Class 150

150001 Droitwich 27 April 1991

Prototype Sprinter unit, 150001 arrives at Droitwich with the 10:30 Birmingham New Street to Great Malvern service on 27 April 1991. 150001 had entered service in November 1984, heralding a mass DMU replacement programme that would eventually see the replacement (with the odd exception!) of the entire first generation DMU fleet. This process was not as quick as some would have liked, and it was nearly two decades from the emergence of 150001 until the final Class 101 Metro Cammell units were removed from service.

150001 Bourton 23 April 2014

Normally the Didcot to Swindon line is a completely DMU free railway, the only exception being ECS workings such as this. On 23 April 2014, 150001 is correctly showing a 'Sorry Not In Service' message, as it passes Bourton with the 5Z74 09:33 Reading Traincare Depot to St Philips Marsh. The remains of Shrivenham station's down platform can just be seen in the background.

150002 Yarnton 20 December 2016

Complete with Rail Operations Group headboard, 150002 passes Yarnton on 20 December 2016 with the 5V74 09:00 Doncaster Works Wabtec to Reading Traincare Depot ECS. The unit had been at Doncaster for the previous two weeks, but despite appearances, it had not received a repaint as part of its refurbishment, as it had acquired GWR green livery priory to heading north on 7 December. Typically, a large bank of cloud obscured the sun when this passed, but the run of the mill freightliners passed in full sun!

150005 Bearley 22 November 2008

A picture I had been meaning to do for some time is the westbound view from the Bearley Aqueduct on the Stratford-upon-Avon Canal. On the way home from seeing 56311 & 56312 at Washwood Heath n 22 November 2008, a detour was made to visit the location. 150005 passes Silesbourne Farm and is about to pass under the aqueduct while working the 10:55 Stourbridge Junction to Stratford-upon-Avon London Midland service. The superb late autumn lighting didn't last long, as can be guessed by the ominous dark clouds in the background.

150011 Bishopton 8 September 2001

150011 passes Bishopton (near Stratford-upon-Avon) with the 16:24 Stratford-upon-Avon to Worcester Shrub Hill Central Trains service on 8 September 2001. Note the small Central Trains logos applied to the original livery in lieu of full repainting. An evening with intermittent cloudy spells and sunshine whilst waiting fro the steam hauled railtour. Very lucky with the sun on this one - note the shadow on the trees behind the last coach.

150013 Kidderminster 6 August 1994

150013 pulls away from Kidderminster station on 6 August 1994 with the 08:04 Birmingham New Street to Hereford service. It is passing 50031, while 50044 can just be seen in the distance, underneath the water tower. Note the yellow end that is just visible on the centre car of 150013, indicating that this has been reformed from a two car unit. The centre coach was added from disbanded 150226 (whose other vehicle ended up in 150010). This alteration caused the original 150113 to be renumbered as 150013.

150016 Severn Tunnel Junction 22 February 2003

Severn Tunnel Junction was once an important freight yard and loco depot. However, by 2003 there was little evidence left of this once important site. Scattered bushes mark the derelict yard, with Rogiet church now the most prominent feature in the scene. In the background on the extreme right is Severn Tunnel Junction station. 150016 passes by with the 12:42 Nottingham to Cardiff Central Central Trains service on 22 February 2003.

150022 Henley-in-Arden 17 February 2007

Running over twenty minutes late, 150022 arrives at Henley-in-Arden on 17 February 2007 with the 09:55 Stourbridge Junction to Stratford-upon-Avon Central Trains service. I don't think many people use the far end of the platform on the left, as it appears to have luxurious carpet of moss as the top surface!

150101 Combe 17 March 1994

A rare picture of passengers at Combe station on the Cotswold Line! 3 customers await the arrival of 150101 with the only up train of the day to call at the diminutive station - the 07:00 Worcester to Oxford service. This was on 17 March 1994, when the service was operated by Regional Railways, who had threatened to close both Combe and Finstock stations due to lack of patronage. Perhaps the locals were worried, as the platform fence had just been renewed, and the usual sign that a station is about to be closed is that some money is spent on it after years of neglect!

150101 Wolvercote Junction 13 June 1994

For a short period during the mid 1990s the local services on the Cotswold Line were operated by Regional Railways Class 150s. 150101 approaches Wolvercote Junction on 13 June 1994 with the 2F16 17:41 Oxford to Moreton-in-Marsh 'all stations' service. Although the lineside vegetation had stated to increase by this time, it was however still possible to see Wolvercote church above the Oxford by-pass, on the extreme left of this view.

150101 Oaksey 15 September 2016

150101 passes some major bank strengthening work at Oaksey on 15 September 2016, as it works the 2B96 15:20 Cheltenham Spa to Swindon GWR service. The soft early autumn light was particularly welcome here, as the shadows across the line are not too prominent.

150102 Finstock 31 May 1994

Finstock station provides three passengers for the 07:00 Worcester Foregate Street to Oxford Regional Railways service on 31 May 1994. 150102 calls with one of just two trains to stop at this diminutive station in the up direction (none at all at the weekends). At this time both Finstock and nearby Combe stations had just been reproved from closure (again)!

150102 Severn Bridge 3 September 1999

With the muddy River Wye in the background, ex-works 150102 is about to pass under the Severn Road Bridge with the 13:15 Birmingham New Street to Cardiff Central Trains service on 3 September 1999. The houses in the background are in the village of Beachley, which is situated on a peninsular of land between the mouth of the River Wye and the River Severn.

150102 Claydon (Gloucestershire) 25 May 2013

The morning of 25 May 2013 was not as sunny as forecast, after a bright start it virtually completely clouded up. 150102 finds a lucky break in the clouds, as it passes Claydon (Gloucestershire) with the 2F97 09:08 Worcester Shrub Hill to Westbury First Great Western service. Note the incorrect destination blind!

150102 Westbury 18 April 2015

150102 approaches its destination on 18 April 2015 with the late running 2C20 14:42 Gloucester to Westbury First Great Western service. Westbury Power Signal Box dominates the view, which also shows the lines diverging in the background to Trowbridge (left) and Newbury (right).

