severn Tunnel on 27 April 1991 with the Class 20 Society 1Z40 08:40 Sheffield to Bristol 'Bristol or Bust' railtour, while 60010 waits its turn to pass through the tunnel with the 6B08 12:25 Langley to Waterston empty oil tanks.

20081 & 20016 Salwick 15 February 1992

20081 & 20016 pass Salwick No.1 Signal Box on 15 February 1992 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1T32 07:30 Euston to Morecambe 'Lune Ranger' railtour. It is pictured here in a welcome patch of sunshine, en-route to Poulton-le-Fylde and Burn Naze. 47489 can just be seen on the rear of the train.

20084 Bescot 10 March 1984

20084 heads a line up of classic diesel traction at Bescot on 10 March 1984. On the extreme left is 45020. Just visible in the background is 47234, with 20185, along with an unidentified Class 20 and 31 in front of it. Coupled to 20084 is 20169, with an unidentified Class 47 behind. In the 1980s there was not the paranoid health & safety culture of today, and it was quite easy to wander round Bescot depot at will.

20087 & 20138 Tutbury 4 September 1991

20087 doesn't appear to be in the best of health, as it passes Tutbury along with 20138 on 4 September 1991, heading for the North Wales coast with the 2D64 08:11 Derby to Llandudno Regional Railways service. Apologies for the very poor quality, but 08:30 on a dull September morning and Fujichrome 100 is not an ideal combination!

20087, 20132 & 20187 Nethertown 14 August 1993

With the Sellafield nuclear reprocessing plant in the background, 20087 Saltley L.I.P., 20132 & 20187 pass Nethertown on 14 August 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z44 05:48 Bristol Temple Meads to Carlisle 'Triple Chopper Tripper' railtour. This was in the days when I used to think nothing of travelling great distances in one day for just a couple of pictures of a railtour. In this case the round trip from Oxfordshire to Cumbria amounted to 563 miles!

20087, 20132 & 20187 Saddleworth Viaduct 14 August 1993

20087 Saltley L.I.P., 20132 & 20187 cross Saddleworth Viaduct on 14 August 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z44 14:46 Carlisle to Bristol Temple Meads 'Triple Chopper Tripper' railtour. It had not been a very sunny day, and by the time this train was due it was getting quite dark. Not the best conditions for 35mm Fujichrome 100, but it was definitely worth recording this very unusual tour, especially at such an iconic location.

20088 & 20194 Clay Mills (Hargate) 17 May 1991

Only a single Class 20 received the Trainload Freight triple grey livery, and even then without any of the normal sector brandings. Unfortunately, I only ever saw 20088 once in this colour scheme, and that was in atrocious light. So here for the record is 20088 partnered with conventionally liveried 20194 slogging past a very gloomy Clay Mills (Hargate) on 17 May 1991 with northbound MGR empties. 20088 was withdrawn a few months later, but then had a second working life, as it was used in France during the construction of the Channel Tunnel.

20090 & 20120 Madeley Junction 6 May 1991

20090 & 20120 slowly approach Madeley Junction on 6 May 1991 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z49 08:05 Paddington to Ironbridge Power Station 'Velvet Glove' railtour. 47813 can just be seen at the far end, under the shadow of the roadbridge. At the time Class 20s were rapidly being withdrawn, while Class 47/8s were ubiquitous, so its obvious where everyone's interest was centered!

20090 & 20132 Firsby 21 August 1992

With a wave from the driver, 20090 & 20132 slow to 25mph for the severe curve at Firsby, as they work the 18:10 Skegness to Derby service on 21 August 1992. This was the penultimate year that these vintage locos were used on passenger trains to the bracing East Coast resort.

20095 & 20227 Beeston 11 September 1990

An interesting (and slightly overpowered!) DMU substitution pictured at Beeston on 11 September 1990. Problems with the introduction of Sprinter units in the early 1990s occasionally resulted in loco hauled substitutions, often with Class 47s, but on this occasion something much more unusual. 20095 & 20227 work the 09:16 Birmingham New Street to Lincoln service. The woman walking her dog obviously doesn't appreciate the rarity of the traction!