150102 Ashchurch 16 July 2016

Sometimes the Met Office gets it wrong in a good way! The morning of 16 July 2016 was supposed to be 100% cloudy, so this superb early morning light was a bit of a surprise, although admittedly it didn't last very long. 150102 slowly gets under way from Ashchurch station (just beyond the footbridge in the background) with the 2G79 05:50 Gloucester to Worcester Shrub Hill GWR service, the first train of the day to call at the station. The rusty footbridge is a well known local photographic vantage point.

150104 Finstock 19 March 1993

150104 races through Finstock station on 19 March 1993 with the 14:12 Great Malvern to Oxford Regional Railways service. The Class 150s only operated on the route for a short period, being replaced the following year by the now familiar Class 165 & 166 Turbo units.

150104 Moreton-in-Marsh 2 May 1993

The signalman at Moreton-in-Marsh hands the single line token to the driver of 150104 on 2 May 1993. It is working the 2B44 17:35 Oxford to Great Malvern Regional Railways service. This picture was taken a little over half way through the forty year period that the Cotswold Line was single track between Moreton and Evesham. The early part of this period especially saw the line at a mere shadow of its former self, with a very infrequent service. Happily things have now improved considerably, hence the reinstatement of double track in 2011.

150104 Badgeworth 24 July 2012

150104 passes Badgeworth on 24 July 2012 with the 2O90 12:50 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. Well over 4 hours in a Class 150 with 31 intermediate stops must be a real challenge for any Great Malvern residents who want a trip to the seaside!

150104 Cattybrook 19 July 2016

150104 is completely dwarfed by the landscape, as it passes Cattybrook on 19 July 2016 with the 2C75 12:00 Cardiff Central to Taunton GWR service. This is the view from high above Patchway Tunnels, looking towards the River Severn and the distant Welsh hills.

150104 Up Hatherley 20 June 2017

Not so much a destination blind, more of a point of origin blind! Incorrectly displaying 'Great Malvern', 150104 passes through the recently cleared cutting at Up Hatherley on 20 June 2017 with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth GWR service.

150105 Moreton-in-Marsh 26 April 1992

150105 arrives at Moreton-in-Marsh station on Sunday 26 April 1992 with the 16:08 Worcester Foregate Street to Oxford Regional Railways service. This picture gives a good view of the old creamery, with its long disused loading bay. There was also a siding giving access to the building from the Shipston-on-Stour branch, which curved away from the station to the right of this picture.

150106 Haughton 16 August 2003

150106 passes Haughton on 16 August 2003 with the 11:30 Chester to Birmingham New Street Central Trains service. Visible in the background is the karting track that now occupies the extreme south west corner of the former Second World War Rednal airfield.

150106 Cattybrook 19 July 2016

150106 passes Cattybrook on 19 July 2016 with the 2C77 13:00 Cardiff Central to Exeter St Davids GWR service. At this point the up and down lines are starting to change levels, in preparation for the split level twin bore Patchway Tunnels.

150197 Clay Mills (Hargate) 4 September 1991

150107 passes Clay Mills (Hargate) on 4 September 1991 with the 1V14 12:41 Nottingham to Cardiff Central Regional Railways service. I still think that the Regional Railways colour scheme was one of the most stylish sectorisation liveries, and vastly better than most of the later privatisation colour schemes. However, it seems that the light blue paint wasn't of the best quality, as it is looking decidedly patchy here, and the unit is less than six years old.

150109 Stewartby 9 June 2017

150109 arrives at Stewartby in a lucky patch of sunshine on 9 June 2017. It is working the 2S22 16:40 Bedford to Bletchley London Midland service. Although the three remaining chimneys from the former brickworks are listed, there is a move afoot to have them demolished, as their owners claim they are unsafe.

150111 Chipping Campden 31 August 1991

On a cloudless 31 August 1991, 150111 passes the site of Chipping Campden station (or Campden as the GWR called it) with the 14:24 Worcester Foregate Street to Oxford service, during the relatively short period that Class 150 units could regularly be seen on the Cotswold Line. Previously Class 155 units were employed, taking over from a succession of first generation units. The 150s were used after the 155s had been withdrawn to be converted to single car Class 153s and before the Class 165 & 166 Turbo units arrived on the scene.

150112 & 150215 Mytholmroyd 16 November 2015

150112 brings up the rear o the 2U20 08:26 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern service, as it leaves Mytholmroyd on 16 November 2015. Slightly more visually challenged (by virtue of its front corridor connection) 150215 is the lead unit.

150112 & 150215 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

150112 & 150215 approach Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the late running 2E43 10:16 Manchester Victoria to Leeds Northern service. This panoramic view of Todmorden is dominated by the impressive 1875 built town hall, just to the right of which is the town's station. On the extreme right of this view is the recently reinstated chord from Stansfield Hall Junction, on the Copy Pit route, which has allowed the reintroduction of direct trains between Burnley and Manchester.

150120 Sapperton Tunnel (mid point) 21 March 2011

150120 disappears into Sapperton Tunnel on 21 March 2011 with the 09:54 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa First Great Western service. service. This is viewed from above the entrance to the short section of the tunnel, there being this very short gap between the tunnels, conveniently situated for photography next to the main road.

150121 Severn Tunnel Junction 20 September 2008

150121 does a good job of hiding 66005, as it passes Severn Tunnel Junction on 20 September 2008 with the 1F09 09:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour First Great Western service. This broadside picture gives a clear view of the rebranded former Silverlink livery. Note the darker patches where the former Silverlink branding has been covered up.

150121 & 66047 Natton 6 March 2009

A busy moment at Natton on 6 March 2009. 150121 accelerates away from Ashchurch station (just visible under the bridge) with the 08:25 Great Malvern to Westbury First Great Western service, while 66047 speeds by in the opposite direction creating the perfect passing shot. 150121 is still in the obsolete Central Trains livery, albeit with First Great Western branding on the side. In the distance 220029 can be seen waiting with the 07:06 Manchester Piccadilly to Bristol Temple Meads CrossCountry service, now running approximately ten minutes late.

150121 Sapperton 20 February 2010

Work stained 150121 climbs Sapperton Bank on 20 February 2010 with the 10:01 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. Although branded First Great Western, the livery belongs to the former Silverlink franchise. Although presumably this will get repainted into FGW colours, at the moment it makes for a welcome change of liveries on the route.

150121 Frocester 2 August 2010

150121 finds its own little patch of sunshine as it passes Frocester on 2 August 2010 with the 2E18 09:41 Bristol Temple Meads to Gloucester First Great Western service. Although 150121 has been in the FGW fleet for some time and includes their branding over the original Silverlink colour scheme, late 2010 will see more units arrive to add variety to the otherwise uniform Great Western fleet. Additional Class 150s will come from London Midland and London Overground, displaced by the brand new Class 172 units.

150121 Tredington 17 February 2015

150121 passes Tredington on 17 February 2015 with the 2O90 12:50 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. This was just moments before the masses of clouds building up in the background reached the sun, this being a cue to head for home!

150122 Standish Junction 12 October 2016

150122 takes the 'Golden Valley' line at Standish Junction on 12 October 2016 with the 2B96 15:20 Cheltenham Spa to Swindon GWR service. Not far ahead is the train's next stop at Stonehouse. This is then followed by stops at Stroud and Kemble.

150123 Standish Junction 25 October 2010

150123 takes the 'Golden Valley' route at Standish Junction on 25 October 2010 with the 2B92 11:40 Cheltenham Swindon First Great Western service. The unit is still wearing the attractive Silverlink livery, but devoid of any branding of either its old or new operator.

150124 & 158763 Tredington 22 July 2017

Shortly after sunrise on 22 July 2017, 150124 & 158763 pass Tredington with the 2G79 05:50 Gloucester to Worcester Shrub Hill GWR service. Both units are wearing obsolete First Great Western liveries, but note the difference between 150124's basic colour scheme, and 158763's 'wavy lines' version.

150126 Lickey Incline 26 July 2003

In superb early morning light with dark clouds in the background, 150126 heads up the Lickey Incline on 26 July 2003 with an empty stock working. With over two miles of 1 in 37 gradient the Lickey Incline is the most formidable incline on the national network, and even now some of the heavier trains still require banking assistance.

150126 Lidlington 21 April 2010

150126 accelerates away from Lidlington on 21 April 2010 with the 10:01 Bletchley to Bedford London Midland service. The Met Office had promised a completely sunny day, but as can be seen here by mid morning the clouds were starting to build up noticeably. However, after peaking around early afternoon, they did thankfully melt away again in the evening.

150126 Lidlington 21 April 2010

150126 heads towards Lidlington, after having just crossed Marston Crossing on 21 April 2010 with the 10:55 Bedford to Bletchley London Midland service. A rural idyll you might think, but this view could disappear under one of the governments so-called 'eco towns'. The phrase 'eco town' is of course nonsense, as how can anything that destroys the countryside be in any way green. Just by promising to build homes to certain specification the developers can attached the buzz word 'eco' to their proposals and therefore get the go ahead for their act of vandalism. Marston Mortaine church can be seen on the extreme left, while slightly nearer, the postman calls at the houses by Marston Crossing.

150126 Denchworth (Circourt Bridge) 19 February 2014

The Didcot to Swindon line is a DMU free zone, so this picture of 150126 at Circourt Bridge, Denchworth on 19 February 2014 is noteworthy. It is working the 14:15 Tyseley to St Philips Marsh ECS, traveling via Oxford. The destination blind showing Penzance is doubly inappropriate. Not only is this not heading to Cornwall, but at this time nothing can reach Penzance from this direction, due to the line being completely washed away at Dawlish, during the recent storms. Luckily this unit was running 40 minutes early, and has just managed to catch the very last of the afternoon's sunshine, as a huge bank of black clouds rolled in from the west. At its correct time it was virtually dark, and I was back home!

150127 Beeston 11 September 1990

150127 passes Beeston on 11 September 1990 with the 08:15 Crewe to Nottingham Regional Railways service. Needless to say, houses now occupy the waste ground on the right, with a new road (Murden Way) running parallel with the railway.

150127 Kempston 9 October 2004

150127 Bletchley TMD passes Kempston on 9 October 2004 with the 2S05 07:39 Bletchley to Bedford Silverlink service. The 'Big Sheds' of the Marsh Leys Industrial Estate can be seen in the background. I was at this location in order to photograph 50031 & 50049 coming from the other direction on the Pathfinder Tours 1Z50 05:55 Sheffield to Alresford 'Alton Observer' railtour.

150127 Cholsey 12 November 2007

A stranger on the Great Western Mainline! Class 150s have never been common in the Thames Valley, with virtually all workings operated by Class 165 & 166 'Turbos'. However, an interesting positioning move took place on 12 November 2007, when 150127 was being transferred from its former Bedford to Bletchley Silverlink duties to a new life with First Great Western. It is seen here passing Cholsey with the 5Z74 12:00 Willesden to Bristol ,St Phillips Marsh ECS. There are various instances on this site of locos or units in different ownership, but this is a record of the actual movement from one owner to another!

150127 Wickwar Tunnel 25 September 2009

First Great Western branded, but still wearing its Silverlink livery, 150127 emerges from Wickwar Tunnel on 25 September 2009 and heads south with the 2O89 10:42 Gloucester to Weymouth service. There are some early signs of autumn in the lineside trees.

150127 Claydon (Gloucetsershire) 7 November 2016

Some fine autumn colours, of both leaves and hawthorn berries, at Claydon (Gloucestershire) on 7 November 2016. 150127 passes by with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth GWR service. This unit's entire journey takes over four hours, with 31 intermediate stops!