20096 & 20025 Standish Junction 1 July 1990

20096 & 20025 pass Standish Junction on 1 July 1990 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z43 Gloucester to Bristol Temple Meads railtour, one of a series of special trains using heritage traction run in connection with the Gloucester Rail Day. Over 30 different trains operated during the day, using two pairs of 20s, two pairs of 37s, 56034 & 58004.

20096 & 20075 Markham Colliery Junction 1 September 1991

20096 & 20075 approach Markham Colliery Junction on 1 September 1991 with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z30 08:15 St Pancras to Bolsover Colliery 'Beast and Bicycle' railtour. Hidden beneath the bridge in the background are 37888 & 37705, which would return the tour from Bolsover.

20096 & 20905 Long Marston 17 December 2005

20096 & 20905 leave the former Army depot at Long Marston on 17 December 2005 and head back to Gloucester, after arriving with the two former Virgin Cross Country HST power cars (43121 & 43158) and two Mk3 coaches which can be seen in the background. The state of the track in the depot must be giving cause for concern, as the locos took the line between the HST and the stored coaches (necessitating two more reversals) rather than using the extreme left hand track when running round. In addition to this there was a problem with the point on the exit from the yard, and the locos were shut down for a period until someone arrived with a point clip, the previous attempts at kicking the point over were deemed not to be sufficient!

20096 & 20107 Hatton 9 July 2013

I couldn't resist this going away shot of 20096 & 20107 on the 7X10 02:27 Amersham to Derby Litchurch Lane underground stock at Hatton on 9 July 2013. A pair of blue disc fitted Class 20s are always worth a picture. 20905 & 20901 were doing the honours at the front of the train.

20096 & 20107 Kirby Bellars 5 September 2014

Running 25 minutes early, 20096 & 20107 pass Kirby Bellars on 5 September 2014 with the 7X23 09:33 Derby Adtranz Litchurch Lane to Old Dalby, conveying London Underground S-stock. 20132 & 20118 were bringing up the rear.

20096 & 20107 Melton Junction 5 September 2014

Melton Junction can just be seen underneath the roadbridge in the background, with the line to Old Dalby diverging to the right. 20096 & 20107 bring up the rear of the 7X23 09:33 Derby Adtranz Litchurch Lane to Old Dalby London Underground S-stock move on 5 September 2014. Lead locomotives 20132 & 20118 are hidden underneath the bridge.

20096 & 20905 Banbury 1 July 2016

20096 & 20905 bring up the rear of the 7X10 02:16 Amersham to Derby Litchurch Lane London Underground S8 stock move at Banbury on 1 July 2016. 20314 & 20107 are the lead locomotives. Unfortunately at 05:56 in the morning the unexpected sunshine was not entirely welcome, as the long shadows still covered most of the train.

20096 & 20107 Saxondale 27 May 2019

20096 Ian Goddard & 20107 pass Saxondale in a brief interlude between the showers on 27 May 2019 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z31 10:36 Chaddesden Sidings to Skegness 'Jolly Fisherman' railtour. This had worked up to the Derby area as the 1Z30 05:55 Swindon to Chaddesden Sidings, hauled by 66703 Doncaster PSB 1981-2002. Only a pair of blue Class 20s would tempt me to make a 200 mile round trip in such poor weather conditions, for just one picture!

D8098 & D9019 Rothley 31 March 1995

English Electric's least and most powerful 1960s mainline diesel locomotives make an odd pairing at the Great Central Railway on 31 March 1995. D8098 & Deltic D9019 stand at Rothley station with the 10:00 Loughborough to Leicester North service, during the line's Diesel Gala.

D8098 Thurcaston 5 March 2000

D8098 passes Thurcaston on 5 March 2000 with the 12:00 Loughborough to Leicester North service. The Great Central Railway's resident Class 20 has carried a range of liveries in preservation. Arriving it BR blue, it then wore green with full yellow ends for the latter half of the 1990s, before being repainted into this green with white roof livery (as the early Class 20s were originally delivered in). Latterly it was repainted into green with small yellow panels.

D8098 Quorn & Woodhouse 12 September 2009

D8098 arrives at Quorn & Woodhouse on the Great Central Railway with the 2C27 13:40 Loughborough to Rothley service on 12 September 2009, during the line's Diesel Gala. 37314 is on the rear of the train and will the 2D09 14:00 return train.