150129 Kidderminster (Hodgehill Farm) 4 July 1987

Now this is what you call multiple unit operation! On 4 July 1987, 150129 leads two classmates on the 09:29 Hereford to Birmingham New Street service, seen here departing from Kidderminster. Given the fact that there is no gangway connection between the units, revenue protection (or ticket checking as it was probably still called in 1987) must have been very difficult.

150129 Tutbury 15 March 1989

150129 passes Tutbury on 15 March 1989 with the 12:08 Derby to Bangor service. Tutbury and Hatton station used to be situated by the level crossing in the background. A few months after this photo was taken a new station was opened on the site, with the up platform on the far side of the crossing and the down platform on this side. Note the two signal boxes.

150129 Bramshall 12 August 1989

This is certainly a bit of a novelty. A hybrid Class 150 unit comprising one car from each of the production series subclasses (150/1 without front end corridor connection and 150/2 with corridor connection). 52129 of set 150129 leads a coach from set 150253 past Bramshall on 12 August 1989 with the 13:40 Crew to Derby Provincial Railways service. Note the variation in livery between the two subclasses with the switching around of the light and dark blue colour stripes.

150129 Moreton-in-Marsh 26 April 1992

150129 waits at Moreton-in-Marsh station on 26 April 1992, unable to proceed along the single track section towards Evesham, due to the late running of a southbound train. It is working the 17:38 Oxford to Great Malvern Regional Railways service. Class 150s only operated Cotswold Line services for a short while, between the removal of the 'heritage' DMUs, and the increased use of Class 165 & 166 Turbo units. Just visible in the background is high speed track recording support coach DB977338, which for some reason has been left in the short siding next to the road bridge.

150129 Kidderminster 24 May 1997

150129 arrives at Kidderminster in a brief burst of sunshine on 24 May 1997 with the 08:54 Hereford to Birmingham New Street Central Trains service, whilst in the background on the Severn Valley Railway's metals, LMS 5MT Class 2-6-0 2968 obviously has steam to spare.

150129 Tredington 2 January 2014

150129 passes Tredington on 2 January 2014 with the 2O90 12:50 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. Lots of cloud, but for once the sun was in a large clear patch, giving some good background effects, without the danger of the 'lights going out' just as a trains comes into view! The 981 feet high Bredon Hill can be seen in the background.

150130 & 150138 Hargrave 12 March 1987

150130 & 150138 pass Hargrave on 12 March 1987 with the 11:50 Llandudno to Crewe Regional Railways service. At the time this was very much the new order, with both units being just over a year old. Tattenhall Junction was formerly situated midway between this spot, and the bridge in the background. The line to Whitchurch (via Tattenhall) diverged to the left.

150130 Tumpy Green 15 July 2013

150130 passes Tumpy Green (between Bristol and Gloucester) on 15 July 2013 with the 2E18 08:45 Westbury to Gloucester First Great Western service. This is a location that I had meaning to investigate for some time. A pleasant rural spot down a single track no through road would, you imagine, be a quiet spot to spend a few hours. However, there was a constant procession of cars and vans heading for the equestrian centre at the end of the lane.

150131 & 153369 Oaksey 1 September 2017

150131 & 153369 speed past the site of Oaksey station on 1 September 2017 with the 2G82 09:36 Swindon to Cheltenham Spa GWR service. It is obvious from this view that the location is in open countryside, which explains why the little used station closed in 1964.

150135 Kirkham North Junction 4 November 1995

150135 and an unidentified Class 156 pass Kirkham North Junction on 4 November 1995 with the 12:16 Blackpool North to Liverpool Lime Street service. The line it is travelling on is now disused, as the junction has be remodeled as part of the line's upgrading. The signal box is therefore living on borrowed time. Clearly visible on the left of the picture on the original 6x7 transparency is Blackpool Tower, some seven miles distant.

150141 Kingsbury 31 May 1989

150141 passes Kingsbury on 31 May 1989 with the 06:52 Nottingham to Birmingham New Street Regional Railways service. Note the extra large unit number carried on the front. In true DMU tradition the destination blind would not be of any help to prospective passengers. It is displaying 'Cleethorpes', which in this case is not only wrong, but not even where the unit has come from. The first train from Cleethorpes (the 05:02 departure) would not be along for another thirty minutes!

150142 Barmmor Clough Tunnel 28 March 1999

150142 emerges from the 111 yard long Barmoor Clough Tunnel (near Dove Holes) with the 11:26 Blackpool to Buxton North Western Trains service on 28 March 1999. An ideal location to photograph a short train such as this, and very conveniently situated just off the A6 road.

150148 Grange-over-Sands 25 April 1992

150148 leaves Grange-over-Sands station on 25 April 1992 with the 10:22 Barrow-in-Furness to Preston Regional Railways service. Note the non-standard white window surrounds. The Furness Railway station building, designed by Lancaster architect E. G. Paley, still survives, along with the adjacent goods shed.

150207 Ashley 10 May 1997

150207 accelerates away from Ashley on 10 May 1997 with the 06:25 Blackpool North to Chester North West Regional Railways service. The unit is wearing the MerseyRail version of the Regional Railways colour scheme.

150208 Broken Cross 29 March 2012

150208 passes Broken Cross (near Gloucester) on 29 March 2012 with the 2G54 07:58 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. Anyone doing the whole route would (in theory!) save 25 minutes by getting off this train at Bridgend and transferring to the following HST, and then changing again at Bristol Parkway.

150213 Purton 17 June 2017

150213 emerges from the trees at Purton on 17 June 2017 with the 2G52 07:07 Cardiff Central to Cheltenham Spa Arriva Trains Wales service. In the foreground the railway crosses Lanes Brook, which spills into the River Severn, on the left.

150214 Ascott-under-Wychwood 11 April 1995

150214 calls at Ascott-under-Wychwood to set down a single passenger on 11 April 1995, as it works the 2F16 17:41 Oxford to Moreton-in-Marsh service, during the short lived period of Regional Railways operation on the route.