D8098 Woodthorpe 12 September 2009

D8098 passes Woodthorpe with the late running 2C32 14:50 Loughborough to Rothley service on 12 September 2009, during the Great Central Railway's Diesel Gala. Gold ochre liveried Class 31 D5830 can be seen on the rear of the train.

D8098 & D8137 Hayles Abbey Halt 28 July 2017

D8098 & D8137 pass the recently opened Hayles Abbey Halt on 28 July 2017 with the 2C53 09:30 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service. This was the first train of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's three day summer Diesel Gala.

D8098 & D8137 Southam 28 July 2017

D8098 & D8137 pass Southam on 28 July 2017 with the 2C53 09:30 Toddington to Cheltenham Racecourse service, during the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway's Diesel Gala. D8098 was visiting from the Great Central Railway. The two Class 20s display livery variations from either end of the BR green period. D8098 shows the locos as delivered in the early 1960s, with no yellow panels at all, while D8137 shows the final version, with full yellow ends, from the late 1960s / early 1970s.

20100 Toton 16 October 1986

20100 ambles bonnet first past Toton on 16 October 1986. This trainless view gives an uninterrupted view of the extensive yards, which at this time were accumulating lines of redundant coaching stock and withdrawn vacuum braked wagons.

20106 & 20020 Bramshall 12 August 1989

20106 & 20020 pass Bramshall on 12 August 1989 with the 2P82 14:47 Crewe to Derby service. For a few weeks in 1989 pairs of 20s were used on this service due to a shortage of Class 150 units. 2000 hp for 3 coaches is certainly adequate, and with no requirement for ETS, Class 20s were exactly right for the job. Nowadays I'm sure that these trains would be run in top'n'tail formation, or more likely just cancelled!

20106 & 20113 Duffryn 28 July 1991 20106 & 20113 pass Duffryn on 28 July 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z81 06:28 Liverpool Lime Street to Onllwyn 'Vulcan Valley Venturer' railtour. Note the red flag across the up relief line, indicating weekend engineering work in the Newport area.
20107 & 20096 Frisby-on-the-Wreake 28 August 2015

20107 & 20096 bring up the rear of the 7X23 09:33 Derby Adtranz Litchurch Lane to Old Dalby new London Underground S-stock move at Frisby-on-the-Wreake on 28 August 2015. The more brightly coloured 20311 & 20314 are the lead locomotives.

20107 & 20096 Old Dalby (Asfordby Depot) 28 August 2015

After having arrived at Old Dalby (Asfordby Depot) on 28 August 2015 with the 7X23 09:33 Derby Adtranz Litchurch Lane to Old Dalby new London Underground S-stock, 20107 & 20096 and the barrier wagon detach, and move out of the way, so that 20311 & 30314 can propel the stock to the far end of the depot.

D8110 Riverford 7 January 1995

On a miserably dull 7 January 1995, D8110 passes Riverford Bridge, on the South Devon Railway. As the loco is based on the line, this could be an everyday scene, but look at the length of the train and the headboard. This is in fact the Pathfinder Tours 1Z61 06:46 Wolverhampton to Buckfastleigh 'Teign Dart' railtour, seen here retuning as the 14:25 from Buckfastleigh. The tour, which arrived from the Midlands behind 31417, also visited the nearby Heathfield branch.

20113 & 20106 Cilfrew 28 July 1991

20113 & 20106 pass Cilfrew, as they head up the Dulais Valley towards Onllwyn on 28 July 1991 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z81 06:28 Liverpool Lime Street to Onllwyn 'Vulcan Valley Venturer' railtour. 37138 can just be seen bringing up the rear.

20115 Gloucester Docks 30 June 1985

The driver climbs back onboard 20115, and the passengers make their way back to the train at Gloucester Docks on 30 June 1985, as the F&W Railtours 1Z60 'Severncider 2' railtour pays a visit to this unlikely location for a passenger train. 08836 is partially hidden by the poles at the other end of the train, waiting to take the tour back to Over Junction. Most of this is now history. 20115 was withdrawn in 1987 and cut up the following year, and the track has been lifted and is now a footpath. At least the headboard survives, and now belongs to me!