150215 & 150112 Mytholmroyd 16 November 2015

150215 & 150112 arrive at Mytholmroyd station on 16 November 2015 with the 2U20 08:26 Leeds to Manchester Victoria Northern service. 150215 is sporting a 'Movember' moustache, raising awareness of men's health issues. Note the Northern Rail 'Connecting the North' banner on the opposite platform, with silhouettes of various northern landmarks, including the Angel of the North.

150216 & 150246 Standish Junction 12 October 2016

150216 & 150246 pass Standish Junction on 12 October 2016 with the 2O97 16:40 Gloucester to Weymouth GWR service. Photo taken from a public footpath crossing. As can be guessed from the dark clouds in the background, this was just before the sun disappeared for the last time on this afternoon.

150217 Severn Tunnel Junction 30 January 2016

150217 calls at Severn Tunnel Junction on 30 January 2016 with the 2L49 08:45 Cheltenham Spa to Maesteg Arriva Trains Wales service. Note the station reconstruction work, which includes a new footbridge. This view also shows the Second Severn Crossing in the background. This opened in 1996, to supplement the original 1966 built Severn Bridge, which is situated further upstream.

150218 Beeston Castle 12 March 1987

150218 heads east past Beeston Castle on 12 March 1987 with a crew training run. This unit had only just entered service and is still wearing the short lived original livery with the yellow on the front confined to the gangway door. Bearing in mind how filthy these connecting doors get, it was probably a good idea to paint the whole front yellow, although for this original Provincial livery the continuation of the white from the bodyside to the front obviously looks better as a colour scheme.

150219 & 153305 Bremell Sidings 16 March 1995

Owing to the staging of the Cheltenham Gold Cup, the 09:06 Worcester Foregate Street to Swindon Regional Railways service obviously required some extra seating capacity on 16 March 1995. 150219 has had 153305 added to the rear and is pictured approaching the site of Bremell Sidings near Purton, running approximately 15 minutes late. Presumably with all the extra traffic on this day small details like the destination blind were overlooked, as it still reads Cheltenham, through which it has already passed!

150219 Natton 3 November 2006

150219 accelerates away from Ashchurch station (visible underneath the road bridge in the background) with the 14:04 Great Malvern to Bristol Temple Meads First Great Western service on 3 November 2006. Photo taken on a long lens from nearly a mile away at Natton.

150219 Standish Junction 6 October 2012

A study in light and shadows at Standish Junction on 6 October 2012, as 150219 rounds the curve towards the junction with the 2G87 16:14 Swindon to Cheltenham First Great Western service. The Cotswold Hills form the wooded backdrop to this scene.

150219 Defford 21 June 2017

150219 passes Defford on 21 June 2017 with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth GWR service. Around midday on the longest day is hardly the best time for photography, but at least there are no troublesome shadows from the rampant lineside vegetation!

150220 Goole (Potters Grange Junction) 6 April 2015

The very last rays of the setting sun give a pink glow to the scene at Goole on 6 April 2015, as 150220 takes the Knottingley line at Potters Grange Junction with the 2F30 18:49 Goole to Leeds Northern Rail service. This is one of only three passenger trains to use this route each day. This evening working is an out an back train from Leeds, but in the morning there is just the 2F06 07:04 Goole to Leeds. The line on the left, with the catch point, is from the Guardian glass factory.

150221 Cockwood Harbour 22 May 2004

150221 passes Cockwood Harbour on 22 May 2004 with the 16:04 Paignton to Exeter Central Wessex Trains service. A short train such as this shows how the line closely follows the coast. Note the reverse curves behind the unit.

150227 Gatcombe 2 June 2009

150227 passes Gatcombe on 2 June 2009 with the 2G54 08:00 Maesteg to Gloucester Arriva Trains Wales service. In the fine old tradition of DMUs showing the wrong destination this one is allegedly going to Cheltenham! This photo is taken from steps that leads precipitously down in to the River Severn, mainly used by fisherman. While I was there a fisherman was sat on the steps directing operations via mobile phone of two other fisherman who were out in the river!

150230 Pilning 7 August 2005

150230 will not be stopping at Pilning (virtually nothing does!) as it heads west on 7 August 2005 with the 16:39 Bath to Cardiff Central Wessex Trains service. A good view can be had of trains approaching Pilning. The parched grass marks the line climbing up towards Patchway Tunnel to the right of the signal visible in the distance.

150231 Trimley 18 April 1996

150231 arrives at Trimley on 18 April 1996 with the 08:40 Ipswich to Felixstowe service. Although when built this was obviously a two platform station with a passing loop, the platform on the left is now disused, and what was formerly the loop now connects with a new line that was constructed in the 1980s to give direct access to Felixstowe Docks.

150231 Churchdown 17 June 2017

150231 passes Churchdown in superb evening light on 17 June 2017 with the 2L71 19:45 Cheltenham Spa to Maesteg Arriva Trains Wales service. The 1M84 18:45 Cardiff Central to Nottingham CrossCountry service can just be seen disappearing into the distance.

150232 Starcross 29 June 2002

With the tidal River Exe in the background, 150232 approaches Starcross on 29 June 2002 with the 13:54 Exmouth to Plymouth Wessex Trains service. Still in its original Regional Railways livery, after well over a decade of service, 150232 would soon see the multi coloured privitisation paint brush!

150232 Lower Wick 25 September 2010

150232 passes Lower Wick on 25 September 2010 with the 2O89 10:42 Gloucester to Weymouth First Great Western service. This location had recently be cleared of lineside vegetation, but unfortunately I didn't make enough use of this, and the next time I visited it, the bushes had grown back again!

150232 Standish Junction 30 August 2013

150232 passes Standish Junction on 30 August 2013 with the 2O89 10:41 Gloucester to Weymouth First Great Western service. Although not apparent from this distance,. the 'wavy lines' of this unit's livery is made up of names of towns served by FGW.

150233 Ashchurch 26 May 1997

With a portable lamp substituting for a non-working headlight, 150233 passes through the recently completed Ashchurch station on 26 May 1997 with the 09:06 Worcester Foregate Street to Swindon service. From the following week this unit would actually call at the station, rather than passing through, as it was officially opened on 1 June 1997.

150233 Ashchurch 9 July 2011

150233 has just called at Ashchurch station on 9 July 2011 with the 2F97 09:08 Worcester Shrub Hill to Westbury First Great Western service. Officially called Ashchurch for Twekesbury, this station recalls the GWR practice of referring to the larger town, when the inconveniently situated station was often in the middle of nowhere!

150234 Stonehouse (Bristol Road) 21 July 2008

150234 passes the site of Stonehouse (Bristol Road) station with the 06:12 Salisbury to Gloucester First Great Western service on 21 July 2008. The sun was just starting to find the edge of a large bank of cloud moving down from the north. D1015 had passed by 14 minutes earlier on a railtour, which ironically also started from Salisbury. The Western had actually left 25 minutes earlier than the unit, but a run round at Bristol Temple Meads had obviously allowed the unit to catch up slightly! Note the remains of the loop on the left at what was formerly Stonehouse (Bristol Road) station. This was the former Midland Railway station that closed in 1965. The former Great Western station, originally called Stonehouse (Burdett Road) is still open.

150234 Eastleigh 21 March 2009

150234 approaches Eastleigh station from the Romsey direction on 21 March 2009 with the 1F19 13:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour First Great Western service, diverted from its usual route by engineering works in the Southampton area.

150235 Levington 25 July 1996

150235 passes Levington on 25 July 1996 with the 16:47 Felixstowe to Lowestoft (via Ipswich) Regional Railways service. Although only a single track line, the route between Felixstowe and Ipswich is relatively busy, with numerous freightliner trains in addition these local passenger workings.

150238 Wickwar 25 September 2009

Viewed from across the other side of the valley, 150238 approaches Wickwar on 25 September 2009 with the 08:25 Great Malvern to Westbury First Great Western service. The bridge almost hidden in the trees behind the train is a farm occupation bridge, whilst the main road passes underneath the line, just in front of my position in the field.

150238 Badgeworth 28 October 2014

Just after sunrise on 28 October 2014, 150238 passes Badgeworth with the 2G80 07:15 Gloucester to Great Malvern First Great Western service. I wonder how many passengers rely on the destination blind when boarding a train? It certainly wouldn't be much help here, as it says Bristol Temple Meads!

150239 Salisbury Tunnel Junction 13 December 2003

150239 approaches Salisbury Tunnel Junction in the rain on 13 December 2003 with the 12:00 Brighton to Bristol Temple Meads Wessex Trains service. The line in the background is the Laverstock North to South chord, which allows Andover to Southampton trains to bypass Salisbury station.

150239 Fairwood 11 September 2007

150239 weaves across the crossover at Fairwood to work wrong line into Westbury station on 11 September 2007 with the 08:50 Weymouth to Cardiff Central First Great Western service. Having only just taken over the route from Wessex Trains, FGW have yet to get around the rebranding this particular 150 unit.

150239 Bredon 29 June 2013

The early morning sun unexpectedly starts to beak through the clouds at Bredon on 29 June 2013, as 150239 passes by with the 2G79 05:50 Gloucester to Worcester Shrub Hill First Great Western service. The Cotswold Hills in the background are still underneath the dark clouds.

150243 Fiddington 18 February 2008

With the houses of Ashchurch barely visible through the mist in the background, 150243 passes Fiddington on 18 February 2008 with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. The unit is still wearing the colours of its former operator - Wessex Trains.

150243 Gossington 8 April 2010

Not always wishing to take the standard type of railway picture, I decided on something a little different for 150243 working the late running 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service on 8 April 2010. The inclusion of the zig-zag brick abutment in the foreground adds interest to this otherwise mundane view at Gossington. A slightly wide angle lens was required, as well as a smaller than normal aperture in order to ensure that the whole scene is in focus.

150244 Rangeworthy 19 July 2016

150244 passes Rangeworthy on 19 July 2016 with the 2O97 16:40 Gloucester to Weymouth GWR service. The lead vehicle seems to have had some kind of modification to the roof vents. This location is becoming an avenue of trees, and while this angle is acceptable, there is no chance of the uninterrupted side view that was possible in the early 1990s.

150245 Croome 25 March 2011

150245 passes Croome on 25 March 2011 with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. Hired in from Arriva, the turquoise livery brings a bit of variety to the line, otherwise dominated by FGW and CrossCountry trains.

150246 Damery 7 September 2013

150246 passes between golden harvested fields at Damery (between Gloucester and Bristol) with the 2O89 10:41 Gloucester to Weymouth First Great Western service on 7 September 2013. Michael Wood, which gives its name to Michaelwood services on the M5, forms the background.

150247 Avoncliff 18 April 2015

150247 runs alongside the River Avon on 18 April 2015, as it accelerates away from Avoncliff station (formerly Avoncliff Halt) with the 2E24 13:10 Weymouth to Gloucester First Great Western service. The Kennet & Avon Canal runs through the bushes, just behind the unit.

150247 Churchdown 17 June 2017

150247 passes Churchdown on 17 June 2017 with the 2T97 19:08 Worcester Shrub Hill to Bristol Temple Meads GWR service. This would normally start from Great Malvern at 18:50, but the first section of the journey was cancelled due to a track circuit failure.

150248 Cockwood Harbour 1 November 1997

Soft late afternoon autumnal light at Cockwood Harbour on 1 November 1997. 150248 passes by with the 14:14 Exeter Central to Paignton service. The fact that this is only a two coach train gives an uninterrupted view of Brunel's Starcross Pumping Station, visible in the background between the trees and the signal. This was part of the Victorian engineer's ill fated atmospheric railway.

150248 Pilning 8 September 2006

150248 approaches Pilning  with the 15:22 Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central First Great Western service on 8 September 2006. The unit is still wearing it former operator's Wessex Trains livery. The use of a long lens as made the ridge of hills in the background seem much closer than they actually are.