20117 & 20121 Stenson 22 January 1992

20117 & 20121 pass Stenson on 22 January 1992 en route from Willington Power Station to Toton with five crippled HAA coal hoppers. By this date the once common use of pairs of 20s in the area was rapidly coming to an end. The Stenson Junction to Derby line can be seen on the embankment in the background.

20118 & 20031 Ratcliffe-on-Soar 1 July 1985

With the cooling towers of Ratcliffe-on-Soar Power Station dominating the background, 20118 & 20031 amble along the up relief line on 1 July 1985 with a short rake of ballast empties. I only ever visited this location once, which seems odd with hindsight, given the impressive backdrop, and the variety of traffic in the 1980s.

20118 & 20169 Rhosgoch 11 September 1993

A branch off of a branch! 20118 & 20169 pass the junction for the short lived private siding to the BP oil terminal at Rhosgoch on the Isle of Anglesey on 11 September 1993. They are working the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 'Anglesey Odyssey' railtour, at this point running as the 14:32 Amlwch to Cardiff Central. This long winding branch line from Gaerwen Junction to Amlwch was closing due to Associated Octel's decision to transfer the sole remaining freight traffic to road haulage. The line has remaining intact but increasingly overgrown ever since.

20118 & 20169 Llangefni 11 September 1993

20118 & 20169 pass the creamery at Llangefni on 11 September 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 14:32 Amlwch to Cardiff Central 'Anglesey Odyssey' railtour. Just visible in the bushes at the rear of the train are 37075 & 37225, which had worked the tour from Cardiff (the 20s being attached at Llandudno Junction). The branch was about to close with the cessation of Associated Octel's rail operations. Previously various chemicals had been handled, including chlorine, ethylene dibromide and bromide. Extra nasty chemicals to be added to the overburdened road network!

20118 & 20169 Llanfair PG 11 September 1993

20118 & 20169 pass through Llanfair PG station on 11 September 1993 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z18 14:32 Amlwch to Cardiff Central 'Anglesey Odyssey' railtour, passing the famous Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch nameboard on the right. The name means: Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near the rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave.

20118 & 20131 Cockwood Harbour 2 May 1994

20118 & 20131 Almon B. Strowger pass Cockwood Harbour on 2 May 1994 with the Pathfinder Tours 1Z41 17:10 Paignton to York 'Torbay Exe-Cursioner' railtour. The 20s were replaced by 47547 at Derby. Showing excellent inter-company co-operation and planning, the 20s worked down to the West Country in the morning with the Hertfordshire Railtours 1Z20 08:33 Paddington to Exeter St Davids 'Big E' railtour.

20118 & 20132 Clay Mills 25 June 2014

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 bring up the rear of the 7X09 15:55 Derby Adtranz Litchurch Lane to Amersham S Stock underground stock move at Clay Mills on 25 June 2014. The train is about to take the up relief line (note the 'feathers' on the signal in the background). 20227 & 20905 were the leading locomotives.

20118 & 20132 Kimbridge 8 September 2016

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 Barrow Hill Depot look fantastic in the evening sun, as they passes Kimbridge on 8 September 2016 with the GBRf 1Z16 16:05 Swanage to Kings Cross 'GBRf 15' railtour. 73128 & 73213 can just be seen on the rear of the train. This was the first day of a mega four day tour covering much of the country. Not having visited this location before, I had correctly worked out that it would be one of the few spots in the area where the sun would be on the front, and was shadow free. However, I slightly underestimated the length of the early autumn shadows, so as the time approached for the tour to appear, I had to resort to a longer lens in order to clear the encroaching shadows. 

20118 & 20132 Pewsey 8 September 2016

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 Barrow Hill Depot pass through Pewsey station half an hour after sunset on 8 September 2016 with the GBRf 1Z16 16:05 Swanage to Kings Cross 'GBRf 15' railtour. As this only involved a detour of a couple of miles on my way home, I thought I might as well attempt this twilight shot. This was stretching things to the absolute limit, as the station's new LED lights are not particularly bright. ISO 6400 1/1000sec f2 yielding a barely useable image, but I do rather like the combination of stations lights and the sunset in the background.