150248 Sapperton Tunnel 6 April 2012

150248 emerges from the southern portal of Sapperton Tunnel on 6 April 2012 with the 2B90 10:01 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. This view clearly shows that Sapperton Tunnel is in fact two tunnels separated by a short gap. Daylight can be seen in the background, at the end of the short (352 yard) tunnel.

150249 Standish Junction (Viewed from Haresfield Beacon) 6 April 2012

The tiny village of Standish forms the backdrop to 150249 as it heads north from Standish Junction on 6 April 2012 with the 2G81 07:16 Swindon to Cheltenham First Great Western service. This picture is taken from half a mile away, on the top of Haresfield Beacon. On the original high resolution image, two deer can be seen running away from the train in the centre of the picture.

150249 St Mary's Crossing 6 April 2012

150249 passes St Mary's Crossing signal box on 6 April 2012 with the 2Z80 09:01 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. As the Z headcode indicates, this is an additional train, one of a number of modified services running on Good Friday. The completely blue sky here is a little deceptive, as the Cotswold Hills in the background are hiding the edge of the advancing cloud front, which was already making its presence felt just a short while earlier when I was at Little Haresfield.

150252 Broken Cross 3 September 2010

The sun just begins to break through the mist as 150252 passes Broken Cross on 3 September 2010 with the 2G54 08:00 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. There is almost a clear view here all the way to the site of Grange Court Junction.

150254 Narroways Hill Junction 16 April 1991

150254 climbs past Narroways Hill Junction, Bristol on 16 April 1991 with the 17:54 Weston-super-Mare to Gloucester Regional Railways service. The line diverging to the right is the Severn Beach line. Nearly two decades later, this unit was still at work on the route, but now entrusted with even longer journeys.

150254 Wadborough 8 February 2011

Making a welcome change from the usual First Great Western purple liveried units, hired in 150254 sports the turquoise livery of Arriva Trains Wales as it passes Wadborough on 8 February 2011 with the 2O90 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth service. With London Midland acquiring some of the newly built Class 172s units, more Class 150s will be available for FGW, allowing this unit to head back to its proper Welsh home. In the background the barriers of Wadborough level crossing can just bee seen raising after the passage of the train.

150255 Reedham 31 August 1998

150255 calls at Reedham station on 31 August 1998 with the 12:01 Norwich to Lowestoft service. This was just at the beginning of privatisation, and although this train is being operated by Anglia Railways, the unit is still wearing the distinctive Regional Railways livery (minus branding). Anglia Railway's eventual new livery was not an improvement!

150256 Grange Court 20 August 2012

150256 passes Grange Court on 20 August 2012 with the 2G54 09:12 Cardiff Central to Cheltenham Spa Arriva Trains Wales service. The track on the right, which was the last remnant of the once extensive Grange Court Junction track layout, has since been lifted.

150257 Blaenau Ffestiniog 2 June 2012

150257 arrives at Blaenau Ffestiniog on 2 June 2012 with the 2D14 10:22 Arriva Trains Wales service from Llandudno. Note the 1' 11" gauge Ffestiniog Railway track in the foreground. It seems the driver has been a little premature in changing the destination blind!

150259 Newnham Tunnel 20 August 2012

The southern entrance to Newnham Tunnel, on the line between Gloucester and Severn Tunnel Junction, is very overgrown, but a conveniently placed occupation bridge allows a view of sorts. On 20 August 2012, 150259 is pictured emerging from the tunnel with the 2L59 13:45 Cheltenham to Maesteg Arriva Trains Wales service.

150261 Twerton 22 July 1995

150261 passes Twerton on 22 July 1995 with the 14:57 Weymouth to Cardiff Central Regional Railways service. The unit is looking smart after a recent repaint, during which it lost its original 'Regional Railways' and 'Sprinter' branding.

150261 Kemble 5 June 2008

A close up view of 150261 as it leaves Kemble station with the 13:38 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service on 5 June 2008. Services over the 'Golden Valley' route are now shared between Class 150s on these local trains, and HSTs which work the through services to Paddington. The sharply curved grass grown platform visible above the train is the former Cirencester branch platform, which in latter years saw the steam hauled branch trains replaced by the AC Cars built railbuses, whose economy of operation sadly did not prove sufficient to save either the Cirencester line, or the Tetbury branch, which also started from this station.

150261 Gossington 5 March 2010

150261 passes Gossington on 5 March 2010 with the 1O98 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service. Although obviously a bit more comfortable than a first generation DMU, this mega mileage journey would surely be a little challenging in a Class 150.

150261 Patchway 21 July 2012

150261 approaches Patchway on 21 July 2012 with the 2C69 09:00 Cardiff Central to Taunton First Great Western service. The original Patchway station was situated in the background of this view, but was moved when the line became the double track route to the Severn Tunnel, with the tracks at different levels.

150263 Standish Junction 25 October 2010

There is still some remnants of the early morning frost in the shadows on 25 October 2010, as 150263 passes Standish Junction with the 2F97 08:51 Great Malvern to Westbury First Great Western service. It would shortly be followed by 158881 taking the line in the foreground towards Swindon.

150265 Little Haresfield 18 April 2017

The Network Rail worker at Little Haresfield waves his flag, to warn workers further down the line of the approach of 150265 on 18 April 2017. The unit is working the 2O89 10:42 Gloucester to Weymouth GWR service, although for some reason the destination blind is showing Bristol Temple Meads.

150266 Kingham 7 May 1989

Class 150s had a relatively short period of tenure on the Cotswold Line. On 7 May 1989, 150266 arrives at Kingham with the 2A34 15:23 Great Malvern to Oxford service. There have been plenty of changes here since this photo was taken. The service frequency has increased enormously. There is now a comprehensive Sunday service, whereas in 1989 this was the first up train of the day! The bullhead rails have gone, as has the remains of the bay platform in the foreground, and of course the trees have grown considerably!

150266 Fairwood 11 September 2007

150266 passes Fairwood on 11 September 2007 with the 11:10 Weymouth to Cardiff Central First Great Western service. FGW had just taken over these trains, and had yet to get around to repainting the Class 150's into their blue livery.

150266 Norton 20 March 2009

150266 approaches Norton with the 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service on 20 March 2009. It will shortly be taking the curve between Norton and Abbotswood Junctions. Despite the poor visibility caused by the settled high pressure weather condition, Worcester Cathedral can clearly be seen in the background.

150266 Little Haresfield 30 May 2009

150266 passes Little Haresfield on 30 May 2009 with the 1O98 10:51 Great Malvern to Brighton First Great Western service, while 60074 waits to follow it out of the loop with the 6B13 05:10 Robeston to Westerleigh Murco oil train.

150267 Pilning 27 April 2010

On hire to First Great Western from Arriva, 150267 passes Pilning on 27 April 2010 with the 15:15 Taunton to Cardiff Central service. 66003 can be seen in the background, waiting in the loop with the 6B50 16:25 Swindon to Alexandra Docks steel empties. Four minutes it later it was following 150267 towards Wales.

150270 & 142027 Hall Royd Junction 16 November 2015

150270 & 142027 approach Hall Royd Junction on 16 November 2015 with the 2E41 09:16 Manchester Victoria to Leeds Northern service. In the background, the recently reinstated Todmorden to Copy Pit line curve can be seen disappearing into the silver birch trees.

150271 Althorpe 23 May 2001

150271 arrives at Althorpe on 23 May 2001 with the 18:17 Scunthorpe to Doncaster Arriva Trains Northern service. The train is crossing the River Trent by the Keadby Bridge (otherwise known as King George V Bridge). This lifting bridge was opened in 1916, and as can be seen by the road on the left is a combined road and rail design. The bridge has not lifted since 1956.

150276 Saltmarshe 4 April 2015

Saltmarshe station, between Goole and Gilberdyke, has only an infrequent service, although numerous trains pass through without stopping. One such is the 1W40 13:41 Sheffield to Bridlington Northern Rail service, seen here speeding through the station on 4 April 2015, worked by 150276. The station is actually on the edge of the village of Laxton, with Saltmarshe being a mile distant.

150279 & 153312 Grange Court 6 November 2004

A colourful combination at Grange Court on 6 November 2004. As if 150279 wasn't colourful enough, with each of its two vehicles in a different colour scheme, but adding 153312 in yet another variation certainly makes for an eye catching train! The working is the 10:12 Cardiff Central to Cheltenham Spa Arriva Trains Wales service.

150279 Stoke Orchard 1 July 2008

150279 passes Stoke Orchard on 1 July 2008 with the 12:51 Great Malvern to Weymouth First Great Western service. Still wearing its Arriva turquoise livery, 150279 makes a pleasant change from the FGW purple livery now applied to most of their units.

150281 Barry Docks 2 June 1996

Barry Docks station consists of an island platform, with access via a subway from the nearby road. 150281 arrives at the station on 2 June 1996 with the 10:59 Barry Island to Aberdare Regional Railways service. Originally there were numerous lines diverging from this route to the nearby docks for the export of Welsh coal. All long gone.

150281 Sapperton 12 September 2010

150281 climbs Sapperton Bank on Sunday 12 September 2010 with the first up train of the day on the route - the 2B90 09:24 Cheltenham to Swindon First Great Western service. The unit is on loan from Arriva Trains Wales, and its turquoise blue livery makes a change from the normal FGW liveries on this route. Note the two whistle boards for the nearby Frampton Mansell and Sapperton footpath crossings.

150283 Pembrey & Burry Port 15 July 2006

150283 approaches Pembrey & Burry Port station on 15 July 2006 with the 06:38 Manchester Piccadilly to Milford Haven Arriva Trains Wales service. Semaphore signals still abound in the West of Wales, most modernisation having stopped at Swansea!

150283 St Ishmael 15 July 2006

150283 passes the extremely scenic setting of St Ishmael on 15 July 2006 with the 13:10 Milford Haven to Cardiff Central Arriva Trains Wales service. Prominent in the background is the estuary of the River Towy, which the line has followed from Carmarthen.

150283 Churcham 4 May 2010

150283 passes the contentedly grazing cows at Churcham on 4 May 2010 with the 2G54 08:00 Maesteg to Cheltenham Arriva Trains Wales service. This is on the long straight section of track that extends from the site of Grange Court Junction, to near Minsterworth, on the approach to Gloucester.

150283 & 150251 Llanhilleth 25 August 2013

150283 & 150251 approach Llanhilleth on 25 August 2013 with the 2F34 12:30 Ebbw Vale Parkway to Cardiff Central Arriva Trains Wales service. The original passenger service on this line ceased in 1962, with the line remaining open for freight, until the closure of Ebbw Vale steelworks in 2002. Six years later the passenger service was reinstated.

150284 Blaenau Ffestiniog 20 October 2014

150284 waits at Blaenau Ffestiniog station on 20 October 2014, prior to departing with the 2D15 11:46 Arriva Trains Wales service Llandudno. Certainly not Cardiff Queen Street, as it says in the destination blind!

150926 Cattybrook 19 July 2016

The Second Severn Crossing can clearly be seen in the background of this view of 150926 passing Cattybrook on 19 July 2016 with the 1F17 12:30 Cardiff Central to Portsmouth Harbour GWR service. The view of the bridge has been made possible by the removal of a number of trees, the trunk of one of which can be seen on the left. 150926 is one of two FGW hybrid units, made up of former Class 150/1, with one vehicle from a Class 150/2 unit sandwiched in between. In this case the former 150126 has been augmented by 57212 from disbanded set 150212.

150926 Eckington 17 August 2017

150926 passes the southern end of Eckington Loop in superb evening light on 17 August 2017 with the 2E25 15:28 Warminster to Great Malvern GWR service. 150926 is made up the former 150126, with the addition of vehicle 57212 from 150212.