20118 & 20132 Grove 11 May 2020

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 Barrow Hill pass Grove on 11 May 2020 with the 5Q76 07:36 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying another rake of off lease GWR HST coaches for scrap. This is the first time that I have taken a picture from this particular vantage point. In the background is the new Hanney Bridge, which replaced the original bridge just before the line was electrified. In the old days there used to be good view from the bridge looking west. Because of the wires there is now no clear view in any direction, which, even before I checked it out is what I expected, and why I chose this viewpoint from the adjacent field.

20118 & 20132 Uffington 18 May 2020

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 Barrow Hill pass Uffington on 18 May 2020 with the 5Q76 07:36 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying yet another rake of off lease GWR HST coaches for scrap, including in this rake one that has only relatively recently been painted in GWR's latest green livery. This is an almost criminal waste of perfectly good rolling stock, and if there is any future complaints about lack of capacity, then this short sighted rush to scrap high quality coaches should be made known to the general public.

20118 & 20132 Bourton 20 May 2020

20118 Saltburn-by-the-Sea & 20132 Barrow Hill pass Bourton on 20 May 2020 with the 5Q76 07:36 Ely Papworth Sidings to Newport Docks (Sims Group), conveying another rake of former GWR HST coaches for scrap. I had arrived at this location in what I thought was plenty of time, but before getting out of the car I checked where the train was, and was astonished to find it had passed Uffington. A quick sprint across the A420 and into the field allowed me to get this shot with just a minute to spare. As I had not visited this location since the line was electrified I was relieved to find there was still a view, of sorts. The train was running 31 minutes early, and would shortly be going off route, via Gloucester, to avoid the chaos caused by a couple of trains hitting some cows near Wootton Bassett.

20121 & 20117 Stenson Junction 22 January 1992

20121 & 20117 pass over frost covered tracks at Stenson Junction, as they approach Willington Power Station on 22 January 1992 with ten empty HAA MGR wagons. Both locos would be put into store a few months later with the cessation of East Midlands Class 20 coal workings.

20122 & 20126 Stenson Junction 16 October 1986

Running nearly an hour late, 20122 & 20126 pass Stenson Junction on 16 October 1986 with the 7P06 09:16 Toton to Burton-on-Trent Speedlink trip, taking five HAA coal hoppers for repair at the wagon works. 20122 is still relatively clean, after a recent repaint into Railfreight grey livery.

20126 & 20122 Weston-on-Trent 16 October 1986

An uninterrupted mid 1980s view of Weston-on-Trent, but with an ominous portent of things to come. Note the newly planted line of Leylandii trees in the foreground. Since this picture was taken they have grown considerably and now completely block out this view. 20126 & 20122 pass by with MGR empties on 16 October 1986.

20127 Denby 22 April 1989

20127 leaves Denby Colliery on 22 April 1989 with the British Rail 1T15 12:10 Derby to Wirksworth 'Denby Dawdler' railtour. Hidden behind the building is 20114, which had led the tour up the branch from Little Eaton Junction. The train would reverse again at Little Eaton Junction, in order to head north to the Wirksworth branch. This was one of three similar tours run on this day.

20128 & 20131 Rauceby 3 September 1993

Complete with 'Jolly Fisherman' headboard, 20128 & 20131 pass Rauceby on 3 September 1993 with the final booked 1E86 08:12 Leicester to Skegness service. Class 20s had been a feature of the summer timetable to the East Coast resort for a number of years, but apart from a few one off specials, they haven't returned since. Luckily the dreary weather finally improved just in time for the return from Skegness, with the final working.

20128, 37207 & 31439 Lickey Incline 24 February 1996

Apologies for the poor technical quality of this image, which has been included here after numerous requests. In near darkness, 20128, 37207 & 31439 North Yorkshire Moors Railway storm up the 1 in 37 Lickey Incline with the A1A Charters 1T70 15:39 Worcester Shrub Hill to Preston 'Jewel In The Crown' railtour on 24 February 1996. This amazing combination of English Electric motive power with a Class 20 unbelievably leading the ensemble bonnet first is almost certainly a unique occurrence and had to be photographed whatever the weather! Although nearly dark, the sun was occasionally trying to peek out through gaps in the clouds. This was not good, as this viewpoint is straight into the sun. Note the glint on the tops of the two lead locos.